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T . X?ffi* e \^ M'KINLEY'S ADVISERS. ubllshed every Thursday morning at Cazeno 1 a, adlson County, N. Y , by J. A. LOYSTER, Editor and Proprietor. BUSINESS CAEDS. Lawyers ALPHONZO E. P1TOH. ATTORNEY AND COUNSBLLOP AT LAW 01- flee over- W W. Bice's drug store, Cazenovia, NT D. W.CAMEROfc ATTORNEY ANL COUSELOR-AT-LAW Hall Block, Cazenovia, N Y I have resumed the practice of law in all its departments and will give my entire time and energy thereto. Special attention yiujbe given to counsel retainers and the hearing or re- references. Dentists. F. A. FORD, D. D. S Dental room In tho Dorlon Blook, Albany St. Preservation of the natural teeth and crown and bridge work a specialty Physicians . HILTON R. JOT. PHYbaOIAN AND SURGEON. Office and res ldenoe, corner of Uncklaen and Williams street. Office hours 8 t o 4 p.m. GKO. M, WnlTS. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON. Office and real, deuce, -Parsons House,\ Mm street, cazeno­ via. Office hours,8 to 10 a. m., l to 3 and\ to 8 p. m. Land Surveying. W J. HUTCHINSON. LAND STTRVKYOR. Office, 81 Albany Street. Farms and lots surveyed and mapped. Profiles tor roads, drains, eta, supplied. Old lines retraced. Veterinary Surgery . Da. W .J.DOTiK, VETERINARY SURGEON and DENTIST. A graduate of the New York College of Veter­ inary Surgery and Comparative School of Medicine. Veterinary Dentistry a specialty Office at the Stanton House Barn Sloxlca* JOHN KKELKB. SUSICAL -INSTRUCTOR—Lessons given on violin. Guitar, Banjo and Harp. Residence 27 Sullivan stree t. TRAVELLEBS' GUIDE. Current Gossip About Changes In the Cabinet TOLL -SEORETAET HAY RETIRE? It la Understood Tbat Tvro Members ; ot tbe Present Cabinet Will Re­ main and Others If They So Desire. Outsiders Talked Abont. President McKInley's re-election Is already a matter ot history, and tbe prophets are at work determining who fcls advisers are to be during the next four years. The American cabinet presents a carious contrast to that of almost all the other civilized nations, in tbat with us the advisers of the president have no official connection tnterlox_and Secretary Wilson of agri­ culture will accept reappointments. It seems equally-certain that Attorney General John W. Griggs will retire. Mr. Griggs accepted the attorney- gen­ eralship at a great personal sacrifice, and It is said tbat be wishes to resume bis Important and -lucrative law prac­ tice in New Jersey. His departure from the cabinet would be sincerely re­ gretted by the president- and the other members, with whom Mr. Griggs has been in perfect accord. His possible successor is not even guessed at Secretary of State John Hay is over 60 years old and has served his coun WEST-rSHORE =R AILRO AD= In effect Jane 3, 1900. Arrival and departure of trains at Syracuse. __Tralns going West. Chi & 8t_L. Limited NationarBxpress Pacific Express Buffalo Local, Continental Urn Canajoharle Local, I arrive, i depart. >2 85 a m 7 05 a ml ti so p ml 2 so a m 54 oStfwm} 4 10 a.m 7 30 aJn s oo p.m in is p mlO ao pun <!7 <>5 a.m' Trains going East. | arrive i depart Continental Limited Local Express New York Express Fast National Express Atlantic Express Canajoharle Lcx'al 55 a.m| 8 00a.m til 80a.mill 40 a m 13 10 p.m I ? so p.m 8 80 p ml 8 50 p m 11 Xrp.m u 25 p m 1 7 05 a ro {Arrive at and depart from NYC depot. 'Runs between Syracuse and Albany only Agents of Wcsrcott Express .'ompany are on all through trains to check baggage. And en­ gage carrtaee or cab, etc For tickets, time tables and other Informa­ tion apply to ticket agent at Cazenovia, or ad- are as, C.BL LASTBXBT. G. P. A Grand Central Station, New York. Cbenaneo Brancn. In effect July l. isoo UOIHO NottTH. Lv Earlviiie <c) Lebanon Georgetown. Krlevllle Balllna . Rlpplrtoo (b) . . Cazenovia Oran Manllus Payette vine De Sono Ar Syracuse (a) A M . »8 50 ., 9 10 9 27 .1 0 48 10 «r 10 05 10 07 10 .'1 in 27 10 SI 10 11 11 00 AMP Mr 10 SO' S 00 10 45' 1053' 11 01, 11 1 11 19 11 22 II 87 11 41 11 M fl2 03 1? 17 5 13 S 24 5 36 5 50 5 52 5 55 6 10 8 17 « U 8 50 Photo by Bell, Washington. JOHN BAY. with the influencing or proposing of legislation. In England, for example, the cabinet Is composed of members of parliament, chosen from tbe party In power. Over there, in consequence, the cabinet has tbe right and power to pro­ pose and urge the passage of bills. With us the members of tbe cabinet are merely the president's chosen ad­ visers and tbe beads of the various executive departments. President McKInley's cabinet has un­ dergone a number of changes. Of tbe president's flrst cabinet, appointed In 1897, only three members remain of the Gomo SOOTH Lv. Syracuse (a) De 8ono Fayettevllie Manllus Oran Cazenovia. Rlppleton <b) Balllnft Rrlevtlie Georgetown. Lebanon Ar. Earlviiie (c) A M. ] 7 55 8 OS 8 IB S 28 B 31 8 50 8 53. 8 50 9 10 9 27 9 411 9 55i ' M ] '2 45 2 38 2 49 2 56 3 00 3 28 3 29 3 S8 3 55 4 10 4 27 4 40 4 20 4 34 4 44 4 51 4 58 ;« 5 20 5 Sfl S 47 5 58 6 10 , I Stop on Signal 'Runs Sundays, also, a Connects with mam line West-flhore. R w sp .^N. Y C. & II R. and D L <£ W Rys. b Connects with Lehigb Valley R R. 0 Connects with N Y O * W Ry Lehigh ValleyR.R July l, 1900. SOITHWAHD A 11 P r u r M Camden Lv 5 00 4 51) Ryl/an Heart.Ar 5 54 5 25 Sylvan Beach Lv 5 54 5 85 Canastota 8 45 1 10 )i 110 BlakexlRe 7 01 2 2\ 8 1H Cazenovia 7 31 1 05 l. 35 Rlppletonnn Delphiii Newww Woodsttt 7 24 3 15 (I 39 Rlppleto Delph Ne Woods K7 30 3 r. s« 10 Rlppleto Delph Ne Woods ock 7 35 3 45 8 55 DeKoyter 7 51 » 25 : in Cortland H 35 12 30 5 45 H 08 Freevilie 9 15 '* 12 s 11 Wllgeyvllle SKI OO 3 41 ffit 23 Van Etten 10 25 5 15 in rvi Elorlra Ar 11 IN 7 10 ill 57 *• & p. M P 11 V 11 Photo by B <11. Waahlngton. LYMA>?J GAGE. eight. They ore Secretary Gage of the trvasury. John D Long of the navy department, and James Wilson, who presides over the agricultural depart­ ment In accordance with custom all the members of the cabinet will tender tbelr resignations to tbe president on the 3d of March. He will thank them for tbelr services and probably request them to remain In office. That, how­ ever, Is purely a guess, for no man can Photo by Bell, Washington. KUBTT ROOT, try for many years. He has frequent­ ly stated that It is time for him to re­ tire, for bis health IB poor.^ Should he do so the choice of a successor seems to lie among Senator Davis of Minne­ sota, chairman of tbe senate committee on foreign relations; Joseph H. Cboate, embassador to Great Britain, and Gen eral Horace Porter, embassador to France. It is known that tbe presi­ dent desires Mr. Hay to remain as the head of tbe cabinet, and be will prob­ ably do so. Secretary Roofs health Is also poor, nod bis family wish blm to retire. He TEACHING FIREMEN. An Elaborate System of Practice In New York City. In an up town side, street of tbe bor­ ough of Manhattan, New, York, are situated tbe .headquarters of the mag­ nificent fire department of the metrop­ olis. The-fire fighting force of the city is very large and Is thoroughly organ­ ized and manned. Appointment to the force- Is by examination, and only men with the strongest of physiques can obtain the coveted posts. To train the men In their duties New York has long had a regular school where the latest and most approved ways of fighting fire are taught To furnish practice for the future firs laddies a five story house has been erected. Here are practiced many of tbe athletic feats which, when put Into actual execution, have rendered the firemen of New York famous for agil­ ity, daring and strength. New York Is very pardonably proud of Its fire de­ partment, and the men hold*\ a very warm place in the hearts of Gotham ites. All of the apparatus that is offered for use to tbe fire department is tested thoroughly. The tests are careful and severe, for upon the use of fire fight­ ing apparatus often depends the life of a fireman or of tbe unfortunate denizen of a burning building. Fire J ^efe'^ire'w scaling ladders, new chem­ ical extinguishers — in fact, all tbe varied paraphernalia of fire fighting- receive their trials at headquarters, The use of fire nets especially fur­ nishes a most Interesting sight Such a test was recently made of a newlj. invented net~wbich answered the re­ quirements and has been adopted by the department. Net is scarcely the proper term, for It Is not a net at all. It consists of a circular frame, made of gas pipe, which may be folded up. When open. Photo by Rice. Washington. ETHAS AtXBN HTTCBCOCK. very close to the president NOKT1IWAIU) Eunlra I.v Van Etien Wluyvville Freevilie Cortland DeKuytor New Woodstock Delphi Rlppleton Cazeiovla. Ulakeslee Canastota Sylvan Beach A r Sylvan BeacbLv (amden Ar * H A If 8 50 7 19 8H 13 U 15 .. ') 45 10 21 II) 37 8)0 II 10 47 111 Vi 11 12 11 30 fl 55 9*3? Ill 09 10 17 ID 34 11 02 11 50 12 30 A U 7 00 10 30 11 S3 S 00 3 50 P M 3 07 4 05 P II 3 48 4 4I> 85 04 5 52 6 19 8 54 7 10 87 14 7 20 7 25 . 7 45 8 03 8 S2 H 32 9 02 AH P M PH p M m connects rre, Scranton, s stops on signal Train leaving Cazenovia 7 :lOa. atBlmlra for 8ayre, wiikesTSSn . -_ White Haven. Maucb Chunk, Allentown Bethle­ hem, Philadelphia, Washington, Eauton, and New York, connecting a t White Haven ror liazle- ton, pottsvtue, Shenandoah, and Ashland Train leaving Cazenovia 8:85 p m connects at Elmirafor8ayre, WUlcea Barre, white Haven Mauch Chunk, Allentown. Bethlehem, Pbiladel- phla, Washington, Easton, and New York Chi*. S. Ltc, Gen. Pass . Agt. who would be loath to let him go. Embas­ sador Porter Is mentioned for Mr. Root's place as secretary of war. Sev­ eral months ago Secretary Long de­ clared that he would give up the navy portfolio on tbe 4tb of March, but tbo president would undoubtedly wish him to remain. Should he retire Charles Herbert Allen, formerly assistant sec­ retary of the navy and now governor of Porto Rico, moy enter the cabinet Friends of the postmaster general, Charles Emory Smith of Philadelphia, are of tbe opinion that -he will resign his office. He might, It Is said, accept NEW LIFE SAVING SET. it has a diameter of nine feet. Is cov­ ered with canvas, over which there Is a thin cushion, the center of which Is a red spot about one foot In diameter Tbe spot serves as a guide for tbe jumper Into the net Tbe canvas It beld In place by 30 hangers, and In order to reduce the abock for the per­ son Jumplug and to lessen tbe difficulty of holding tbe frame a series ol springs Is arrnngrd to take off tbe recoil. In testing Ore nets a dummy Is flrst used, nnd afterward the fire­ men jump into It. TRADITION JARRED. CHINESE LOSING RESPECT FOR THE FORBIDDEN CITY\ What to Do With tbe Celestial Klna> dom a Passle For tbe Ptrtrrrs—TKe Ancient Drnaro n Throne and Its SarronndlnKS., To those who favor the dismember­ ment of China,.and Its partition among the great powers the present time and circumstances seem particularly oppor­ tune for the urging of tbelr designs. The dismemberment plan Is urged as being the only practicable breaking of the deadlock In which tbe great powers now find themselves, Months have passed since tbe powers occupied Pe­ king, and the problem seems as far from solution as ever. The flight of the court from Peking has only compli­ cated matters, rendering It extremely uncertain whether tbe foreign nations are dealing with responsible parties or not The advocates of partition urge that the Chinese government makes treaties only for the sake of breaking them and that agreements with the wily Chinaman are useless. They urge the forcible occupation of the territory by the powers, but they overlook or at­ tempt to regard lightly the difficulties r Clubbing List Below are a number ot standard publications with which we have clubbing ar­ rangements. The first col­ umn of figures gives the published price of the publi­ cation alone; the second col­ umn- the price at which, the same periodical, togetjher with the Republican will be turnished. l 50 4 60 . 2 50 --G-00 7 00 0 00 FLOATING MARSHES, Great Britain Removing Obstructions From the River Nile. . If you will get out your atlas and look at tbe map of the Sudan, you will And that about 230 miles below tbe historic town of Fashoda the rlvei Nile is divided Into a great number of smaller streams. If a circle be drawn tbat will include all these smailet streams, as well as the main channel, the region of tbe \sudd\ will be bound ed. This \sudd which means the floating isiairiTS rjf marsh that yearly interrupt the navigation of the Nile by blocking the stream. Is now being removed by tbe British government. Its removal Is one of the most benefl clal things that England bos done for Egypt. J .The \sudd\ consists of large masses of papyrus nnd other reeds which grow in the marshy country at tbe source of the various streams which form tbe Nile. Tbe strong winds of the rainy season detach these weeds and a large portion of them eventually find tbelr way into the channel of the river. There, by various causes, they become blocked and remain stuck. Other masses float down, until finally the stream Is checked In Its flow, causing overflows and rendering tbe navigation of the river dangerous and frequently impossible. Under the old government of Egypt spasmodic attempts were made to re­ move the \sudd with slight success. Tbe work was not done thoroughly and with each succeeding year the .(driver again became blocked. The Brit­ ish government, now that peace in the Photo copyright by WUhelm, New York, JOSEPH CROATS. say Just now what Mr. McKInley's present Intentions are with regard to bis next cabinet Certain rumors as to Its composition are floating about in Washington, but Washington society Is given to gossip, so that the rumors are scarcely to be regarded as reliable. According to present Indications, Sec­ retary Ethan Allen Hitchcock of the From i recent photo. JAMES WILSON. another portfolio. Tbe president has not of course signified his opinion or desires on the subject of bis next cabi­ net but some of those nearest and closest to blm have said that he wishes to retain around him all of tbe confidential advisers who have boon with blm in tbe past Many of tboBe supposedly competent to speak with authority say that there will be no very great change' In the cabinet. Bought. Pupil—I don't see how It 4s, profess­ or. You find a great deal of fault with my French, but never with Miss Silver- gilt's, and I know tbat mine is ever and ever so much better'tbun hers. The Professor— That may be, made­ moiselle, but Miss Sllvergllt pays more for her tuition.—Boston Transcript mm REMOVINO \SUDD.\ Sudan is practically assured, has un­ dertaken to clear tbe channel of Egypt's famous river, and Its efforts are meeting with a fair amount of suc­ cess. English engineers think tbat If regular inspection of tbe river can be secured It can be kept permanently, clear of tbe \sudd.\ In removing the congested mass fire and explosives are bsed to break It up, and the pieces are Ulowed to float down stream. Advertising; Defined. Advertising primarily conslBts in let ting a lot of people know you are in existence and what excuse you havi for it—Bates. ANCIENT DRAGOX TTttlOXE. In the way of foreign occupation of so great a country as China, to say nothing of the jealousies of the foreign powers themselves. The advocates of withdrawal, however* among which America takes a leading part, do not explain how foreign interests are to be safeguarded among a hostile popula­ tion and under a hostile government. Altogether It is ImpoBBlble to predicate anything definitely of the future of China or of future foreign relations with the country Chinese traditions and conservatism received a tremendous Jar when the foreign troops marched within the sa­ cred precincts of the capital city The Inner Forbidden City had been until then a closed book, not only for for­ eigners, but to the vast majority of Chinese as welL Now, however, all things are changed, for tbe ubiquitous camera has pointed Its all devouring eye at the sarr^d city, and Its appear­ ance is bound to become familiar to all Among the objects of Interest unearth­ ed by tbo Intruding \fornlgn devils,\ none was looked at with greater curi­ osity than the great ancient dragon throne of China. Tbe ancient symbol of royalty stands on a dais in an audience-ball of tbe old emperors. The hall Is situated in a tower over the gate of the Forbidden City This Is the place where the an dent Mongol emperors were accustom­ ed to receive tbose wbo complained of injustice at tbe bands of lower officials. There is a great bell there, which was struck by tbe seeker for justice ofter the fashion described in Longfellow's \Bell of Atri.\ The bell Is still there, but It Is very many years since any subject of tbe Son ot Heaven ventured Into the royal presence, for tbe law Is that any one presenting a needless or trivial complaint shall meet with In­ stant death. Something of tbe sort might work wonders with our over­ worked American courts. With S Price Republican. Albany 8. \W. Journai;...,*l 00 fl 70 Centuary Magazine 4 00 Cosmopolitan Magazine.. 1 00 Cosmopolitan and! „ nft Tri-Weekly World / 2 00 Cultivator & Country ) rt Gentleman f 2 00 Detroit Free Press l 00 Delineator 2 00 Farm Journal 95 Frank Leslie's Dlustra- J . nn ted Weekly f * 00 Frank Leslie s Monthly.. 1 00 Harper's Magazine & 00 Weekly 4 00 \ Bazaar 4 00 Holstein-Freisian Reg-) -r~m ister S * Judge 5 00 McCTure's Magazine 1 00 Munsey's Magazine 1 00 National Tribune 1 00 New York Weekly Tri-) L 00 bune t New York Tri-Weekly {. Tribune ) New York Daily Press.. ' \ Sunday Press \ Daily Sun — \ Daily Times. '• Daily World New York Tbrice-a-) , „„ Week World...... S 1 uo New York Sundav World 2 50 Outlook ... 8 110 Ohio I- armer . . .. 1 00 Outing . . *C. 8 00 Puritan Mngnzine 1 00 Review of Keviews. 2 50 Hurnl New Yorker 1 00 Scribner's Magazine . 3 00 St Nicholas 8 00 ScleutiUc American. . 8 00 Syracuse Dally Journal. 5 00 S. W. Journal. 1 00 D. Post-Standard 5 00 8.W \ '• 50 Toledo Blade 1 00 I'tica S. W Observer. . . 1 00 \ Press 1 00 Youth's C/Ompanion 1 (New subscribers only) 1 Weekly Witness. . Subscriptions will'also be received generally at reduced rates, for any peri- odicnl not on abovlTliBt. printed in the I'nited States or Canada. nay-Subscribers to tbe UEPCOLICAN may take advantage of tbe Club rates for as many publications as they .please, pro­ vided all are sent to one address. In many cases a considerable saving may be affected by placing the order for all one's periodicals with us. Address, The Republican, CAZENOVIA, N. Y. 75 00 4 60 ) 1 85 2 40 2 70 1 60 1 95 1 15 8 25 1 90 4 10 4 80 4 80 1 80 8 60 1 95 1 95 1 90 1 25 1 85 5 SO 8 50 0 50 7 00 0 85 1 75 8 80 8 85 1 85 8 85 1 95 8 10 1 90 8 85 8 60 8 60 5 10 1 95 5 10 1 50 1 60, 1 65 1 95 2 85 1 85 CUPID PROTESTS. Pnn That la Fnnnr. To say that tho work of George W Rehse, cartoonist of tbe St. Paul Pio­ neer Press, Is wittier than that of any of his fellow laborers In tbe field of caricature would perhaps be Invidious, but there Is no doubt that be Is fully as funny as any Mr ItehRe possesses tbe faculty of making almost anything look funny. When this cartoonist Photo bx Kuhn, St. PiuL OEOIIOE W ItKHSB. draws a dog, one can almost see Its tail wag. His political cartoons are lenulnely and legitimately funny with­ out appealing to partisan sentiment (A p«m without meter 1 Some bards of today Mem poeseued of s corlot* notion Thst I dwell entirely among- put sod forfottei thlngi. That I belong to the period of guiUn sad bttlc a of courtly and povttc devotion And rtiuld ant powibly approach within a cen tury without molting ray wings. They g-rnerally depict me In rural scenes, which It a pit?' la the aoclety at -ettfpTierda and ahepherdeaseJ who play on bertbboned flutea and dance U a ring. Tbey would look with horror upon the Idea of my thing comfortably in a crowded city, * And. aa to my having anything to do with nine teenth century love affairs, tbey couldn't hear of tucb a thing! They WOO t underaUnd tbit I do not positive]; require galUnt khigttU tn armor Nor T*t tbe brwttchtng belle* to pointer u. patches portrayed by Watteau, And tbat I can make myself quite u much i t home under the red shirt of a modem (armel As under tbe pertumed lace* and flowered satis of an incroyable beau. I 'd llVf to harp them learn that I do not farot tbe romantic past one tilt more than tot common workaday present. That I do not preside exclusively oxer the Dresden figure style of courtship, all gilding and flowers and prrtty speeches In rhyme. And that often fn a little up to date Oat X can And quarters quite as pleasant As In the Inevitable rose trellieed cottage where these Inconsiderate poets would spend my time have me 80 open good friends of the present, let me In, and PH shortly prore you That romance is altvr and In good health, what* ever the poets may say. That hoam are as warm as ever and that the t*sll*manir words. • f love you.\ Were not on* whit m..re potent'to the age of chivalry than they arc to-lay' - Marcaret Frames Mauro In Life. Dr. E. F. Butterfield Will be at his otlir-e, 325 Wnrren street Syracuse, N V.. on Hnturday, |\lod. 24,1900 The doctor asks no questions, give clear and comprehensive statements of your disease, from a standpoint not a yet tally recogniz ed by medical profession It is the only method by which you can obtain a eorrcctjrtatement of yourphysi- col conditions and also what the mental worry and surroundings may-haxc-todo with your physical health. Let thoso given up by.others call for nn examination Ho cures the worstenses of catarrh, scrof­ ula, piles, female wenknessess, asthma, diseases of the lungs, heart unci kidneys. Guaranteed to cure biles and no pay until cure is made.

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