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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, August 08, 1917, Image 1

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' f 'M O B I L I Z A T I O N NUMBER' “ A n d w e w o n ’t c o m e b a c k ’t i l l i t s o v e r o v e r t h e r e . ” lUoCSrai^id^afller. Published in New York, N. Y. by the New York Division If you don’t know “The Rattler” You’re a Rookie. VOL. 1. No. 18 NEW YORK, N. Y., WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8, 1917, 12 PAGES PRICE FIVE CENTS ’The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack, but the Strength of the Pack is the Wolf” SPARTANBURG IS OUR NEXT STOP Something About Our South Carolina Home A REALLY PROGRESSIVE CITY “S p a itan b u rg , m a n y m iles from navigable w a ters, is one of the m o st populous citieses inn Southouth Carolina,arolina, show ing an increasecrease inn populationopulation off i S C i i p o 53.07 p e r cent, in th e years from 1900'uu tou 1910,91U, andnu ofi 216.96per v X a u < m th e tw e n ty years 1910, which w a s a t \ ____ cent. from 1890 to XUJ.W, nissvss was a t a m u ch g r e a ter ra t e t h a n any o ther city of the state.” F rom an A d d ress of M r. F a irfax H a rrison, P resident of the Souchem Railway. The Situated in B lue Ridge Moiuntains, Piedm o n t sect ‘ good in makin cultural in _ ____ foot hills — [o in the fam o u s :tio n , n a tu re h a s been «*..»ing I n d u s trial and A g ri- ichievem ente ideal. No city iJoy« Runerior rail- is sast enjoy s s u p e rio r rail\ ies and is the only » a n d A p p a lachian M o u n tains to liddle-west. D irect connection in ce to f ’’ directii th e m iddle-west. D ire c t connec ----- freig h t and passenger service to all im p o rtan t points in every directio n and an electric interurban road affords th e city m o s t excellent t h e city m o s t exci Elevated 816 fei en t t r a i n service, above tide watei and lying w itm n -seeing” distonce oi th e m o u n tains the clim ate is tem ­ p e r a te, m o d e rated by _ i ts altitude ii sum m e r and bracing in w inter; this i r y low and general health con. i n d u s t r y The developm ent o f th e textile ma Th e ufat been phenomi ITiere are ssmM p lants give em p loym ent to over 10.000 K't00,0'SS'=^ale?fcS e n S r ^ e ^ t ' L n t r c ^ ^ “ e the white g vJHh fn\‘Vut I Itpn f « Among S p a rtanburg’s prosperoM ^^3 section in numbers. * ; ■ & £ ? . S ' - S f garment factory.__^^, -\hole^-’^ a n d Wofford ^ Co^ege, Spartansburr’* „a...jtary t e n in the p a s t 15 S p a rtanburg ite t riinal nty*?6 g coun1, sations which oper- ,184 spindles and nearly .r—»- $15,000,000, operatives of CONGRESS ADOPTS CEN. ORDER “NO. 7” IT MADE HISTORY FORN.Y.DIV. year ago Major General O'J issued what was at first considerv^ «. rather drastic order but later became known as the! famous “G. 0 .7 ” and idually was recognized by both the When the New York Division i lobilized on the Mexican Border i ' Major General O'Ryai ' as a t first cot ' ’ order but lat< famous “G. recognized bj len in the Di t means for tl ne and health e a lth' vised. .Of cc icted the N. Y. familiar all part of Texas and was eventually in bothmilitary milita known as the famous G. 0 .7 ” i gradually was recognized by both officers and men in the Division as one of the best means for the regula­ tion of discipline and h th at could have been devised. -Of course this order only effected the N. Y. Division, hut it was familiar all over the Southern part of Texas and its effect itually watched and studied ~ ___ andnd civicvic circleicles, for when C«ingress the of liquo eifeet it Of CO. between the apli< possesi foi Divii did liqu p a r t o t th e old N inety-Six diaW ct, S ! l « N - b e i y ! “I e S \The B a c k b o n e oFNewYork is true that Police was rear doors ( was sold in New York limits ____ — ier. In ir. way did they interfere with businei relations between saloon kee]pci® IT IS UP TO THE SOUTH counties. The :t of the 1 in South Carolina legislature ... 1785. The nam e of the county is a a n n u X , of about of Inde- the w h ites by Glenn and the ’ roller bea garm e n t factory, wood, several large garages, retail baken. cream ery. irg’s fiua „ooisT conveniently located. Plai thing in ol State ,,,sSr£;5-S5: ire being built ind i the p a s t legislation ainoui million dollars for road ii J r i i e r e f S '’the demand has becom^-.- ■ ,r track fo r road im provement. ^ar( largest amount ever of tl elations oetween saiuou Atsc ^ ivilians or other soldiers. Tl i’ederal law strikes at the salot— keeper and dispenser of \booze” who ______ serves or sells his output to solmers ■‘S i \ ' SpT rtai” “ s\piS^bm g ^ | Q m S t ^ o l d ' f e m \ f ^ ^ V t o r ^ S. C. However, as Major General O’R j ^ frequently said, the remarkable •ess of G. 0 . 7 was due to the in- ...gent, loyal and voluntary rw p o w the ninety per cent of the s ^ n ^ the Division who appreciated the [t is necessity for the order and whose t X w d c o m e X b X b y d - ' - “ Mexi‘ ■E S .“ r = : i s T n / k S t o t ma'? be re n d e r ^ tn e m L n e r a l Wood w h e n ^ “K w o u l l - m fgest factor contrib- and titinff in cms mucJkable record. i,™e said, which - ------ - ------------- - r five dollars was gijjLDij^G THE BIG CAMP ..._jn the soldi --------- It would be a poor I pitality — a bogus brs New York Division during period of the Mexican Border rice got down as low as -l/l. !i' t i show how they liquor w a a ^ ' g . Major General O’Ryan’s Famous Mexican Bor­ der Prohibition cas and its effect bed and studie _____ -jw prohihibiting ;uor to soldie it reall; ci cir recently enacted i thehe saleale t s iers in uniform, in •Jopted “G. 0. No. 7.” lurse there is some diff< 1 the application of 4 ifference 0 .7 and G .0.7 Yo . W.V -^.plication of G. 6 .7 ai ication of the Federal law. 7 was a General Order of the fork Di’vision prohibiting the lionn orr usese off liquoiiquor uMcSsio o u o l in any irm by soldiers of the New York ivision daring the period of the ^xican Border Service. The order I not regulate saloons or the sale of uor, but regulated the soldiem. It \taJy late saloons or the sal ‘egulated the soldiers, a soldier of the Milit 1 stationed at the f r o n t ...... of every place where liquor the sector occupied by Division, but their duties ere limited to arresting New Yo: ildiers for violating the orde In i did the: UV _ _____ pumoiitu' lembered that the i V York Division dui ;hich when it

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