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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, December 08, 1917, Image 11

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THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER 9 News . . ATTENTION HARLEM AND YORKVILLE MEN. All men hailing from H a rlem and York- ville are requested to get in touch w ith Dick J. Kennedy. A d d ress: T h e G' a s A t ­ ta c k , Camp W adsworth. LIEU T . ARMSTRONG SENT TO FORT SILL. L ieutenant E b e n A rm strong, Company G, 105 Infantry, has been transferred to F o rt Sill, Oklahoma, as an instructor in bomb throwing. TURKEY WAS A HEADLINER, TOO. Thanksgiving day was all th a t its nam e im p lied in the H e a d q u a rters Company of the 102d Engineers. Feasted on a turkey dinner, prepared by the cooks under the direction of Sergeant Rosenburg, th a t would have made R e c tor’s jealous, the boys came back strong for the evening’s entertainm e n t of im p rom p tu recitations, songs and in s tr u ­ m e n tal music. Joe Johnson, official announcer and bouncer, was alw ays there to sta r t som e­ thing. C a rdarelli and Newm an picked popu­ lar tunes out of their guitars, w hile Jam e s C u rtis outclassed the famous Mr. Brown and his violin. Sergeant Fink, Starke, Badinelli, Bienen- zucht, and Garcia kept the m e rrim e n t going w ith their songs. Conners told some droll stories th a t overtaxed the ribs of the bunch, and M aster Engineer Fagan was there w ith the latest w a r bulletin of the battle betw een th e sausages and Swiss cheese a t Schneider’s grocery store. W illiam J. Lacey took advantage of his friend Jack Philips, of Sennet’s C a b a ret of .New York, by im p e rsonating him in his fa­ mous Salvation Army song hit, “Follow Me to Glory, H a lleluiah!” —J. W. B. CO. G, 105TH INFANTRY* Co. G’s Thanksgiving dinner was a huge success and will be rem em b e red by all. The turkey was fine. The talent good. M ajor B u tton and wife, Mrs. Brown and the B attalion A d jutant were present, w a tch­ ing the boys do away w ith the eats. The officers w ere called upon to do th e ir hit, which they did so good th a t the hall was in an uproar. The clapping and cheering could be heard far away. The L ieutenants present were: Dreher, McLane, Brown, W a rschauer and Beechinor. Mr. A rchibald Muray, our bugler, form e r­ ly of Charlie Robinson’s show, was m a s ter of cerem onies. W e wish to thank Mess Sergeant R a p p o rt and the cooks for th e ir ability as chefs. —N. 102ND SANITARY TRAIN. E. M. Tierney, of Bingham p ton, N. Y., hasecided been visiting his son, Mess Sergeant Ed. Tierney, of Ambulance Co. No. 108. Mr. Tierney is one of the best known hotel men in New York. As president of the New York H o tel Men’s A ssociation he gained a reputation as a silver-tongued orator. He didn’t m ake a speech w h ile in camp, but there was a special dinner for the company on T h a n k sgiving day in which Mr. T ierney had a hand. Privates F rank Effner, Francis Charles Savercool, H a rry Scrafford, and Carl Smith, all of Ambulance Co. No. 108, spent a pleas­ ant day last Tuesday leading mules around the drill ground in order to accustom them to bearing packs. In the afternoon the com­ pany w e n t to a battlefield and set up a dressing station. The company was order­ ed to move at 1:00 p. m. F ifteen m inutes later the company had reached its place back of the firing lines and had set up the station. And the m u les put up no opposition to this, their first experience w ith packs. Some attribute their pacification to the overawing of the leading m u le by the nam e of its guide, P rivate Francis Charles Saver- cool. —Co D. DIVISION HEADQUARTERS TROOP. T h a t no other dinner in the entire camp can equal the repast served to H e a d q u a rters Troop on Thanksgiving day is an indis­ putable fact. If Mess Sergeant M aekissey really did go home on furlough to get some new ideas, he certainly displayed them , for w ith tw e n ty courses prepared by “Pop” W ilson, the old Garden Roof chef, who is now ruling in the troop kitchen and a vaudeville perform ­ ance to finish off the program , the feast equalled anything the boys have ever tasted. The arrangem e n ts for the afternoon w ere in charge of Sergeant M aurice Loeb and P rivate Hugh Stanislaus Stange, the well- known playw right. Stange, who happened to be on kitchen police, assisted by his “brothers in pots” M arquesse, Swain and B eekm an appeared in the opening num b er. The other entertainers included P rivate L e ster H u n t, know n throughout the division for his work w ith the pistol; Private Sid Koff, who recited his graduation address, and Private “H a rry L a u d e r” Meir. Captain Davis Dunbar, the troop com­ m ander, closed the first gathering w ith a brief explanation of the work the m en will do “over there.” Second Lieut. Stillm an, O. R. C., who has been recently assigned to the unit, was the other guest. It was noted th a t “Si” H u n ter, the troop mule trainer, attended w ith his h a ir all combed. Now Hughes knows w h a t happen­ ed to his dearly beloved shoe brush. D u ring the past week two of the troop d to take advantage of the bounty Uncle Sam is offering to soldiers’ wives. The new benedicts are Jack T a g g a rt who left-dressed to Miss Em m a D eering at All Saints Church, New York, and Mess Ser­ geant M aekissey, who m ade his allotm e n t to Miss R u th Riley at St. Joseph’s R. C. Church in Jersey City. How about some home-made eats, Mack? F irst L ieutenant Douglass Cam eron is home on furlough recovering from a recent injury. Two days after his appointm e n t to the camp polo com m ittee, his horse slipped while at practice, pinning the lieutenant be­ neath and fracturing his ankle. Professor Vlober, the accom p lished jug­ gler of French and English phrases, is suc­ ceeding so adm irably in his efforts to in­ stru c t the troop in the a r t of converting one language into the other th a t it is a common spectacle to see troopers pass each other and nonchalantly rem a rk, “Come on to hell aye vous” precisely as though they w ere natives on the streets of P a ris and w ere aw a re of the m eaning of w h a t they said. 106TH FIELD HOSPITAL. T h e 106th Field H o spital O rchestra (for­ merly the 2nd F. H. N. G. U. S., of A lbany), has been kept busy since its arrival a t Camp W adsw o rth, back in August, by filling num erous engagem ents a t the camp Y. M. C. A. entertainm e n ts, and a t various church socials given by the ladies of Spartanburg. At the big sing given by Mr. Clark, the capip m u sical director, in the Red Triangle Tent, the orchestra was ably assisted to­ ward the success of Mr. Clark’s efforts in instructing the m en of the 27th Division, the songs they w ill sing “over there.” Dance music is a specialty. Outfits contem p lating a dance for the coming holidays would do w ell to consider arranging for their music, by seeing Sergt. W alsh, the business m a n a g e r of th e or­ chestra. A t present the orchestra consists of eight pieces, but it is hoped th a t in the near fu­ ture, it will be enlarged by th e addition of four more. The orchestra features stringed music, h a v ­ ing Sergeant W alsh, Private 1st Class, Greenwood, and P rivate Vibbard, banjo-man- dolinists, Privates La Vigue, and W eber, vio­ linists, P rivate Ryan, cornetist, P rivate 1st Class McCormack, traps, and P rivate 1st Class H a rrison, accom p anying on the piano. — R. G. PICK E T LIN E GOSSIP, 106TH FIELD ARTILLERY. S e rgeant Edwin A. Moore, Supply Co., be­ gan his duties last Monday m o rning on the Statistical B u reau a t Division H e a d q u a rters. On th a t sam e evening he returned to Ms

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