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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, November 01, 1916, Image 7

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i THE EIO GRANDE RATTLER 7TH IN F A K T B Y . Oil tivo socoiul (lav itt thho of July, 11>U), >llcnllen sta-ta­ tlnMC ilotraiiu'il a t McA s tion an In f a n try rojTiinoiit wliich bc- licv«'<l that its objective was Browns­ ville aiul liail vision:; of visiting the streets at fiila a. ni. the next morning j tcinplatcd bo followo<l live min The city, which more than once had leaped into the gossip of the daily news col* A fter ter tum b ling out nnuis. A l tu m b lin g i which ha<l for three days been w ithout lights, where lung X .MiUMM. battalions started for tlie which had recently been and nigh lights, where mess tii ;hed in palatial and rifles hung in I’ullmau hammocks, the three tanical compo:sitions wo were soon to know at first hand. Slowly the various companies paced their ways to the designated coinpai upp roseose thehe L).. ared of cactus and m esquite brush, plants whose botanica l compo streets, wagons were brough.t up, nlloted, and up rose t O T>. li of t try, the H e a d q u a rters Company. ipany the Mac' rnpan,!'es assembly for the 1 beiing n u tes' later morning was still dai by I and went irk morn, tria le morning i muon had ju s t fled, ashamed of j were cool day; thehe beginningmg ofl n i water, hard i caught at t rking day,, andini the porfoi o M tins moon continued and no baths, this acrobatic stunt until I sunsets such ‘hike.” The “ hike” ciimo with all its jdeasures, hu- ds and tribulations. There warm days, water, n ft roads, bail ids, so ft roai , liere were sunrises and i as mnlhov pen nor brush depict. Some lost, weight, d, yet all eyes glistened rlien the obi regimental camji came into view with its welcom­ ing cheers and its piping hot and wholesome breakfast. All have had rifle practice at La f Gloria, and have hikeil there and back in record-breaking time, and some have already done actual Border dut; our of reveille was advauoed an al­ lowed so th a t the nimbleness of quick change arti; nsets^ : k change The1 maclii umbers 1 tcudnnt upon T ing 1 numl: o properly ilresa i nimblcness of a blii st was no longer iicC' others gainei with joy, .11 oiled 1000, I first a:vrival o by the excite) . disa of camp routine hav- G. O. & S. O. lappearcd, and curious eyes turned McAllenward, the tw inkling lights of which nightly beckoned like the jewels of some un- br known siren. jewels The eveningnng )ted, an d u r o f tw elve compani of the 7th Infan- wafted ill the chants of Mexican folk by th) ceive Olivers w ere although the sum take jilr the engineers had partially cor tlie water lines, I’oaiis and rebuilt a few ilace tiicre, and bri<lges. Furthermore, wc being infantry unit were naturally a trifle shy on four footol animals, so with our regimental train stranded a few miles distant, and no motor power to living the necessities of camp life to us wc again showed our fighting spirit, the only thing we could do— our wagons to camp ourselves. Our stay at \Whitirian was a great I of worriment to us.- We hoard leaving for 1 pui'i'*' ,dv done actual Bonier duty Madero. ‘ Is all yet said and )bmc? th a t order to entrain lost in sonic •liole to be resurrected in spring the hit- Gun Company, and loro, accompan stringed iiistru meiits. tinkling pigoon-l cleaning? Wo have finally said oi McAllen, .Mission,^ Sterling, of other regiments front, and still we stayed on at W1 man, digging and fixing the same with an air of permanency,'while the dailies announcoil the departure of one the otlier of the New York Regii To make a long story short, o and wo finally a much harder. Never- tine at Sterling. During our from camp, several paratyphoiil cases j theless, thev grew very impatient the notice c c bi’ought'l- ^ ■*£? authorities, and as a precautionary . tu ' Sterlinc until many of them are now eager t* measure riy occupied Me.; ■■ the iditic summer of 1915. ) I'inil the word “ Wel- letlcrs upon oiif dooi ders did conic, i ei n t ,” the lat-1 our ow at all Then arrived our first visitors, some Texas m ilitiam en w ith a certain south­ ern-western drawl, “ J u s t breezed in, you know ,” to look over w h a t one of Hie local papers ha<l already described as “ a num b er of pale-faced lads, scions of w e althy fam ilies, and members of Col. V a n d e rbilt's regim e ter bearing a name, th a' cousins love to conjure w ith. Thes« stocks “ Lone S ta r ” m ilitiam en inform ed u s ' th a t a canteen had been opened by them , where our trad e would be wel­ comed, and then proceeded to unravel hair-raising stories of rattlers attack ­ ing unsuspecting sleepers, and scor­ pions and taran tu las playing hide-in- leek in one’s shoes and w earing ap- larel. The num ber of “ G reasers” Armed with rifle, ball ammunitii jly authorize(d nally visited, pass, Mc- its one-halt bearing a dul; Allen was - ....... block of w'ooden, one-story buildings, its bank, postoffiee, theatre and general stores, duly explor­ ed. Kvery thing very5iy prosaic,ros try as Border p it bcin;g dk, mos Allen, had been as sliort as ere quick to lea pr) he cry thin g one m ight imagine it bein si town. The town folk , m ost of whose stav in Mo. ...................... wn, were quick to lea rn what v sill country | needed and proceeded to lay in lari in large luxuries for camp life. Soon, however, the ban lifted and i t no longer became nec- rifle str£ E th e necessaries aiid > life. cssary to wear aider iu ord< apped to the visit town for the iig a box of Uneeda th a t had been killed by these fearles! iths w’as bevond com p u tation, the^ th a t uth s W’as beyond cal system1 di' id n ’t extend th; d, due to ' d very- said th a t while enroute. ,crf- cd of one pail bath Five davs of railroad Q b a th not only an anticipated pleasure j situatio b u t a dire necessity, so aided by a i be ditc sponge and squad pail, the last trace | tablishi of coal dust was removi ' ascertained th a t th a t w) afte A very well known circus rider once “ L ife consist travel had made | enter. A another.” ] have shoulder iu order to purpose of purchasiii Biscuits. An old resident of this neighborhood one day remarked th a t it h a d n ’t rain­ ed for' nineteen months, which statO' m ent was believable, when we com­ menced to be visited w ith a daily ilownpour. Streets became whirlpools and many a night anxious over the edge of tent how many more inches ,s eyes peered t trenches to see 3 the w’ater would the ground formerly 71st Reginu ‘1 made ready for us. Tlia arrived and we made aiiothoi our fine dashes from Sterling Allen, which was certainly' breaker, and pulled into tl town in fine and fit cond At McAllen we w’ere welcomed by the 7th Regiment, our near neiglibors, fine boys and good soldiers. They brought back pleasant memories of the Fishkill days in tin They will always come” in large h Meanwhile election day draws near, an)l it will seem queer to be away from the old d istrict. Then we wonder w h a t’s doing at tlie club. Tbe leader iftisses the boys wc- know, au)l the thoughts of the flaring torches an>l broom parade with the slogan “ Clean Sweep,” on election night cause the strings around the heart to tighten. How we shall miss the flashing of the returns on the sheet, and the exclamations that fo>- low the startling results. A political campaign is on, and wc are not in it. How can it he a regular old-fashionetl campaign without us? A fight and we not there? How can it be? Wc know what th e y ’ll say at the club, if we lose. “ I f onlv the bovs were here, and not on th e 'B o n ier.’’’ Well, don’t won “ me byes,” there are other elec days to come.—T. McM, absence , service seems by the | get back. However, on September 16, ally } of Me- were to go cord On the folio' ■ g o r ^ lien could be j orders came, ami were grccte)! with t time finally wild cheers Riotous scones followed waiting. They at last. I cheers the weary weeks to the front wing day the 1st Tennes­ see Regiment got away for Eagle Pass, (1 September 17, the 5rd entrain- 2 time for the same destination as the First. Enroute, however, the orders were changed, and dhe regiment was routed to McAllen, then to Pharr,where it wound up on the 20th. It moved into the camp oc- iipicd by the Second New York aa tiatat regimentegiment movedoved out.ut. Theyhey foundi th r m o T fo their border quarters pretty well fi: up for them, and making cam p ^ easy, very' easy to what it must to what it must have :imentsiments thatiiac cameame firsti reg t c i to clear the Texas plains (I mesquite. and liad i cactus and That has been'a m atter of six weeks in which the Tennesseans have made intimate acquaintance with the cactus, an)l have learned that the fellow who said that everything that grows in Texas cither stings, sticks or bit wasn’t exaggerating to any marked ( “ ■ ■now what .sand;storms dnd storms They k ' know what the i nd are;anil knowing, can’t say that they like them. However, all in all, their stay has been pleasant, if it has not that they pictured when they 3RD TENNESSEE. Company Street in an Infantry Camp. The 3 d 1 Tennessee Infantry has now I been a part of the New York Division 1 long enough to feel at home with boys from the icforc the fli vigorous policy to n followed. Everyth) situatio n followed. Everyth in g ched and a drainage system ea- Company streets, regimen- and it was \ tal streets, picket lines, outside roads— •e d itched and ditch tUgging was nVd so Quickly. Cots there were none, I done, no m a tter how l>ard the sun althoush the oMieial esplanantiou | tried to prceont it. Tlie labor, ol.ho stated*that the game were on the n a y , arduous ivas considerably 'jS ' j ' \ ' - ' and were in fact somewhercs be-1 bv the arrival of a iiersonage highly ts tw e -n San Antone and McAllen. Some teemed in m i lita r y circles, and one who slcnt like the beaver w ith their inert brought good tidiugs, and such good - ^ inirrowed deeplv into the alk a li .! tidings th a t all entered with new spirH using the inner p a r t of the ram p a rt i into the building of spacious 1 the t?ench for a head rest. shacks of the bungalow type ami m- Phe old Biblical IC— , ^ » « c h — ‘\I K o r . ' ^ L - ^ u L r c ? ' wltir; CCT won 1 Baguim Soca, Yminga, Ediubiirsh, 7 dcro, and now wc wimdor whim i,.\ shall tell the last bead on oiw ro with the word “ hoii •—J. T. M. THE 69TH INFANTRY. Ls a term that our regi- cntitlcil to around the trenc’ Of course all know quotation: “ Dust tu r n , ” or somethii ! d id n ’t believe f t was .. on, especially since m ilitary funerals >re’ difficult to arrange i t-of-thc-way place. A : rain and the un| (Ols of slushy mu' dust doth re - 1 crouching ........ teemed jn General Rumor, a fanfare of trump) workiug it, f firsi Fighting 69th' ays been api'liol short cloud- raded streets b u rst o f ra ' ' T l i ^ t L i ; i i o S o f ”“ f i i s t call,” echoed over deserted company ,ets or oth monies, and out ran his hard- SPOU.1C Dame Rumor is forty ways. The General carried many mysterious orders about his person and iiicntioiied very cuiamalienUy about ciitniimnB after the return from a eertam eoii- The lias alwa: monl ami we think we arc fo)' wlion the call comes, wc are tlie st to voUiuteor, and the first on lino all the time. One neeiis only look at our past record to see th a t fighting has been, ami alway.s will be our mid­ dle name. M’licii the clarion call sound­ ed in June, B 'l'b the scare head­ lines loudly proclaimotl that the guard been ordered to mobilize aiul that tioiial crisis was ]«endiug and soon vould be engaged in mortal combat ister republic across the Id what we thought was McAll was really Mission, ami the quarter of a mile from to’ up oui' camp ami ma)le O' liomc as well as ari)l plain. Then the big “ hike\ rolled our wn, we lursclvcs could upon „ feel a t home the East, and long enough adjusted to BoDler condi- bovs from the Volunteer ? are entirely satisfiol nations with those been all t IDl 1 marehc) It they pictured when they heaDl the blast of the bugle and erl forth to have part in the J r i (DE: , d ' s New were giv) have eve) riving at Pharr they became a of the Pharr brigade and General York Division. They rdial welcome, and elcome, j since gotten along in tha best of fashion with their fellow sol­ diers (or sufferers) from New Yorl ■ers) from New York, be a part of this divi- ■ glad to be a part ^hi8 02 poumis avoirdu route alroa)ly covero Ldment's of our b rigade.’ Whenever j they have their bit on tlm .V mol nnv of the other units, wo i do, the general verdict is thatt came along licks, put on our iiid st.srted on (I by tlie other associa pile State, but to say that they like it oil the border would probably be stretching it a good deal. They are thinking too often of home and mother and sweetheart to like it flown here; but they- have fared pretty well as army life goes, and all things considcr- 1 have no kick coming. As long have their b it on the border from ''the der they were engaged with the usual r had they were engi routine of car 1st of October, ule of the Divi that program was tak been on a number of Then on the October, they took up the sched- ision Commander. Sine© had ^beeii with our si nicl auv of th e other units, wo i do, the general verdict is th a they h; alwavs cheered, and we roundly as well be doing it here as anywhe ■d in turn for what is so ile a r . The Tennessee National Guard s to the heart as a cheer from a passerby > aivered the Prcsuloiit s call with t strange land. Again, however, 1 guard of the other states in June, and we mo.le.stiv claim we beat all our pro-1 w ent into their mobilization camp ,l0,M9„r» i'lL l.iki.,K. 0 „ one oc(-9«U., Life was pret- a unit preceding —the gallant 69tli Camp Whitman was not what you ..,.r.iu. ..allf'd Drouared to re- eceding us started to lag lo such a condition that wc, although a trifle footsore, threatoneil to make througli tlieir lines, unless they kept and did not straggle. j guard of the pro- 1 w ent into their mobilization car Sion Nashville the 27th, just a little more four months ago. Life ivas pret- tv gay for them, and they enjoyed it, a'lthough the drill hours were long. ;ram was taken up they have a number of short hikes, and have worked out several battle prob­ lems, none of them on a very heavy scale, and at no time being cal; on for work as telling on thei siques as during their di lization camp. And like the g) state represented here, they are won­ dering how long it is going to last. Thanksgiving and Christmas are not so f a r in the future, and those seasons thoughts of the ab- and at no tim e being called up- telUng on their phy- thoir day.s at the mobi- uardsmen from every But they had a good time, being ( of two miles fri t came to the !iu)l we- were bouii)l no one wouM si mie will over forget the quarau- ,_....i])ed a m atter - the heart of the Tennessee capital, a arniv life still held its glamqur there within the warm, bright circle of frieudlv hands. T h a t’s why border .ys make the thoughts turn back home. But just like IP Tennessee boys feel ally need for them, [) stay anil do their the others, the Tennessee boys that if there is really need for F they are willing to stay and do 1 j b i t 'o f service. If there isn t, I “ there’s no place like home. ’ TTw 'Ncitioncil D r ink -.WTT7T is h ealthful. I t’s a natural tonic. It ;i!ce o T p r l m i u r p r i l e New York State Con- cords. Go Somewhere, Laddie! WWiW I rownsville See Corpus Christi-the Naples of the Gulf. Swim where the water is warm. Fish-Dance -Sleep-Eat=- Be comfortable. /\ T canteens and soda fountains in sist on Welch’s. I 'T'HE individual ‘ Junior |||||| 1 1 bottle sellsfor ten cents « “ ^ Add water, plain or charg­ ed, for a long drink. SEE THAT IT I S C O ^ the WELCH GRAPE JUICE COMPANY Westfield, N. Y. Round trip to Corpus week-end Tuesday limit. ^ X ' . t l s T v o t ^ t ^ M e x ico. Leave 8:16, back r i T y ' ' \ And*!“THE'k0UND TRIP FARE, SATURDAY AND SUN- day ' s , i s ONLY $1.80. , u five davs. See Mr. Pinnick at McAllen Get your furlough, up to five day for the ticket. I S PYEATT, Pres, and Gen. M p , Houston J- S- Gen. Passenger Agent, Houston Afft. Houston G. 1: \

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