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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, December 29, 1917, Image 12

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10 THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER “ C” COMPANY, 107TH U. S. INFANTRY. Next to the “ Christmas D a y ” celebration held in the mess shack, the Company dinner was the most im p ortant affair. The affair was arranged by Private M aher and Bettes. The famous “ Jazz B a n d ,” led by Bugler Sommers, played. Sunday we spent a few hours in the Camp trenches, and if you should ask anybody they will tell you how much they enjoyed their visit. The mercury was hovering around the bottom of the thermometer, and the boys were bundled up like Eskimos. There were many humorous events th a t oc- cured during our stay, especially our good friend Corp. Ingalls halting two or three trees; “ H a lt,” cried our Corp. Ingalls, but not a sound disturbed the stillness of the night. “ Come out from behind those trees,” but there was 110 one there and if there were our Corp. would surely have had them. One of the observers approached a certain man about nine 0 ’clock Sunday morning and politely inquired if he could have a loan of his gun. Our bright friend replied th a t if anybody got his gun, it would be the sharp end of the bayonette. Pvt. Delehunt has been appearing on Thursday mornings with a few bruises. He is a pupil, a very apt one at that, of P rank Moran, who is endeavoring to teach the art of self-defense to our boys. We enjoyed our hike in the snow last Friday, and discovered also th a t we have a few pitchers who are wasting their ability throwing' snowballs instead of baseballs. ‘ ‘ S n o w b ird7 7 Schaumberg seemed to be the target for the bunch and the funny part of it is, he did not seem to mind it, except oc­ casionally when somebody accidently con­ fused the mud with the snow. The “ lucky 24, 7 7 that is about the most appropriate title for them, are busy “ doll­ ing u p 7 7 for the trip home. The “ Old man of the W oods,77 whom we all know, had everything ready for the trip, but when he discovered that he had not been elected a member of the 1 ‘ 24, 7 7 he came and told us confidentially that he was not very anxious to go anyway. We all wish to extend our congratulations to Sergeants Harnisfeager, Prindle, Rhine- hard, and all the rest of the boys home on furloughs. A rthur met Hayner and Pierce in town, last week, with two dames and he says that he tried as hard as he could to “ horn in .77 According to A rttie, Hayner was deaf, dumb and blind to everything. If Smith doesn 7t hurry and get well soon, the boys will be sending him flowers. Our musical talent usually gather about nine 0 7cloek in the “ eook7s te n t 7,7 to rehearse their famous 1 ‘ A lley band.7 7 Strong and Corp. Jack Lee have a grouch 011 these last few days. Guess those usual fine pink envelopes aren 7t appearing in the mail. —J. S. M., Jr. 47TH INFANTRY. Wednesday evening, December 19th, was “ s t u n t77 n ight for the boys of the 47th. The stunts were staged in the Y. M. C. A. build­ ing number 96. Captain C. L. Tucker of M Company, acted as master of ceremonies, that being his last night with his company, as his resignation had been accepted during the afternoon. The whole affair was most inter­ esting. The Regimental Band rendered the opening number, which was followed by songs, recitations, and bouts. The building was crowded with an appreciative audience, and the consensus of opinion was that the fighting 47th could frolic with the best of them. There was one disappointment, which those present keenly regretted. Top Ser­ geant Alexander, of Co. I, and Top Sergeant Klein, of Co. M, had drawn up the neces­ sary papers to appear before the bunch and show the boys that all the fighters had not become camp instructor, but two, at least, were still in the ring—ready to do or die. When their names were called they were seen behind the stove arguing about whether they should shake hands before the bout started. It sounded somewhat like a Jewish Jazz Band playing a stolen march. When last heard of they were still 1 c talking it over.7 7 Let us hope that in the near future the two “ Tops77 will be matched again. As Top Sergeants they are at bottom of all the trouble in their companies, and the boys would relish seeing them shaking their fists at each other, instead of wagging their tongues. Sergeant Tucker, of the Regimental Band, is responsible for the following: N ative of Richmond (glancing at the Ser­ geant, and the rest of B and): “ W hat out­ fit is this, please?” Sergeant (showing every sign of self- elation): “ This, sir, is the famous 47th of Brooklyn.7 7 N ative: “ Is this all there is of it?77 Sergeant: “ No, Sir, we are recruited up to full war strength.7 7 N a tive: *i Where are they? 7 7 Sergeant: 1 {They are doing guard duty in four different states.77 N ative: “ Are you sure there are not any of them in Brooklyn?77 Sergeant: ‘ i Quite sure, sir.7 7 N ative: “ In that case I think I will move there—because I will be safe.77 108TH INFANTRY. The following have received furloughs to visit their homes during the past week from the Machine Gun Company: Private Daniel Flanigan, to Springfield, Mass.; Private Charles Leibert, to Buffalo, N. Y.; Corporal Perkins, to Rochester, N. Y.; Private A. Ed­ wards, to Buffalo, N. Y.; P riv a te “Bud77 Cudahy, to Cleveland, Ohio; Cook J. Ryan, to Buffalo. —D. F. Send The Gas Attack to the folks back home. They like it. .COMPANY “ C,” 108TH INFANTRY. Sergeant Hoskins and Corporal Mickies proved themselves to be “ live w ires7 7 while installing the telephones at the 108th Rifle Range. The result is that Happy and Mike have been held over here, attached to the Signal Corp. M ajor Couchman feels m ighty proud of the “ Bungo-Cabin7 7 erected for him by the boys. The cabin, w ith its cozy interior has made the Major 7s stay in the mountains worth while. Lieut. Shaw, of Company C, is known to the men as 1 ‘ Snapshot Jim m y 7 7—but not when he is w ithin hearing. He has taken more pictures of the Rifle Range Expedition than Doc. Cook took of the N o rth Pole. A fter hiking the 82 miles like a “ young one,7 7 Captain Farm er, of Co. C, was forced to surrender to a very severe cold, and re­ turned to Camp Wadsworth. Mountain Lions Scarce. Private Mabie, while walking post about two a. m. Thursday had his attention a ttrac t­ ed by a dark object. Mabie at once fixed his bayonet, and advanced upon the enemy. A rriving, he assumed the position of “ on guard,7 7 and commanded * ‘ Long T h rust.7 7 He realized the point of the joke while pull­ ing his bayonet from the tree. Corporals Lonkey, Goodrich and McCook had a rabbit feast after a little hunting party. But we regret to say that they tried cooking it on a Sibley stove. The next morn­ ing McCook and Goodrich answered sick call. Lonkey would have responded too—if he had eaten any of the “ Rabbit a la Sib­ ley. 7 7 Lieut. Donlin returned from New York after enj oying a furlough. L ittle did he ex­ pect what he was returning to until he hit Glassy Rock, “ The Rifle R a n g e .7 7 Some traps are made for the express pur­ pose of catching animals. Lieutenants Shaw and Tieboldt spent much valuable time in building one in order to catch, what? Irish rabbits? We think so, as the bate used is a, large piece of potato. Corporals Hogan, Goodrich, and Meyer found a farm house where a delicious chicken dinner is served for fifty cents. Most every night now they duck for their chicken. The meal is not the only attraction, however, as the young lady of the house is just as mag­ netic in drawing them to th a t vicinity. If anybody has been favored with a smile as yet, from that quarter he has failed to men­ tion it. M. PCS PLAY POOL. The Pool T o u rnam e n t th a t is being held in Oscar H e ilm a n ’s Billiard Room on the Blackstock Road for the championship of the M. P.’s is going m e rrily along w ith pri­ vate Spang leading w ith three wins to his credit. The w inner and runner-up of this tournam e n t will play two men from the Sup­ ply and two from the Ammunition T rain for the pool cham p ionship of the 102nd Trains, and M ilitary Police.

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