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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, October 18, 1916, Image 1

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0 THIS n e w s p a p e r Is Published For the Enlisted Men of the N. Y. Division SPECIAL Cavalry Number Send Your Friends THE RATTLER V O L . 1 . ^ N O . 9 % \ Published in the Field by the New York Division HIDALGO COUNTY. TEXAS, OCTOBER 18. 1 9 1 ^ 8 PAGES PRICE FIVE CENTS “The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack, but the Strength of the Pack i ENGINEERS-MEDICOS HOMEWARD BOUND REAL BORDER PATROL FOR N. Y. DIVISION 1st Battalion of 22nd, 1st All Infantry Regiments to Field Hospital and 1st Am. Guard Rio Grande in New Co. Entrain. Service Program FIRST ARTILLERY OFF THIS WEEK 2 COMPANY posts ON 4 DAYS DUTY Moving j u s t as i f th e y hatl reliearhci ;hc part for num tlis am i w e re trained for the m o m ent, th e I t t B a ttalion of the pan • the the 22nd Engineers en train e d fo r New York F rid a y afternoon, leaving M cAl­ len about 2 p. in. Not a flaw m a rked th e w o rk o f en­ training, an d th e d i f f i c u lt task o f loading field w a g o n s and equipm ent was perform ed w ith an eagerness and speed which showed a w illingness to work and the m u s c u lar a b ility to back it up. M a jor H a rv e y G a rrison, com­ manding tfle B a ttalio n , had th e p r iv il­ ege of seeing M cA llen recede in to the horizon long before th e sun set, while his men forsook th e ra t t a n cushion- of their palatial to u r i s t sleepers to wave a p arting salu te a t th e tow n which had been their hom e fo r th r e e m o n ths of busy Border life. I^Ulay aftern o o n also w itnessed the hegira of th e 1st N e w Y o rk Field Hos­ pital, M ajor Jam e s G. D u n s e ith com­ manding. This detachm e n t moved out from its q u a r ters b a c k of the new base hospital in early aftern o o n and found their places on the train w ithout con­ fusion or delay. L ik e th e E n p n e e r s , they settled down to jiullm an life and travel rations w ith m a rtyr-liko resig­ nation. Entraining is slow w o rk, and d a r k ­ ness had drojLped over t h e M cAllen sta ­ tion before th e 1st A m b u lance Com­ pany, hom eward bound fo r B ingham ­ ton, found refuge in th e coaches th a t were to be t h e ir hom e fo r fo u r or five days to come. A farew e ll rain , one of McAllen’s surprises to speed the p>art- ing guest, w e t th e i r bat-brim s before they left, and th e sudden darkness of McAllen’s forsaken streets m ade a farewell sight th a t im p ressed itse lf on the memory o f those who stood by. But the “ d o c to rs” w e re cheerful to the last. The 1st A m b u lance Com p any carried with i t the fu ll q u o ta o f d r a f t am b u l­ ances. The new T railm o b ile am b u lan­ ces, which have proved th e i r efficiency in dsiily trip s from S te r l i n g ’s Banch and La G loria through m u d and oyer bumps and ditches, w e re le f t behind for a fu r th e r period of usefulness. The inulcD w e re shipped to th e arm y demount depot a t S a n A n tonio. ' All of the detachm e n ts which left Eriday have seen a rem a rkable doyel- opment in th e efficien c y and standing of the New Y*ork D ivision since they arrived, a m a t t e r o f less th a n four aionths ago. The 1st FTem ield Hoi ital monthB ago. Th e 1 st ± n o s p it ^08 probably had as rem a rkable story as any. D u ring th e early days o f this oneampnicnt th e hospital u n its of the Bivision struggled against m any kinds of obstacles. T ropical storm s alm o st daily during th e m o n ths of Ju l y and ■August m ade th e question of housing the patients a peculiarly p a in fu l one, and the regular field ten t a g e w a s soon laid aside. The 1st F ield H o s p ital has aoon a tran s itio n fro m a clum p or brown canvas w a ll-tents to th e archi­ pelago of t id y little liospital buildings, with their wood and screen walls, per- njanent kitchens, p e r f e c t nursing fU' eilitiea, and oth e r conveniences up th e new' M cA llen B ase H o s ­ pital. ^’ext to d e p a rt, unless orders are shifted, wil come th e 1st H . Y- E'lcld Artillery, tlie 1st B a ttuliori of w’liich « already in cam p and aw a itin g tra n s ­ portation to ta k e them to B roadw ay dSth S tr e e t or some place '\’^thin instance o f it. The 3,1'1 Bat- talion of th is reg im e n t is now a t La bloria, com p leting th e reg u lar tour o practice, b u t w'ill be .in read i­ ness to depart w ithin a few d a y , proD- before th e ir b ro th e r s pull out or ‘he McAllen statio n . » No new orders fo r the rem o y a i or Ifoops are in t h e hands of th e Division illjutant o f the Neiv Y'ork Duum on. ^ e t h e r any such o rders w ill b e receive ‘hiB week is a m a t t e r of c o n jecture, b u t •^oiijoeture w ithout p r o f it. In another '^lumn of this paper we jm b lish an nc- of the new so rt of en tertain m e n t Jhat tliose who d irect tlio he Border liave arran g e d fo r th e be 't of those of us who rem a in. 'ALL’S Q U IET ALO NG T H E KlO - G R A N D E .” ..t, Bayonne, N. J., an armed camp v. JAOOOstrikers virtually l)esiegmg I'oBe® special deputies. Constable H ook . ®tion a b a ttle ground. B u llets ^ ami sineral were kiile-l on both A f ter three and a h a lf m o nths of camp d u ty which has iucludetl ditch digging, in terio r guard duty, 1 more hikes but very little if any bor­ der duty, the in f a n t r y regim e n ts of th e M. Division enter a program of ac t ­ ual jiatrol d u ty along th e Rio Grande. The m ilitary road from M adoro to San Juu aa nn Ha ac ci iendae williU bee patrolledatrolled dai]ail’ o n n a a w b p d by a two-company post from each regi nient, each patrol doing du ty fo r fou: days before being relieved. F ive sectors of territo r y liave been sketched out by the Division Command­ er, the purpose being to assign each regim e n t to a locality most convenient to its own base. Thus the 7th In f a n ­ try will patrol M adero, th e 12th will cover the d istrict surrounding G ranjeno R anch, about three miles from M adero, and th e 69th will be assigned to Hi- The 23rd In f a n tr y , stationed at P h a rr , will patrol the Capote Ranch sector, and th e 74th holds the extrem e le f t o f the patrol a t San Ju a n Haci- The m ilitary road, which is the road im m e d iately to be patrolled, dates back to 1845 and the days of th e Mexican W ar. For the firs t tim e New Y 'o rk's troops will enter the scenes where sol­ diers for generations before them have m ade history. P robably never before have troops entered th is d istrict so well equipped, so fresh and vigorous or so eager, although the eagerness to fig h t is tem p ered w ith re s tr a in t and discip­ line which will prevent any outbreak from th is side of the line. The w o rk mapped out fo r tho ten p a tro l com panies which will be on guard sim u ltaneously is in effect a locked door patro l o f the Rio Grande, preventing any fording or crossing of the riv e r except a t H idalgo, where crossings come under the jurisdiction of the Im m igration A u thorities. Each Commanding O fficer will direct an in ­ spection of all fords each m o rning to detect evidences of crossing, and sharp lookout will be m a intained a t all tim es especially along roads and trails lead­ ing to the riv e r bank. The location o f camps tached posts is le f t to m e aiscreuuu of each of the fiv e Commanding Offi- for these de- th e discretio n cers. D u ring the weeks to come per- - - ■” be constructed, eliofs m a n e n t d efenses w ill the work falling on th e vanoiia ri Instructions will also be of gabions, fa- a t each post. gineer 'ill be given in the m aking o f gabion s, cines. hurdles and other rev e ttin g n terial, as described in the Lngim Field M anual. The outposts w ill entrenched as well. ■While for a few days the units fonii- ing these detached po,fts will be with- out electric lights am i canteen fnciln ties (although no .necessary com forts will bo sligBted) the Signal Corps pro­ m ises to .lin k up the five posts w ith the base camps a t M cAllen and P h a rr and also w ith^B rigade and D '™ ™ , le « - o f I ^ ;lm ^ “S “S u e d e d “to iJee; o% .'fho roa!;s connecting all points cov their posts s“ t i n \ o f i h e IS. cavalry A. ,''i“ fijrto w n of Misisoii. One 3 6 ® r s a .\ 4 f B V s tary aviators at niego, Cal., ta r y Aerodroinc r p ,,j,art. S rnol w m be .™. into adjutant ttaneral^f^-clr^ state “ ’' h U e ; r t : c o n . . n „ n d _ _ a n ^ ^ ^ iquadron, ns eommanil. to become ” course men will of th e regu- in s tniction , lar service arc g _ _ These of YOUR TURN NEXT! ( w h y n o t ?) FIRST CAVALRY TO HOLD TRACK MEET Competition Keen Among Troops for First Honors in Big Event Soon PRDMINENT ATHLETES NOW IN TRAINING are plugg:ing ■j big Sunday, Oct. 22iid. W ith the inter-troop iiif.oL Im t a few Hist Cava). 1 getting big evomt held on Sunday , Oct. 22iid. It t p:oi ise.s to be a most iutercssing set of Held a.'', g along a n l1 gettiu,ettin best of form for this g g in the b ig eve n Tc be I games and combined w ith the several novelty races will bo full of thrills from sta r t to finiblt. All this week the first cavalry eaii.]i resem b led a stadium Hie week preceed- ing a set of Olympic games. Some men running, others jum jiing, and hero and there troopers struggling w ith th e mys­ teries of a sack race. 'The entire camp appears to be in train in g and each troop believes t h a t th e big prize trophy for the troop w inning the greatest num­ ber of points, will rest in th e ir own ar- moi'v. A short quarter mile run be­ fore\ stables every m o rning seems to be the most popular form of troop de­ velopm ent but those who are not great- ]v interested in track fail to appreciate this form of sport. I t is quite probalilo th a t elim ination events will fake place this Saturday as the entries already sent in have f a ir ­ ly swamped the entry com m ittee. The 100 yard dasli and the other short races seem to bo the more popular and the jumps retain th e ir popularity. One event tliat will cause real sport will be the “ man on b a c k ” face. A team consists of two men, one man carries the other man on his back for fifty yards, then reverse positions pud race back to the startin g point. There are. m any trac k men irom nrominent E a s tern colleges in the ranks of tho cavalry so college com p etition will be keen in the different events. As a whole th e tim e for the events will be exceptionally fast when one takes into consideration the condition of the track th a t is being built especially for this occasion. As y e t no one has tried to dope the winner since the caliber of the men is unknown in this clim ate. The men are entering every event with the set de­ term ination to win and the hard tra i n ­ ing this week will be a great factor in picking the winners. The relay race will He the big fea­ ture of the day. In this race each man will run -220 yards. A beautiful cup will be given to the w inning team. In every ev*ei\f the winners ivill receive j.irizes such as kodaks, crops, stick pina blankets, cigaret cases and other troph- Eddie B u tler deserves great credit for hi'i worlf as chairm an of the ex­ ecutive com m ittee and having com­ pleted tho more im p o rtant details, suc­ cess for the meet is assured. Program s are being printed for this occasion with every on ■ listed. CAVALRY’S BROWNSVILLE TRIP POSTPONES TRACK MEET Brownsville—for four m o nths an oft repeated .nam e in the N. Y. Division— is now to become a reality lo tile 1200 men of the 1st N. Y. Cavalry. “ On or about W ednesday October 18th,” 80 the orders read, Col. De- Bovoise’s Crack regim ent will depart, bag an d 'baggage for a ten day hike to Brownsville. Three days will be spent on the road, arriving in Brownsville the regim e n t will in all probability be reviewel by B rigadier General Jam es Par.ker. The regim e n t will probably camp on th e site of the departed 1st Illinois Cavalry in W est Brownsville, a mile and a quarter from the towu by electric peram b u lator. The road to bo covered on the ride to Brownsville is one of historic i f hardly scenic interest. E ight miles this side of Brownsville thev will cross the b a t­ tlefield of Palo Alto, where General Zachary Taylor and 2,300 men opened the M exican W ar on M ay 8th, 1846. Much of the road is almost impassable to .motor and wagon trains, b u t this will be easy riding for tlie cavalrym en afte r their’ rigorous training over the rocks and rills of the M agic Valley. N.Y. RIFLE TEAM WINS SOUTHERN MATCH Honors go to Major Water- bury’s Sharpshooters in freliminary Event NATIONAL SHO o T h ELD THIS WEEK True to the expectations of those who waved good-bye them eight dayc ago on their way to Jacksonville, Florida, New Y o rk’s crack rifle team won the mateli of the Southern R ifle Associa­ tion at th a t city last F riday afternoon. The match was open to seven states south of the Carolinas, forming the iatiou. The New York team qualified as a Southern state through being located, for the PRES. WILSON SAYS GUARD M L REMAIN The Mexican Crisis has not Passed, but Improving, he Tells Gov. Whitman NEAR FUTURE ilT SE E A RECALL Long B ranci, X. J., Oct. 14.—A let- tej\ from President V ilson to Governor W hitman, which was made public here today, declared- that the emergency which caused the sending of the m ilitia to the Border still exists and th a t there la no present intention on the p a r t of the Government to release the Guard from federal service. I t was impos­ sible, the President stated, to set a date on which the lem aining New York Guardsmen could be recalled for the ■V\ar Departm ent had advised him th a t the w ithdraw al of the m ilitia at this time “ would in human likelihood, be followed by fresh aggressions from Mexico on the lives and property of the people of the United S tates.” Situation Improving, President States. The President also added th a t he be­ lieved conditions in Northern Mexico are steadily improving and th a t in the near future it probably will be possible to “ do more than has been done to re­ lieve the embarrassments which the organized m ilitia regiments Lave ne- ce.ssarily suffered.” Mr. Wilson also praised the efficiency ami character of the Guard and denied ° t I” i 'it's* ■ training, that any regi­ ment is being detained on the Border Pect its m ilitary trainin g . President 's letter was in answer to a coinumnication from Governor Whitman concerning the New York Division. The Governor sought some executive cxpre.v.;ion as to the probablo length of service of the Empire State- guardsmen, believing th a t the men on the Border would greatly appreciate up for their future and that the dissemination of such intelligence would do a great deal to relieve the minds of the men in Tex­ as. The P resident’s complete letter to Governor Whitman is printed on Page “of The 1st Cavalry M achine Gun Troop moved out Sunday for a two w e e k s’ for targett iber 4th. moveu out K^uuua.,* >• ---- m arch to Harlingen fo r targ e practice. T e n tative ofders require the return of “ bv Novem) all troops to camp Southern R ifle Assoc: bei tim e being, in Texas. AVhilo no prizes were given for this opening match, the honor of winning it gives to New Y'ork a decided advant­ age and makes clear a pathway to win­ ning the shoot of the National Rifle Association, tipbe held a t JacksonriJle, Florida, this week. The course remains the same for the two matehes. Fol­ lowing, individual practice matches will be held, and New Y o rk’s experts are expected to show up prom inently in this division. The R a ttler is fortunate in having as captain of the R ifle Team its per­ sonal representative, M ajor \\\ aterbury, who will bring back with him the full details of the victory. A fu ll account of this will appear in next week’s R a ttler. ‘FURTHER TROOP RECALL WILL DECREASE BORDER PA­ TROL,’’—FUNSTON. There is no immediate prospect for state troops now on border duty to re­ turn home, other than the organizations already under orders. This was made clear by General Fimston ‘ when he pointed out that ail national guard units remaining in state mobilization camps have been ordered out and relieving an equivalent number troops th a t have been in the service for several months. Organizafins not re­ placed in this exchange will be kept on duty indefinitely, he said, unless the AVar Department changes its policy and decides to decrease the border patrol. Recent shifts and others ordered but not yet consummated have been plan­ ned with a %-iew to preserving the di­ visional formation at various border points. Where troops have been order­ ed home from, one station an equal num­ ber of the incoming troops have been placed. This plan has been carried on until the reserve supply is exhausted. As there are no more state troops available for service, those already ou duty must remain until further orders from the AVashiugton •government. The belief exists in army oircles that the adm inistration will not order the strength of the border patrol to be ap- iiably decreased until a satisfactorj ADVICE TO TRAVELERS. When leaving McAllen, by train, foot or m u d -floating jitney, avoid a stop-over in Sun Juan, wliich hides t ’other side of P h a rr on the road to Brownsrille. B v authority of the m ili­ tary police, San J u a n is now pronounced restricted territory, and any man caught there without proper w ritten credentials, will be turned over to the authorities for whatever action is ne­ cessary. B etter saye th a t th irst uutU J-OU g'et homo. has been reached by iexiean-Anierican commission at At- Another factor that may lantic City. Another facto r th a t may ) prolong the stay of the guards­ men is the Chihuahua situation. Indi­ serve to prolong the sta y o f the guan in situatio n . Im cations are th a t the Legalista faction intends m aking a concerted^ effort to wrest control of the state from the de facto government. WAR W ar—the devilish, cruel, and un­ merciful despoiler of the abundance of nature and the bounty of God. W ar— the plunderer, the ravager, the nmrder- er—th a t maliciously filches from man his reason, that ruthlessly robs man of his life. Wai-—th a t lays waste the ■V, wretchedness, misery, and rich land and leaves in its trail beg peace liberty and the foe of oppression and the destroyer of Mankind. id of lasting peace and g a n War War—the friem tvranuy. AVar—th a t eausw unthink­ ing youth to ponder, and forgetful old age to remember. War—the soul-stir­ ring, heroic expression of a n a tio n ’s noblest ideals and the beneficent con­ summation of its patriotic fervor. War—tho cleanser, the healer, and the merciful benefactor. W ar—the savior of Mankind. copies I r . ...... . . . r

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