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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, December 15, 1917, Image 32

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T H E WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER I Boots and Shoes I for Officers 4® 4» 4® 4® 4® 4> ❖ 4® * ❖ ❖ * 4= 4® 4® 4* 4® * 4® 4® 4® 4® 4* 4s 4® 4* 4® 4® ❖ ❖ 4® * ❖ ❖ 4® * 4® ❖ ❖ Possibly we overestimate % the marked superiority, in f our stock of officers’ foot- j! wear. We doubt i t $ ❖ ❖ As pleasing to the eje as | they are serviceable, Nettle- || ton’s footwear extraordi- J nary, are a mighty good | “buy.” U. S. RED RUBBER BOOTS WRIGHT-SCRUG HOE COMPANY 126 Morgan Square SPARTANBURG, S. C. * SOUTH D o you sleep warm? If not call on us for >T P A D S B L A N K E T S ’ C O M F O R T S WE TREAT THE SOLDIER BOYS RICH lammond-Drown-Waft 145 North Church St. fft ON GUARD! The Rookie Speaks. '‘Now it’s half-past one on a frosty night “And i t ’s cold as cold can be; ‘Stars overhead, and the moon is bright, “But what do they mean to me? ''For they’ve dumped me down on a blooming post “Where it’s dark and lone and drear; ‘I t ’s nice in camp where the sergeant is, “But it/s damn poor stuff out here. 'Now my girl she’s home and it’s warm there, too, “And it’s nice as nice can be; ‘But she may be talking to Billy or Hugh “And not think a tiling of me. ‘For they’ve put me into a uniform “And it’s fine all right, all right; ‘I’m strong for the life of a- soldier, sure, “But I ’m sick of it to-night. ‘And I want to go where the bright lights are “Where there’s fun and grub and noise; 'But I’m stuck to a blooming siphon house “Instead of out with the boys. T o r the sergeant, lie up and put me here, “And he says, now hold that down; ‘But I don’t want to stay, and I ’m going away, “Come on, and we’ll go to town.” The Veteran Speaks. “You make me sick with your yell and kick, “You’re a hell of a .man, you are; ‘You’re a good-for-nothing snivelling kid “You just made a damn fine speech, you did; “You’ve fixed yourself for a juicy skid, “You’ve just went too darned far. “You talk of the cold, well wait till you hold “Your gun in an ice-caked m itt; “The job’s all right if your mind is set ■‘And your toes turn out, but you can bet ■‘They’ll he turned right up in the slush and wet “If you even whisper ‘quit.’ “ You’re tired out! Well, I gotta shout “At the talks of the likes of you; '‘You’ve got a cot. You get grub th a t’s hot, “And you may believe it, and maybe not, “But it’s gospel truth, Kid, you bet you got “Lots more than some folks I knew. “You never ate from a washbowl plate “Nor slept on a junior cot; “You never done with one blanket—One! . “We did, my boy, and we called it fun “And I ’ll kick the first darned' son-of-o-gun “That hollers he don’t know what. \ j on wash your face—You're a plum disgrace ‘“Your kind 1— You a soldier! You,? ‘ ‘ Some time next year when the pears is ripe “You’ll be something more than a slab of tripe* > <>i sp )il our record you little snipe nd I’ll lam you, P. D. Q. \ ioiru cut and run for a buncli of fun— “Ann! maybe—My Mod, yon. pup! “You’d shoot the work of a thousand men “For a dame and dance and some eats and then—■ \If you ever open your head again “Be damned but I ’ll eateha up.” “ Captain, can I have a tran s f e r ? ” ‘ ‘ Why are you always asking for trans­ fers?” “ I used to go home on the B. R. T. ” 105TH INFANTRY. Private Dowling, of the Sanitary Detach­ ment, is in Troy on furlough. Jim m y W hite, prem ier trom b o n ist of the 105th hand, has received an S. C. D. Dis­ charge and left. This leaves a vacancy th a t “Chief” Feyl will find difficult in filling. Jim m y was one of the best m u sicians in his line th a t the arm y has yet produced. The Hdqr. Co. also loses the services of “Happy” Dennin, the cook, who goes home on a disability discharge. Priv. Jos. Jones, of F Co., received an S. C. D. this week. D Co. loses Pvts. Doring, Kane, Marlsey and Meion for the same reason—all of them are Troy boys. Pvt. M artin, of the S a n itary Detchment, has been transferred to the 105th Field Hospital unit. Private ’ M artin, of the Supply Co.., has taken the Hoover Course in Economy. A Troy friend of his presented him w ith a lonesome looking Victor Phonograph record. In order to use the record M a rtin spent fifteen perfectly good dolllars for a machine to play it. P rivate Wenn, of K Co., reported at. sick call the other morning. The doctor asked him his nam e— Said W e n n : “W enn.” Said the Doctor: “Now.” And then W enn w ent to the Base Hos­ pital and W enn -don’t know when he will come out—Fact. Lucky Luckhurst, of the Sanitary, is still shoving out the stew three tim es a day. Woolen clothing has now been issued to practically all the enlisted men of the com­ mand. “D u tc h ” Ashley and Pete Rushlow, of Hdqrs. Co., recently paid a visit to friends of theirs in Gaffney, S. C. Large heaters for the mess halls have arrived and will shortly be in use. Hot w a ter tanks are being installed along “Bath House Row.” • “Oxie” Bernadin, of B Co., has been given a w a rran t as sergeant. He is o n e . of the best boys in the regim ent and will undoubt­ edly make one of the most popular non- coms in B Co.

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