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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, January 05, 1918, Image 17

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THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER i5 UNIT NO. 96. There has been an unusual am o u n t of gayety in U n it No. 96 for the past week. On Decem b er 19th the 47th N. Y. Infantry put on a fine program , under the direction of Chaplain Edrop and Captain Tucker. The band and the different men who took p a rt certainly gave us a corking good treat. Dr. Jefferson’s talk on T h u rsday night was fine; there was a good crowd and the fel­ lows sure did appreciate his message. The movie Friday night was also good. Saturday night was left open. Sunday m o rning Chaplain Edrop held regim e n tal services. At night Dr. B a k e r gave a good talk. On Monday night, C h ristm as Eve, the 108th N. Y. Inf. band gave a fine concert betw een 8 and 9:30. There was also some singing, etc. From 11:00 to 12:00 the 47th Band played; at# 11:55 Otto K u h l of the Supply Co., 108th Inf., sang Ave Maria. The building was all decorated w ith holly, colored lights and a Christm a s tree and a beautiful altar was erected by the chaplains. C h ristm as night there was a good movie. The crowd, for there was a crowd, seem ed to appreciate it. FOLSOM’S IDEA OF RUNNING AN ARMY. W e ’d answ e r reveille in w h eel chairs, And have our breakfast brought to bed; W e’d have beer and liquors all the time, And never think of eating bread; But w e’d feed th e boys on angel cake, and demi tasse fine And th e n w e’d have ice cream and pie, and good bid Burgundy wine. W e’d never answ e r taps at night— You’d get home w h en you could, And w e ’d have electric heaters, And never think of burning wood. WTe’d never attend to lectures, And w e’d ride the bunk all day, And w h en a m a n was dead broke, He could ju s t go draw his pay. W e’d have lectures and drills on poker, And teach the recruits to roll the dice— Now think it over well, boys, W o u ldn’t th a t be pretty nice? SERGT. HARRY FOLSOM, Field Hosp 106. W A N A MAKER SOLDIERS, AHOY! All m en in the 27th Division who were ever connected w ith the John W a n a m a k e r Store, Philadelphia, Pa., are requested to send th e ir name, rank and organization to Colonel W illiam R. Scott, John W a n a m a k e r Store, Philadelphia. Gen. H aig: “ D id n 't it scare you when you heard the bullets whistling all around you?77 Gen. Joffre: 11 They d id n 't whistle. They were dum-dums.7 7 GERMAN ATROCITIES AGAINST AM E R I­ CAN SOLDIERS REPORTED. Despatches from the W estern front say that German atrocities against American soldiers are officially reported. An American sentry has been found w ith Ms throat cut and it is officially declared “ He m u st have been so killed after capture. ’ ’ Inform a tion concerning German savagery has reached the troops in one of a series of bulletins read to them by the unit comman­ ders and posted on the bulletin boards. Here is w h at they heard: A fter a raid by the Germans on trenches held by American troops, a lone sentry of • ----- - Infantry was found with his throat cut from ear to ear. He had been \surprised by an overwhelming force of Germans and must have been so killed after capture. Such brutality is fam iliar to old soldiers, who served against savages in the Philippine campaign. Another bulletin tells the men how the Germans in occupied sections of France and Belgium are turning women and children out of their homes into the snow, the buildings being then given over to soldiers, horses and m a terial. SERGEANT BECKMAN GAS ATTACKS ENGINEER HOSPITAL CORPS, BUT LOSES BRAVE FIGHT. Sergeant Beckman, of the Engineers, is out for revenge against the H o spital Corps. He breezed in the m o rning before Christm a s com p laining about a wisdom tooth and some white spots left in his thro a t after a case of tonsilitis, and was attacked en masse by L ieutenant Bles and L ieutenant Fitsger- ald, of the O. D. Pill departm ent, and Lieu­ tenant M acroskery, of the D ental and Dem­ olition departm e n t, reinforced by the en­ tire hospital corps under command of Ser­ geant Toole. Sergeant Beckman was seized, head, hands and heels, while L ieutenant Bles made a bayonet attack for the w h ite spots w ith L ieutenant Fitzgerald reconnoitering. Beckman entered upon a wordy w a rfare of camouflage, but suffered intensely as for fully fifteen m inutes he was prevented from talking. W hen Beckman was groggy the brigade 1 1 iced him in the dental chair and Lieu­ tenant M acroskery continued the assault a h a set of dynam ite drills brought in by the demolition squad. Beckman left threatening to train further and attem p t a come-back to get even; but he was told th a t if he came in again he would lose a tooth. Being C h ristm a s season, he decided th a t wisdom was the better p a r t of valor and the come-back will not be staged until a later date. NOT IN H IS LIN E . M a n a g e r: “ Hey th e r e ! Run up th a t cur­ tain, will you?7* Stage H and: “ Say! Ih n hired as a stage hand, not a squirrel.77 -—Purple Cow. FIELD HOSPITAL CO. 107. Saturday night, December 15th, the men who had been detailed to the Rifle Range at Glassy Rock arrived in camp after a very eventful trip. On the way to the range the m otor truck skidded w h ile m a k ing a sharp turn near “D a rk Corners,” and plunged over the edge of an em b ankm ent, carrying Ser­ geant W illiams, Church, H a rrison, O’Connor, W omersley, H e itzler and Sutka along w ith it on its wild journey down the precipitous slope. “Slats” B u rns was the only passen­ ger who was not “dum p ed” into the valley. Owing to his slim proportions the first jolt catapulted him skyw ard and lodged him in the boughs of a sturdy pine tree, w h ere he nestled for a second and then hack-flipped involuntarily to safer but less comfortable quarters—a babbling brook. The second truck, containing Lieut. Strickler, Stanwise, H aw thorne, Mosher and Brophy, narrow ly avoided a fate sim ilar to the one th a t befell the first machine, by becoming jam m ed betw e e n two sm all bould­ ers. Led by Lieut. Strickler, the occupants of this truck jum ped out and scrambled down the slope to where the first m achine lay overturned w ith its freight lying dis­ tributed in all directions. They w ere joy­ fully surprised to find the bunch unhurt, save for a few slight bruises. Stanwise, one of the “rescuing party,” re­ ceived quite a jolt when he noticed a pair of shoes protruding from under a pile of tentage and heavy boxes but after he suc­ ceeded in moving the heavier freight from the “victim ” and discovered th a t lie was adm inistering “first-aid” to a p a ir of “shoes, russet, m a rching,” he explained to the grinning crowd th a t he thought “sure’n blazes some one needed the attention of an undertaker.” Bill Brophy, better known as “W illiam S. H a rt,” begged “Mistali H ike,” the moun­ taineer canteen owner at the Rifle Range to open up his store and sell him some cigar­ ettes, etc., and “H ike” blandly inform ed him th a t “it was too d— cold for a humiiT be’in to be up and m oving around,” and “the fellaws oughtn’t be a-hangin5 arouiT a~ pesterin’ ta buy sum thin’ or other.” W omersley and Stanwise, fondly know n as the “German Spies,” while w o rking in the kitchen, lived up to th e ir reputation when they served “embalmed w e iners” to the bunch—the following m o rning the entire de­ tail reported “sick.” One night while the wind was blowing 80 miles per hour, Brophy, after w a tc h ing the tent pole “lean to” and careen like the m a st of a schooner, rem a rked, “th a t they ought to m ake Sandy Hook by three o’clock.” H aw thorne, the snake charm e r,, nearly lost his reputation when he used ; an angle­ worm as a substitute for a cobra. The detail indulged in sm all arm s firing and Sutka was voted the “dead-shot” of the bunch, excluding L ieutenant Strickler, ■ w ho hails from “old K e n tucky.”

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