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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, December 15, 1917, Image 31

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T H E WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER 29 WHY SUPPLY SERGEANTS ARE UN­ POPULAR. (Continued from page 8) E a s t and W est and send it to the Division Q u a rterm a s ter who doubtfully turned it over to the Board of Survey. For two long m o n ths I . a w aited results as a farm e r looks for the first green shoot from the planted seed. At the end of two m o n ths, som ething happened. Form No. 196 A. G. O. in triplicate re­ turned home w ith a brief note attached, som e thing on this order: “Nov. 9, 1917. “From , Board of Survey, Q. M. C. 123456789—11-12-17. “To, C. O. Co. X-4651st U. S. Inf.—134th Brigade, 241st Div. “Subject: R eport on Survey—987654321 ■—Tag, identification. “On attached form Q. M. C. No. 196 A. G. O. ‘One (1) Identification Tag and T a p e ’ should have been w r itten : “One (1) Tag, identification. “One (1) Tape, yd., for tag, identification. “Correct and return. “I. M. ON JOB, “Colonel, Q. M. C. “I. R. A. FLIVVER, “Lieut. U. S. R., ■ “Asst. Chief of Staff. “U. R. NOTT, “Capt. Adj. Q. M. C.” The Supply Sergeant em p h a tically and convincingly explained to me all the trouble I had caused and suggested that, after all, I m ight just as well have the tag and tape charged against my pay roll. All For Two Cents. Discouraged and resigned I consented to this action and Form 602 Q. M. C. was then prom p tly made out in duplicate, again sign­ ed by all concerned and presented to the R e g im e n tal Supply Sergeant after having been O. K.’d and K. Oed. by the “Top” Ser­ geant, Captain and Regim ental Supply Offi­ cer. “By the way, Sergeant,” I asked, suddenly being struck w ith a Calam ity Jane inspira­ tion. “How much is all th is going to set me back?” Visions of fees and court costs and all these things clashed before my eyes. The Supply Sergeant suspiciously looked up at me, reached for a pam p h let known as G. O. 17, Q. M. C., searched its pages and then announced: “One cent for the tag and one cent, for th e tape.” On the last pay day I received only $29.98 •of my $30 m onthly salary. I dislike Supply Sergeants. They annoy me. —V. R., Co. K., 107th U. S. Inf. Gazetting' Miss Gasette. Miss Grace Gasette, a Chicago nurse at the front in France, has been given the cross ■of the Legion of Honor and elected an honor­ ary corporal. GENERAL RUMOR. Chief of Staff for General Nuisance, rid ­ ing his favorite steed—el Lumpo de Toro. Born in Bull Run, Va., 1860. Attended Pub­ lic School in Durham, N. C., 1861-2. High School at Cowpens, S. C,, 1865-67. E n tered college, at M atteawan, N. Y., 1869. Released, 1900. Passed W est Point, on way to New York, on a Hudson River Day Boat. W orked on Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1901-1907. Appointed him self General, 1908. Appoint­ m e n t confirmed by himself, 1909. A ttended the school of the picket line, 1910-13. Aide de scamp to General M isinform ation, 1913- 1915. Commander-in-Chief of Chicago Stock Yards Army, 1915-1917. Attached him self to the 27th Division, 1917. HOW ’D YOU LIK E A FARM? At the present session of Congress Senator Harding, of Ohio, hopes to get a bill passed which will give every American soldier at the end of the war an opportunity to become the owner of a small farm. He believes the farms should be made available to the sol­ diers at a price regulated by the goverment and on the basis of moderate instalments. PRETTY SOFT FOR CLAUDE. Escapes K itchen Police and All He Gets Is Three Years in Jail and a Bob-Tail. Camp Meade, Md.,—Private Claude W. En- low, of Philadelphia, a member of the 315th regiment, was sentenced to three y e a rs7 im­ prisonment and dishonorable discharge from the service for refusing to obey the commands of his superior officers when ordered to do kitchen police duty. He also forfeits all pay and allowances. Kitchen police duty con­ sists of peeling potatoes, washing dishes and otherwise assisting the cook. Every private is expected to perform it in his turn. TO ST. PAUL MEN. All alum n i of Saint P a u l’s school are re­ quested to forw ard their name and addresses, rank and service to Rufus W aterm an, St. Paul’s School, Concord, N. H. JUST A LITTLE BIT BETTER THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN TOWN $13.50 $16.50 Funston Cloth Uniforms A Complete Line of Whipcord and Serge Uniforms j GOLDBERG’S f “ON THE SQUARE” j SPARTANBURG, S. C. wtfcC . \>0 .>' 0 ' iv»»e»=C ccf » . -V O'<_ ■ VISIT The only Basement Cafe in Town. Good things to eat at reasonable prices. Everything clean. You will feel at home here. Regular din­ ner every day. THE M U STREET CAFE Located in Basement NEW REX THEATRE BUILDING E A S T M A IN ST.

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