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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, January 05, 1918, Image 16

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THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER News of the Y. M. C. A. EDITED BY ERNEST W. LESLIE. P. M acGREGOR ALLEN. Mr. P. MacGregor Allen, Dean of the B u ilding Secretaries of the Army Y. M. C. A. at Camp W adsworth, was born of Scotch- Am erican parents in Portland, Me. He was educated in the public schools of Portland and later, upon the arrival of his fam ily in Canada, finished his schooling in the city of Ottawa. Mr. Allen for m any years before enter­ ing Y. M. C. A. w o rk was engaged in the building and contracting business in Al­ bany, N. Y., going from there to the w o rk of the Y. M. C. A. in 1904 as physical direc­ tor and later as general secretary in the cities of N. Adams and Westfield, Mass.; W aterford, Schenectady and Jam estow n , N. Y. From Jam estow n , N. Y., w h ere Mr. Allen had b e e n ' for the past four years, he came to Camp W adsw o rth in the capacity of building secretary before any of the Y. M. C. A. buildings were complete and when the Y. M. C. A. was serving the N o rth Caro­ lina soldiers in a tent. Mr. A llen’s hobby is singing; he being a very capable singer and song leader. As checker and chess player he has few, if any, equals in camp. Mr. A llen’s present am b ition is to stay w ith the 27th Division as long as they are at Camp W adsw o rth and when they move to France to go along w ith them. Y. M. C. A. PERSONALS. Mr. John Dame, who has had charge of Y„ M. C. A. U n it 94 at the Range, has left for his home in Chicago. H e will be suc­ ceeded in his w o rk by C h e ster W. Darrow, who has been acting as Building Educational Secretary a t U n it 97. Mr. D arrow left camp to take over his new duties on Sun­ day. D. M. Davis, of U n it 93 who was called home because of the death of Ms brother, has returned. W e welcome Davis back. Rev. R o b e rt Drysdale, religious w o rk di­ rector at U n it 95, has been granted a ten days’ furlough, and left W e d n esday for Ms home in Rochester, N. Y. J. L. Nelson, of U n it 95, left T h u rsday for Albany, N. Y., w h ere he will enjoy a short leave of absence. VOLUNTEER K R IS KRINGLES. The Y. M .' C. A. Secretaries all through the camp have become Santa Clauses lately, and have been busy ever since Christm a s distributing boxes of eats and other useful things sent on by friends back home. The Y Secretaries are glad to serve in this or any .other, c a p a c ity for the boys of the Em ­ pire State. UNIT NO. 92. D u ring Christm a s w eek the building was taxed to its capacity in serving men. About 15,000 pieces of m ail and parcel post w ere sent out in the few days preceding the holidays. E n tertainm e n ts suitable to the occasion took up alm o st every night. On W ednesday night Dr. Jefferson, of New York City, gave a good, straightforw a rd talk to the men. Dr. Paul Strayer, of R o c h e ster, spoke a t the Sunday evening service. On C h ristm a s Eve, w ith the as­ sistance of Chaplain W ard, a C h ristm a s song service was held. Two Christm as m o rning services w e re conducted in the building by Chaplain W ard, followed by an­ other C h ristm a s sing in the evening, under the direction of Mr. Clark. The present staff of the unit is as follows : F. J. Knapp, of U tica, N. J., Building Sec­ retary. F. A. Cunningham , of Providence, R. I., Religious Secretary. A rthur B. W rigley, of A tlantic City, N. J., E d u c a tional Secretary. R. G. Bell, of A tlanta, Ga., Social Secre­ tary. H. A. Davis, of N ashville, Tenn., A ssistant Secretary. H. A. H ildreth, of Elm ira, N. Y., Camp Pianist. A French class of exceptionally good en­ rollm e n t has been organized at the Base H o spital. The m e m b e rs of the class, ex­ pecting the “big journey” in the near fu­ ture, are progressing rapidly under the effi­ cient instruction of Private D’Jeronovo, of the 102th U. S. Engineers. In the Y. M. C. A. building, two M echanical D rawing and Topographical D rawing classes, w ith S e rgeant Juvenal, Co. F, 102d E n g ineers, as instructor, are m a k ing splen­ did progress. D u ring the cold w e a ther, the “Y” has been the headquarters for m any classes in m ili­ tary instruction. Chief am o ng these w e re the officers classes in higher m a them a tics and the classes in gas instruction. U NIT NO. 97. The usual activity has characterized the unit during the past week. The movies on M onday and T h u rsday nights continue w ith increasing popularity and attendance. Two very beautiful concerts by the 104th F. A. Band, under the direction of Band­ m a s ter Sutherland w ere given on Saturday and Sunday nights. The band rehearses in the building each day and gives us the bene­ fit of its efforts during the week. A plan will shortly be inaugurated by w h ich the bands of the 52d A rtillery B rigade and M ilitary Police will altern a te in giving con­ certs during the week. The Sunday night religious services are being m ade more interesting and active by the introduction of a bit of program by regi­ m ental talent, following the sing and preced­ ing the address. This feature has a great future and will fill a need. C h ristm as was fittingly observed in the unit. In co-operation w ith the chaplains a program consisting of movies and singing was put on M onday night. C h ristm as serv­ ices began w ith a m idnight m ass ju s t outside of the building, celebrated by Chaplain Fornes, of the 106th F. A., a picked choir and the band rendering the music. Chap­ lain Shipm an, of the 104th F. A., held two celebrations of the Holy Communion, one at 7:30 and the other a t 9:30, and the regi­ m e n tal service w ith serm o n at 10:30 and Chaplain Fornes said two other m a sses a t 7:40 and 9:40. In the evening, after a gen­ eral good tim e, the unit was honored by the presence of Gen. O’Ryan, who said a few words of greeting to the men. The special program of movies last F r i­ day night was pleasantly varied by singing and readings given by talen t from Spar­ tanburg. The men appreciate the people who come to us from outside and give of their ability to entertain. The staff is once more bereaved by the loss of E d u c a tional Secretary C h e ster W. Darrow. Mr. D arrow has gone to the range, w h ere the 105th F. A. is encam ped and will serve in the ten t there. No. 97 is certainly some training school for efficient w o rkers. On guard! A g a inst w h a t? A g a inst the next issue of The Gas A ttack, because it will p r in t another page of those rem a rkable poems by camp poets!

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