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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, November 22, 1916, Image 2

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THE RIO GRANDE RATTLER WHAT UNCLE SAM OVERLOOKS in the hardware line is usually just the personal items that make the difference between hardship and comfort. The wise soldier invests his money in a mattress, comfortable, flash­ light and the thousand other things we carry for your com­ fort. Complete line of FURNITURE See what 2 or 3 dollars will buy Gregory & Cardwell MAIN STREET, McALLEN 1 liiivt* sot a berculancan task for niysolf. I am going to write about Homctiiing which will jirobably inter­ est few of my roarlors, but which is of vital interest to myself. An.l there, will unilouiiteOly say, be you a z of literature, tlifit f. have gricv- ___ / erreO. lint as this, wliich I am about to write, is not literature and as 1 am frank in mimitting tho subject to be of slight interest to anyone but my humble self, perhaps 1 may crave nml gain youi* forgiveness before the literary crime is committed. On the other hand, since we both arc in a mood to argue by tliia time, why shoiiM r write of anything which does not in­ terest myself^ I am not recompensed with any monetary consideration for the writing of this paper. I was not even asked to write it—therefore, J volunteer and q. c. d. will write what Nuts are Going Up! If you want English walnuts for your Thanksgiving dinner, don’t wait; give us your order. We are here for all winter Look over our stock of winter edibles and you 11 find something you want. Hall’s Grocery McAllen, Texas RANDOM IMPRESSIONS OF BORDER SERVICE easy chair within roach of an enameled push-button. I read stories of liovv the liravc soldiers going into battle always dug themsolvea in. .Just fancy. Now 1 have begun to realize tho full mean­ ing of that ominous j'hrasc. During July and most of August I dug myself 1 id everyone else, unles.s he i certainly must have got ourselves in all right for we rlug far enough. But diiln’t know then how <leep we HE in. 1 smile sadly now as I re- ..... how 1 used to suddenlv electrify 5s:s?i«\srSi our orders to shut up and dig thatj sink a foot deeper.. Before I chose mv title t skimmed and one mustust bo surere thathat llioiroir one m bo su t lli mean- ing is clear to them on one’s readers. . ....o. ^ nivself clear on this point. -Mr. :rxE;si:r:r.s;.s:“.\ was wondcrfiiny well suited vice.”** And I i dom Improssioins” e topic 1 had in mind, ••Border fcicr- :e,” And I would write my “ Ran- lorn Impressio on the same. am trying my best to do it now, Init ny single-track mind porsi-Hts in shut- ling off on a weoded-over siding my ‘IS train* of thought, ps if 1 were a futii •haps if 1 were ......................... with a cubist head on my squa shouhlcra T would succeed in iiiiji; ing sotnc degree of verisimilitude my work. If I wore all that. 1 wo_.. deWribe my impressions of Border service tluisly: “ ( ‘actus, thorn.s and inch pain—and <lust in the eyes. A satioii among the O. I), ilay-laborcrs, jt in any editorial seii.se, however, J recall being thrilled in tlie old days wlien comfortably settled in chair within reach tcd^ymi at the beginning that talking about myscif, a whom I \•\ — ............. - - ■- - ............... a complete and se|)aratc individual m implicated in the statements I am about to make. ” WK“ rather serves to drag in the whole editorial staff, aiwl I ’d rather they would not bo drng- rather they would not •whore. At least, J do to do the dragging. The .sudden change in mv mode of living occiiired when The Hio Gramle Rattler sprang, like ALiuerva, into full- grown being. I joiueil the staff. Some of my confreres still insist that horned my way in.” I told them I was a newspaperman, and if they wanted one, and they tlid, why there I was, so why not lake'me? 1 was adojit- ed after my worthy Colonel was coii- vincetl through sevoial expositions, that it WHS almost a military iletail. I have a confession to make. I urn not a newspaperman. The nearest I ever Hikes and largeness of feet, a length, j and yet more—a dreary weight and} But they .ilb.veil im. tc stay, iiiui ' wait, heaviness all, the uncovered snn. (*ut of i>ity than scorn. And I ha.l a hikes— [mossing n]i the office. 1 l-.id dug m> ml hot last ditch. I found that a foua'inu jx'ii was lighter on tlm Imnds timii a gun, althongli some have classed it as a lethal weapon. I Iiad m - shoes sliiii- ed cvoiy dav ami sometimes ate liMii at the McAllen Hotel ... ..........g forth and a ....... you were. Time without end j ching and biting, hi)), hip, h la, la. A burning, a'ravaging'am i .... tamnles no spikka Ingles. Cigarette- tion ami jiinny tin-pails. Oh, tlie snn! waste, a wretchedness ami a blowing hither. Drenching, digging, doughboy, Post Taylor Shop N e x t to A m u s e m T h e a tr e Pressing and Cleaning W e m a k e a specialty of alterin g uniform s W e call and deliver all Prompt Service Peterson You know him . TEXAS BANKS < piobiUtod by law from cashing OVERDRAFTS Never let your balance here run below one hundred dollars; We appreciate your co-operatioa in this direction. First State Bank of McAllen R. E. HORN, Cashier C. R. ZACHRY, Asst. J. R. GLASSCOCK, Asst. wait, blnckticfl, on, off, on, off, on the i line, men, but no -a creeping, crawling, la fihcro arc wc. med-Mud--ML’D. ■ <-ut.d night.” But I would hardly do toy subject *. No, it needs goml plain Kn- with certain reservations tor . . ........ uiding officers ami otiicrs who issue general ami special onlers, to give my impressions of Bonier existence during the juist four ami oiie-half months. I came down on the Border, exalted in spirit and nfin* with j)atriotism. Kvory time 1 saw an offieer I wouM cheer ns I sMnte<l. My elliow hud not then became lanio from frequent crook- l^brn^io^’b7 ib^Tl^\\oS in a far worthier cause. I do not .0^ in mv system until tho orders burst pint, 1 was afiro ami eager when I ar­ rived in Texas. After laying pipes and building roads for a few weeks, I was so eager. But the fire remained, both within and without. The sun de- serte.l Mexico, tlie ranama Canal and all the banana |iIiuitations in Central America in nr<ler to give tho i»o%v im­ portant hamlet of McAlleu proper at­ tention. And over fifteen thousand I find tinkling ice within sight ..... . ........ of tlie rolling surf. Then it was that I the far-famed General Order No. 7 I eiimo into existence. The Rattler has Model Pharmacy When you want medicine, you want It bad. We specialize in prompt service. Our stock in­ cludes all standard remedies and is most complete. Bring your prescription here. We can fill it for you SODA FOUNTAIN RUNNING AS USUAL KODAKS AND SOUVENIRS FOR SALE Model Pharmacy Main Street McAllen, Texas and eggs at the Mc.Mlen Hotel .ami \ learned again that a napkin should no: : be tied on tichimi tho oars. I iiimli” very few hike.s, excej.t when I missed! the truiii to .Mission and }«ad to CGtj'c| draw (U'teeii dullnr.s from tlie U. Treasury every montli. Ami now I am nearing the end of .hv Burder ‘' Ber . d - ‘ I expect to go home with the SeveiUli, of which 1 am vi'iy jiroiui. Ami, naturally, i ivaiilecl to make o f<‘w remark.-< tiefore 1 left, 'those are tlie remarks. I's ualiy, wlieii an assistant editor sevr.s Ins connectiniis with tiis {aper, In* is lint alloweil to exiiress liimsoif in print. It wouldn't look well and the police might object. But I conductml a cid- iimii ami am supposed u, have privil- liave h:ol them ami enjoyed lloiiestiv, ] aia just a little bit son-.' to go. The Rattler will .still rattle oi. but I won’t be there to lie’p nail tlie ra Inittoa on its tail. Fourteen of in now—how teiiqiu.s does fugit letimes. Yes, 1 ’ll miss The Ratrler I the aliom-ings.Jiom-ings off the Judge Advn o t ........... ............... ... when he read the column on Wod- esday moriiings. But J had a lor. of 111 ami now i t ’s ••an rex’oir.” Some times, when snugly ensconee.l in ,i feather-l.e.l I'll dream of McAllen ami Bonier Service—miles.s 1 swear c.ff rareiiits and late lolistets. My rando’u impressions liave wandere i far afi-’ld, but I ’m going still further—and I hear the whistle of our Tourist Sleepers as ‘’’jlis r l n 'Vime f \Viedi>rsoliii.' ■'T When you kick about .eathcr we’re haviug coal bills for FTOPl Getting Ready for Thanksgiving? Buy those little extras in the food line at D. Guerra’s. Our groceries are always fresh and tasty. Our prices are right. Stop in at the big store on the corner, three blocks west of Main Street. You will be sur­ prised at the completeness of our stock. D. Guerra’s Sons General Merchandise-McAlIen Don’t Crow Too Soon O v e r th e p r ice you paid f o r th a t lum b e r You m ight have been able to get it ch e a p e r o r b e tt e r a t C row ’s L u m b e r Y a rd. Call on u s f o r w o o d of a ll k inds If i t ’s som e thing to drive nails into, we have it. Frank G. Crow McAllen, Texas DELMONICO’S CAFE McALLEN, TEXAS Dine Here Saturday After­ noon and Hear the Returns, Play by Play, of the last Big Foot Ball Game Harvard vs Yale. Special Dinner ALLISON &ALUS0N, Prop. PALACE 2E SWEETS MISSION Of course, there are no STONES in the Magic Valley, but at least we have plenty of bricks and BRICK ICE CREAM Put up specially for officers’ use. All flavors No Interruption Phone the to o u r fountain service. H o t chocolate alw a y s M ission Ice Cream Co. fo r bu lk ice cream . 9 0 cents a gallon, delivered. Elliott B. Roberts, Prop. I J I j f

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