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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, November 27, 1917, Image 24

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22 THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER 4 ® ®f® i 4® ❖ 4» ❖ 4® ❖ * ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ 4* 4® 4® 4* ❖ 4® ❖ * * 4® 4® ❖ 4® 4® 4* 4® 4® 4® ❖ 4® 4® 4* ❖ 4® 4® 4* 4® 4® 4® ❖ 4® ❖ ❖ FAUL-IIV! TODD DRUG CO., For First Class Service. A T T E N T I O N ! S O L D I E R S W E L C O M E . We are now in a position to meet all of the soldiers’ needs in our line, and will be glad to procure anything on short notice which we do not carry in stock. As an old member of the S. C. Battalion Coast Guard, I extend my good will and best wishes for the success of this paper, and I thank the boys for their past patronage. R. C. TODD. TODD DRUG COMPANY Main and Church Streets, - Spartanburg, S. C. 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® # 4® ❖ 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® ❖ ❖ 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® ❖ ❖ 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® 4® AMPLE SHIPPING IN SIGHT TO MAIN­ TAIN XJ. S. OVERSEA FORCES. The question, “What grub are we going to get when we hit the trenches?” which thousands of American soldiers in cantonments over the entire country are asking one another, is a simple enough one to ask, but involved in its answer are problems which are vast and weighty. Getting an army into action in Europe is simply the beginning of the game, as far as the American government is concerned in its relations with its fighting men. Once there, they m ust be maintained. Food and equipment must be kept on the move so that the boys in khaki will be able to sustain the reputation for efficiency which the great Pershing organization has gained from the Allies. This maintenance totals about five tons per man per year. Every soldier who ar­ rives “Over There” is to be followed by five tons—ten thousand pounds—of upkeep, varying in shape and form from beans to bullets. The vital factor in getting this bulk across is ship tonnage. On October 1 there were available for Atlantic service, including German ships, approximately 3,000,000 tons, which means that at the rate of five tons to the man, an army of 600,000 could be maintained. Of course this would be inadequate if it represented the only shipping resources- with, which Uncle Sam is to had up his expedition­ ary forces, but there is a tot B of 5,900,000 tons more either building or contracted for. The great bulk of this is expected to come in during 1918. It will not all be available in the twinkling of an eye, for providing ships is not clone over, night, nor is there any magic where­ by ocean-going bottoms may be whisked into being by the waving of a rod, or of a sheet of paper with figures on it. By June, however, there should be ready 3, 000,000 tons, according to expert prognostica­ tes. This, added to the 3,000,000 of tonnage which was available October 1, makes a total of 6,000,000 tons, or enough to support an army of 1,200,000 men, at the five-ton a man ratio. This conclusion is safe, with these figures to build on, that shipping is in sight ample to maintain the forces abroad, and to give the men now in cantonments those necessaries of food and equipment which are so close to the lives of the soldiers. As to the future, there will be 2,900,000 tons to come after June 1, when the maintain­ able force is 1,200,000. This additional ton­ nage will enable the support of reinforcements to the number of 580,000, making the total 1,- 780,000, which should be rapidly increased, as new shipyards turning out standardized ships would be capable of an enormous output. Private Howard was detailed to the clin­ ical w ard in the Base H ospital. He survived several riots started by a violent patient hut decided he had had enough when a 200- pounder started on a rampage singing, “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder.” Private Read has the detail now. DEDICATION OF Y. M. C. A. BUILDINGS. The Young M en’s Christian Association in Camp Wadsworth is coming into its own and is pleased to announce to the men of the 27th division the completion and dedication of two of its fine buildings. Unit No. 97 serving the men of the Artil­ lery section of the Camp was formally dedi­ cated on Sunday last. A reception was held in the afternoon and the formal ceremonies on Sunday evening. At these ceremonies it was necessary to turn away hundreds of soldiers who were unable to crowd into the building. Unit No. 96 located near the men of the 107th; 108th and 47th Regiments and one of the most complete and finished buildings on the ground, was dedicated Friday evening. It was a very happy occasion and the spirit shown by all speaks well for future activities in that unit. It is hoped by the Y. M. C. A. authorities that in the next week or ten days, all five of the buildings will be dedicated and in opera­ tion. OUT WITH YOUR MASKS! Watch for the next number of The W ads­ w o r th Gas A ttack. It is going to he a corker. There will be big exclusive features, plenty of pictures, cartoons and, if the censor passes it, some regular humor. Already German agents are plotting against us, hut don’t worry. Watch for the next issue of The W a d sworth Gas A ttack.

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