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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, December 22, 1917, Image 15

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TH E WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER 13 AMBULANCE CO. NO. 105, 102D SANI­ TARY TRAIN. During the frigid weather last week the company street was as bare as a desert most of the time and none envied the doughboys as they drilled in the biting cold. The snow storm Tuesday evening brought memories of toboggans and skiis to all and the next morning Private F irst Class Fred “ S tr e tch 7’ Wells proved a jack-of-all-trades by building a sled (at least, th a t is w h at he called it) and Corporal Guy Mendell was soon merrily ‘ ‘ belly-slamming ’ 9 down the hill at the end of the company street. Private F irst Class Jack Layden, the J. Rufus W allingford of the 105th, and his able assistant, B ert Moss, are busy as a couple of bees these days promoting a Christmas en­ tertainm e n t for the men of this company. Financial support has been secured through the kindness of the Ladies Auxiliary of this company in Syracuse, which has forwarded a check for $25.00 for the benefit of the men at Christmas tim e ; and the talented enter­ tainers in the company, notably Prof. Alber­ to Urinosio Flint, are busily preparing a pro­ gram th a t they confidently assert will put the entertainm ent given at our anniversary dinner in the background. Prof. F lint will long be remembered for the splendid manner in which he rendered c i T h e re’s A Long, Long T r a il” on this occasion. P rivates Edgren and Lewis, who had been absent on furlough, dropped their newly ac­ quired seriousness as they smilingly argued that two could live as cheaply as one, thus informing the boys that they had turned the trick on their recent vacation. Lucky lads. Corpl. Kompe, Mechanic Miller, P rivate First Class Jack Stanton, and Privates Seam- mell, Frawley and La V alle have left for Syracuse on ten-day furloughs. Scammell took “ Booze” back home with him and the affectionate bull pup will be missed by all. That magician of modern cookery, Cook Fred Glahn, brought back memories of home and mother when he presented biscuits, light as a feather, at mess Tuesday evening. W heat cakes next, Fred, you’re doing fine. P rivate F irst Class Carl B. Rea, has recent­ ly been appointed Chief Record Clerk of this organization. Congratulations, Carl. While at their armory at Syracuse, the men were promised woolen clothing and under­ w ear “ soon. ” We are pleased to announce th a t the underwear arrived in sufficient quantity to give each man three suits the early p a rt of this week. Supply Sergt. Arthur Gwynn says that the quarterm aster has promised him woolen clothing the last of this week. Praises be! —A. K. M. CAPT. NICHOLAS HEADS M. P. CO. C aptain Ridgely Nicholas has been made captain of Company A, 102d M ilitary Police, to succeed Captain Cornelius W. W icker- sham, who becomes assistant chief of staff. Our advertisers have a big assortm ent of Christmas presents. J A CHRISTMAS MESSAGE FROM I SECRETARY BAKER. | “None but lo f t y purposes and exalted ? m o tives could ju s t if y the keeping of t hundreds of thousands of men from their | hom es and fam ilies at this tim e of Christ- | mas, but the m easure of that sacrifice f w ill be the m easure also of the triumph- % ant achievem e n t that w ill follow it. 4 “There is m ighty com fort in the f know ledge that the history of these days f w ill make a record not unworthy o f the | proud tradition o f our past w h en again | there is peace on earth.” | N E W TO N D. BAKER, f Secretary of W ar. 106TH INFANTRY. H aving noticed a strange lack of contri­ butions to The Gas A ttack from our Regim ent, we are anxious to sta r t things going in true Supply Co. style. W e hope th a t the other com p anies will try to over­ come their bashfulness and follow our ex­ ample. Our esteem ed Captain, S. O., has relieved us from our great suspense of a week ago. A fter much consideration he has decided not to apply for transfer to the Aviation Sec­ tion of the Signal Corps, as per recent letter from the W a r D e p a rtm e n t. W e m ight re­ m ark th a t he is already an expert at flying up in the air—w ithout the aid of an aero­ plane. We all wish to congratulate Lieut. W. H. McMullen upon his prom o tion to 1st L ieuten­ ant. W ith his prom o tion cam e his transfer to the 105th Inf., but we are glad to an­ nounce th a t he is w ith us again. In the short tim e he was w ith the 105th he had to serve tw enty-four hours in the trenches, which nearly broke his heart. Quite a change from the Supply Office, we dare say. A variety of inflam mable m a terials have been m issed from under our store-houses these cold nights. Said m a terials apparently walk right away in the dead of night under the guard’s nose w ithout being seen. We fear the buildings them selves will soon be on the move, piece by piece, if a warm spell doesn’t come along soon. The other night the Top S e rgeant was aroused from his slum b e rs at an ungodly hour by a terrible commotion under the store-house, w h ere several choice bits of wood w ere known to be reposing the night before. Armed to the teeth w ith pajam a s, boots, and a night-stick, he stealthily crept out and encircled the building, an evil gleam in his eyes, w ith intent to kill, only to find the two m ascots, the goat and the sheep, playing leap-frog under the building to keep warm. M em bership is now open to the “Polar B ears.” C h a rter m e m b e rs: Regim e n tal Supply Sergt. Cornell, and M echanic Johns. Rendez-vous: The show er baths. T im e : 5:30 a. m. As a result of a division order hot off the griddle, sheepskin coats may be picked up very reasonably by officers from Sergt. Landis, M echanic Johns, and our very good friend, Pvt. Bill Creagh, of H e a d q u a rters Co. We especially recom m end Bill’s as be­ ing an unusually fine one. It has been noticed by a num b e r of the men th a t certain non-coms are no longer eating in the kitchen. W e w o n d er why. W e m ight also inquire if a certain Supply Sergeant has cleaned the dust off his mess- kit. 102D FIELD SIGNAL BATTALION. M ajor W illiam S. Hollohan, commanding, who has been in W a shington and New York on business since D ecem ber 3d, returned to camp on D ecem ber 13th. He reports much cold w e a ther at home, but less snow than here. Six of the eight m o torcycles w ith side cars assigned to the battalion on the tables have now been delivered, and are found m o st helpful in Q. M., Paym a s ter and H e a d ­ quarter errands. The S p a rtanburg roads are believed to offer the riders good prac­ tice in negotiating the shell craters to come. Lieut. Steeves, detailed to the Gas School,, has com pleted the course and comm enced to in s tru c t the battalion. W ith seven, classes a day the forty-eight box respirators- on hand are w o rking full time, and being: disinfected hourly. The battalion turned out on forty-five m inutes’ notice for review by General Michie on T h u rsday m orning, Decem ber 13th, and is believed to have m ade a credit­ able showing. The glazed surface of the roads caused the anim als of the m o u n ted Companies A and B to slip and spraw l in dangerous fashion, but happily, the parade w ent through w ithout an accident. W ives of officers and enlisted men of the battalion now in Spartanburg have, under the able direction of Mrs. Hollohan, taken vigorous m e a sures to m ake the C h ristm as celebration a success. By m eans of a per­ sonal letter to veterans, the home auxiliaries and m o thers and fathers of the personnel, contributions have been obtained for lights and additional decorations, and various se­ cret plans for home boxes are being laid. Discipline is strong in the 27th Division. A corporal of the battalion obtained ten days’ furlough to go home and be m a rried, but found difficulties in the mind of the m aiden when he reached New York. So fearful was he of possible consequences of a court m a rtial for false pretences th a t he wooed, won and wed another lady w ithin his leave period, and returned sm iling to report the event to his benedict captain. F ir s t Lieut. Dudley C. H u ghes, D ental Corps, has moved into walled and heated quarters to our east, and transferred his stump-pulling activities from the rear of our C. Q.’s ten t to the Sanitary Building of the 107th U. S. Infantry, assisted th e r e to by S. O. No. 123, Div. Hdqrs., Dec. 4th. G. I.

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