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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, October 25, 1916, Image 2

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THE RIO GRANDE RATTLER - ^ i N i The only really Metropolitan Hardware Store in the Valley Gregory & Cardwell MAIN STREET McALLEN Come here for shotguns of all kinds. We have mo­ dels for every k i n d of game and every Price. Get a mattress for your cot. Fts worth the cost to get a good night’s sleep See our line today. You know our Store, Come! FINAL PREPARATION FOR BOROER VOTES Chief of N. Y. State Election Bureau Leaves for McAllen With Ballots COME IN AND LOOK AROUND. You’ll find lot. of things you really w ant. Confortable Blankets Underwear Suit Cases We have the cleanest store in town. Our mot­ to is courtesy to every customer. Make this your headquarters for personal clothing sup­ plies. Valley Mercantile Co. Next to the Palace, McAllen Don’t Loiter in the Street, When THE Columbia Theatre has nice comfortable seats and unexcelled Motion Pictures. Drama-Comedy--News in Motion Price always 10c. GREAT INTERESTING. D. SUFFRAGE The heavy frost which struck McAl­ len last Saturday morning continued late into the afternoon. The REAL Frontier day was not near what might be expected and it was a disappoint­ ed crowd that left for camp that night diacuasing rough riding and steer rop­ ing. Roping steers is very interesting and in a few performances of the day, the sport proved exciting and most on- tortaining. A. L. Draper of Ilcbbrons- Rumors com eand rumors go with that blissful uncertainty of movement which only rumors possess. Each day brings election closer to us and what at once seemed a grim joke, the question of whether or not Guardsmen should vote on the Border, now promises to bo a stern reality. Wo are going to vote this year. There is no doubt about that. And there is an equal amount of >rtainty attached to the fact that we ill exercise our suffrage in Texas. In the towns of McAllen and Pharr thousands of ballots will be cast for New York State and National officials. It ia unfortunate that we cannot vote also on local Border offices and then have the satisfaction of seeing some New York Guardsmen directing the destinies of the cactus cities. But perhaps that also will be managed by next election. Yes, New York has been generous with her sons in the Federal service. Few other states have granted their guardsmen the elective franchise this Henry Adams, head of the Election Bureau of Secretary of State Hugos of­ fice, leaves New York today for McAl­ len, where he will make his headquar­ ters over Election. Mr, Adams will travel by boat as far as New Orleans and expects to reach camp on November 2nd. He will remain at McAllen until November 8th supervising the distribu­ tion of the war ballots which will be used by the members of the New York Division on Election Day. Tproximately 15,000 books of in- itions are now on their way to Tex­ as and upon their arrival will be dis­ tributed to the different companies. A car-load of election supplies leaves Albany today for the Border. The in­ struction book gives the boundaries of all distrietts in New York State and in­ structs the voting guardsman as to how tho ballot should bo prepared. A list of all the candidates for every district in the state and the names of the seek­ ers after presidential and vice-presi­ dential honors from each party are con­ tained in this book. Only the offices to be filled are printed on tho mammoth eight-foot ballot and tho voter must write in the names of the preferred can- Treat interest is being manifested in New York State over the outcome of the soldier vote and state-wide pub­ licity will be given to the final returns. As soon as possible after the election The Rattler will publish the full re- Newspapers throughout the state are 'equesting sample ballots which they are displaying in their windows in order to show tho folks at home the lengthy Vote ^-liich the guardsmen will Vise less than two weeks hence. It is rumored that the Prohibition aspirants will receive a heavy vote at the polls—but that is only a rumor. ville carried home the graml prize. His time for the event was 32 seconds, which is very good for the perfi ance. The steer is released and at a signal the roper starts after him, first roping the steer and then tying with a rope. In most cases poor old steer did a loop the loop or a back flip and fin­ ally came to grief from the efforts of the roper and cowpony combined. Rutledge, one of the contestants, show­ ed remarkable nerve in this event, After making a successful throw hia horse fell, throwing him, but he quick­ ly got up f.nd completed the tying. It was found out afterwards that his shoulder had been broken in the fall. The rough riding was full of thrills and when .it began to lag, the M. P's. took itt uponpon themselvesselves to keep upp thee took i u them to keep u th excitement by staging a little act of their own, assisted by several of the the featu ost successful. William McGraw, a mere doughboy, the 4th Nebraska Infantry, gave a lod ’exhibition of riding and succeed- l in breaking the worst bronk that id thrown every rider of the Day. The trip of the 1st Cavalry to Brownsville has ypset the plans of a number of promoters. Not only has the cavalry track meet been schedule< a later date, but the Psi Upsiloi have been heb has been for a later date, bu bauquot which was at .Pharr this eveni This is the Season for FRUIT Try our oranges and apples, they are juicy and full of flavor. In a few weeks we will have magic Valley grape fruit for sale. Best in the world. We have the largest grocery and general merchandise Store in town. Let's get acquainted. lond badge and it is be­ cause of their aba* nee from camp that the garnet and gold reunion has been postponed until their return. All Psi U ’s in the New York Divi­ sion are requested to send in their names and regiments as soon as possi­ ble to Private Howard Irving Young, care of The Rattler, Division Head­ quarters, in order that proper reserva­ tions may be made. The place is the Pharr Hotel, the time 6 p. m. Wednesday, November 1. —and a toast will be drunk to the ab­ sent girl. The train for Pharr leaves the McAllen station at 5:10 p. m. The return will be made, as per custom, in taxis. “ Now three times three for BUSINESS BITS Harry W. Pinnick, the biggest man in town in that he weighs 195 pounds and controls the McAllen end of the railroad, runs up to Houston every week end. Harry says it's because he has to have a clean shirt to start the !ck with. Note to readt D. Guerra & Sons Three blocks west of Main Street McAllen. - - - Texas. “Speaking of Lumber” means little to the average New Yorker -But noW- TROOP D ’S GAS-BUGGY Troop D, 1st Cavalry, has a flivver, nothing wonderful about the fact, but this particular jit has a record that “Come where the lights are always bright” Triangle Pictures stand for The Best, We show Then Every Saturday and Sunday McAllen, Texas this particular jit has a record th would put a Rolls-Royce to shan About a weekk ago thee little road bi About a wee ago th undertook the trip to 1 five of tho weary troopers seckiug rec­ reation, aud right here the wily Ford tried to impersonate one of the early season Bronks. All were set, dressed in tlieir finest with expectation of enjoy­ ing Brownsville 'til one of our Texas rains came along, and as Shakespeare would put it “ Put the kibosh on the First a blow out, then a puncture, stuck in the mud and lost the way but with a fixed determination to go on our hardened warriors continued. After running along for some mile or two it was discovered that a wheel bad part- erl from the body and so, tho little party ended. After maneuvering some five hours, camp loomed in sight and the tired D men sneaked back to the street disgusted with Henry’s contriv­ ance, called a car. PBBSONAIi Rattler office. Send a Blanket Home Not a homely O. D. blanket; you’ll need that yourself. But a splendid navajo Indian blanket, genuinely hand made and a won­ der in color. Prices from $3.00 up. Also some nobby pillow tops. New goods arriving daily. Gome in and see our stock. The Model Pharmacy ^‘Don’t forget our soda fountain” th. Note to r 1 joke put of t ders:You make New McAllen Grocei. ' Field Bros., whose big grocery and narket has been one of the most suc- jessful in Mission, have arranged to take care of their McAllen trade by opening a new store opposite the Mc­ Allen depot. The store is the large ■ ' by the Depot one recently Quartermaster. much supei w’hich fatl information we tising columi cactus. For further refer you to the ad- the home-grown Jam for Soldiers. Since Sister Susie proverbially sews socks for soldiers instead of making jam and jelly, A. P. Hall of Hall Grocery has taken it upon himself 1 provide jam for all the boys. Begii ning thishis weekk hee willill carryry a pared y t wee h w car a complete stock of superior jams, which he is pre- 3d to sell at reduced prices, Mr. » announce tising colur nent appears in ns this week. Under the provisions of Sec. 77, Bui. 16, W. D. 1916 (National Defense Act) such officers as may be ordered before it has been appointed by the Command- ign General. The members of the Board arc Col. Charles F. DeBevoise, 1st N. Y. Cavalryj Col. George A. Win­ gate, 2nd Field Artillery, and Col. Wil­ lard C. Fiske, 7th N. T. Infantry. Lumber free from knots and blemish­ es, easy to work- lumber that is al­ ways good, brings to mind the name of. F. G. CROW McAllen Lumber of Every Descrip­ tion for Every Use. GROCERY Crosse Blackwell 35 cent sizes for 25 cents Come here for your candies A. P. HALL RIGHT In the center of McAllen Hammond Lumber Co. Continue to supply the wants of the National Guard. We all know how bothersome the flies are but it's simple to screen in the tent. See us before placing your orders. . - S / i Ms “The Grocery That Sell for Less” J u s t r e c e i v e d a n e w a n d c o m p l e t e s t o c k o f Jellies and Jam s Put up in handy sizes for soldier’s use Special sale to introduce Only 3 jars sold to each customer. Every variety included. Buy while the goods are here. \The Grocer Who Sells For Less” M c A L L E N , T E X A S

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