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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, November 27, 1917, Image 27

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THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER 25 veil as off, they de- PLAY THE GAME. By H. Addington Bruce. Mattliewson, Bender, Plank, and Walsh. Yon have all heard these names, and many times. You are familiar with them as the names of four of the greatest pitchers that our national game has produced. Perhaps you have seen one or all of these fine bali-players in action. If so, you will be carrying w ith you some extremely pleasant memories. Aral some memories that to-day ought to be of special significance to von. You *mll remember that their skill was equaled bj iheir pluck. No matter w hat the score might be against them, they kept pitch­ ing bravely till the call of the last i (He I out. ’ ’ You will remember that, in pitching, they used their minds as well as their muscles. They were masters of strategy no less than masters of the art of throwing curves. Best of all, you will remember, they were four ol the cleanest pitchers that batters over t ,'('n O hkis w Ui fibust umpiies. These four dil sol, B unjust ('.visions were made agaiusl [dun, umy held tempers and tongues in leash. On the diamond, spised foul tactics, were not crooked. When luck did not break their way, they simply smiled and went on pitching. They would win fairly, or not at all. Mostly they won. They won so often that they will forever hold a foremost place in baseball’s hall of fame. As these four played baseball, so, boys, should you play the infinitely bigger game for which you are now in training. You will be up against a rowdy team—the rowdiest, dirtiest, meanest -gang of thugs that ever tried to win, anything. Don Y imitate their tactics when you come to grips with them. Y'ou w on 't better your chances of winning if you do imitate them. And even should you win by foul play, you will sink so low in the world’s esteem, and in your own, that you will be ashamed of yourselves the rest of your lives. Remember Matthewson, Bender, Plank, and Walsh when you get into the trenches, when you go over the top, and when you pursue the flying foe. Hit hard but hit fair. If you get a set­ back, take it w ith a grin. Think of the folks at home who will be watching you. Picture them to yourselves as one hundred million “ fans,” eagle-eyed for every move you make. You want to win for their sakes as for your own. And you want to win in a way that will make them feel really proud of you. So play the war game w ith all your might and main. AND PLAY IT CLEAN. MOBILOILS ? A grade for each type of motor f | AUTOM O B IL E LAMPS * in stock for every make of car # I STORAGE BATTERIES | CHARGED AND REPAIRED ! TRUCKS T O HERE ❖ ❖ # * ❖ * * * * * * either with or without seats f RACINE TIRES every tire a good tire P I A S M L I G H T S AM D B A T T C L A E S 1L I AUTO CO. I FOR 7, e w l o r n ❖ * W % % «*• have the real goods. * FELLOWS | * Chevrons all Ranks | A Sheepskin coats, rubber boots # ? and shoes, # C§5 S§« * Insignia all Ranks. * % 'Military books for all * * branches * «f* t (Officers Insignia With Numerals I o|© ®§» 2 Bed Rolls, W eb Belts, Folding J Tables and Cots, No Name Hats, «§® *f' % Largest Stock of Leather Leg * J f g i n g s i n S p a r t a n b u r g , * Phone 455 Next to Post-office 1 Irmy & Navy Equipment Go. 1 J T.37 E. MAIN STREET f Z NEXT TO BIJOU THEATRE % f t W e have accounts with the j olio wing iPAv Exchanges at c W radsworth Ambulance and Field Hospital 2nd N. Y. Field Artillery—-2nd Battalion 104 th Machine Gun Battalion, Co. B 104th “ 44 54 “ A 104th “ 44 “ 46 C Headquarters Troop—27th Division 105th Regiment Military Police Headquarters 107th Regiment 102nd “ (Engineers) 27th Division Supply Train Base Hospital 106 Field Artillery 23rd N. Y. Infantry 3rd Regiment 106th N. Y. Infantry 108th “ 106th Machine Gun Battalion, Co. A 106th 44 64 44 “ B 104th Field Artillery Headquarters Co., 71st Infantry 10th Infantry 106th Machine Gun Battalion, Co. C 104th “ Headquarters Company Canteen 106th Infantry, Co. C 106 th 46 44 L 105th Machine Gun Battalion 106th Infantry, Co. I rom i: W H O L E S A L E O N L Y S P A R T A N B U R G , S. C.

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