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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, October 25, 1916, Image 1

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iT . r S r ^ . O ^ i i s : ■ ’■\r'l,r ’SV • ' . J , . ; ■it’- ■ • 4 . 1/ TH IS NEW SPAPER Is Published For the E n listed Men O f the N. Y. Division NEXT WEEK Special Infantry ; NUMBER Interesting Photos Published in the Field by the New York Division VOL. 1.--NO. 10 HIDALGO COUNTY, TEXAS, OCTOBER 25, 1916 8 PAGES PRICE FIVE CENTS 1ST FIELD ARTILLERY OFF FOR BROADWAY Guns and Gunners of FirsI Battalion Leave McAllen- Cheerful to the last OTHER t Apportionment Bill Shows Number of Guardsmen at Home on Dual Oath TO FOLLOW The F ir s t B a ttalion, Tst Field A rtil­ lery, a f ter having received their or<lers to leave and w a iting more or less pti- tieiitly in their tem p o rary camp for jiiore than a week, took train Mc­ Allen on the night of the 18th aitd left. E a rly Thursday m orning the dOO boys of the two B a tteries, A and C, Were given their chance to solve the question of “ When do we go homo.*’ ^‘ Yoii can leave ju s t as soon as you get the wagons and guns on those seventeen Hat ears,” the officers sai<l. T h a t was Cuough. The men set to i t w ith a will, using the hardened muscles they never brought w ith them to Texas anti baring broad, well-tanned anna and shoulders a.s they liandled the difficult work of placing guua and caissons and ainmuui- (ion and baggage and tentage and army equipment on and in the train. A t th a t, the 1st Field A rtillery had it easy, for their entraining orders specify th a t p a r t of their mules an<l equipment are to be left for the use of the -Ird FieM A rtillery. The Third has been bivouacking tem p o rarily in the old Cavalry camp since their arrival in McAllen two weeks ago ainj .will alide into th e vacated F ir s t Field camp im- hiediately. B a ttery A, first to leave, looks for­ ward to an unspoiled tnip back to Syra­ cuse, same being in Now York state. Advance copies of tlie Syracuse papers bring the inform ation th a t the battery will receive the warme.st of receptions there. B a ttery C is headed for Binghamton, and will make it in a very few hours of the tim e this paper appears—unless the engineers get sick. By F riday the rem a ining two bat- .tcries of Col. K o g er’s regim ent includ­ ing M ajor Seymour commandiug, will man the Pullm aiis and pull for the shore and the wliite lights. The orders are for all the regim ent to bo out of sight by October 28th. and neither the men nor the railroa<ls look for any The rem oval of the -Ut Field A rtillery carries out fully and finally tl»e recent orders of M ajor General Funston, or ering home 10,000 m ilitiam en. No more New York regim ents have received their orders. W h e ther or not addition­ al regim ents will be sent homo directly, or w h ether the present checker-board Scheme of relieving each regim ent with a gitiiilar regim ent will be carried out, rem ains to the discretion of the W ar D epartm ent. Twelve thousand men of the N. Y. 28,161 MIUTIAMEN NOT IN SERVICE MEN SUBIECI TO CtlE ON OEMIND Tiu'vc are 2S, 101 enlisted men of the N ational Giianl not yet acllcd into fed­ eral service but liave taken the tlnal en­ listm ent oath required by the army re­ organization bill, and, therefore, may share in fc‘<leral appropriations for state troops. This was disclosed last Saturday by the W ar D e p a rtm e n t’s apportionment among the states of approximately $2,000,000 of the $3,000,000 available. By direction of the Secretary of W ar the allotm ent is made on the basis of the enlisted strength in each state, not calleil into the federal service at tho tim e the appoftionm eut is made. The apportionm ent is made strictly upon the basis of state troops not called into the federal service. Troops in the federal service are not rcg.arded as guardsmen for the purpose of the ap­ portionment. New York received the largest sum —$407,185, w ith 7541 enlisted men shown in tho record. Iowa, with 27 men not in the federal service, received the low allotm ent of $3880. Hawaii received $329,551. The other stales were groupcil as fol- From $120,000 to $125,000, M assachu­ setts; $100,000 to $120,000, New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio; $75,000 to $100,000, Rhode Island; $50,000 to $75,000, Con­ necticut, Maine, Oregon; $40,000 to $50,000, Texas, W ashington, W est V ir­ ginia. $30,000 to $40,000, California, N o rth Carolina, V irginia, Wisconsin; $20,000 to $30,000, Georgia, South Car­ olina; loss than $20,000. D istrict of Columbia, Florida, M aryland, Missis- sipi'i, New Hampshire, Oklahoma and Fennsylvanin. MBS. GENERAL O’RYAN AND DAUGHTER TO V ISIT CAMP. ^lajor General O ’Ryan, aecompauieii by Lieutenant McCann, hi.s aide-de- camp, left McAllen last Friday morn­ ing with New Orleans as his destina­ tion. A t this city the General expects to meet Mrs. O ’Ryan and his daughter, Dorothy, who have journeyed by boat from New York. The party will remain in New Or­ leans several <lays before proceeding to McAllen. General O ’Ryan has rent 0.1 a villa at Sharyland where Mrs. and Miss O ’Ryan will make tlieir home while sojourning in the Magic Valley. They expect to remain in the Valley for about two weeks before leaving for home. Mrs. O ’Ryan has been most N ational . ....... .... . .......... active in the work of the Division, although reconciled to voting I Guard R elief Committee, of which she on the Border, hope th a t the W ar De- is chairman, partm e n t will be discreet. [ BRIEFS RICHMOND BLU E S ON BORDER. Famous V irginia Squadron to Camp a t Brownsville. The 1st Squadron of the V irginia Cavalry, known as the ' ‘ R ichmond Blues,” arrived a t Brownsville camp ;i:.30 last M onday morning, liaving pro­ ceeded to the Border <lirect from their state camp a t Richmond, Va. The squadron encamped on the site vacated by the returned Tst Illinois Cavalry, ft answered the call of the President on June 18, and has been in camp at Richmond since th a t time. The squadron reached Brownsville unmounted and will be provided w ith liorses retained from the mounts of the 1st Illinois Cavalry. It will be com­ bined w ith other cavalry now in camp on the Illinois site, known as Camp P a rker, including three troops of the Colorado Cavalry, one troop of the reg- iilfirs from the second squadron ot the 3rd Cavalry, and' a troop of tho New Hampshire Cavalry whieh rcache<[ Rrowusville M onday night. To those regim ents th a t are leaving, or about to leave, or are hoping they will leave soon, the news will be wel­ come th a t all New Y o rk S tate troops departing from Texas this or next are to be sent diroctj> J,*)*^*^ home stations'H ik I not to Cam]. Whit- imui for .>Nhivering purposes. Do the-m u les keep you awake? w e ’re very sorry, but the trutli is th a t the Division Supply Company, 120 men and wagons and 180 mules, drifted into McAllen Tuesday and have made their camp yonder ,just beyond the camp of the 69th Infantry. M ajor H arry Stanton comimindB the Supply Co. He is well known through his connection w ith tlie New York Po­ lice D epartm ent, for which he has for year- handled all transportation. M ajor Stanton has also been associated with the Division Q u arterm aster for three ^*^Se work of the Supply Company will be a.s8igne.l by Lt. Col Stem b erger, D. Q. M. N.Y.RIFLETEAly| LEADS NATIONAL GUARD Four Members Place on 16- Man Team for Service Match at Jacksonville 74TH INF. CAPTURES MANY HONORS (By Fred M. W aterbury.) (Special to The Rio Grande Rattler.; State Rifle Range, Jacksonville, Fla., October 24, 1916. la to-days National Individual Matcl> tlie New York State Rillc Team secured three medal men and seven prize win­ ners out of 95.3 entries. Sergt. Alexander Joke, 74th Inf. won fifth place. A gold medal and a $55.00 purse wore the awards. Lieut. Elwood Grocsbeck shot second in the National Ride Association Member Match. Six hundred ami eighty three riflemen en­ tered the big \Vimbleton Cup, 1,000 yard match in which Capt. D. J. Ca- dotte, 74th Inf., captured ninth \place. The fourteenth anil twenty-fourth places also went to New York. We se- cutoe I six places of the first fifty in the President'a Match, with 692 en- Tlie 7-lth men captured sixth place in the Regimental Team Match. Now York was beaten only by the Marine Corps New York secureil four members out of the sixteen on tlie National Guard tettjn composed of the highest men pick­ ed from all National Guai'd outlies for GUARDSMEN BATTLE WITH MEXICANS U.S. Regulars and Militiamen Drive Bandits Back at Rio Grande REPORT NO CASUALITIES IN AFFAIR A detachment comj.osed of Texas cavalrymen anrl men of the Sixth United State? CaviRry clashed with Mexicans near San Jose, in the Big Bcmi Countiy. la.st Thursiiay afternoon. The fight lasted for -15 minutes. Thereiuuic wereere no casualtiesasiiauies amonmong w no c a tne United States troops and the Mex­ icans escapetl without loss, as far as is known. General Funston received a report on the engagement late Friday aft­ ernoon from Colonel Joseph Gaston, commander of the Big Bend district. He is awaiting a detailed report of the encounter, which will be made bv mail : __ _______ i ! __ U - . following an investigation by Major A. V. P. Ander..on, Sixth Cavalry, who was sent to San Jose, As soon as news of the affair reached Colonel Rojas, commander of the Carranza garrison at Ojinaga, he also started for the scene to investigate the cireunistauces, rty fire j.atrol duty between Presidio and A party^ of about thirty Mexicans neil fire on the detachment engaged the Derby event, the Service Match which will bo shot Thursiiay when they will compete against the picked teams of service men and civilians. Capt. Cadotte, Lieut. Kneubcl aiiEl Sergt. Joke of the 74th Inf. and Sergt. Siilger, 7th Inf., were the team mem; bers picked on merit of individual 1-itn . tiding. Tlie officials selected for the team (C) PIRIEMaeDONALD.N.Y. Governor Charles S. Whitman Commander in-Cliief of the Land and Nava! Forces of The State of New York STATE OP NEW YORK Executive Chamber ALBANY Repeate.l liikes and long traim n g have brought the marching tim e be­ tween MisMon and McAllen down to about 75 minutes. No stops are made on the live mile stretch now. M any years ago Congress .-idopted as an American fiscal and diplomatic motto, “ In God Wc Trust. And we certainly have trusted in Him to a sur­ prising degree, even to the extent of praying for peace wlien our navy rusted ami our nursery arm y w rithed helpless­ ly in the choking coils of red tape. “ I am very proud of tlie work of the National Guard of Ne\v York. During tlie past four moiith.s they have shown i\e eoun- tJ*y a remarkable example of self-saerificv‘, patriotism, and red- blooded manhood. “ Many of us feel that this relatively small group of men are voluntarily fultiUiug an obligation of citizenship which belongs to ail the men of the nation, an obligation which sooner or later all of our citizens will have to meet—if we expect to iteep our position as a world power. ''I have nothing but praise for their military efficiency and take this opportunity on behalf of all the people of tlie Empire >State to commend them for their spirit and to thank them for , GJIAELES S. WHITMAN. The Rattler recently addressed the following commiudcation to Governor Whitman and the heads of the Executive Departments ot the State of New York: , £ xt “ On the 19th dav of June 1916 the National Guard of New York was called into the service of the United States by an executive order ^^“ Tiie Now York Division was assigned to a district in Southeastern Texas, covering a lorritory of approximately 160 square miles, aid arrive, .tc, of e a d or,ani. zation, as follows: Name of Organizaticn Date of Arrival Location Approx. Date, Or- m _____ h / T u f R t r n TH E W E E K ’S B E S T RUMOR. Tho Heventh expect^s to leave very On another liike. You can use tho same old «^raw hat next year. It will Im as good as new. t o s t __ L a d y ’s w h ite rubber rain .n a J k o d ‘‘H u t. Now Y o r k / L e ft on train between McAllen and a Tnon Oct 11. Liberal reward ?nd n o ‘questions asked if returned to Manor Frederic Humphreys, Division H eadquarters, McAllen, ^ x a s . D o n ’t a-comiiig home. 7th N. V. Infantry, 71st N. Y. Infantry, 14tli N. Y. Infantry, 1st Cavalry, 12th Infantry, iird Ambulance t.'ompany 1st Field Hospital, 1 st Field Artillery, 74th Infantry. ist Signal Battalion, 23rd Infantry, Squadron A, Cavalry, 2nd Infantry, 2nd Field Artillery, July 2 July 2 July 2-3 July f)-13 July 5 July r> July 6 July f)-16 July 10 July 10 , duly 11' July 12 duly 15 July 15-16 (Continued on Page Eight.) ill Texas Str’ngtli derRtrn McAllen McAllen Mission McAllen McAllen McAllen McAllen McAllen Pharr McAllen Pliarr McAllen Mission McAllen 1274 1600 Sept. 6 1078 Sept. 8 1289 1174 84 70 Get. 13 1067 Oct. 18-28 1600 165 1107 494 1720 Sept. 20-23 1122 were Col, Brook, Iowa, M ajor Water- ’oury, New York, and M ajor Ander.son, Wyoming as spotter at the end of the rapid fire stage in National Match. New York now stands fifth in the largest matcli ever held, with fifty-five team? competing. We live in street No. 15 on the camp grounds between the Georgian and Vir­ ginian teams. National Guard, Mili­ tary Universities and Colleges, and Civilian Clubs are entered in the big Shoot. Alaska and the Hawaian Is­ lands and the J^hillipiues are well rep­ resented. Everyone on our team is happy and .............................. th. confident and in excellent healtt FOOT BALL SEASON ADVANCES Foot ball dopstors got an awful jolt last Saturday and all the material col­ lected for the would be champions came to earth with a thud. The big teams fared well but it was certainly an off day for some of the better teams. Per­ haps the greatest surprise of the day was the defeat Pittsburg handed Syra­ cuse. I t was conceded that the smoke eaters from Pittsburg had a winning - - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Ai--. ',h . . nr t aggregation but it was most surprising how- they ran up 30 points on the heavy Syracuse line. \Dartmouth also took a tumble, being dubbed by Georgetown 10-0. Pennsylvania with Howard Berry who just came back from the Boriler in the line up played an entirely differ- dian their■ earlier season form eut game t — . ............ ........... and ha<l little or no trouble in winning over the strong eleven from Pennsyl- College by the score of 15- vaiiia State 0. Ill this game Berry scored twelve points, a touch down and two field goals- He was then carried off the field on ac­ count of an injury. Princeton and Har yard continued their winning streak and scored victories over Lafayette and Massachusetts Aggies. Princeton, Cor­ nell and Brown are of the few teams that have not been scored on sO far this season. It is doubtful if there ever were so inanv teams of a certain high grade as this'year, teams which at this stage of the season and until further testa have provided more basis for classification, must be considered of the first rank. This lot included. Harvard, Princeton, Tufts, Pittsburg, Cornell, Brown, Penn State, Syracuse and Dartmouth. BOWLING TOURNAMENT W E L L UNDER WAY. The bowling league which has been formed between the different units of the N. Y. Division is well under way and all the teams are striving for top honors. Ten teams go to make up the league. Some of the teams represented are: 2nd Field Artillery, 1st Cavalry, 12th Regiment, 1st and 2nd Q. M. Dept, Field Hospital, and a 1st and 2nd Mc­ Allen team. -4 l five dollar entry fee is Ruidosa. Lieutenant Cuddington of the Tex.as squadron, coininantling the troops, ordered Ms jnen to return the fire. The exchange of shots lasted for. three quarters of an hour. After the engagement the deta-hment pro­ ceeded to Ruiilosa, station of the Texas Squadron. That the fight was in the nature of a long distance rifle duel was indi­ cated by the dispatch. The American troops did not cross the river an<l when the Mejrieans attempterl a rush they were quickly driven to cover. It is believed that most of the shooting waa done with the combatants in skirmish formation, occupying covered positions on both sides of the Rio Grande. This probably accounts for the absence of casualties. The dispatch did not state the af­ filiation of the Mexicans w'ho opened fire on the detachment. Whether they were de facto government troops or members of a bandit band will be brought out as_ a result of Major An­ derson’s investigation. Tlic affair at San Jose made the second brush troops of the Texas squadron have had with the Mexicans lately. A few weeks ago a band of smugglers was discovered attem p ting a crossing and a lively fight ensued which lasted for ten niiiuites. The smugglers were driven back without loss to the Texans. A dispatch from General Pershing came through to headquarters last Sat­ urday morning in which the field com­ mander said that Carranza troops are operating between the expeditionary south. This force and Villistas to the would indicate .that the nearest bandit.s are a considerable distance sout south of El Valle, the point farthest south oecu- Pershing gave no' definite information pied by Ameriqpn troops, as to the location of V illa’s forces General WHERE GINGER POP COMES FROM One of the most remarkable of Mc­ Allen ’s romances of modern riches is the story of S. J. Young, proprietor of the McAllen Bottling Works. Two years ago, Mr. Young drove, with his wife, from Oklahoma to McAllen to settle on a farm. When the troops came to McAllen he opened a fruit and so<la stand, and also ran a one-ear j i t ­ ney line. All of his resources are now concentrated in his bottling works, which turns out 300 cases a day. The proof of th© pudding is in tho . .. ^ Yt eating therof,” Mr. Young remarks, “ and the way repeat orders come in oroves the aualitv and purity of my goods. Whv, one canteen here uses 120( 0 bottles a day, just for a single regiment. ’ ’ charged to each team entering the tour­ nament, to the winners $25 will be giv- en;sccond $15; third, $10; for the high score, $5 and for tlie high individual score, $5. To the losing team falls the •ih juiviiege of paving for all the games. Last week .3rd Field A rtillery waa defeated by the 2nd McAllen team by 396 pins. In a very close game the 12th Infantry won over the 1st Q. XL Dept, bv 4 pins. The tournarnent will continue- for several weeks and every match sched­ uled will be hotly contested. t mm-

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