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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, January 12, 1918, Image 5

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THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER 3 MEN NAMED FOR OFFICER SCHOOL PARTIAL LIST OF SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES. By far the most im p o rtant occurrence in Camp W adsworth last week was the opening of the Officers ’ Training School. At the time The Gas Attack went to press the full details of the training schedule had not been made public. Nor was the entire list of successful candidates obtainable. The students were selected by a board of examiners composed of Lt. Col. William A. Taylor, 10th Infan try; Captain Edward E. Gauche, Division Personnel Officer and Lieu­ tenant Charles R. Tennant of the 12th In f a n ­ try. The qualifications necessary for admission were very much the same as were those re­ quired of the applicants for admission to the P lattsburg camps. The men were questioned regarding their educational attainm ents, their business or professional experience and their m ilitary training. The course will cover a period of three months. The daily schedule is so arranged th a t the student will be kept at it for almost fifteen hours a day. The faculty is composed of the following officers: Commandant—Lieut. Col. William A. Taylor, 108th In f a n try; Senior Instructor -—Alaj. J. Scott Button, 105th Infantry; A ssistant Senior Instructors—Capt. Jacob S. Clinton, 105th Infantry, and Capt. George B. Gibbon, 104th Field A rtillery; A d jutant— F ir s t Lieut. Douglas T. Cameron, Division H eadquarters Troop; Supply Officers—Capt. Frederick A. Thiessen, 1st N. Y. Infantry, and Capt. Seneca M. Pike, 12th N. Y. In f a n try; In f a n try Instructors—Capt. Archland M. Best, 10th N. Y. Infantry; Capt. Max Juffe, 12th ‘N. Y. In f a n try; Capt. Edgar C. Niles, 10th N. Y. In f a n try; F ir s t Lieut. John T. Sheehan, 106th N. Y. In f a n try; F irst Lieut. H a rry W. Hayward, 107th In f a n try; F irst Lieut. A rthur J. McKenna, 107th Infantry, and F ir s t Lieut. James F. Oakleaf, 108th In ­ fan try ; Field A rtillery Instructors—F irst Lieut. W illiam H. Thomas, F irst Lieut. A r­ thur Acheson, Second Lieut. W illiam H. M er­ rick, Second Lieut*. Charles Sabouriip all of the 104th Field A rtillery; Signal Corps In ­ structor—F ir s t Lieut. James G. Motley, 102d Field Signal B a ttalion; Engineer Instructor Capt. E. F. Robinson, 102d Engineers. Co. M, 105th In f a n try and B a ttery F, 104th Field A rtillery are attached to the school and placed under the orders of the comman­ dant thereof. Men Selected. An almost complete list of the students fol­ lows : 53d Inf. Brigade H eadquarters, Corp. Edgar F. Anderson; 105th Infan try: B a tt. Sergt. Maj. Raymond L. Hall, Sergt. Paul A. Florian, Sergt. H e rbert Williams, H eadquar­ ters Co., Sergt. Frank B. Howe, W illiam F. Marshall, Supply Co.; Sergts. Robert C. Sears, A lbert Geiser, John A. P a tten, Co. A; Sergt. Harold W. Graham, John ForGett, Co. B; Corp. Horace G. Moore, Co. C; Sergts. P a trick Giliman, Earl Schermerhorn, John W. Sum- merhayes, Charles E. Caulfield, Corp. Charles A. Gibbons, Co. C; Sergt. Stephen P. Rey­ nolds, Co. D; Sergt. William J. Boehm, Pvt. John W. Bleinert, Co. E ; Sergt. Kenneth N. Cole, Clifford L. Giebler, Co. F. Division Headquarters Troop. Sergts. Maurice B. Loeb, Rufus G. Barr, Pvt. Bronson W. King. 104th Machine Gun Battalion. Sergts. A rthur T. Welles, Headquarters Co., A lbert E. Latto, Thomas C. Coppinger, Co. A; A rthur S. M artin, John W. Diack, Co. B; Gun­ ning Hyland, Robert Van R. Schuyler, Ernest P. von M ertshinsky, Co. C; Donald Arm­ strong, Howard C. Carpenter, Loring R. Fow­ ler. 102d Field Signal Battalion. Sergt. W illiam C. Cathcart, Co. A; Corp. Charles E. Lanchantin, Paul Z. Burrell, Co. B. 102d Engineers. B a ttalion Sergt. Maj. Robert W. Atkinson, M aster Engineer Wm. S. Conrow, Headquar­ ters Co.; Sergt. W illiam F. Pagan, Corp. Rob­ ert Dougall, Co. A; Sergt. Fred C. Buckholz, Co. D; Sergts Frank J. Baumert, Robert J. Geis, A rthur J. McGovern, Co E; Sergts. J. H. Locke, Co. F ; Sergts. Thomas J. Cross, David P. Spencer, Co. H; Sergts. David W. Bever, Richard J. Byrnes, Frederick N Kinne, Co. I; Sergts. Holmes S. Smith, A lbert Sporty, Co. L; Sergts. Marcus M. Kipp, David R. Dewey, Jam es A. Hamilton, Co. M; Sergts. Frank de Gamahl, Glen C. Wasson, Stanley Lisiechi, Machine Gun Co. 106th Infantry. Sergts. Rochard R. Grant, William M. Walsh, H eadquarters Co.; Sergt, Jerrold Mc­ Carty, Sanitary Detachm ent; Sergts. Nelson R. Landis, Edward J. Roessler, Supply Co.; Sergts. William A. Langhorst, Harold B u r­ dette, Cuthrie Cole, Bernard J. Eagan, Co. A; Sergts. Alfred H. Lyons, Robert M. Walken- shaw, Co. B; Sergts. James L. Maloy, Robert J. Gilchrist, Edward Perton, John R. Tomil- son, Co. C; Herman Garnjost, Jr., Gustave C. Fenn, David R. Adamson, Co. D; Sergts. H enry E. Suavet, Chas. J. Malone, W alter E. DeRanke, Co. E; Sergt. Otto G. Schmidt, Co. F; Sergts. P e ter J. Campbell, Edward A. Dim- sen, Frank Tornabne, Edward F. Shea, Co. G; Sergts. W illiam H. Boullee, Charles Seeley, Jr., Robert C. M artin, Co. H; Sergt. B u rnett F. Brennan, Corp. Robert M. F irth, Co. K; Sergts. Edward J. B u rrett, Thomas Quinn, Co. L; Sergts. Edward Bonny, Horace B. Scan­ lon, Co. M; Sergts. Charles R. Ale Caff ery, George Archer, Machine Gun Co. 105th Machine Gun Battalion. Sergt. Tycho L. Lilliestrom, H eadquarters Co; Sergts. Richard G. Lyon, Rufus F. King, Charles H. Wolfe, Co. A; Sergts. Frederick Snare, Jr., Evans R. Tucker, Jr., Co. B; James R. Conner, Co. C. 54th Infantry Brigade Headquarters. Private Charles D. Allen. 107th Infantry. B a ttalion Sergt. Maj. Eugene F. Mullaney, Alexander H. Lohman, Sergts. Alexander E. Ostrander, Francis R. Redner, Headquarters Co.; Prvt. A rthur M. B u rnett, Sanitary De­ tachm ent; Sergts. W illiam D. Fling, Edward F. Sullivan, Supply Co.; Sergts. Louis G. Weber, Ogden H. Freeman, Corp. Harold P. Barker, Co. A; Sergt. Silas S. Clark, Erdman M. Brandt, Howard O. Wood, Jr., Corp. W right G. Goss, Co. F ; Sergts. Carlyle C. Prindle, John E. Lathrop, H e rbert von Ber- muth, Thomas T. K err, Co. C; Sergts. Thomas D. Simpson, W illiam I. Landis, Allen Bell, J r., Anthony De E. Zink, Hendy C. Mendenhall, John F. Bryan, Co. E; Corps. Oscar E. Helle- quist and Robert B. McPherson, Co. F ; Sergts. Thomas H. Baucher, Jr., Alexander L. Kir- eheis and Harold II. Street, Co. G; Sergts. Robert Vollbracht and W illiam M. Leonard and Corp. Raymond F. Purcell and Emerson F. Parker, Co. H; Sergts. H a rry B. Clayberg and Raymond E. Gilson, Co. I; Sergts. Rich­ ard M. Raven, Robert G. Monroe, John B. Jesup, and John McAnerney, 2nd Co. K; Sergts. F rank X. Wohlleb, Hillman B. Hunne- well, A rthur C. McGowan and Corp. Sam A. Stephens, Co. L; Sergts. George F. Pelham, Donald W. Seleo, Dudley F. Burrill and Ave- lino V. Ferreira, Co. M; Sergts. Kenneth Gow and Russell W. Hallock, Machine Gun Co. 108th Infantry. Sergts. W alter D. Keller, Frank H. Mc­ Carthy, H e rbert S. Nelson, Donald C. Stuart, Lawrence W. Harmon, Corp. Pliny B. Sey- mous, Prvt. Erwin A. Dennis, Headquarters Co.; Sergts. Malachy Ryan, Sanitary Detach­ ment; Sergt. W alter B. Winne, Supply Co.; Sergts. H e rbert P. Demer, Paul L. Kennedy, John B. Kless, Co. A; Sergts. Jay R. Fiero, Thomas J. Comisky, Theodore C. Veit, Freder­ ick L. Burr, Co. B; Sergts. W arner H. Clem­ ons, Charles D. McKelvey, John J. Garkin, Co. C; Sergts. Fred T. Gallagher, Frank H. Brietbeck, Co. D; Sergts. Samuel A. Brown, Clarence E. Hall, Co. E; Sergts. M artin J. M cKernan, W a lter F. Brown, Co. F ; Sergts. F rank Vida, Victor J. Manlon, Frank Neu- mayer, Prvt. Dennis E. Roche, Co. G; Sergts. M illard A. Van Deusen, W alter W. Slayton, Bryan E. Ford, Co. H; Sergts. Lowell H. Haslen, W ester W. Baker, John C. Dempsey, Co. I ; Sergts. A rthur II. Cunningham, Neil C. Prangen, Earl H. Ferris, Corp. Jay L. Rogers, Co. K ; Sergts. Roe M. Dennis, William A. Mansfield, Charles J. Doyle, Howard At. K arr, Co. L; Sergts. Edwin M. Pendleton, James F. Williams, Claud II. Spicer, Timothey O ’Connor, Co At; Sergts. John W. Summers, William G. Golden, Charles Bates, Jr., James A. Diffin. 106th Machine Gun Battalion. Sergts. A lbert Lopp, E v e rett W. King, Co. A; Sergts. H a rry von der Leith, James A. Lynch, Frank C. Scott, Co. B; Sergts. Ray­ mond A. Rorke, Raynor I. Shipman, Co. C. 52nd Field Artillery Brigade, Headquarters. Sergeant Hans Paeprer. 104th Field Artillery. Sergt. Ernest W. Mills, Corp. Charles W. Ronan, H eadquarters Co.; P rvt. Eugene Cray, Sanitary Detachm ent; Sergt. Robert L. Rod- well, Corp. Sidney N. Siggs, B a tt. A; Sergt. Howard E. Taylor and Prvts. Howard R. Ful­ ler and William W. Fletcher, B a tt. C; Sergts. Sidney Fertig, Frank T. Burgess and Francis J. McCormack and Corp. Harold Weil, Batt. D; Sergt. John J. Hoerger and Corps. Regan R. Finney and Ralph F. Sehirm, B a tt. E; Sergts, A rthur S. O ’Brien and Howard R. Humphrey and Corp. Fred M. Schilling, B a tt, F. 105th Field Artillery. Sergts. Ray AI. Aliller, William Ahrens and Corp. Robert S. Wilson, H eadquarters Co.; Sergt. William F. Aliller, Sanitary Detach­ m ent; Sergt Frederick Mayer, Supply Co.; Sergt. Harbison Kenneth and P rvt. Nahum E. Shoobs, B a tt. A; Sergts. Paul F. Coving­ ton and James J. Doyle, B a tt. B; Sergts. F rank C. Smith, H enry H. W ard, George H. Hedebeck, B a tt. C; Sergts. A lbert H. Demu­ rest, Stephen Schaefer and George O. Thorpe, B a tt. D; Sergt, George J. Hawthore, Co. E; Sergts. A rthur P. H irt, Ilarry J. Hutchinson, Corp. Jerome Cokeley, B a tt. F. 106th Field Artillery. Sergt. John E. Huling, H eadquarters Co.; Prvt. Fred Beckel, Sanitary Detachment; Sergts. David S. Jackson, Henry J. Camman, B a tt. A; Sergts. John R. Clarke, John B. AEul- kern, Emory E. W right, George F. Burgess, B a tt. B; Sergts. Robert H. Bushnell, Harold V. Yocum, James H. Robins, B a tt. C; Sergts. H a rry E. Rouss, Charles L. H artm an, Regi­ nald C. Reeve, B a tt. D; Sergts. Frank Roberts, Alfred H. Franklin, B a tt. E; Sergts. (Continued on page 31)

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