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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, December 29, 1917, Image 16

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14 THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER News of the Y. M. C. A, EDITED BY ERNEST W. LESLIE. \ § f l | i p a ; ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ W I L L I A M J. D A V I S O N Camp Y. M. C. A. Secretary. W illiam J. Davison, Camp Executive Sec­ retary of the Army Y. M. C. A. at Camp W adsworth, was born in Albany, N. Y. He was the son of a Civil W a r veteran and started in the Y. M. C. A. w o rk in his home city as a physical director. •Later 011 he was called elsew h ere and served the Y. M. C. A. for sixteen years. At the end of th a t tim e he was called back to Albany as physical director, serving four years in that capacity and then being pro­ moted to general secretary, the position he now holds. Very few men in the Y. M. C. A.*secretaryship m ake good in their home city, but Mr. Davison is an exception to this rule, as he stands very high in his official as well as his personal position in the com­ m u n ity and the Albany Association stands as one. of the leading institutions in the city. Mr. Davison is a natural born athlete and leader of men. He has had most unusual success as an instructor and coach of w restling and football and is known throughout the Y. M. C. A. field as an ex­ pert on m asked calisthenics, gym n astic dancing and pageantry. He is the author of several books on these subjects. One of his hobbies is th a t of keeping him ­ self in fine physical condition, and he en­ joys nothing better than a good w orkout w ith a company or battalion of W adsw o rth soldiers. For some weeks past he has been giving exercises to the officers of the sani­ tary train and the camp dentists. Mr. Davi­ son was one of the pioneer secretaries at Camp W adsw o rth, coming to the camp as physical director and upon Mr. C. W. Die­ trich’s call to France his co-workers were unanim o u s in their desire of having Mr. Davison act as their leader. NEWS OF THE UNITS. U n it 92. This unit has had a good week in the line of activities, the movie shows being espe­ cially good. W e w ere fortunate in having w ith us this w eek two noted speakers, Dr. Charles E. Jefferson, of the Broadway T a b e r­ nacle, New York, who spoke on W ednesday evening, and Dr. Seerley, of Springfield, Mass., who spoke Friday evening on the sub­ ject, “Sex and M anhood.” The 74th Regi­ m ent orchestra favored us w ith a fine con­ cert on Monday evening, and we are hoping they will see their way clear to come to the building often. U n it 93. The baby unit of the camp, No. 93, is m a k ­ ing things hum w ith activities. The stunt night on W e d n esday was one of the best we have had to date, and the movies this week w ere particularly good. W e consider ourselves fortunate in having had two fa­ mous lecturers visit the building and speak to the men this week, Dr. F. N. Seerley speaking in the building on Thursday and Dr. Charles E. Jefferson on Friday. Unit 98. The usual crowds have been on hand every night at this unit. Dr. Seerley and Dr. Jefferson, both noted speakers, have been at Camp W a d sw o rth this week and have visited our unit and spoken to the boys. Both speakers w ere wrell received and were honored by record-breaking crowds. The band concert by the 71st Regim ent band under the direction of Sergt. J. H. Mode, was particularly good. On Sunday was held a union communion service at which there were present some four hun­ dred men. We hope to repeat this service again. Educational classes are booming at Unit No. 96 and are now m eeting three tim es a week in new class-rooms. The movie shows continue to please and draw big crowds. Unit 95. The big event of the week was the dedi­ cation of the building last W ednesday even­ ing. Camp Secretary W. J. Davison pre­ sided and talks were given by General Michie, Colonel Andrews and M ajor Roose­ velt. The 10th Regim ent band and its ge­ nial conductor provided the music for the occasion, along w ith a solo by Secretary John L. Nelson. Chaplain Kelly and Secre­ tary D rysdale offered the dedicatory prayer and benediction. The secretaries in charge of the building follow: B u ilding Secretary, L. K. L e w is; Religious W o rk Secretary, R. J. D rysdale; Social Secretary, J. L. Nelson; Educational Secretary, A. E. Jenny; A thletic Secretary, H. B. O rtner. The use of a fine Powers moving picture m achine has been given to the unit by Col. Andrews, of the 105th Infantry. U n it 97. M ajor Bell’s Ammunition T rain aggrega­ tion once more favored the men of this section last Friday night w ith one of their excellent entertainm e n ts. It would be an im p o ssibility to pick out which num b e r was the best. M entioning individuals, Sergt. W. A. Downer, of the 106th Field A rtillery, was certainly there w ith the li’l old violin, and Joe W h ite and Jim m ie Fogarty, of the Sup­ ply T rain can sing some. It was an en ter­ tainm e n t w o rthy of the best audience and was thoroughly appreciated. A new face is seen behind the counter which belongs to E. S. Fitz, who comes from Baltim o re to help in the work. An expert accountant, Mr. Fitz has already made him ­ self invaluable in system a tizing the busi­ ness of the unit. Capt. F iala’s lecture on “Fighting the Polar Ice” is a corker and the best p a r t of it is th a t it is all first hand inform a tion, as the captain was w ith Commodore Peary on his historical trip to the N o rth Pole. The unit was favored w ith the lecture last W ednesday night. Dr. Seerley certainly made him self strong with the men last Tuesday night, as well as securing m any recruits for the “Manhood League.” The doctor has a strong, pleasant way of putting things, speaking straight from the shoulder, backed by a virile per­ sonality and an engaging smile. In terest increases in the “sings” led by Mr. Clark, on W e d n esday nights. The song slides used are all favorites and are sung lustily. The religious services are well attended and much interest is m anifested. The num ­ ber of T e stam e n ts asked for increases and m any signify their desire to be helped in leading lives acceptable to God. Dr. Jeffer­ son brought a strong m e ssage last Sunday and Dr. Jordan was well received a few nights ago. Owing to the moving of various m ilitary units new teachers have been secured for most of the classes. But the work still goes on w ith unabated interest. Mr. Bonk has left us, going to the new unit tem p o rarily established in a tent near the R em o u n t Station and Q u a rterm a ster (Continued on page 20)

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