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3. H. floater, publteber. JEstabltebeb in 1854. ©ne Bollar a H?eat FOETY-SEYENTH YEAR. • 4 CAZMOYIA, N. Y., NOVEMBEE 22, 1900. NUMBER 33 Hn (Central mew Korh MADISON COUNTY AND NEIGHBORING BOROUGHS —The Lenox*town audits amount to 15,260.54: this year. —The city of Rome has three hundred cases of measles among her school children. % — . —As a result of ajbpl election bet, a Geneva man is t o weara straw hat with a crape band all winter. —The project to erect a soldiers mon­ ument for Cayujfa county In the city of Auburn, was voted down; —New-York Central mileage books will hereafter be accepted for transportation over the Boston and Albany railroad. —Superintendent Partridge has issued orders closing the canal Dec. 1, unless i t • is sooner closed by ice. —Syracuse University has offered six free scholarships to Filipinos who may desire to pursue n course of study in that institution. •MJbarlea L, Rockwell, of Oneida.^ac- eidently shot himself in the hand -while cleaning a loaded revolver Saturday afternoon. The wound is not serious. —After a n examination an Albany ex­ pert decided that the cattle found dead in the pasture of S. Holmes, near De- Ruyter, died of black leg, instead of poison^ —QjJlons are advancing in price, math to^oe satisfaction of the onion farmers ofthe north\ end of the county. Prom fifty to sixty cents a bushel is being offered now. —A. Fi -Gole, proprietor of the Mid­ land stock farm at Morrisville Station, has\ recently Bold a carload of young holsteln cows to A. A. Cortelyou, a New Jersey breeder. —Tramps broke into the Oxford lock­ up a few nights ago. The justice before whom they were arraigned was accom­ modating enough t o invite them t o stay ten days longer. —The Groton'bridgo company has se­ cured the contract for a large bridge to be used at Manila, in the Philippine islands. It will require COO tons of iron iu its construction. —Ernest A. DeLatre. a hermit living near Kenwood, was struck and killed by an Ontario & Western pusher, at Ken­ wood. He was deaf, and failed to hear the warning whistle. —Dr. Ella F. Swinney. a former mis­ sionary t o China, who has been stopping with her brother, the Rev L. R. Swinney, at DeRuyter, forjorae months, died of consumption last week. —Two trains of empty coal cars came together with a crash on the D. L. & W. railroad at Earl ville, one day last week It resulted in serious damage to rolling stock, but no one was hurt. —Congressman Driscoil expended 11 .820.81 to obtain his re-election. Of this amount $1,000 went to the Onon daga County committee, and $500 to the Madison county co mmittee. —The election inspectors of the fourth election district of the town of Brook- field made some errors in making out the election returns, and were compelled to go t o Morrisville t o correct them. —The milk shipping station at Bouck- ville was burned last Friday night. There were several hundred gallons of milk in the building, which was lost. The damage is estimated at $4,000. —It JB said that the) marl beds of Brookfleld are so extensive that 500 barrels of cement a day could be made and the deposit would still last for 80 years. The marl is said t o test the high­ est percent, of Iimo of anyfound in this country. —Catherine Looney, the Elmirn girl who soys that she forgpd deeds to get funds for the beneflt.of Mayor Flood of that city, and who has created a good deal of interest by her charges and counter charges, has been taken,, to Auburn prison to serve out her sentence of four years and nine months for forgery. She has been registered as con­ vict No. 843, and will spend her time while in prison in hemming blankets. —A woman who is serving n short sentence for petty larceny i n Ontario county, has been found to be the leader of a large gang of-organized thieves who have terrorized the country round about the head of Candice lake for years. She dressed in men's clothes, and being more agile than the others, always en­ tered the buildings first, and laid out the .work. She and her husband lived alone in a hut in the woods, and when the place was raided, a large amount of booty was discovered. —A new baby came t o a Binghnraton family a few days ago, while the futher was away om a business trip. The mother borrowed a couple of neighbor­ ing infants and dressed them the same as her own; in order to deceive the father into thinking it was a caBe of triplets. The joke worked nicely, but when they came to sort the babies out again, and found that they were so hopelessly mixed up, that It was impossible to tell whfch was which, the joke- took on a serious aspect. It is not related whether they drew cut* for them or not. —One election precinct in Batavia was unanimous for McKinley. J --Judge Smith has sold his farm at Eaton Centre, known as the Bates place, to Ernest Cross, of the town of Eaton, —The EarlvilU Standard says that a competent dentist would find a good lo­ cation at Earlville. At present there is no tooth puller in town. And yet Earl­ ville wants the county seat. —Rev. Father Collins, of Chittendngo, threatens to sue some of his parishioners for pe_*v rent. As they have not attended church they object to paying. —C. A. Cleveland, turnkey at the jail is confined to His home by illness,- and Under Sheriff Mooney, of -Hamilton, is acting in his place temporarily. —An electric light wire came in contact with a private telephone wire in Oneida a few night* ago, and made lively times with the telephones at either end of the wire. Both were spoiled. —Fleming Ackerman, the Moravia dlvarf, was recently married. He is up­ ward of forty years of age, but is no taller than- a boy often. He is an intel­ ligent and successful business man, how ever. —Deputy Sheriff Parker Newton has offered a reward of fifty dollars for in [formation that will lead to the capture of Frank Hartwell, who escaped from him recently by jumping through a car window. —A rumor is afloat in railroad circles that the Cnnajoharie local on the West Shore, which was reversed and sent east in the morning in the time card issued last spring, will be put back on the old schedule this winter. —Burglars went through * the post office, the. railroad station and several stores at Camillas last Wednesday night. They secured only a few dollars worth of plunder, and it is supposed that the raid was made by local thieves. —William J . Cozier, a veteran who has for years lived the life of a hermit in a little but in the edge of a piece oi woods near Norwich, is supposed to have been overcome in the recent storm and per­ ished. At least bis dead body was found a few rods from the house the other day by some hunters. .—The new lift bridge across the canal at Canaqtota stuck in the air the other morning, refusing to budge when the towerman applied the power. It was necessary t o get a man from the factory where the bridge was made to get it in working order again. This is the third time that it has stuck. —Weedsport voters had an opportun­ ity at a recent special election t o express their preferences relative to paying a claim for $9,000 presented by a resident for damages alleged to have been re­ ceived by a fall on an icy sidewalk. The proposition was emphatically rejected, and now the case will go to the courts. —Chnrles H. Howes, of DeRuyter, who has had a bad foot for more than a year as the result of being thrown from a wagon while descending a steep hill near Cbittenango, submitted to amputation last week. Tne leg was cut off about six inches below the knee, as the bone was found to be badly diseased below that point. —The football team of St. John's Military academy sustained an unex­ pected defeat at the hands of Colgate Academy Monday afternoon. The score was 24 to 0 in favor of the Baptist youths. The teams are *said to have been about evenly matched in weight, but the Colgate men outplayed their oppo­ nents at every point in the game. —People wishing to send Christmas gifts to soldiers in the Philippine!* should get them off at once. The government transports will take puckuges, weigh­ ing not over twenty pounds from San Francisco—free of charge. They should be addressed care of the depart­ ment quartermaster, San Francisco, and bear the name of the soldier, his rank, regiment, and company. —While workmen were excavating in a gravel bank at Norwich one day last week, they came upon the skeleton of a man about four feet underneath the surface. It had' the appearance of hav­ ing been doubled up and thrust into u shallow hole without box or other evidences of Christian burial. It is supposed that the renin ins may be those of Palmer Rich, a former resident of Nor- \£i£h who disappeared mysteriously twelve years ago. Others think it the skeleton of a n Indian. The coroner was notified but decided that it was not within his province to investigate the matter, .and\the bones were buried in the potter's field. THE SUPEEYISGES. IN ANNUAL SESSION AT MORRISVILLE. Koatlne Work ot the Session Taken Up—Kales Adopted—Committees Appointed. The annual session of -the Board of Supervisors of this county commenced at Morrisville on Monday, November 12, as was briefly noticed in the last issue of this paper. Since 'that time -the super­ visors have settled down to work in earnest, and already a large amount of business has been transacted. It is im­ possible with the space at hand to give a full report of the session a s it appears in the dally minutes of the board, but in the columns which follow will be found the more important matters which con­ cern the whole county, and the items of lesser importance which interest mainly the towns of Cazenovia, Fenne'r and Nelson. On Tuesday, the second day of the session, the board met at 7:00 p. m., Mr. Smith in the chair. The roll was called, showing all members present. Mr. Block presented a petition from the Sullivan assessors, asking that the assess­ ment roll be corrected as follows. That the assessment of the Lehigh Valley Railroad Co.. E. C. & N. division, be placed upon said roll so a s to read 4 miles, 10 acres, full value of real property $24,000 Value of special franchise 4,200 instead oi total value, including special franchise, of $28,250 as it now appears. Mr. Block also asked that the assess­ ment roll be corrected by certain addi­ tions and corrections where errors had appeared. The committee on the publication of the daily record reported that a con­ tract had been made with John H Broad for the publication of the record at $2.22 for 100 copies daily. S. M. Wing, of Canastota, was granted the privilege of the floor and presented a petition for the removal of the county buildings from Morrisville t o (£anastQta. Supervisor House also presented a petition for the roraoval of the county buildings from Morrisville to Oneida. Both petitions were received and ordered on file. The chairman then announced the fol­ lowing standing committees On grand Jury lists—Messrs. Stafford and Hyatt. On forma of assessment- rolls—Messrs. Buck­ ingham, Bull and Br; ant. On tooting of assessment rolls—Messrs. Burhyte, Bryant. Burroughs, Hyatt, Upham. Hoadley, Campbell. Dull. Buckingham, Wlltso, House, Cameron, Marshall and Block. On Wednesday, the third day of the session, Mr. Burroughs asked that there be added t o the Eaton abstract the sum of $225 for the repair of bridges. On motion of MrfHyatt, the super­ visors were authorized t o add to their tax lists all poll, delinquent highway, school, road machine and dog taxes. Mr Buckingham ankedthat thefollow- ing amounts be added t o the abstract of the town of Cazenovia. FortheobBcrvanceof Memorial day $ 50 For crushed stone fpr highways. 500 Mr Stafford asked that there be added to the Lenox abstract $50 for the ob­ servance of Memorial day, and $900 for salaries, tools and supplies for the opera­ tion of thp Peterboro street hoist bridge. Mr. Wiltee presented a set of rules for the government of the board at the present session, and moved their adop­ tion The rules make some important innovations, and we publish the first 13 sections in full u*s follows. ,• 1 Calling tne rou of members. Reading and approving tne minutes pelled to vote on every question unless excused, or unless he has a direct per­ sonal interest in it. Sections 20 and 21 relate t o parliamentary usages. Section 22 provides that all resolutions shall be in writing. Section 28 makes it im possible to make any change in the rules without one day's notice of a motion to that effect, and provides that no role shall be suspended without unanimous consent. ^Section 24 provides that no town bills will be entertained except on appeal, and the final section makes the proposition that the rules are not in­ tended to appeal any standing- resolu­ tions of the board. The rules were debated, and on re­ quest ot Mr. Bryant, the ayes and noes .were taken, all the members voting in the affirmative except Bryant, Camp­ bell and Smith. On motion bv Mr Hoadley, the time for holding the regular sessions was fix­ ed at 0 o'clock A. M., for all days except Mondays and Saturdays, on which the time is t o be 7, P. M., and 8, A. M., re­ spectively. On the fourth day Mr. Upham. present­ ed a petition from the Georgetown asses­ sors aBking that there be added to the assessment of that town, one and four tenths mills on each dollar of assessment for working the highways under the money system. Mr. Buckingham presented a petition from the Cazenovia town boatd. askingl a ^ tuall y duo depositor, and when be added We have a large stock of chrysanthe­ mums in pots, and to cut. We also have a large stock of-pink and white carnations, and can fill orders at any time for several dozens. We would be pleased to have all lovers of flowers visit our greenhouse, at any time, even if they do not care to make purchases. F. G. LEE . tf a Presentation of petitions and communica­ tions. 4. \Report ot committees. 5. Resolutions, notices and motions. 6. Miscellaneous and unfinished business. 7 Auditing accounts. All bills shall be read at the time the some are reported. 8. All bills appropriating money shall be voted upon separately on demand of a member of the Board, and all reports ot committees auditing accounts or appropriating money shall lie upon the table and be open to the Inspection ot any member of the Board tor twenty-four hours before being acted upon or adopted by the Board. 9 No account for publishing legal notices will be allowed unless it states the number of folios and length of time of publication and have a printed copy attached to, or accompany­ ing It. 10. No compensation will toe. .allowed;tor publishing the terms ot the Supreme Court or County court except for tour weeks In ono paper nor for publishing the notice tor the drawing of Jurors except tor one week In one paper, each to be designated by the county clerk. 11 No justice of the peace shau be allowed for taking any recognizance or examination where a defendant Is hen to boll, unless It shall have been filed In the county clerk'sonico with­ in the time required by law 12. No allowance will be made to any sheriff, deputy sheriff or constable for services and expenses In serving processes unless such pro­ cess bo attached and the account specifies tho name of oacb peison upon whom such service was made, together with the town or place, Ujo distance necessarily and actually travelod ny him In making the service and the placo from which tho mileage was computed; the nsme_oi. the court or ofllcer issuing such process; the time when Issued and the nature of the offense charged. No charge for expenses will bo allowed unless specified In Items stating to whom and when paid. 18. All bills tor disbursements mode by any county officer must state by whose order the debt was contracted, and have vouchors at­ tached, and be referred to the same^commltteo having such officer's bills In charge. Sections 14,15,16, 17, 18, relate to ordinary parliamentary forms for the conduct of meetings. Section 19 pro­ vide* that each member •ball be com- that the following earns to the Cazenovia abstract: For repair and maintenance of bridges „.$500 00 For tempraory relief of poor 100 00 The disposition of the public printing was made a special order for Thurs­ day, Nov. 22. Specifications were adopted for the publication of the journal for the current year. They call for 7 ,000 copies similar to the book of last year, and invite bids from the various printers of the county up to the time of the opening of the morning sesBion on Thursday, Nov. 22. On Friday, the fifth day of the session, Mr, Burroughs presented a petition from the railroad commissioners ot the town of Eaton, asking that $2,000 be added to the Eaton abstract t o pay the interest on its bonded debt, and $3,000 be added to pay upon the principal of the bonded debt. Mr. Hyatt presented a petition from the town of Fenner, asking that there be added t o the assessment of that town one and a fourth mills on each dollar for working the highways under the money system. Mr Block offered and the Board adopt­ ed the following resolution- RESOLVED: That the chairman be authorized to make a contract with Onondaga County Penitentiary upon the same terms as the con­ tract ot last year, 42.10 per week. Dr. L. B. Chase was appointed jail physician for the ensuing year at a sal­ ary of $40 for frervices and medicine. Mr. Buckingham presented a petition from the Cazenovia railroad commis­ sioners, asking that $8,910 be added to the Cazenovia abstract to pay the in­ terest on the bonded debt, and that $5,500 be added to pay toward the principal of the bonded debt. Mr. Block presented a petition lromthe Sullivan town board, asking that two mills be added to the assessment of the town of Sullivan on each dollar, for the purpose of working the highways under the money system. Mr. Campbell presented a petition for the addition of $1,748 for interest and $4,000 for principal of its bonded in­ debtedness. On the sixth day of tho session, Cbair- J man Smith presented a petition from the Nelson assessors, asking that the fol­ lowing assessments be placed on the Nelson assessment roll the same having been omitted therefrom Oscar Wells, Grange Hall. . $800 00 Mrs LynuB Thayre, house & lot 800 00 Mm. Elialia Burdin, farm of 60 acres 700 00 Also that the assessment of John Peterson, 180 acres, now appearing on said roll at $1,800, be reduced to $1,000 on account of the loss of buildings by fire. Also that the assessment of $650 to (J E. liaige be stricken from such roll and the tax levied upon the assessment of 1809 be refunded, the same being pension money The chairman also presented a resolu­ tion adopted by the Nelson town'tfoard, asking that the following sums be placed on the Nelson abstract. For E. W Richards. overReer of the poor, t o be used as poor fund .$o0 DO For extraordinary repairs on high­ ways. .. .. 75 00 The chairman also anpounced the fol­ lowing standing committees. on equalization of assessment rolls—Messrs Cameron. House, Bull Hyatt, Hoadley Bryant. Upham, Burhyte » <*n Sheilff 's and jailer's accounts— Messrs. Stafford, Block. Hyatt ' On county treasurer's accounts -Messrs. House, Hoadley, I'phnm. On Justices' accounts—Messrs. Wlltse, Staf­ ford. Cameron. On constables' accounts—Messrs. Hoadley, Wlltse, Campbell, Buckingham, Stafford On county clerk 's and miscellaneous accounts. Messrs. Campbell, Burroughs, Wlltse On poor fundB and accounts— Messrs. Upham, WILL PAY IN FULL. The Depositors In Burr's Bank I>ose Noth lng by the Failure—Time Needed In Which to Conclude Arrangements— A National Bank Expected Since the announcement of the assign­ ment of J. H. T E. Burr there has been a continued state of anxiety in this place on the part of depositors and others, over the final outcome of the \matter and at the same time there ha6 been general feeling that the depositors would lose nothing. This feeling seems to be well grounded,for on Saturday Mr. Burr himself authorised the statement that all depositors would be paid in lull. District Attorney Kiley, who is acting as attorney for the assignee said to a representative of this paper, yesterday, that papers have been drawn and ar­ rangements made,\ the ultimate pur­ pose of which is t o secure the depositors their deposits in full, and there is every reason t o believe that the plan will be consummated within a very few days. If successful, and there doeB not Beem to beany doubt of it, the full details of the plan will be published in the next isBue of this paper. To more readily facilitate matters, all depositors are requested to send their pass books t o A. B. Carpenter, assignee, for the purpose of having them written up, so aB to know what is ey are written up it is desired that they be either handed to' the assignee, or sent to Mr. Kiley's office. If the proposed plan goes through, a payment of 25 per cent will be-mnde to depositors on the first of December, and' additional 25 per cent payment in four, seven, and ten months thereafter, the ultimate payments being guaranteed by responsible parties. It is fair t o say that Mr. Burr intends to pay every dollar, and has declined to avail himself of the bankruptcy act, which would relieve him of his liabilities. He prefers to take the present course which will leave bim liable for all the debts, which the assets fail t o discharge. A project is on foot t o form a national bank, with $25,000 capital It will be organized under the national banking laws, and will have a competent ana responsible board of directors and officers. It is believed that such an in­ stitution would not fail to pay a divid­ end of six per cent per annum on the in­ vestment and furnish a perfectly sate institution ffl? Marshall, Stafford. on printers' accounts- Bryant. Bull. On physician's an coroners' House, Burhyte. Messrs. Burroughs, accounts—Bull, [CONTINUED ON PAOB ElOHT.j Court matters. The session of the Supremo court which was held last week at Morrisville, closed Saturday morning In addition to the cases which were reported in these columns last week. The following were disposed of In the case of Edwin T. Perry, against Vitella Klock, t o recover for the price of a monument which the defendant alleged was not up t o tho contract, a verdict of no cause of action was obtained. In the case of Barney Ratnour against J Shoecraft, (leorgo Lawrence and James E. Batcl, t o recover $1 ,000 on n promissory note, a verdict was obtained for Ratnour as against Lawrence only On account of the neceseary absence of Dr. Joy, a chief witness, the case of Mrs Geo Ensign against the Central New York telephone company, and the ense ofDr White against the town of Caze­ novia both negligence rases, the two were put over the term Thomas Quirk, who sued I)r Geo. I) Burton for alleged malpractice, was non­ suited and the case dismissed at the close of Quirk's evidence. William Barnard, ot Oneida, who sued SEMINARY ITEMS. During the first quarter which ended on Friday, the 9th inBt, there were four students who were abBent from no school duties; they were all ladies, Misses Irene and Mildred E. Andrews, Calla Bickelbaupt and Flora Horton. Since lost noted in this column, five new students have registered as follows: John H. Burke, of Cazenovia; George Lee, of Bayonne, N. J., a former student at Hackettstown, John 0. Warcup, of Westernville; Mies Elsie Cleveland, of Palyrara, and Miss Inez A. Smith, of DeRuyter. Dr. Blakeslee Bpoko at Penn Yan and and Bellona last Sunday. He was the guest at the former place of Mr and Mrs. Dewitt C. Ayres, both former students. Mr. Ayres is one of the trustees. At Bellona he was entertained at the home ~of'the Misses Harriet E. and Alida E. Banks, students of last year. The last named will return at the opening of next term. The health of tho former will not admit of her immediate return, but she also hopes to bo once again a member of our school home. At Penn Yan many pleasant words were heard concerning the present preceptress, Miss Emerson, who taught there for several years. Lyceum's Reception to New Members. The Seminary Lyceum reception to new members was given in the society rooms last Friday evening. It was one of those affairs where the guests say just as pleasant things about their entertain­ ers a s they say t o them, and where the hosts really enjoy their guests. Surely no further comment is needed concerning [the social side of the ovening, except that the hosts were the boys of the Lyceum of CazcnoviaSeminaryandthe guests were 1 he nineteen new members, the Adelph- ians, many prominent citizens and the faculty The president, Mr Forsy the, welcomed the guests and addressed the Lyceum in stirring speech which won for him most hearty applnuse. The president's address was followed by a program of which the Lyceums have reaBon to bo proud, as it showed that good Bocioty work was the order of each week It was as follows: Essay Declamation Sketch from Soldier Islands Essay song violin Solo Declamation Humorous reading Welcome to new members Response rVfter the literary program, the guests enjoved one of another Hurt, furnished in part by themselves and in part by thoir hosts. A corner of the hall had been screened off with buntings in tho society colors, and here cocoa, wafers and bon­ bons were served to a merry crowd ,'ollege songs finished the evening and the guests trooped down stairs to the ild soug. \(ioofl Sight Ladies ' Operation Tor Appendicitis. Mrs Michael Driscoil w as operated on for thercliefofappendieitisatSt. .Joseph s hospital, a t Syracuse, last Wednesday The operation wns performed by Dr. .Incobson and was entirely successful Mrs Driscoil is resting easily, and mak­ ing steudy progress toward recovery The operation was ignite a surprise to the people of this village, UH it was not known that she was ill until the news of the operation was received She has suffered, however, from more or less severe nttarks of appendicitis for five years, and for the pnst year they have Mr. Conk Mr Kent Life—sandwich Mr. Francis E. B. Dickson M1B3 Uulbault Mr Ilackloy Mr Tyler Mr Jones J P Forsytho . I' p stoddard the village for damages nllege'd to have been received by a fall on n defective side- j been increasing in frequency and severity walk failed t o make the jury think ns be I «» t\»t nn operation was decided lift™ did. and a verdict in fuvor of the village was returned. In the case of Wallace M. Winebell against William Wormouth and others an action for the foreclosure of a mort­ gage, where the defense of usury was set up, a verdict of foreclosure a nd sale was rendered Of the seven men indicted by the grund jury, only oue, Frank E. Adams plead guilty. He wns given a sentence of two years in Auburn prison The others w ill be tried at the term of the county court which convenes December H. Wellington Said big guns make a loud noise, but the rifle bullets often do tho greatest execu­ tion. We do not believe that the big sounding adjectives will change your know ledge pf actual value and worth of merchandise. We d o believe, because its a fact, that when you came here in re­ sponse to ouradvertisingyou get all and more than you expected. Truth needs no policies or stratagems or licenses to make her victorious. The balance of this month and next are sure t o be most momentous days, for we have made long and special preparation forlarge achieve­ ments. Every item will be found a rifle bullet packed with a- force of price and goodness that is electrically chnrged on men's and boy's suits, overcoats, ulsters, reefers, trousers, men's women's misses and boy's shoes, rubber goods, hats, caps, gloves, mittens and mackintoshes. I. H. BROI'NSTEIN . 38 Read Donnelly's display ad. grocery prices. Special as as a necessity To Present ' The Merry Milkmaid.\ Tlrt> well-known cantata of the \Merry Milkmaid ' will be presented in I 'azenovia. within two or three weeks, by a chorus- of about 50 voices under the auspices of the Kings Daughters of tho Methodist church Mr. A I) Lane, of Rorhester, will train thesmgers and have the active management of the enterprise. He has presented the same thing many times before in various places, and always with unqualified success. Watch for further announcements lutor. Honorably Dlschnrgod Mi M K. Card received a telegram yesterday afternoon from his dnnchter Zora who is ut present residing at Chicago 111 111 relation to the unfor­ tunate shooting affair which occurred in that city several weeks ago stating that she had lieon honorably discharged This good news will hejovfully received by her many friends and acqu aintnnces 111 ( azcnovin Having recovered from the accident which has confinbd me t o the house for tho pnst_two weeks. I would be pleased to again receive the orders of my old customers, and as many new ones ns possible Leave orders with Tillotson & Howson, or at my bouse, 6 Liberty St. T. U. Fi i.LKn. 38 Tor Sale or Exchange. Two good work horses. - Inquire at this office. tf

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