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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, January 12, 1918, Image 11

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THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER 9 L tA V IN G SPARTANBURG FOQ CAMP 1 0 : 4 0 p.n- WARM WATER FOR SHOWER BATHS, M a terial is All Here But Regimental Com­ manders M u st Have the W ork of Instal­ lation Done and Then Provide Coal. The following bulletin in regard to the show er baths was issued from division head­ quarters yesterday: “The m a tter of the completion of the shower baths is being held up principally on account of the shortage of labor. “Upon certification of the regim e n tal com­ m ander to the effect th a t labor is available in his organization to do this work, he will .be supplied by the camp quarterm a s ter w ith the necessary m a terial for the completion of the showers, i. e., the installation of the heating apparatus and closing in for protec­ tion against the weather. “R egim ental comm anders must, in all •cases, accept full responsibility for such la­ bor. “It will be noted also th a t there is a short­ age of coal available for the heating of showers and there will be days when coal will be lacking for this purpose, w ith con­ sequent danger of freezing. “Each regim e n tal commander will be held •strictly responsible for any neglect or for damage to the showers from freezing, even though caused by coal shortage. In this con­ nection, it will be noted th a t wood is not satisfactory for this heating apparatus.’' All kinds of nuts will be represented in the H u t Humber of The Gas A ttack, out January :26th! KAISER SUBSCRIBES TO GAS ATTACK. Poor ole Bill Hohenzollern! Everybody is picking on him. We hope to pick on him a bit ourselves. The latest American atrocity to be perpetrated on the hapless K aiser will probably be the w. k. straw th a t will fracture the drom e d ary’s vertebrae. He has been made a subscriber to the Gas A ttack—-the only king on our free list. Regularly we are mailing a copy of the Gas A ttack, address­ ed, Mr. W illiam Hohenzollern, Kaiser, Berlin, Germany. (Please forward) As yet we have received no word of praise or thanks from our distinguished subscriber. We have watched the mails anxiously but have seen no letter bearing the seal of the imperial crows, or whatever those imperial birds may be. We would send a copy of the Gas A ttack to the Sultan of Turkey and the Emp. of Austria, but we don’t know their names. DESERTER GETS TEN YEARS. Posed as Officer and V isited M any M ilitary Camps. HO MORE GODMOTHERS FOR TROOPS IH FRAHCE AMERICAN HEAD QUARTERS IN FRANCE.—All those American girls who have been “ adopting” soldiers in Gen. Pershing’s army and have seen the possible evolution there from war romances are doom­ ed to disappointment, for high officials have put their official feet down on the practice and have put them down hard. The adoption scheme already threatens to clog the mails to a hopeless extent. In addition it is impracticable because the cen­ sorship regulations do not perm it the troops to correspond w ith persons they do not know. Private Phillip Van Enger, who prom o ted him self to the rank of lieutenant, assum ed the nam e of Lieut. V incent H oward Brandt, and deserted from two outfits, is facing a ten-year sentence in prison. He has been found guilty of desertion by a Camp W ads­ w o rth court m a rtial. Van E n g e r enlisted in Company B, 10th Regim ent, in Albany, last sum mer. He prom p tly deserted. He then tried the a r t il­ lery, enlisting in the Fifteenth Field A rtil­ lery, at Syracuse. He soon w ent over the hill. He then toured the Middle W est, New England and New York, in an officer’s uni­ form. He explained to the court th a t he is a w riter and was trying to get m a terial for m ilitary articles. W hile in uniform he visit­ ed W e st Point, Governor’s Island, and F o rt N iagara. He was arrested in Altoona, Pa., w h ere a m an from Co. B, 10th Infantry, recognized him. His suspicious efforts to get m ilitary in­ form a tion led the authorities to believe th a t his case had a Teutonic tinge, but it could not be proved th a t he was in any way con­ nected w ith the Germ an governm ent. Billton (engaging new chauffeur): And have you any references from your last em­ ployer? Applicant: No, sir, but I can get some in about a week. Billton: Why the delay? A p p licant: H e ’s in the hospital, sir.

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