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/' . v ;--'.fA©f •F.p.U.ft' v •?H$ •ENTERRaiSE^AfctAM.ONtV N> Y,,FBI : PA : ¥, ,;J;fc!'NE. f, 1§47 iVLIMIQNT ElSTlliRPRISE ;» NATIONS 'mmysXMi .ASSOCIATION'. $®m®$; : ^li^y flaw- ?MJ$ ; m®w'&x \^t^m ** PUBLISHING NEWS OF MORE THAN PIFTY COMM.UNITJES IN ALBANY ••^W^RtY^AN'O^AfltS'OFgCHO'HlAft'rE; SCHENECTADY • AMD-SREEINIE COUNTIES '-.'.' PuUU&keb 'EVERYFR'IDAY AT ALTAMC-NT, NEW YOBK .. PAID CIRCULATION OVER 2900 ;' : • • j^frft r»; OGSUORY ... •HDWARRF, GGig'BiMY Editor and' Publisher ..-... Associate 'Editor By Al \f. lyipnt Well; folks, the sun is actually a- sliinin' an.cl.ev.en too-the thermometer v/nz down' to 45' degrees this, iiiornin' when -Ma rind me looked put on the porch,.our spirits sort-a come iip.-with the sun and it's gipriU) ben grand day'. JUNIOR CLASS Our play, \''Murdered Alive,\ was' presented Thursday afternoon arid evening', -Al£y. '25th; j\he-'.Turiior class wishes to thank' all .those who lielp&l rto make rim- play a.-success.;. Without {an attentive audience, and stage,man- agers, sound-' effects'' aiid .properties, The re-registration of the Jffoy Sooiit troop No. 51 ' in-Altam'ont under the sponsorship of tha'Parent-Teacher as- sociation, although .late'li.i the season, was none,the- 'less'.eiuh.usiastic.ill.y'.'.i'er ceived' -..by -the- boys v/hp. had been asking >'\vhen\ eyer shice last 'Sep- tember. WJtlj John:' Ccije. as .chair- I 6UeSBR;|PTI0N ;'RATE§ i_ 0ne ; -.yea>, $2:50; in, advance; Six. months, $1.75, i ..T;l : )Ceerrioriths/$1..QO; Single copies; 8c. Advertising rates on application/ . f ELEPHON^ ., .Altamont 31.21; Albany*2-8620 Entered ai second class matter at the.Post Office at Altampiit) N. Y^ Under • the Act of March 3, '1879... . NATIONAL ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVE-- '•. AMERICAN PRESS ASSOCIATION — New York, Chicago, Philadelphia* . Atlanta .and Detroit. ALTAMONT, N. Y./.FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 1947 Everywhere I go these .days, folks lias got, trubble. and I-bin athirikiri about the different ways folks handle their triibbles. Npwi'some jest tilde It deep down in 'eni and 1 sniffer; some folks spill ,'i.t out on anybo'd.v who'll listen to 'env 'Others liaz a'.few elbst friends-rand- they go to. them fer .com- fort and advice.;. .Sonie folks wring- their hands and collapse. Others say \What's got to be borne must be en we. would hot. h'ave'been -able to ,pi;e<? man.,of the.ti'dop committee.,, the- lead- sent, it. ..We a,!so.wish to. thank--Mrs-, erf.-tliia year are: (Scoutmaster, Stuart Spadarb and./.Miss .'Bemal far t'li&ir hard work -and'' patient, co-operation ih directing oni'-,pl : ay. • EIGHTH GRADE',; • Last weelc • arithmetic progress •teste-were-given to thie class. At cluh we decided to hoid our class picnic at White, : MeacB „June.i9. - For- iMphday.j\ w:e are planning to MfiLaury., and,, assistant, Jflhn Moll'ir' '.gait* who served in .tiiat. capacity last, year; Since \the middle ..of-(February a;.'line'.-spirit' has'- been .evidenced by the boys, and teal progress has been made' asi welt as ground' work.laid for imic.li future.activity. ' The .high, point of the scouting a'c-. iiv'My has been trie- Caniporep con-' ducted at Camp 'fia.wley for the-troops of;Port Orange Council the' Weeltrehd-' 'AS' OTHERS SEE\ US By JOHN RANCK dufed,\ and go around with g.rjm' 16am the-poem,-<'If,\ by .RudyardKip- i'aces and lead a martyr's life, Then Uhg. ' • '-...\' ,,,,,„„ „„ irW .... ... .,. . .., . , their be -some wlio'say. \God' is- my I We.-have two new pupil.s from the j; Q ^ Ia / 23. The following; 14 boys nt- heip.in'every need,\ and placin' their JBozenkifl school here for regents re- >& \^* : ^Z^^ ?, ens ^'. L l % Q Y hand in -His-^lhey go smilin' thro'the I view,. \T?h'ey are. Viola Van Bureh and,® 111 * .^' 10 !^ jOassjdy.vphfs-. Chand- days,- • No.w; we can't any of us erit- • Vail 'Pul-liam/ ;.. . . . ^/W. 8 ^\^ ] ^V A ^ d ^' icize any of these folks, fer each fel- 'SEVENTH GRADE ' Uo, l tf H ! ' .? 0naIc LS'? ,fsifl1 ^^' • Ed ' lpr is Hnin' tlvehest he know? liow i T . \\\r - .- , .-,;.- §. al Holtslander, •William .MdLaury,. lei is doui..tue best he unous ho^.j.. j n . science we-have been, studying 'Howard ScDafWe', Charles Stewart). Al- the cel,ls of a leaf, .and. how green ton Teter'and Alan inirig'ht And-for plants make food. .-V^e learned, about'this trip we shall ask one who ,went r.he different parts .-.'of a plaiit such ;to-.ma : ke. his own- report. • •Friday njgh't (May 23) at itDO Mr. and somehow, whether they k-how it or not, the love, of God is workin'.ih 'eiii and fer 'em to help them dutt.a their tmhappiness. Remeniberin\ a , as tlie vein ,, d ^, c horophyll, inendol mine who is a lnspiratipii'to va „ pl . ]a bril . rt , - r ' everyone wtio knows him, tecause of ^^ocial sJSes^e MVB been stu- W<^^ .the. scoutmaster,, left. A-lta- the, way he s riz^.bove__i-ea^ tragedies | dylng auout ; the aiffel-en't kinds of. re- fligion. . This week we are stu'flyihg A , ... . . , e .,, , ., , iabout the different colleges, unive.r- And fins is .part of the .letter he , sJties 4nd jibraries'in-New Yonk state. We will.-be glad-when we get our .year hooks, SBAfi£5_jLAtyD.6 •——, -•--. in-his llfe-^-I writ him and asked him where he went when he wuz iii'-trou ble. sent,me: \Well Al;. when I'm In trou- ble—I seek the sol lit ion in P.RAYEK. Not the kind ..of.prayer I prayed years ago—the one.-where. I ovas' cpiistafl-fel-y-' asking for something. My .prayers these days are 'ones of thanksgiving A.lb.any -*• Bas'ed. on reports .from' processors of vegetables, Including, icaiine-rs. audi 4ree4;ers', early .plans, call •for some- decrease-in the a.creage - of commercial, \caiining ;a.hd'.'fiwezlng\ crops in- TS-IT.' Actual iplaliiin^ rarty of course.fii.M is-hort of or.exceed.Miese early indications, due to. wea.tihe.r con- ditions!, labor, seed' an'd fertiiizer sup- ipfy,-changes in' the ijirice outlook...aiKl olihei' factors, ticc.o.rtii'ng : to 'a -Federal-', gt-ate refeort- issued, from 'the. NeTf Yorjc State' £)e.pai?tniip!it of Agrictitftire and (Markets; 'Moreover, yipl'ds' .per a.pre often vary Widely from year to year. Safety .-Hints.' \Dp -not use'' any .substitkte,' for a. standard-- fuse. plug.;-' determine; the .cause.of 'a':blp'wvfuse before jns.tall- • ing ai riew one; do n'Ot change a fiise until the circuit breaker' switch ig 'open. .... BMESHIRE mom .'with M Boys for a week end at t'he -Fort Orange 'Council Camppr'ee at Camp Hawley. By the time we h*d the tents.set up and the. canip site straightened, it was time to .turn ah, We ai'ose early t-he next morning aihd , set about.'preparing':the first of jiil.nyjj_ _ good ,',nieais'.'. \ After\ \breakfast' . *e ! '' Those who brought things to show .cleaned the campsite, for .inspection) us this week were, the following: •/la-rid '.played a • Iit.tle.-soft.haii. \rn\ tlie.l for present blessings, and. when'I g'eti Larry iLiapp^, ' trick, book- Judy 'afternoon we played Softball with two- iip'-from -my knees (yes, I 'kneel to | Preston., willow Rlate; 'Carol Ma'-nley, pf the other troops, winning, both j : God) T say ••'thank, ypu,\ and jciy takes fs'crap book • of . cards;-. Harry •rto'iis- jgame.s. On Saturday., aft'erneon.. Mr. the place of sorro'W. As yoii' know,, tnaili^. old. shpemairer's hammer.;. Pat i Child came to-.'be- with us the.rest. of . Hyan, small, bottle of iPdine. ' • ' -J tlie 'week end.' Both he and Mr.- Mc- Capta'ihs chpsen for the softball jLaury played softball pn the men's ' \Beware of strong foreign states which still farther enriched themselves during the war-. \PremierMolotov-Pam t Aug. 14 .'Wihen carrying..garden implem.eii.fs, • keep; the siharp ' edge down close . to the ground. V , ...•'. ft I'--*. I-A ttf • Washable • Fbr VVdilsj Doors, (j/o^ Senj/'IS/osvP/pf. . fas tinted easily. . AI$ AMON^- N; Y f TliifK MARVELOUS ME By Paul Floyd Cornish .\What is m'ah' that thou art mind- ful, of.him.\- '. -Wihafc-.is this- cr'eataire wp- call man, this living cpm-bina'tion : of: f'lesli' 4n<l blood, this .being who can' reason' and- pian out Jwiny ' ithings - '.This'.being. Oia't- can harness -tlie- swift Waterfall- arid- tame the Jig'hthing's '.thunderbolt. This .-being .that 'can paint line -'glory of-\ .oil; a. bit. of ea'iiv'as ,-or 'carve--a figure oi;. Diana -from a piece oif.-'niarble. This'.being that,can'turu aside .great rivers, or check the'-turhu-' lefn't -flPw.;' This -being that ..can' sRirri' it'he-grea-t oceaJis-aiul travel far.into the dizzy heights where even an- ea- gl'e da-re- not follow- .This being*.that\ moves mountains, borps. cteep- .into the earth, .conquers' the wind and trialre's 'hw'0:!blia.d»;s of gi'ass gi'ow where, there is -rbom .for .only oiie. This- 'being't>hat stores' up' memories a,nd -hopes for life beyond t.hisi.plane''o'f living'. . ; Thefe s'hould have been\. l'pom and enough of -'ever-yfeh.jhg foi 1 my .brother aiidihe ba;ck oij Arlnittis. Hill in our .barefoot,' days, in one tff.o'iir fights ;P'l'e.r ,som.e. pe.tty jnaf-te-r-, we- began-to-. •t'h'ro'w.littie.' green;iap.p'les ,a-t' each oth- er-.'over., the garden- fence, then larger 'applies^tiheii sma.ll stones', ' Then as /bigger stories'- %ere -.used : my face got ill\the way'o'r oris stone,, giving me.fi •sriine/r,'.-. Tfteti '.# called- a.-'trtice- and ih-yeii'ted' 'a-.-s-tory. to be '.told ,at. 'the su-pr- .ji.er table,--exp'liain'iiig the inatfre'd' ,eye', : 'was'.\an' .acoidsmt.. .This, might- ria.ve got-ten 'by »' a young sister bad ,not told- our Dad 1 about p.trrliLtie : civil. : war..' : Wey both .:gpt''our'.:ja;ck'et,s niceiy tan- rieclforffehting airiT.'jying.'. • •' ; Men; are only, bb'ysi wihp have partly ..gr.pwn- tip, big hoys..A.Vho\.have riPt'yet teairned to live w!bhput';fighti.ii.g-..and •tiying to lay .the blain'e'on sonigtiiing pi--. soniebo.'dy eise..' :. Man,' so'-ricri'- in, prarillsg,,. so .beautiful in a^-ioh (vViien pi'piripled by : good mobh-es, Why'rie'ed he sfafter his golden : dreams' by re- ;.course' .to- tjh'fe ;cocle'. of the jungle ; bea§t, This worl'd of' ours*.' is laivge -eho'ttgh. 'and ' rich .enough '''to . give' room . ancl- support to- all its people, for centuries itp.co'me.'. Why t'he attempt.to destrpy aiiyra.'ce or class of people? \ . •'It lias been 'said thit a', .man's GPd is 1 'himself magnijfied a'few diameters. If t-bis is true, marvelous man- mnist : impi-.ove his- idea Is, his conicfepitipn of ..hiirige'lf .and:;his God, if.he would gain and keep'tihe.ili'eritage that was Ms iii the 'beginriing. ' :. . /Marvelous, 'man was given. dom-im i.ijii'-over all itfliingS in the'b'eiginniiig, 'To regain this lie must, .fol,low.i-a''rhore ..peaceful, ih&rinon-io.us .pattern of 1-ife- 'a«d living, . ••;,-. _^ -. 6 ——— .Destructive Insects Ke.eiJing fflp'ui arid other cereals ini ms£Q%rpvao£ : tips- and glass jars is an' lihportant / gid- in • preventing, dam- age,'from flcJtif. beetles 1 , .nie'al moths ••'ahd'b.t'her' fiiseets whioh feed Upon. -these'.fo.ods. Roachesrind ant's may -also .be. \starved out\ by. protecting food- frofri-'.their attack*. Failure,\to protect focipt' from insects both eti- • Courages .their developrneht and minae^s health. 1 have, been -s'ee'kihg that, \upper road,, of spiritual living for a great many years, and, as I 'sought, .'day by day, sorrow.and loss walked .'beside .me; money,, i'riends, profession,' family all went into the Umbo, of vanished hours. Trouble just kept step with- hie—mo- ment by moment. ' I suppose it is pos- sible -to come info a clear realization of spiritual truths iix one marvelous experience .of ecstacy and' revelation ^but, with: me it has been a, gradual approach of the dawn-with that •dark- est hour' 'bei'ore'.'Which- takes- all one's courage to survive. I. have learned that'friends,\change of environment, 'money- 01 whatever else we lium.ans. cling t.o-^thinking'to gain happiness-r- are., as nothing ..unless' \ye' have the love' of, God. in pur hearts;' the kind of love -which 'helps us forget our-, selves in loving service,- which helps us. say the kind thing to. ail-whoiM' we meet, winch makes us sense God.-in all the. beautiful and .lovely things about .us,, and .rntfkes.us so-.fill our [ hearts.with the Joy of His presence that we become ; channels' for. His love.' &o, when my -day grows • dark and my sky'overcast. I-go to- that 'se- cret place' arid. so. fill -my heart aiid- (mind wft'hthe UOVB OF G-OD-that I 'find the way made 'shiooth. and my heart at peace, and my mind is -filled. J with joy and thanksgiving for bless-• ings which are. visibly mine and for other blessings I am sttre are on, the way to. me, as. I strive to .keep in' toiich -with that 'mind which was in .Christ-Jesus' .- . . and I walk my life remembering the proverb,-- Tri all thy ways acknowledge- him- and he shall direct \thy 'paths'.\. ' .\ i :'Wel.l, folks,' I reckon that's the an.-' swei- L; —n6't only fer you and me but fer folks everywhere—and ;if- 'tAvei-e fol-; loweid by- each, one-^the natie'ns'.would •sing fer ..joy. i mtist-.'run along -now —. hope ya hay.e.a good week, and,remetnber'that no hiatter.bow'long a't-ail, a' cat's' got ^iffen;' .she' gits \it caught—'She. .ain't goih.'\'no. ..place. This is the end. -T.ba'pk you. 'o 4 .New York farrae'i-s can eilher barn- ptire or ma:ke f^rasw sMw-Ke of t'heir hay, to bewt'the weal her ''iiiiy in the summer seaso.ii,, s'ays .B. II. Morrison of (blre 3j.)vi-iTi'al.:iiiiRihnnd'ry i department at'COmeli. .•''••' Ailtliougii (here ia litil<-> e-vporiraeiit- al' evwleirce, wdrto HO. far. Indicates little-or- no 'cl-iffererice ih feeding value benveen \aJfalfa-'pii'l up as silage .or •.liartwcured liiay .liEjiwints «u.t. Hay crpjp' silage^.eiw.lts oa.fiy .ciKlin-gp. of .hay a.n-d. r allows.for a Kood Hocond.-out- ting or gi-azing a'fl.ernTaf'lh .. • m YOtJE IMMEDIATE DELIVERY teams in our grades this week, were Alma Champion and- Harry. Roberts-' Mrs. Croims'e •'gave us an art les- son .last. Thursday... •Everyone..;attended,the.junior play, \iliirdered' A-five.\.-.\ Ronny \Armstrong has a jar ef very interesting' tadpoles, • Many- of us are. planning on the' re- cital in which we are playing this Friday evening, .. -, . '„ , ——— •-. o - —:_— wh'-rUi.^-.'.'Ii-'.i-d'^' W.^.T.U.Notes The great World'is coh.ventio'ii of the Woman's .Christian' Tebiperanee tjn- ibiiis; now.in progress'in Convention hall, Asbury. P'ark.N..'J. • • • - ,'it 'wi.ll' .be;., a marvelous gathering. We'are, glad so,.many are going from Albany county .'and- will; remain for the .National •convent-ion' which follows the-W-orid.'s. •'•;•.;'.•• iiead \about- it in the Union Signal ajid_Ne.w York .Texaperaiice-, Worii-.- Coj^-iriue. to- -pray for it day' by day a.nci-'fo.r its woiid'erfui.. president Mrs. ©ila-'A. Boole,..C/S.- A; •'-.• From ''Alcohol Talks, to Youth,\ a ; bri.ef. : s'cien'iifip discussion- by How- ':a.rd-.E. Harrflin. • 1 am'.-always .amused when some of- my friends -ibegin to justify my .sale and Use by calling me a food - speak- ing of alcohol-.: '- -.,'-.• • *.''pods,.'are essential to.-'growth-'arid.- develdpinent in y'p'uth. Foods, increase the'.'working .powers of muscle and' \bra-in . I,' Alcohol, interfere with rrittscle and''brain co : .brdination-,'.and siow; the reaction • of these-inipbrtarit- •organs. • '. \•-'.' ;: Foods' increase your .power to ,en- .tfure physicki atraih,' but T.hasten fa- .t'i'giue;'an'd th'erelpr.e lessen .ena-ui a-in-e i can- also increase fatigue products .by catisi-iig. inahy unnecessary move-' ifienl's'i .,'In.fevery form' of athletic sport I •\Weaken endiirance,-' Athletes who wish to succeed, avoid' alcohol entirely. iFodd's 'can be stored in the body' for, liter use, but alcohol, remains un- changed .in your biood f-nd cells until yPU oxidize -(burn) or remove me. The more you drink of me, the lon- ger It. takes' to get rid of me.' All this time I am slowing the chemical processes of yoiir body, and dulling your senses. • , iFoods tend to maintain- the water balance of your, body at its' normal level wttlrout excessive loss or'in- crease, htit I, Alcohol; by, my action' Pn the ipifcuitayy gland, increase tlie loss-pf water through your kidneys. • Alcohol looks like water, but acta like- fire when! am \taken in strong dfiliik. The Indians called me \fire- water\ because.of the burning feeii'iigi that ,1 cause when in the mouth and throat. j \Nutritious food helps the Brain\to' do its work better, while I, as .Schil- ler expressed • it, \never \invent an.JS 'thing,'but cripple the m&h by Jam'irig hig- brain.\ ' Alcohol is not to be compared with By Paul.:;P. Brob'kS, M, D, , Cpmiii'g..back,. eVferj!-. now an'd then, tp this-supd'ect.pf felcphblism-^I. guess it's some like- -the. 'locomotive' engin- eer., that's ifre,en . held up' oh -a side- track: when he-.getsi'bac'k. on the inain line- he's inclined to make up' lost 'time;.' '• Somethihg' I ;-was rea'd-ing- not long ago:, a man that's prominent in the., anti-alcohol hiovemerit-^-he' Was Quot- ed as. sajdng '.all this talk about- al- I coholisni. bein-g^. a disease, it was just | providing a'li.bi*fp'r. a lot of weaklings; or,words to that effect. • Well, the folks that .habitually use i alcohol to excess^^most of 'em.' are •] taking that way of ' trying-to escape •' from disturbing realities. In a sense ihat'.s an. evidence of. a flaw some-. . where—ra wea.ki5es's, : in other words-— J the same as having.a disease isv But' ; the, rest bf ris: if we-.Cpu'jd -bring our I own. weakries'Ses out. into theiigiht. of I day and look' 'em over,\ we might- be less inclined, tp he .hard rin the 'alco- ' .holies. - , • ''..'• ../ , Hes'ort to '-'escape\..- mechah-isms-^- it's common to ipracti.ea.liy-..aH/ : of us. Whether it's desirable arid.''beneficial., or -harmful depends on cir-cu-mstances. At any rate,-, it's natriral, '.-Going ori vacations: wie: do 'rieW.ahd different things• to• escape, .terirp'prarHy;-ftorn the routine of Pur' reguMr.'jpbs-.- The dp.ctor .'With- a patient that- in't, doing, well may • escape frqm-. his wbrri'es.b'y. reading a.deteetiye' stpTy. Som'ehody;' t'hait fe'els : neglected' and • unimportant- escapes by.'.-developing, a\ \hervbus. bTe'ak. ! db*ii'.' ' and. getting, more attention. A fellow with, sub--., cpnscip-Us feelings' of inferiority •may e'-scape by -.b-lustering .-arid ....patting' oh •a big-\front!. And ; soriiebody else .with a troublesome .uinGPns'-Cioais.ju.rge tp do- things his • Cdhscience.\. wouldn't' ap-' prove of rria.y escape, hy. crusading against those,.very .things;.. •-:..'- -V—---- ' The trpiiibie Sv'.ith the aicriholics.: in- their efforts to.- escape from'-'ohe;-set of •un-pieasa.nt'-realitibs',. ih'fey've jgpt-. ten. 'eiifseives tarigled rip iri\^ wprse one, Up' : 'tfl. i-ecent year's;' •w'flijn : the,y got in 'that-. fix; tee • pads-, were .ail- against 'ein; ''Tod'ay, ; 'wit'h--;t-h.e\: aid of'- science 'and of- ex-alcohblieri thafve joined.- forcesi,-he'-can ••get riihiself' out of the web, if he's got'the strength, of characteri t o .make-' th^' 'tight:.- '• • The' \fact'' tihaf •-••Bet£erA'ft''-4(i;000 ...of- 'em have heeri- successful.iri. doing i.t— fh-a!t-.\dpn.'t.look like the proportion. p:f weaWings.'.ajhiong',alcoholics,was riiuch' ; above thB'ge.ngiai'a*era'ge.'. And-we'd better' :re.mettiib'er thkt -oid'-a;dagB.-aboti't. \glass house's;\.. ,'\'• .•.,.'..'.',:•'\' leal team; In the evening--we .attended the'campfire with .the other '\troops.' .Sunday morning.we got'up at seven- o'clock. After breakfast /We attended- the clnirch service oil the .grounds.' When the service ended wewerit back- to. our site and-took down the tents''' and. packed, the .duffle. '• We.had .lunch and went to the closing ceremonies'. We.-arrived home-- about 3:30 p.' m. with .a well -enjoyed .week end behind us.\- '^IPI , The. .summer program; now in^ the making 1 , . is concerning ' itself : '.wlth icamping at Hawley and,many outdoor activities \Vhich .can- be enjoyed' .only- in ' the summer period,' according to: Scoutmaster.McLaury, As. their cur- rent service project 'the.''boys are try- ing, to .-secure; as 'much equipment and as'-.riiany uniforms or parts of uni- forms '.as possible which are lrot'.iri use, to. send to the boys of scout afee in Nyjinigeii. .•-'•.' ;• j4Jii^it : Lichens. Everywhere ,. .':' About. 260. different kinds p\f lich- ens- are eemriioh in -'rierfheastern- United States,,, and an • extended sea-rcJi would probably.'iriereas'e'.'that nurribeir., to a' \total. of 500 -to 600' species. Lichens occur everywhere ..— frorn the arctic.regions-to the trop- ics, •'frorn.' the ' highest .-m.ouritaih tops to-'the seashore, $nd : .frorh the driest ..of desert. rocks -ta the beds .of freshwater .brooks. They form a\ large part of the plant growth , on the treeless tundrri-pf northern Can- ,'ada i: -for'ihstarice..-•. .-.'..• Women's Exchange. We will.seilyoUr fancy goods;.etc.) on a comrmssion: basis. . ,GOLDSM.ltH's;' . . '-•.'•AlfamoVjt, N. Y. Of The incorii.ihg.'.Prediaehti. The :£iitft Church' bf-Christ, ^i^htiat, • Ih^Bps.tbh, MassV. ,. , ' • •Mrs. .Helen ^Chaffee ifl-well',. C. 'S,,- of East Hebron, N, if.,: : an^ Bbs.tpn,. iMass-.i.-is'. a. Ipcal.'menib.er bf thb'-'Mo-' the'r. ''Ciirir'ch'.- .The' px&pdriib'i^.. y.ea-rS'; of. her education were iri-'-Ne.w' ^oijk, followed -by the compifetibri of Her. schooling .iri the-city. of'Wsishirigt'Qn, \ •Mrs. Elwell became a member ;.bf the oMther Church ih 1913; receiving class instritctio'p ih trier sam'e.year.- iShe has. had menibers'hip;in. several branch 'entireties as her 't'Mvels'..per'' .niitted. Upon residing in Boston, she' entered the public practice of Chris- tian Science in 1923. ©he was -tot' five- years assistant superinterident of- tlie (Mother .Church Sunday schbplj and for four \years a irnemb'er\ Of the 'Christian ••jS'oie.n'ce. Bible liessbn- com- imittee. iMrs. Ehv'ell hk:si .Just com- pleted, a term of three' years' service: as Second Reader in the Mother. Church^ ,.'••' —, ^O —: ' Bean Disease Damping-bff,; baldheady . 6na>e' head, arithracnose, halo, hlight,, pod rots, and bean mosaic are, ori- the list of i?i»ij(8e# that aff'**»l I»*«iH« 4: m£fLOLp TRAVIS . -Phone..2851. _ -.- Jji42; : i:LisicaL u _AV E, .-•- Asbe&tOs hiding -•- Shiftg^les. ; Tile beiiiiig^-vTile Boaf4, Sold and Applied ALU KINDS OF REPAIRS Free Estimates. »0*»M»9«_,M 106 Lark Streeij •'..•';. PHONE'3441 . fRUCKINCi MASONS' GEAVEti CJEMiKT Mti&iAti CEMENT CRUSHED: STbNE BULLDOZER SHOVEL John Orsini ALiyiMONT, N. % PHONE 4191 LEWIS G. WAp fSON Phone Schenectady .2^9058••'-.-. ... Phone Albany 2,9717. GUILDERLANp, N, :V,. •;, IS PRECIOUS Entrust Tour Oculist Prescription For Prop- erly Fitted Glasses.to Willarcl G, : - -QPTICIAN .' 25 Clinton Aye.,. Albany • Tel. 4-^3210 ,.; Cpmplete i.bpticai. Service ; ALTAMQNT, N; t. , ^ , r% Areybu plaihriirig't.d ''i>i'ck\ri.p an.dpicrii6 this.weeKehd'?'THeri'-. : \' V I; know you're -hopiiigj -as- I-.'ani,-' for -warm, sunny wehtlrer. But ' if it should-turn out be chilly pr,-rai'ny,' don't let'that; .inter 7 'fere with your plan's, Gb.ahead. aiidhave. your'-.picnic anyhow •..' . . . 'at hPme.' That' w.ay \your' family'' won't feel .let down,, aiid •' ^ou' -won't-have-to rustle u p a regular meal at thg'las't; minute. THIRST AID. .it's no picnic'being-thirsty o'na .picnic',, so - be sure to take;plenty, of refreshiiig'-soft drijiksonyourout-' ing'! \You'll .find a ' big '••variety,rif- \whistie w'etters\ ; at'your ;A'feP.'.;,'.' ; -each as erijoyabie as the'ritheiy. and all'thriftiiypiiced.\' .-'Mak : e -A&P your' thirst aid he'adr\ ' quarters;!. ' *-•- ••'••'• QUICK AND SUCK If you -go.iri for campfire cookery,, •ybu'il get yards Pf enjoyment- fr'pm.' • EK'COEE.F^tetea-'SPA;GHET-T-i: It's., mighty good cooked at-horne- pn the range, -.too; so get a'few cans' at the A&P- 'IVl.ade .with a.-'• tasty- sauce of tonia.toris, spices .and cheese,.all ypii'have tp do is heat, it. Arid if. you' want ' rin--'extra', heartv.' clisk foj-.,8 Jl'e.^y,jeatjfeiis,. cpmbihe-S-'-caris o?\this\sw«l)\sphr ghe'tti with. 2 cans-of red-beans.; ' mix weir.-in a skillet; add'2'ts'ps.. ..of' chili powder,,;'arid-'heat thor- oughly. -Add. • .green.' pepper • .arid\ pnionairigsif ^pu/like'-em; Grand .;i'ridoors;''or put! ••;• .'-. ••:;.-• \•-..-/ •' SWANK FOR:SALADS •For- the best-:clressed cole-slaw or'' •vegetable salad 1 'that ever went'- a-picnicking', try this tangy dress-'. T^ng.made, with W'Hi-^E HOTJ.'SE' -'. MlIjE/the.'.c.i'eainy-ri'ch evaporated' , imik--;s6]d'-.at.the A&P: Just blend: %- tSp. prepared mustard, ••% -tsp,.' salt, -2, ts'.ps'., su-g-ai-; a.'daslv of cay- ; enneandl cup undiluted WHITE • ; 'HO,TJSE.;EVAPO.RATEX), MiljK. • Add-. 1 -'. tbsp.: Vinegar' -gradually,! • stirring 'till- thick; Enough, ior \8.' servihgs.of-.salad'... • •'.-;•»• ,. ''. KING-SIZE SA^byVICHES Where, there's- a' grili, there's -a- -.way'....': to -enjoy' MARVEL;. HAMBURGER ROLLS''in their .special role, of partners for sizz- ling hamburgers; But. even if'.your • - picnic eq.Ulpment doesn't include :a --• „gjiifl,- '.these'- d-frl-i- . .cious-,-' .freshly .baked, rolls .frprii •the A&P -can haye • their inn.ingS:.,bri ypul'.o.ut-ing's:-.'They're perfect:-foy,''' .•big.h.e-niaii'saiidwiBh'e's' 6f> all'kinds' : [ because they hbTd,..s.o•lm^c]^•flllii^g•.'• '.'\..BY •'.'M : t;,tLIN$ •\• ' Start; now to- plan ypgr -<3Wn \cJrearri kitchen\' With beautiful well made YoUngistown kitchen • units. - . • Replace, your sink with a ;:gleamirig sfreamlined- '\kJtchenaide|- ! ' wfth acid-resisting^ pdrqelain enarnef tbp; desk arid vegetable 'spray;, Well planned drawers arid, storage .space, ,..:-' • Corner Dongan Ave. & Plitni Sf. Phone 4-9100 • ••'\.-'.'• .:'•.•'••\•'-\,. iy _ALBAHY,-H: \i. ;... •;;',.\' .;•;: iilli - .•J.vi.-.-wJ J •\ i. 6-Si. - .*»-it. • -p *, 4>, p j. #• ,f- »r * • * v, * t y <*• i ,j-* *k >!.>.*• •**-« -*^^,-r;V'-y' ft ***-#?•> ** A'*\ ti,f*^h^\^i<n\f \f\r\-s f'f,r' ^riA/i/iAA^^jnAy 44-ft#f»*'«i

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