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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, November 15, 1916, Image 1

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■ , ' ; ;•: ... ' \ - ■ivf WEIXOME GOVERNOR sn^iWHITMAN. • •;■*■■,4; ■ • • - %knQ^at^$s!t((en SPECIAL ARTILLERY NUMBER Published in the Field by the New York Division VOL. l.^NO . 13 HIDALGO COUNTY, TEXAS, NOVEMBER 15, 1916 8 PAGES PRICE FIVE CENTS “T h e Strength of the Wolf is the Pack, but the Strength of the Pack is the WolP* TEXAS \NORTHER” VISITS CAMP McALLEN Guardsnien Sfiiver as Boreas Blows Upon Camps ami River Outposts OVERCOATS W E T b E WELCOMED j 4 l sheer drop of fifty degrees in the tem p e rature w ithin five hours ushered i» the norther th a t m ade the en tire New Y o rk D ivision sta r t shivering and shaking early M o n d a y afternoon. A ••Id drizzling rain set in on M o n d ay •vening and continued to fall in t e r ­ m ittently all M o n d a y n ig h t and all 4ay Tuesday. T e e th-ehattering w e a th­ er sw ept down on the M agie V a lley, and according to all accounts and pre- dietions is here to stay for some tim e . To the guardsm e n sheltered a t M c­ Allen and P h a r r , th e cold w’-eather brought shivering discom fort as they huddled together in the kitchens and wondered w h e n those te n t stoves th a t W ashington had ordered would arrive. It w a s indeed a hardy, courageous sol­ dier who braved the m arrow -j)iercing Texan Zephyrs for the sake of a freez­ ing shower bath. But the men in pup-tenfs a t the L a G loria R a n g e and on outpost duty along the Rio G rande suffered the Jnost from the rigors of the “ n o r th ­ e r . ’ ’ R e p o rts from San Juan .H^icienda and L a Flores Ranch state th a t both officer's and *' so < Vdlled GOV. WHITMAN ARRIVES Will Review 6th Dwision Tomorrow COMBAT FIRiO i- !L0OXS LIKE WILSOH C0L. N. B. THURSTON TERESTS INF.BRI6ABE La Gloria Field Range Course Both Instructive and Enjoyable ON LAST returns ! IS WELCOMED BACK The Rattler, Like Other Big j Royal Reception and Review newspapers, Announced | tendered by All Buffalo Hughes Last Week ; Troops. MAIGR CHANDLER RANGE OFFICER COUNTRY VOTE DECIDES ISSUE W ith the com p letion of the com b a t firin g problem a t L a G loria by the F ir s t and Second B rigades of In f a n t r y , a record has been established cf which the whole New Y o rk D ivision should be proud. N e v e r before in th is coun- 'ry has a com b a t problem of the size of th is one been accom p lished either in respect to the num b e r of men who have shot over the range (about 5000) or the am o u n t of am m u n ition useu to talin g approxim a tely 200,000 rounds. The rifle range was designed by M a jor F red M. W a terbury, D ivision O rdnance O fficer, and w a s b u ilt by the 22nd N e w Y o rk E n g ineers. The R a n g e O fficer is M a jor George F. C h a n d le r, a d ju ta n t of the F i r s t B rig­ ade and L ieut. P e rcy E. B a rbour of the 22nd E n g ineers is assistan t Range O fficer. The F i r s t and Second B rigades of In f a n tr y have fired the problem , each man using fo r ty rounds of am m u n ition. The troops which are going from C a n a ­ da to Europe have only forty-five rounds per m an shooting ^lefore going into action An the big b a ttle line. All the ■^s concede tl*^t the L a Ti. W h ile it now looks aa though the Hon. W o o d row W ilson w a s re-elected P r e s ident of th e U n ited S tates, i t is by so sm all a m a rgin th a t th e fin a l o fficial count can alone settle th e m a t­ ter, although last retu r n s ar» decidedly in the P r e s i d e n t ’s favor. E a r ly retu r n s on election nig h t w ere so decidedly in fav o r of C h a rles E . H u g h e s th a t a f t e r t h e b ig H u g h e s vote had beBn reported in the principal cities, and it w a s learned th a t N e w Y o rk, H linois and In d ian a had gone fo r H u g h e s, all the leading m e tropoli­ tan, and other papers of prom inence in the country, flashed “ H u g h e s E lec­ ted. A DANCE CONCEDES FESTIVITIES. On F r i d a y ’s noon tm i n Oolonsl N. B. T h u rston, a f f e c tio n a tely know n t« his frien d s and associates as “ P « y | ^ ’ ’ retu r n e d to P h a r r to r«AsefH*ie comm and o f his old regim e n t, th* 74tk in f a n tr y , of B u ffalo, a f te r lilaYing b«en absent a tw o ..:.uruk« ’ .siek leave. C o I j k I Thurston, who has keen critically ill a t h is home for some tana*, has now su f f icien tly recovered kis health and stren g th to tak e over his m ilitary duties. H e was aceom p a n iad from N e w Y o rk by M a jor W . C. M *nt- gom ery. Surgeon o f th e 74th In f . The Colonel w a s received a t tk e .Pharr statio n by L ieut. Col. W h ite and th e other officers of his regim e n t. The R a ttler in tru e new spaper style j and^ L ieut. Col. H. S. S ternberjar,. had kept its special w ire and s t a f f j o f reporters busy all evening a t Head- I q u a r ters and th e m o torcycle experts ’ h a d rushed the copy to the M ission p r in ters so th a t everything w a s in w o rking order for our Special Election N u m b er. We are sorry our forecast was w rong, b u t feel th a t no apology is nccessarjq considering the fa c t th a t even th e dyed-in-the-w o o l D e m o cratic press of D c m n eratic Tex.as “ said the - +nr.-,jjry ? -thi*- M a jor .1. Leslie K incaid, M a jor E d ­ w a rd 01m stead and M a jor FYed M. W a terbury of th e 6th D ivision S ta f f . The Colonel w a s g r e a tly touched by the w a rm th of his frie n d s ’ greetings and remarlcetl th a t he was indeed happy to be “ g e ttin g back into h a r ­ n e s s .’ ’ The 74th Regim e n tal B a n d struck uf) a welcom ing tune and the Colonel was escorted in royal style to his q u a r ters in cain-i. , 4 o ’clock ' ' ■ Ft i 3 ;

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