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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, January 05, 1918, Image 12

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ig THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK and RIO GRANDE RATTLER M A C H INE GUM CO., 1O0TH INFANTRY. W ith due appreciation of the hard w o rk on the p a rt of Mess Sergeant Thompson, Cooks Gorman, M elbourne and Orio, we en­ joyed a very delectable feast of the follow­ ing for dinner Christm as Day at two o’clock: R o ast Turkey w ith D ressing, Gravy M ashed Potatoes G reen Peas C ranberry Sauce Stuffed Olives Mince Pie A m erican Cheese Apples O ranges A ssorted N u ts Candies Bread and B u tter Coffee C igarettes The mess shack was artistically decorated w ith holly and our sm all company tree stood out in its glory of tinsel and electric lights. The m eal was a success and all w ere let­ ting out th e ir belts several inches. Our company Ichabad Crane P rivate Long- necker was asleep as usual at bomb throw ­ ing practice Monday forenoon. W e note w ith great delight P rivate Sm ith is cultivating a Charlie Chaplin m o u stache, w hich he is not going to shave off until the division goes over seas. How is it th a t our honorable Corp. Me- Bvoy has the Gimmies right after pay day? Ask Cook Orio. W h a t does P rivate Longnecker do w ith all the pills he gets from the hospital? P rivate Rurolde had the pleasure of hav­ ing his m o ther, brother and fiancee spend C h ristm a s w ith him. Sergeant M onahan, Corp. Conklin and Cleary have been granted furloughs over the holidays. W hy has Private Mose left the 18th squad? W o n d er when P rivate N o rm an is going to th e M. P.’s. W ill he let Corp. McEvoy get by w ithout a pass? W h en is P rivate King going to help his squad get som e wood? W e notice Lieut. C u rtis’s Tigers (Third Platoon) are rig h t there w ith the pep in th e ir right-hand salute. W h a t m akes Bill U lrich such a grouch these days? W. N. He visited the mess halls several tim es, and found an u tter lack of system in our eating, so he form u lated this plan: Each m an as be enters the m ess hall will be weighed, and w h en he leaves, weighed again. In this way it can he determ ined just how much in w eight each m an eats by subtracting the first num b e r from the last. The largest eater will he given No. 1, the second largest No. 2, and so on down. The men will be seated at the table according to their num b ers and rations will be in pro­ portion. In this way each m an will get ju s t th e desired am o u n t, therefore all w a ste will be elim inated. This system of eating efficiency, he calculates, will save the gov­ ernm e n t at least one cent per day for each company. In addition to th a t no m an will be al­ lowed to place his elbows on the table while eating, for the old fish says it w ears the elbows of the shirt out nineteen hours and forty-two m inutes sooner. This he calculates will result in a saving of .792 cents per shirt. H. C. B. GO. F, 102MD ENGINEERS. Efficiency Expert on the Job. A fter weeks of planning the new “Speed K ing,” who was engaged to produce m o re efficiency in the arm y , has given out a few of his system s which will soon he in motion. The Old Shark figures th a t by putting windows in th e top of the tents so the moon can shine in, a saving of enough electricity will be accom p lished to light up the parade grounds sufficiently for the troops to drill at night. AMBULANCE COMPANY 106. Am b u lance Co. 106 (2d N. Y.) of Roches­ ter, N. Y., was often read of in 1916 in the pages of the R a ttler. M ajor Charles O. Boswell, who organized the company, is now seeing active service in France, hut his old command, under the leadership of 1st Lieut. Alfred F. Correbur, is still doing business at the old stand a t Camp W adsw orth. At present the m ain topic of conversation is furloughs. Lieut. Correbur, the com m anding officer, left on a ten-day furlough to visit Roches­ ter last week. The following men are now on furlough: Sergt. (1st CL) Jam e s H. Fowle, Privates (1st Cl.) Charles H indt, Dewey De Hey, W. D. Doty, .Stanley W Hicks. Everybody has undoubtedly heard of “General Rum o r,” hut for the benefit of those who do not know it, it is stated th a t Ambulance Co., 106th, boasts (?) of having his chief assistant in their ranks. He is P rivate “Gus” Burton. If any officer or m an w ants to know w h ere we are going from here, w hen we are going, if we are going, or any other im p o rtant m a tter they should just call on Gus. H e is m o st a t home in a building near the show er bath and prom ­ ises a new rum o r every tw enty-four hours. All the com p any lacks now is regular New York girls to have some regular tim es. A piano has been installed in th e m ess hall and w h en M usician A rthur Melville plays the thoughts of all the hoys in fancy drift back to dear old R o c h e ster and “the girl we left behind.” E. M. O. COMPANY “ C,” 107TH U. S. INFANTRY. On last W ednesday, Decem b er 19th, our company was well represented a t the com­ pany dinner we held in “H a rrison’s Joy H o u se.” The food was excellently cooked and en­ joyed im m ensely by everybody. “Old Man B e ttes” blew the hoys to some “Bevo” which, of course, was som ew h at inferior to the Bevo we had at our farew ell supper in New York. Sergeant H a rnisfeagher and P rivate B e ttes also donated five dollars each for door prizes and Sergeant McAdie and P r i­ vate D raper were the lucky hoys. Donovan, of course, favored us w ith his fam o us “W a n d e rer” song. Sergeant H a rnisfeagher entertained the boys w ith some absolutely new rum o rs, and he is the boy who can spill them , too. Our Christm a s dinner and entertainm e n t was immense. Captain Raecke, L ieutenants Sm ith and Bowman worked very hard to m ake our C h ristm a s a happy one and they succeeded in doing so. W e will have m o re about our C h ristm as celebration in the next issue, as our tim e is lim ited ju s t now. We would all like to know w h a t T a te did w ith the roast chickens B ettes had sent to him. W ill somebody kindly inform P rivate H o rr when the w a r will end? All he does is w a n ­ der from ten t to ten t asking everybody th a t question. Strong and Lee had been w alking around like two hom eless orphans until those “pink envelopes” arrived last Thursday. Corporal Strong is in the hospital at present, but expects to be out very shortly. Don’t try to stop any more Fords w ith your feet, Ossy. I guess Somm ers will go out into the woods the next tim e he w a n ts to sta r t a shooting m atch. He won’t sta r t any m o re parades at night, either. W h a t about it, Aubrey. W h a t did Freddie Schlisher get for C h rist­ m as? Ask Jerry Lyons. H e knows. Cassilli thought he was m aking a great hit w ith two of the S p a rtanburg beauties last W ednesday until he discovered the lady whom he thought was looking at him was cross-eyed. Some head. Tulip w ishes to know if anybody has a bag they can lend him. H e needs it badly. J. S. M. Jr. MACHINE GUN CO., 1Q5IH INFANTRY. N a turally at this tim e of year th e chief topic of discussion in the com pany street is the holiday furlough. Among those who have leaves of absence until after C h ristm a s are the following: Sergeants DeGanahl, W asson, Powell, H am ilton, F a rrell, Corporal

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