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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, January 12, 1918, Image 12

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THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATI LER i News From Division Units 71ST HAS FIRE. W ere you there? Did you see it? Our first annual mess shack fire. Things were quiet along the Rialto. N o th­ ing to disturb the serene surroundings of this peaceful skeleton unit on New Y e a r’s m o rning but the welcome “Soupy, Soupy, Soupy.” B u t hardly had the last notes of th a t welcome call died in the distance, when out in the crisp noonday air was heard an­ other succession of bugle blasts. “Can this be recall from m e s s?” some wag asked. But it was too soon for that. No. It dawned upon us, one and all, at the sam e time. T h a t was w h at we used to hear when we w ere in the army, in the event of fire. And so it was. We all fell out of the mess shack to fall in at H street and there to repair to the scene of trouble. And so the b u c k e t and axe brigade h a s ­ tened to D street to find the luxurious and palatial dining hall of Company D in flames. At last the desire of our young lives was accom plished. We saw the mess sergeants bring into play and service those pretty lit­ tle gilt kitchen hypoderm ic syringes that hang just outside each mess sergeant’s door. Captain Evans being the first officer on the scene, took com m and of the fire brigade, and w ith a few w ell-directed chops and aqua stream s, the fire was brought well under control in short order, and soon extin­ guished. And so a poor skeleton unit has captured first fire honors by having the first fire in the division in the New Year. And lest we forget. This was the place th a t Mess Sergeant Piggy Johnson made his abode. And Piggy is som ewhere up north enjoying a furlough. Besides being burned out completely, he has evidently lost those treasured khaki breeches whose rips and tears w ere so well adorned w ith Red Cross adhesive tape. Captain W. J. Evans, besides being C. O. of Company D, is also acting company com­ m a n d e r of Companies I, K, L and M. Oh, no. T h a t’s not all. He is also acting com­ m a n d er of the 3rd Battalion. Then besides this, he is keeping up on line w ith the others in M ajor Sharp’s bayonet course. Outside of this, the captain h a s n ’t a thing in the world to do. Good news comes to us in the inform ation th a t Captain De Lanoy is to return to the 71st in the near fu t u r e .' W elcome home, captain. N o thing could m ake us happier. We told you when you bade us good-bye th a t you only m e a n t au revoir. So a fond w el­ come aw a its you, Captain, Mrs. and Junior De Lanoy. If you w ant to know who is the proudest man in the 27th Division, just ask Sergeant M ajor A rthur T. Jackson to let you see those pictures of Jackson Junior, w ith whom his wife presented him since he arrived here. And we don’t blam e you a bit for be­ ing so proud, old boy. He sure is some boy. Stevedores and Dock Builders, ATTEN- SHUN I I I I FALL IN w ith Picks and Shovels. It sure enough is tough, Doc. We don’t know w h e ther to envy you or sym p athize w ith you. Ju s t think of it. H aving your furlough all tucked in your blouse pocket. And your new O. D. uniform just back from Jacob’s. And then to be told you are de­ tailed to the rifle range. Goo’-bye, fur­ lough. Goo’-bye, maw. Goo'-bye, paw. Goo’-bye, gang, w ith your old hee! haw! W ell, you can take it from us. T h e re’s many a little soldier boy down around these diggin’s th a t would give a whole lot to be out there with M ajor W ells and Captain Rob­ ertson. Miss Bailey, sister to Sergeant Bailey, of the Rem o u n t Station, but form erly w ith the Mounted Orderlies of this regim e n t, is in town. Lieut. Cooper has just left on a leave of absence. D e stination—som ewhere in Texas. Im agine anyone in the New York Division going there for a vacation. W e ll! the South’s the thing. Our class in m u sketry has become a popu­ lar institution, w h at w ith Pop Dietz and his basic equation and mill rule. Seen Buck Taylor around lately? Of course not. M ajor Sharp, of the Buffs, has been putting him through a bit of a bayonet course, and the only thing th a t looks good to Buck just now is his cot on Sunday m o rn­ ing. Some one w anted to find the responsible party in one of the com p anies. It was a Saturday afternoon, and m o st of the chev­ rons in town. “W h e re’s the first sergeant of this com­ pany?” “To town, sir.” “W h e re’s the senior non-com?” “All the non-coms are out, sir.” “Well, then. Who in blazes is the senior man present?” “Sorry, sir. H e ’s out too.” Lots of snow outside. Blowing as hard as can be. The W. K. yule log burning in the equally as W. K. Sibley. Four of the “Skeletons” around the Supply Ser­ geant’s new desk. S-h-h-h-h! Poker? No. Em p h atically, no! Plain pinochle. But our red-headed Edw a rds will never get any­ thing like th a t scientific stuff down. Always reneging. And so w ith all kindness, Baldy Rosholdt suggests, “Say, Red! W hy don’t you send to New York for a copy of Hoyle?” To all of which, friend “Red” interrogates: “Hey, w h a t’s this Hoyle book you guys are alw ays talking about?” To which, quick, just like that, replies “B u tch” H ahn, “W hy, don’t you know ? T h a t’s Moss’s M anual on. Pinochle.” A certain particular sergeant just squirm s all over the place when anyone shouts to him, “Hey, Sergeant.” Someone pulled it on him to-day, and before he turned around to find out th a t it was the Skipper, he re­ plies: “Oh yes! the hay sergeant. You’ll find him over at the corral.” W atch your step, sergeant, and don’t try th a t stuff on friend Skipper. Major Eben, M ajor Slee, Captain Ron­ alds, Captain Keyes and Capt. M cDermott have returned to New York on leaves of ab­ sence and are spending the holiday season at home. Furloughs have been granted to Sergt.- Major VC. Ginn, Color-Sergt. Baer, F ir s t Sergt. Robinson, F ir s t Sergt. Revielle, Sup­ ply Sergeants McCahill, Gress, Pendleton, Jergensen, W erkle and Corporal O’Shea. My! but th a t little burg, New York, m u st be a m y stical city, according to the tales brought back by F ir s t Sergeants Cobbett and Thompson, Sergeants John Dillon, John Oakley and Lindow and Corporal Lawler, all just returned from there. Pack up. We move to-morrow to the 14th R egim ent Camp. Unpack. W e don’t move. W e stay. Say! W h e re d’ye get th a t stuff. It’s like the L e a ther Seats getting their horses back. Oh, w e ll! It’s all in the game. “LITTLE GUY.” OFFICERS GO TO SCHOOL. The following officers have been desig­ nated to take courses of instruction at the infantry school of arm s at F o rt Sill, Okla., and ordered to report there January 4: Capt. H e rbert L. W atson, 102d field signal battalion, liason technical. F ir s t Lieut. G ilbert F. Rudkin, 106th in­ fantry, grenades. F ir s t Lieut. G. L. W ilder, 108th infantry, field fortifications. . F ir s t Lieut. H. W. Bousfield, 106th m a­ chine gun battalion, m achine guns. Second Lieut. Lewis H. Gibbes, 105th in­ fantry, bayonet combat.

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