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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, December 22, 1917, Image 14

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12 THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER 102D AMMUNITION TRAIN. Lt. Col. Cleveland C. Lansing, of the 102d Ammunition Train, has been transferred to the 107th Infantry. Lt. Col. Lansing is the man directly responsible for the organiza­ tion of the 102d Ammunition T rain; it was his efforts and m ilitary knowledge th a t brought the Ammunition Train up to the high point of efficiency which it has attained. Lt. Col. Lansing has always been very pop­ ular w ith the men of his command, and in taking up his new duties w ith the 107th Inf. he carries the best wishes of every man of the 102d Ammunition Train. Lt. Col. J. C. McLeer, who has been assign­ ed to the lieutenant colonelcy of the 102d Trains and M. P., is a soldier of the highest type. Form erly w ith the 1st N. Y. Cavalry, he established a reputation for fairness and dis­ cipline such as to earn for him the respect of every man of that organization. In wel­ coming Lt. Col. McLeer to the 102d Ammu­ nition Train, it is w ith the assurance th a t he is among friends who will offer him every co-operation. Sergt. Tompkins, of the W agon Co., the biggest sergeant in the 27th Division, says anybody can drive a motor truck but you’ve got to know more than a mule in order to drive a mule. One of the mess sergeants in the motor section is blowing about the extra fine cof­ fee he serves to his company. He claims it costs a cent and a quarter a pound. Yes, Felix, right you are, the bill says 26c per pound. Anybody heard any of the natives say, *{This is the worst snow storm we have had in ten y e a rs?” Unless the Paym aster gets on the job pret­ ty soon, it looks as if Christmas this year will just be the 25th of the month. We wish to announce to all friends who have been anxiously inquiring about high Private Carroll th a t he is still with us, hid­ ing behind a beautiful jet black moustache. Private Bridget Clarke still reports every morning for reveille but between retreat and reveille (Ah! T h a t’s the question). Corporal Trainor, the bewhiskered exhaust pipe, is still reading dime novels in feverish haste. Sergeant Constantine, the Russian w ithout the Caviar accent, is envious of the Bolshe- viki guards who are drinking Kummel from jardinieres in the royal palace. Sergeant Welsh and Corporal Johnston are the inspirers of onr w orthy S. O.’s famous expression, “ C an’t geta damn thing done.” Our over-worked Sergeant M ajor Toomey is back in camp after a much needed rest in the N o rth. Welcome back, Jack. Our mud gutter blonde, Steno. Cackett, still insists on smoking butts in the office. She’s getting positively awful. Sergeant McCusker, the fighting Syrian, is now visiting New York. We regret the loss of double time 0 ’Grady, the famous wind-jammer who has transferred over to the Q. M. N. A. in quest of more laborious duties. H eadquarters welcomes Joseph F. Flana­ gan, the famous American horseman. Acting Buck Private Useless S. Grant is now aspir­ ing to the rank of High P rivate or may be better, who can tell f —G. A. Y. AMBULANCE COMPANY 107. P rivate Graham, the entertaining and gen­ ial undertaker, possesses an ambition which outranks any of the week. That is, th a t he may officiate when the K aiser of all Ger­ many is followed by slow music and meas­ ured tread. The corporals take this war seriously. That fact was expounded during the week of the Siberian Christmas. The w eather was pro­ hibitive of considerable training on the out­ side but was prolific of attem p ts from within. Provoked by Corporal Beirne, who has an awfnl propensity for work which is condu­ cive of disorder, the boys sawed a trap-door in their hardwood floor and seriously under­ mined the tent, making a modern, up-to-date dugout. Enough dirt was passed out of that tent to dam up the raging torrents of N iag­ ara. Corp. Smith, the lightning calcula­ tor of the company, estimates th a t the entire command can find refuge in the “ b a sem e n t” in case of aerial attack or further Govern­ ment allotment. The w inter caps have been issued and de­ spite the comfort they beget a fellow can’t perish the thought that he looks like a cross between a coal miner and a Tennessee squir­ rel hunter. “ J a c k ” Phillips, C. O. orderly grandiose, who is on speaking terms with all the top- notchers in the fistic limelight, is training “ F reddy” McDermott, a speedy boy with the 2nd Field Hospital of Albany, for a series of bouts in the Y. M. C. A. tent under the direction of Frank Moran. “ J a c k ” and his protege are out on the snow covered roads every morning long before first call is sound­ ed, and the old war horse takes to the three miles or over like a soldier to a home-made dinner. Sergeants Pasco and Kellerman, Privates Sheridan and Downey were ordered to New York City December 11th on special detail, to be away five days. Seemingly, the men in question had no reluctance to prompt obedience, and they hurried for the first train going North before the delectable order could be rescinded. The Q. M. Dept, was swamped with de­ mands for O. D. snow-shovels and snow-shoes when the snow intended for Alaska stopped off here. Elaborate preparations are under way for the Christmas show, and this extravaganza is going to eclipse by far the two shows al­ ready staged in our mess shack. The new piano will be installed by th a t time, and the stage changed somewhat by new drops and curtain. Special music and new red hot stuff have been obtained from Broadway, and the woods hereabouts are giving forth strange noises as the actors prepare for the festivity, outside gun range. G. F. B. FIELD HOSPITAL CO. 107. During the recent cold spell the kitchen police were having considerable trouble draw­ ing w ater as the w ater was frozen in the pipe. Hennessey, after listening to P ierce’s com­ plaint, in reference to the ice in the faucet* said, “ Why don’t you let the w ater run— the exercise will keep it warm. ’ ’ Someone upset a pail of w ater in No. 1 tent one night last week and the occupants were surprised to find a sheet of ice on the floor around the Sibley stove. Jim Malcolm, detailed as office orderly, was awakened from the slumber, usually indulged in by orderlies, and was called to answer the ’phone. The following conversation took place: Deep Bass Voice (a la G eneral)—-“ W h o ’s this spe'aking?” Malcolm (sleepily—“ Office orderly, Field Hospital Company 107. ’ ’ D. B. V.—“ I understand th a t thoroughly, but who ARE you? W h a t’s your N A M E ? ” Malcolm (now thoroughly aw ake)—> “ Private F irst Class Jam es Malcolm, sir.” D. B. V.—“ T h a t’s the stuff, Jimmie, old boy, speak up. Listen, Jim, this is Mess Sergeant Burger; go over to the kitchen and ask Cook Rhodes if those frankfurters* came on time. W ill you, please?” Malcolm—*f ?-XZ&— ! ? ’ ’ Montgomery, not having heard from his numerous fair correspondents in the last few days, is still doubtful as to whether the postal authorities are at fault or whether the ladies all belong to the same sewing circle and are reading each o th e r’s mail as part of the evening’s entertainm ent. Sergeant George K illian received an item ­ ized list of articles ranging from smokes to comfy-kits from his friends in New York City. Instead of acting upon their sugges­ tion and m arking an “ X ” along side of the most acceptable gift, he “ voted a straight Democratic ticket ’ ’ and mailed the list back to his friends. To date he is still w a iting a reply. Sergeant Brnger received a box containing a few jars of preserves and other things. The preserves will remain under cover until gas masks are issued as they were two weeks en route to this camp and look suspicious. Society Notes—The men in No. 8 tent* quarantined, pending investigation of “ meas­ les, ’ ’ are having little to do, and less to worry about. Judging by the care free life they are leading it will be a sad day for them when the quarantine is lifted. N. B.—The gentleman who composed the song entitled “ Keep the Home Fires Burn­ in g ” evidently w a s n ’t referring to the “ Sib­ ley Stove. ” Millon. LIEUTENANTS TRANSFERRED. F irst Lieut. Donald C. Strachan has been transferred from the 108th infantry to the 106th infantry, and F irst Lieut. F ran k A. Bayles goes from the 106th infantry to the 108th.

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