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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, January 05, 1918, Image 11

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THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER 9 “ THE WEARING OF THE BLUE.” New H a t Cords Cause W eeping and Gnashing of Teeth Among Erstwhile Cavalry- . men, He couldn’t have been more than 21 or so—a m ere kid. B u t he slouched down the road past H e a d q u a rters like an aged man. In his once cherubic face there were etched a thousand dry w rinkles, like those of a man who has passed through m any terrors. H is eyes w ere furtive, self-accusing. N e r­ vously he shifted his hat, averting his glance. H is once lovely h a ir had w h itened and the clever p a rt th a t was w o n t to cleave hack over the centre of his no longer pink scalp had vanished. Reggie? Reggie Van Rye, of E a s t Sixty- th ir d street, Beverly and Ormond Beach? To be sure! Reggie! B u t w h a t a change! W h a t terrible thing had been visited upon jolly old Reggie? “Old dear,” groaned Reggie as I gripped his fevered hand, “they’ve done it at last. A fter slipping our good nags over to the bal­ ly Rem o u n t we rath e r expected it was the beginning of the end, but—” Reggie began skidding. H is voice choked up on him and he bowed his head—possibly to hide from me a tear or so. “Forgive me, old m an,” he gulped once, he had regained him self. “It has me by the throat. Did you see it—-see it on my hat? G h astly; w h a t? Blue, old dear, blue as blue and I’m afraid its going to break the good old sp irit of a lot of the chaps back there in the cavalry. By jove, I ju s t can’t bring m y ­ self to say m achine gunners, somehow. Good work, m achine guns and all th a t but there’s not the old sm artness, somehow or other. “As I say, we could stand the loss of our horses. Between you and me, old fellow, we thought they were spoofing us a bit; th a t they would send the jolly old beasts back to us. “But then they took our riding breeches— the breeches most of us had tailored our­ selves ; m o unted breeches some of the artil­ lery fellows called ’em. Then they took our currycom bs—even the im ported ones, and our spurs—crested ones and all. “L ittle by little they underm ined our fra ­ ternity. It was a good bit like a frat, after all, old man, the troop. Our saddles and sabres, next. Yes, and then our pig-skin puttees. By jove, it m addens me, to think of it. See w h a t we wear now, instead. Look like ju s t anybody w ith these canvass and leather affairs on our legs. “B u t we managed to preserve our individ­ uality to a certain extent w ith our yellow h a t cords. We still had those. “B u t look! Look at us now ! Look at my dam ned hat! Look a t the cord! Blue! Doughboy blue. Who is to distinguish us now? W h at girl is going to pick us out of the crowd, now ? How could she? W e’re just like all the rest of the men now. I tell you, old fellow, it was hard, rotten hard ITZ KOMINOFF SCHEDULE FOR THE WEEK IN RUSSIA. (In order th a t those of our readers who are planning to go to R u ssia on furlough may have no doubt as to who is in power at any tim e we will p r in t the official schedule for each week, furnished by our Vlodivlo- stock correspondent, Itz Kominoff. The schedule is subject to change by anyone a t a m om ent’s notice.) M o n d a y —Bolsheviki in power. Army to be reorganized and all officers and non-commis­ sioned officers destroyed. All mem bers of the K o inski (w ealthy class) owning property to the am o u n t of 1,000,000 kopecs ($2.67), will im m ediately be throw n into jail and their property taken by whoever happens to be chief of the Bolsheviki to be held in tru s t for the W o rking People. T u e s d a y —T rotup and Kanteroff, form erly of the K eith Circuit, organizing new party, nam e still uncertain, for the protection of the w o rking class. All members of the w o rk­ ing class will tu r n in all their money to the party leaders for which they w ill be is­ sued m em o randum receipts. The afternoon and it has just played hob w ith us, I can tell you. “We buried the dear old past, the other night. Oh, yes, buried it. Believe me, old fellow, we were fearfully attached to the old life. Had a regular funeral cortege or w h a te v e r you call it, you know. Jack Fitz- m a u rice played Chopin’s Funebre on his ukulele and some chap or other blew taps on his bugle. “We buried them all together—a yellow h a t cord, a pair of Bobbie Lexington’s spurs, a pair of my old puttees, an old troop cur­ rycomb and a few good old h a ir s out of Jim m y B a x ter’s thoroughbred’s tail. Jolly, w asn’t it? Rotten, really. Thanks, old man. Knew you’d sym pathize. So long.” And the broken youth slunk along, cling­ ing to the shadows. —'W. A. D. NIGHT IN CAROLINA. It’s night-tim e in Carolina, And the camp is wrapped in sleep; The w a n d e ring breezes whisper, The dusky shadows creep, The bugle notes m elt fast away, A farewell song to dying day, And then flash out, from chilly height, The sparks from God’s anvil, flaming bright. N ight throw s her nocturne tresses far To clasp them w ith a diam ond star; And then her silver dipper dips, To wash w ith dew w ith flush-red lips; Of golden sunset is her crown, W ith moonspun silver bound aroun,’ W hile, from the tip of each tiny spire, Burns the pure light of celestial fire. Thus, above the sleeping fort, Tim e’s dark beauty holds her court. A herald m eteor flashes by; W h a t is it?—a passing soul, Or ju s t stard u s t ^ across the sky. The m u rm ’ring grasses w h isper “Sleep,” Safe in the tender w atch they keep. W ith steady pace w alks the sentinel, The w o rld’s a t rest—all’s well. D. S t a n l e y B e a t t i e , Hdgts. Co, 105th Inf. “ WAY DOWN SOUTH IN GREENWICH VILLAGE.” A request has been m ade for the nam es and organizations of the men in the 27th Division residing in Greenwich Village, N. Y. City. A d d ress: F ir s t Sergeant E. Sulli­ van, Supply Company, 107th Inf., Camp W adsw o rth. has been set aside for a battle royal between the schzecks, the chzeks and the kszeks for the control of the governm ent on Thursday. W e d n e s d a y —New governm ent, headed by Lenine and Kerosene. This w ill be known as the Polular party and will he composed of six men. L ittle else is known about it. The regular W ednesday afternoon holiday will be observed for w ashing clothes and a general clean up. T h u r s d a y — The party w inning Tuesday’s battle royal will be in power. All lands of the K o iniski w ill be confiscated and divided up among the party leaders to be held in tru s t for the w o rking people. A committee of the IW W and the RSVP will m e et to con­ sider a separate peace w ith the Canary Is­ lands. F r id a y —The regular Friday afternoon co­ alition governm e n t has been called off on ac­ count of the shortage of coal. ' S a t u r d a y —B a ttle between the Cossacks and the Hassocks for the control of Ubbuk. This is the key to the entire situation as here are stored the W inter supply of sam ­ ovars for the whole of Russia. • S u n d a y — R e g u l a r v / e e k l y d i s b a n d i n g of th e a r m y . — E . S.

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