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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, January 12, 1918, Image 16

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14 THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER News of the Y. M. G. A. EDITED BY ERNEST W. LESLIE. FRANK J. KNAPP, BUILDING SECRE­ TARY, UNIT NO. ■ 92. Mr. F rank J. Knapp, Building Secretary of Army Y. M. C. A. U n it No. 92, at Camp W adsw o rth, was born in K ingston, N. Y. He received his education in public schools and later at St. Stevens College, going later on to the General Theological Seminary, w h ere he graduated as an Episcopal Min­ ister. He was up to the tim e he was called into Y. M. C. A. work, Rector of the E p is­ copal Church in Utica, N. Y., having served successfully in pastorates at Saratoga Springs, Albany, and Auburn, N. Y., before going to Utica. He has always been a Y. M. C. A. enthusiast along w ith his church work, being closely related to the Y. M. C. A. w ork in the city of U tica for the past seven years he has been there. Mr. Knapp came to Camp W a d sw o rth as Religious W o rk Secretary and was later made Building Secretary. His particular work at the present tim e is not only the regular work at Building No. 92, but he is, in addition to this, especially assigned to work at the Base Hospital. Y. I , C. A. PERSONALS. R o b e rt E. Clark, who has been acting as Camp M usical D irector of the Y. M. C. A., has been, granted a six w eeks’ leave of ab­ sence to help Dr. Alexander in an evangel­ istic campaign in W est V irginia. Mr. Clark left for his new field on W ednesday. D u ring his absence Dr. W. G'. Woolsey, Fosdick rep­ resentative, has kindly volunteered to act in his place. W. J. Davison, Camp General Secretary, has left on a two weeks’ furlough for his home in Albany, N. Y. D u ring his absence E rnest W. Leslie, Camp Social Director, is designated as A cting Canip General Secre­ tary. STRONG SPEAKERS HERE. N o thing is so interesting as personality. One reads a life story w ith greater fascina­ tion than a novel. Two men are coming to Camp W adsw o rth from January 14th to 19th, who will tell the story of their life and noth­ ing more. They have had a long hard fight w ith drink and other evils against which m any a man has batted his head. One was a college m an and the other only a m a n of the street. Both are real men. Both have won. They are Ted Mercer and Tom Farm e r, who will be heard on Tuesday a t Y. M. C. A. building 95, W ednesday at 97, T h u rsday at 92 and 96 and Friday a t 93. A real celebrity will be heard in the va­ rious Y. M. C. A. buildings on the same nights of the following week. He is Mel­ ville T rotter, of Grand Rapids and Chicago, the only m an whom Billy Sunday will let take his place in his Tabernacle when he is knocked out by a cold. Mel also has a story to tell. Everyone will w ant to hear these three men. UNIT No. 95. We have had a busy week at No. 95 and our secretaries have been taxed to take care of the additional work which C h ristm a s and New Year’s brought to them. Our m eeting on Tuesday, which took the form of an old fashioned sing and a m ighty fine address by Dr. Paul M. Strayer, was followed by a reel of movies and proved to be a w inner. We hope to have more of these. Corporal Carney O’Donnell, of the 106th Regim ent, along w ith his company, gave a very good entertainm e n t on Saturday, which was m ighty well enjoyed. We hope Carney will come back and repeat soon. UNIT NO. 93. This building has been so crowded practi­ cally every night for the past week or two th a t we wonder if sooner or later we are not going to be obliged to have an addition put on in order to take care of the men. The Band Concert by the 106th Regim ent Band T h u rsday night gave a great deal of credit to the men and the entertainm e n t given to the men by the F irst Presbyterian Church ladies was also much appreciated. It is hoped we will have more of these par­ ties. Our Building Secretary, Jam es A. Moore, prom ises us he will be back on duty some tim e this week and we will all be glad to re­ ceive him as we have missed him very sore­ ly during his illness. UNIT NO. 96. Our activities have moved about as usual the past week, but if such a thing is possi­ ble our crowds have been increased. The movie shows were especially good this week and were m ighty well received by all who saw them. We regretted the fact th a t Miss Dirnon and Miss Moss were unable to come from Geor­ gia and entertain us, as they were sched­ uled to do, but the breach was m ighty well filled in by putting on a “Stunt N ight” in which the men participated; it proved to be a humm er. UNIT NO. 92. This u n it has been busy w ith the usual activities during the past week, the big feat being the “‘Stunt N ight” on Tuesday, which proved to be one of the best ever and the movie shows which were particularly good this week. We are sorry to lose the services of our Social Secretary, Edw a rd Richardson, who has been taken on H e a d q u a rters Staff look­ ing after deliveries throughout the Camp. Mr. R. G. Bell, who has been serving since his arrival a t Camp W adsw o rth at U n it No. 93, has been transferred to U n it No. 92 to take Mr. R ichardson’s place. UNIT NO. 97. The observance of Christm as a t the unit was complete in all phases. The movies and a little program, on C h ristm as eve were a t ­ tended by a large crowd. It was in the religious side of the holiday th a t there were special events. Chaplain Fornes, of the 106th F. A. had three masses, at m idnight, 7:40 and 9:40. Chaplain Ship­ man had two celebrations of the Holy Com­ m union a t 7:30 and 9:30 w ith the regim e n ­ tal service at 10:40. F a th e r F o rnes’ m id­ night mass was especially beautiful owing to an ideal setting, music by band and male choir and the large attendance. D u ring the day, December 24th, a detail of men under Lieut. K n ight, of the 104th F. A. erected a large platform against the E a s t wall of the building. They then erected a large bower of holly and evergreen and w ithin this they placed the altar which was illum inated by m any candles and by a large searchlight placed on a high pole back on the parade ground. Additional illum ination for the band and choir was secured by strings of electric lights on either side of the platform . The bright m o o n light which was then shin­ ing in all its Southern glory added the (Y. M. C. A. News continued on page 28), ;

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