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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, January 12, 1918, Image 18

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THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER 06th WINS BAYONET JOUST WITH 107th Padded Warriors Quell 107th Jabbers. Before a crowd of three thousand men in uniform , two officers and fifteen N. C. O.’s of the 106th Infantry fought their way to a well earned victory over the representa­ tives of the 107th Infantry in a bayonet com b a t The hero of the occasion was little Corporal Kaskell, of Co. H, 106th, who, when all on his side but him self had been elim i­ nated, fought his way to the highest posi­ tion by defeating B u rns and B a rr, both splendid antagonists, and bringing home the bacon in the last run against Gadebusch. The score, 133 to 126 points, tells the story of a close match, and it was only decided by the last encounter. For the 107th the great credit is due to B a rr and Gadebusch. The former, after suf­ fering defeat in the first round, worked his way through as a w inner of the prim a ry losers. Then, being allowed to compete w ith the prim a ry w inners, he worked through to the end, proving him self Kas- kell’s hardest antagonist. The latter show­ ed some of the stuff w hich all true Am eri­ cans love when, w ith a mashed hand, he w ent through rig h t to the final bout. In the officers’ m atches big L ieutenant W a lrath, of the 107th, showed probably the finest exhibition of bayonet fighting th a t has ever been witnessed here. There was noth­ ing “by the num b e rish” about his fighting, nor was it of the kind w ith which one can argue “If you do that, I’ll do this.” There are m any members of both regim ents to-day who would give much to be in a cold steel bayonet charge led by him. L ieutenant Brennan and L ieutenant Hodes, of the 106th, showed th a t a fighting germ had been in­ jected into their fifteen Non-Coms which had the word “Victory” painted all over it. It is lucky the bayonets were padded. A ltogether it was perhaps th a t sp irit of w inning at the expense of everything th a t gave the edge to the 106th Infantry in the whole match. Not to be satisfied until your opponent is mashed to a pulp in fact, and not merely in looks, is the foundation of Am erican bayonet fighting, and this was illustrated to such an extent th a t at one tim e a general encounter between the sup­ porters of both regim ents was im m inent. Resume: Officers Non-Com. Officers 106th 107th 106th 107tli F irst Round: Points Points Points Points 10 10 40 35 E lim ination of Losers: 5 0 18 21 E lim ination of W inners: 0 25 60 35 15 35 118 91 The members of the w inning team are: Lient. Lennox C. B rennan; Lieut. Ira H. Hodes; Sergts. Manson, Co. M; Godley, Co. I; Nuble, Co. F; Kingsley, Co. I; Pregge, Co. F; Dinson, Co. G; T raitler, Co. M; Moody, Co. H; Conroy, Co. F; B u rstein, Co. E; Thomas, Co. M; Collins, Co. K; B run­ ner, Co. K; Brennan, Co. K; Higgins, Co. L; Corporals Kaskell, Co. H; Liddell, Hdqrs. Co.; Bissert, Co. C; Wall, C'o. E; Thompson, Co. L. Referees: F irst Lieut. Stratton, 107th Inf.; F ir s t Lieut. Taylor, 106th Inf. YOUNG MIKE DONOVAN OUT FOR BATTLE. Young Mike Donovan, of the M ilitary Police, and son of the fam ous boxing in­ structor of the New York A thletic Club, has issued a deft to all the m iddlew eights in camp. Mike claims the half-way title and if there is any knuckle pusher in the near vicinity who doubts his rig h t to it, let him send his challenge to Company A, M ilitary Police. Donovan can m ake 158 pounds if necessary. HARVEY COHN WANTS AUDITORIUM. Billy Sunday will have nothing on H arvey Cohn, if the latter can have his way. The latest plans of the Camp A thletic Instructor call for the construction of a big shack much on the same style as th a t used by the well known evangelist. The need of an enclosed structure for athletic events in camp has been brought home to all by the recent cold spell. W hile all sorts of precautions were taken to make the Red Triangle Tent comfortable at the recent boxing bouts, it was too much to expect th a t all draughts could be kept out, and it was not long before m o st of the spec­ tators were forced to take places in the rear of the tent where they could dance about in the aisles and at the same tim e catch a long-distance view of the m en in the ring. The dressing room was a first class im itation of one of A rm o u r’s cold storage plants and none of the contestants risked getting down into ripg costume. The 102nd Engineers are now draw ing up the plans for a shack th a t will accommo­ date any athletic crowd Camp W adsw o rth can assemble. They will be subm itted to Major General O’Ryan for approval, and, if satisfactory, funds will be raised by sub­ scription for the expenses. The New York papers are expected to aid in getting the coin. WOULD YOU LIK E A FURLOUGH TO NEW YORK CITY? If so, why not try to make the relay team th a t will represent the Division in the one mile event at the Millrose Games at M adi­ son Square Garden, January 23rd? H a rvey Cohn is looking for four first class quarter m ilers to m ake the trip North. If you w a n t to be one of the lucky ones, consult the A thletic D irector a t Division H e a d q u a rters to-day. E n tries close January 19th. The team will get at least a week in Gotham to train for the race.

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