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The County review. (Riverhead, N.Y.) 1903-1950, April 04, 1919, Image 12

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Rubber Stamps County Review Off ice Lane & Hallock GROCERS TO BEST GROCERIES At LOWEST PRICES VEGETABLES and VRVIX IN SEASON BreryUtlag to ha foaud ia a Craeary Star* Baa—ha Are, • Riverhead GOOD INTENTIO N S are not reflected on the credit side of your account unless acted upon. Open an account in th is BAN K add to it regularly RESULT — PROSPERIT Y Bank Open Daily from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. Saturdays to 12 M. Sag Harbor Savings Bank Main Street , Sat; Harbor* N. Y. ROBERT BURNSIDE I Attoniey & Cotmsdtr At Law j MERCHANTS' BUILDING , RIVERHEAi/. h. T. i i Fine Durable and Reversible Rugs FROM YOUR OLD CARPETS Rag Rugs & Rag Carpet Write far Price* WIIEIES IUilCAIKTCa EAST MORICHES. L. L , _ j , i Spring Suits ! In wonderful variety Stylish Snappy $20 to $35 VT^ItlflrWHHP^SH ; HnMBKaHHsHHHHHlV i JOSEPH CLARK , M.D. 43 JAYNE AVENUE PATCHOGUE, N. Y. Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted 9 to 3 —«— 6 to S Saturdays by appointment only \ Telephbne 155 Patchogu* Liberty Bonds I boy Liberty Bonds For Cash ! Open daily to 8 P. M: Prices $46.75 to $49.50 for a $80.00 Bond. Bonds may be sent by registered mail , in return you get a certi- fied check at once. Absolutely no risk. A. J. GRETSCBEL 275 Fifth Are. , Lenir Islaad City Hvl. Title fluar. * B 4 T. Co.. ao4 lrriosr Trout Co. of»,. /. «ty. On- r IS »n*rs is I. I. CitT. ALDEN'S Auto Paint Shop BAST aWMiOXX* [^a^fePfl . Your Patronage Solicited SE ASONABLE GOODS Ice Skates Bibles , Diaries ' Shaving Sets 5?H» . Skates Calendar* Razors , all makes K Rifle. W^J tr ? ,a ; e8 ; »\ . niakes Basket Balls ¦ &£%%&* Pocket Kmves Foot Balls „ r tm - £ \ ' \ Shears « Boys ' and Girls ' Cigars Cigarettes Flash Light8 Books Pipes , Tobacco Ingoreoll Watches Popular Novels Smokinu Sea? all sizes . Candies: WMtan ' s , bwa y ' s , CeKe fate Sweds McCABE'S CENTRAL STORE Sabocriptioa* taken to ail Dally Papers and Macasfacs Saetml Clah Ratoa A. F. SEARGENT Plumbing STEAM. HOT WATER AND HOT AIR HEATING Fall Liae of Store* aad Raagaa EoasMl Warn , Hardware Tbaia*. Pump aad Windmill Week NOW AT HKE BTaXEt MATTTTUCK, L. I. F*n* KlTatBlMth(*4 sssBBWBs *sasssssBSB?ABssBMssasmsB —sssass *aMssmssBBs ^^ § Can 't Puncture--Can , t Blow Out- Dayton Airless Tires \ PUT THEM ON AND FORGET THEM \ 1 . They are always on the job and ready to go. They ride - . They are economical-yoa don 't have to carry any spare ' - ¦ ill*£fl At* tUiMMsl as smoothly as pneumatics anoV protect yotar caw from jolts , They ^d to comfort , convenience and ease of mind , espe- jars and vibrations as fully as do pneumatics dally when your wife or daughter drives the car. Piers of live , elastic rubber built about one inch apart in- , - They are just the thing for your Ford or Maxwell or Chev. .. .. . ... . !.j „ „U.J 4. » ill,- .i. ^... rolet or any car using a 30x3 or 30x3%, whether past, side the casing and vulcanaed or welded to it take the place Mngtv ot t^ M the * are ^ in aWmmi carrying w- of an inner tube and absorb the shocks and jolts. parities. IX T. HINCKLEY ^S^^ W^ The \Airless \ Service Station on wheels will go to any part /\n Ask Some of the People to whom I . hav^ sold them. Among of the County. For further information write me or telephone Vr li them arc R. S. Guy and Frank Bilski , of Wading River ; A. L. Ray- 12F2 Shoreham , naod, of Por t Je ffe rson; Yetter & Moo re , Riverhead. s UNEMPLOYMENT For many years the business com- munity has suffered from periods ' of depression. The most characteristic i feature of these periods was the great I number of peop le who were out of! ¦ work. It seemed a hideous anomaly - that hundreds of thousands who ar- ¦ dently desired work , could find nothing ; to do. It was a break dow n in the cx-j isting social and economic machinery.\ These periods of depression and un-l employment used sometimes to dragj four or five years. People could not find work until there was a good de- mand for merchandise. And theyj co ul d not buy merchandise unti l they ; had work. It was a vicious circle of! idleness and inaction. ¦ The experiences of the war have ; demonstrated that it is not always | necessary to spend millions in public j projects to find wor k for the unem-j ployed. Under ordinary conditions- there are as many emp loyers seeking; help as there arc workers seeking jobs.] But they may live a long distance ; apart, . and they don 't find each other. ; Hence ' , unemployment , and all its mis- eries and danger. . ' The recently organized United United States Employment service has ! found work for millions of men. This ! greatly increased the fighting power Of the United State?. But it has also succeeded in ' carrying the country through a big part of the readjast- agent period without disaster. . * There have been suggestions that the appropriation for this aational employment, aerviee might . be discon- tinued. It would be a very serious mistake. This aervie* should be mad* a permanent'bureau. It will prevent industrial depression* from starting, Every time you put an idle min ute work , you atop a center of social un- rest and possible . Bolshevism. The work of the employment aerviea is a triumph of American efficiency. Red Triangle Girls to Banish Blues Copyright Western . Vesrs-psner l,»ion, \Sind *m*rl«»f» w»m«ri «• 0«rm»«y t* eh**r u* Iris Soys. They ar« nnM hart to maintain th* army ' * m»r*l*. an* cm *• m*r* thin snyons •!,«. \ This 1 wr«s tlte mess*** f«e*l»*s) stjh* W*m«n ' s D*p*rtn)«nt *f ths V . M. C. A. from uvsral off/ecu in chara* of th* m*n (Ming »U.ird *uty b*yan<t tits ftliln*. No »ecl*ty, miserable little towns, cold cllm»t* »nd not much to do but drill , crsatsd among th* Ainsricin troopers > groot l*f>flfl|| to 8«t hijme without delay. Th« \Y\ r«. •pondf.l promptly to tl.a jppoal and Ills p ' olsaraph sfcow, a part of th. first ons hondrod Kfd Trls<i»i« workers sent from Am»ric» dir-r» In Germany to choer up cur boys, banish homsiicknsis jnd ch»s» tvnty tlir blurs. FOLKS WE ALL KNOW 1'ipe poor IM , patiently plodding Homeward. I' ll , alias the Old Man, wax onco a ri'irilur Cut-up and bad more l' er» than a two-year-old colt be- hind n Bros* Band. Now he Looks like a Government Mul* naiillns Pljc Iron. Tliin tenches nn Hint We should lie Kind to the Old Man. j * - . 7 Mattltuck White Leghorn Farm One Object Only-- To Produce Heavy Laying Leghorns Baby Chicks and Hatching Eggs are guaran- teed to be from our own flocks , produced on our own farm. Trap-nests used for past 5 years. All pullets now trajr -nested. Mature flocks carefull y selected. None but vigorous, late-molting hens kept. Mated to cockerels from 200-eeg hens. Barron blood. Send for ciiwdmr and prices. ARTHUR H. PENNY V MATTITUCK, N. Y. ataamaaaawaawaaaaaaanwsaaawMMHnatBam^ Winter Tops Mounted on Automobile l. ' odies , either all Glaaa en- closed or with flexible Cellu- loid doors. Now is the time to think about that Winter Top you are going to have put on your car. Don 't wait till winter acta in. I handle all kinds of Tops for almost any make of caiv and can install them at short . notice. Prices range from $75.00 to $500.00 , according to kind and style of Top. We can also re-model the Side Curtains of ypur pres- ent Top, , so they will open with the doors , leaving a full height entrance. Any infor- mation will be c hee rfully furnished. Riverhead Garage Trimnriat Papartawat W. F. MORELL FOR SALE Gravel Screening . Plant Portable , complete , elevating buck- ets , revolving screen, gasoline en- sTine; capacity 100 cubic yards per day; ready for immediate use. Also 10 h. p. steam hoisting an. gine , complete with cable; also complete outfit , 20 in. conveyer belt. WM. fOTH , SrWVIllt , L 1. ¦ « _- ¦ * * ty KARL BALDWIN THOMAS. * * ' '\ -* ' W How often when I talk of * w Thrift , the thing th* nalkm ' e * it fceomlng so, 1 thlak of one whose * \ w thought* uplift , althonth long * * alnce tbey ' v* laid him lew * % —ihe homely, gaunt , heroic man w ,w whose birthday date falls Io tho * <fc .week , the seer whose glowing * f*lr vlsloa ran ffevond the goal* w A plain mortals neck, vrhos* sound w ' it aad common aense advice «• w brough t concord out of civil * * war , who warned the nation of w ,w the price , yet when lie «tnick # * smashed io the core ! Thrift w yt was his life , lie preached It w jw when While Mouse doors were * * Ms l» turn , and, tlion^li his In- * * come grew a bit , lie nerer let a * ' • dollnr hurn. f*lk« loved him, w * nnd Mi; memory grows richer as w w 1 the years increase. On* thing w !w he left for you nnd me was thi*: * Ir \Ach i eve a 1: IA |1 U » peace. \ Th* • * wny to get iliK . vou 'll agree . Is * w pay tiia dehts and clear the way. •* w Ho cut out nil Hie flummery and * !w boy-War Siivinss Stamps today 1 •* * w r* w w * * * « w * * w w w * * w < > m mint ****** ******* »- - • ¦ * * WHAT LINCOLN TAUGHT. * w NOW \ Is • the ' lime to begin w w saving for the Victory Loan. w * Don 't let a day go by without w * putting aside a small sum to pay w * for \ tho ftrat ot your Victory w * bonds. ' w * U yon begin to saye now yon a w will be able to subscribe for ser- w * eral Instead of one. * w Be forelinnded, and forearm w * yourself with the funds for your w w Initial payments , even If you can- * w not aare the whole amount. * w The thrift taught by the first w * four loan* should atacd you In * * Rood stead. Count your pennies * * lor ihe Victory Loan. Buy for + w Teace. * w ' * ww * ww **w * w * #w# * w * \Found Seven Rats Dead in Bin Next Morning. \ Robert Woodruff says: \My prem- ises were infested with rats , 1 tried RAT-SNAP on a friend' s recommen- dation. Next morninpr found seven lead rats in bin, two near feed box , three in stall. Pound large number since. No smell from dead rats. —RAT-SNAP drys them up. Best thinft I have ever used. \ . Three sizes , 25c, 50c , $1.00. Sold and guaranteed by M. N. Ammann Hardware store T Riverhead. L. I., N. Y. —Advt. * w* *• ww ***• * ¦ *** *w * * * Victory Loan Flashes * ^ ¦ ¦ : A The prospects for the fishing sea- j son at Montauk are rather gloomy at! present. Not that there will be less - fish cauifht this year , but the fisher- : men have more to conte nd with than ! in years past. The ice proposition! alono is a serious one. It means that! Montauk shippers will be obliged to ' buy their ice and have it shipped toj Montauk either by boat or rail. This ) will mean an extra expense of sev- | cr.il thousand dollars. Capt. E. B.i Tuthill , who for nearly thrity-three years has been one Of the leading factors in the fishing industry at Montauk , ia expectinK to house about 500 tons of ice this week. The worst of the matter is that this increased expense ia not connected in any way with the market value of their pro- duct , nor does it in any way add to theif chances for increasing their sup- ply. — Sag- Harbor News. A Torpid Urer. . When the liver becomes torpid the digestion is impaired and the bowels become constipated. This can be cor- retted by taking a few doses of Cham- berlain ' s Tablets. Miss E. C. French, of Mohawk , N. V., -writes : \Cham- berlain ' s Tablets are • splendid medi- cine for torpid liver, when I have that tired feeling and my appetite is .poor and my head begins aching, I take a doae of Chamberlain ' s Tablets and they soon tone up my system and I feel like a new woman. \ For sale by all dealers. —Advt. THE PISHING OUTLOOK I Farm machinery r epairs made now : mean fewer lay-offs next summer. ! One way to'\keep do wn expense s\ :; Grow at hom e eve rything possibl e for ! your needs. I A man whose bent is the law will . probably not make a good engineer. ! Land , also , should be studied as to adaptability. Hr.ve a good garden. Keep it grow- ¦ ing, vegetables throughout the season ; oy making successive p lantings at the proper times. How much do you know about this new corn pest which threatens the , crop in parts of New York ? Better send to the state college of agricul- ture at Ithaca , N. Y., for extension bulletin 31 , \The European Com Borer. \ Thomas Jefferson said: I have often thought that if heaven had ' giv- en me a choice of my position.and calling, it should have been a rich spot of earth , well watered , and near a good market. No occupation is so de- lightful to me as the culture of the earth. In spite of the war , France main- tained her young cattle , says the com- mission from America which investi- gated European agricultural condi- tions. ' Breeding . stock supplies are ap- parentl y large enough to permit a \fairly rapid replacement after th* war. \ AGRIGRAPHS - j f Very few people realize that , ath letics among industrial concerns has taken on proportions that actually rival , ' in numbers engaged and equip- ment employed , the efforts of the larg- est American universities and col- leijcs. The B . Fi Goodrich Rubber . Co., at Akron , Ohio , one of the fore - most advocates of recreation and so- cial life among tho large industrial concerns of America , is entering its most extensive year in athletics. Twenty-one fully uniformed and equipped baseball teams will take the field early in May. Tho company maintains a recreational director who has under , him coaches in baseball , track , tennis , soccer and other spoils ; an athletic stadium with equipment for practically every sport; a .10-acre tract of land which includes a lake ; u gymnasium loci Led in the heart of the plart; and supervised, e-yiyi ' oycc?. who lead raliiithciiic classes during wirk- fng jours. Thirty thousand people have turned out at one time to sco an intcr-iactory ath. ' etic me- ' , in Akron. INDUSTRIAL CONCERNS ADOPT ATHLETICS / v Totom ^ Y fife mwsmsi *t.t Eatat»| IQ MMM , Rtssta shw MMkl Ca^WrfMWl .jsts ^sMsaw faf ^s^^ aAili ^^r \The Overshadowing Empire \ A SENSATIONAL ARTICLE BY Justice Wesley O. Howard Who discusses the Stupendous Power that lies within the grasp of the British Empire , which, he declares , is ablo to become the Colossus of the Earth because of the developments of the Great War. Three Times in Hittory Justice Howard Says A Great Empite Has Arrived , Dominating Civilization READ THIS ST. RTLING ARTICLE BY A GREAT WRITER IN . The New York Herald SUNDAY , APRIL 1 *? ETTA L. MOSLEY ! i Manicuri ng, Face Massag- ing, Shampooing and ; Sca/p Treatmen t Hair Goodi and Switches . made from combings Roanoke Ave. Riverhead It. F. I). ¦ Eat Fruit Every Month From Your Own Garden For seven full mmitha you may have it freak fram tha tree* snd plants; the reat of the year from storage aad the preaerve closet. Every garden ought to have aama fratta; tb*y help the food supp ly aad are healthful aad ocoMmical. We will tell you what to plant for this \ year-around\ supply Our l»l» Price-list will give the varieties aad we will be glad <o send it to you free. Just send yaar name aad address. We grow ererythlag n eeded far profitable aad practical fruit gardens. Come to the nwraery. aad see the tree* and plant*; ask question* about them. We will hel p you all we eaa to atast a fruit garden this year. SWAN RIVER NURSERY Patehofae , L. I., N. Y.

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