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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, January 05, 1918, Image 15

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THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER ing night he was caught trying it on his ankle. Bugler W a ttison is rapidly developing into a first-class dog trainer. For the p a s t few days he has been accom p anied a t retrea t by a select canine chorus. Percy Davies has at last come into his own. His days of skipping mess for an ex­ tra half hour a t polishing and cleaning to grab the super n u m e r a r y ’s job are over. He was m a d e corporal of the Sixth , Squad. At the sam e tim e P rivate King was presented w ith a lance corporal’s chevron. AMBULANCE COMPANY 108. Mess Sergeant Tierney received a tele­ gram from Bingham ton, N. Y., telling him th a t his father was the donor of the turkey a t the com p any’s C h ristm as dinner. The telegram , through some delay, was delivered too long after the holiday to m ake the news known to the men. P rivates H ank Scratford and R u therford P latte have shaved off their m o u staches. A num b e r of the men received recent pres­ ents of money belts. The only solution of the problem of w h a t to do w ith them seem s to be to put tobacco in one pocket of the belt and kindling wood in the other. P rivate Charlie Flanagan has a story. It is called the adventure of the mug. A sk his tent-m a tes about it. The company quartette has been holding recent rehearsals in the show er hath pa­ vilion or in Stable Sergeant R am p e’s ten t back on the hill back of the company street. The company seem s to think th a t distance lends enchantm e n t to these harm o n ies. H o rseshoer Rapp has m ade a poker for the second squad of the second section. Much obliged, Rapp. On a recent holiday Sergeant Haucke, of Cornell football fame, w ent over to In­ m an w ith some fellow collegians a-calling to go. B e rt Orrell, who was a dandy little quarterback w h en he was at A m h erst, car­ ried off the eating honors, according to those present, and would have done the sam e to the tablecloth if the hostess hadn’t re ­ moved it in time. But it was “Chief” H aucke who scored the greatest novelty: he let a girl pin a rose on him! Company Clerk G aler has returned from a fu r lo u g h /sp e n t in W o rcester, N. Y. Some of the fellows say th a t th a t’s all anybody could spend there. COMPANY A, 47TH. Private A d rian floated into the mess hall at breakfast the other m o rning, after an extended furlough. He called for black cof­ fee. He forgot th a t the coffee is always black now—it’s in m o u rning for the milk. Corp. Covert was invited to partake of a C h ristm as box belonging to Corp. Schild- heour. Corp. Covert pitched in to heat the band, and glancing at the em p ty box, Corp. Schildheour said: “Never again.” Sergeant McDonald doesn’t like to have the regim e n t m entioned. The forty-seventh recalls very sad memories. HEADQUARTERS CO. OF THE 102ND ENGINEERS HAS DOUBLE BARREL­ LED CHRISTMAS ENTERTAIN­ MENT. About the livest bunch in camp assem b le d in the m ess shack of H e a d q u a rters Com­ pany of the E n g ineers on C h ristm as Eve and C h ristm a s night. The Christm a s Eve party was not on the schedule, hu t when the company gathered in the mess shack to receive the rem e m b rances presented to the men by Colonel and Mrs. V a n d e rbilt and the Colonel’s m o ther, they w ere in such good spirits th a t a spontane­ ous entertainm e n t broke out. It w a s so good th a t when the officers who had made the tour of com p anies w ith the Colonel, com p leted their trip a num b e r of them re­ turned to H e a d q u a rters Company and spent the evening. The interior decorations of the m ess shack were enough to m ake any crowd happy. Credit for the unusual decoration of the mess shack goes to the initiative of Cook Dietz, and McKean, Levin, M a ster E n g ineer Milks and several others who volunteered their help. T h e w agoners scoured the country for ferns, holly, a C h ristm a s tree, and all the necessary m a terial, and Dietz and his a r ­ tistic group did the rest. W h en th e job was done it looked like rendevous in a thicket in a wood w h ere poets, Bacchus and good fellows meet. The schem e of illum i­ nation and artificial flowers, gave the scene an atm o sphere of w arm th, com fort and good cheer. Sergeant R o senberg rose to the occasion Christm as Eve and carried the im p rom p tu entertainm e n t through to a success. C h rist­ mas night S e rgeant M ajor A tkinson took charge of the program , and everything w e n t off w ith a bang. T h e re were songs, recitations, stories and instrum e n tal music galore and golora. The grape flowed freely, hut it was the kind Bill B ryan approves. “G iblets” Cristel, Chris Newman, Joe Carey, Shiels, Sergeant Bill Diersing, Bill Hummel, McGinty, Lacey, Connors and Bill Hummel contributed their favorite songs and stories, and each had to appear several times. McGowan put the bun in an uproar every tim e he appeared w ith his side-splitting Irish stories and songs. Olson and Allen gave a happy surprise when they w ere called to step to the front and sing, and Fluey Johnson m ade good w ith his soft shoe dance. The quartet composed of th e Garcia brothers, Chris Newm an and P e te Carder- elli did their p a r t w ith credit. Curtis, the violinist, played up to his usual high standard, and he and P e te Car- derelli, w ith the guitar, w ere an entire or­ chestra by them selves. Carderelli also sang a duet w ith Pordon th a t was one of the big hits of the even­ ing. Among the visitors who brought m irth and comedy to the affair w ere Cook Gar- funkel, Flannigan, Clark and Brennan. G arfunkel and Flannigan had them all going w ith their comedy of songs, repartee and dancing. M ajor Goldstein, L ieutenant Bles, Lieu­ tenant Fitzgerald, L ieutenant M cCroskery, Captain Dunn, Captain H ines, L ieutenant W aters, form erly R e g im ental Sergeant M ajor, were there and thanked the boys for the good tim e they had. L ieutenant Bles and C aptain H ines starred as story tellers. The dinner was bounteous, delightful, and superbly prepared. Captain Bates, Regi­ m e n tal A d jutant and Comm ander of H e a d ­ quarters Company, was present w ith the boys and enjoyed the dinner as muqh as anyone present. Cooks Goldberg and Dietz, w ith the willing help of Bill Hummel, Shaw, McGinty, M cGrath and From m, won th e ir way into the hearts of the m en via the famous route of the stom ach. In his talk to the company Captain Bates told the men th a t he was proud of the company, and th a t was why he let them take care of their affairs by them selves as much as he did; he knew th a t anything they were given to do would be done well and on schedule. If they did not do their duty so well he would have to reside om their necks; but w ith the spirit of H e a d ­ quarters Company th a t isn’t necessary. MACHINE GUN COMPANY, 106TH INFANTRY. Mrs. Gleason and her daughter, E sther, of Los Angeles, Cal., visited P rivate W. W. E stely last Saturday. P rivate E stely cer­ tainly did relish the visit as Los Angeles is his home city. H is guests complimented Camp W adsw o rth by saying it was the clean­ est camp they had yet visited. It was rath e r unfortunate but w h e n they “paged” E stely he was found in the Mess H a ll laboring hard at the duties of a “kitchen police.” He is still w o n d ering how his “classy” friends from the W est took it. T rench Observer (looking in trench) — “Why don’t you chaps stop talking?” P rivate McDonough—“Pardon, sir. I un­ derstood this to be ‘com m u n icating trench.’ ” Recently two college men were picked for “kitchen police.” H a rvard was represented as was Cornell. The cook had the tim e of his life, and throughout the day one could hear him y e ll: “Come on you educated dum ­ mies, get busy. We don’t w a n t any pol­ ished language here—ju s t brighten up those pots and pans and th a t w ill add lu s tra to your nam es.” This week’s bright rem a rk: “It is a cold lover who has to hug a Sibley stove.” Send in your news. T h e fo r m e r cav a lr y men needn’t pine aw a y about their new blue hat cords. T h e y w o n ’t be blue long.

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