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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, January 19, 1918, Image 11

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THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER 9 PITY THE POOR YAPHANKER “ Say, boy! Are you going to the telegraph office?” “Sir, Pm Major Bobo, of Wofford College. Don’t delay me. I’m on my way to Division Headquarters.” “ Whadda ya mean, Division H e a d q u a rters?” “T u rner’s Drug Store.” He Has Lots of Steam Heat and Hot Water But Yearns for Palms and Oranges of Sunny South, “ C an you beat it? T h ink of those yaps! S itting in steam -heated barracks w ishing the W a r D e p a rtm e n t would send them down to S p a r tan b u r g - d o w n to the sunny South, as they put it, so th a t they could sit under the palm trees and eat oranges th a t they picked off the trees along the company streets. Can you beat it?” N a turally we couldn’t inasm u ch as they stopped raising oranges and palm s around Camp W a d sw o rth some tim e ago. But Harry-—Private Klyne, of the Second Pion­ eer Brigade H e a d q u a rters D e ta c h m e n t- had ju s t returned from a furlough and he had been out to Camp U p ton in Yaphank to see a couple of chaps he knew and who had been drafted. It was as cold in our ten t as the heart of the supply sergeant. W e ’d fed the Sib­ ley the last chunk of pine and had craw led into the blankets—not because we were tired, but because it was too cold to sit up longer. “Y’know w e’d heard a lot about the life of Riley these draft guys w e re living,” w ent on H a rry, “so Bill and I thought we’d give ’em a rum b le before we came back to W a d s­ worth. “We found the guys we w ere looking for in one of the big barracks. It was too cold for drill so the fellows w ere in quarters for the day. “Get this! At one end of the hall there were a battery of show er baths and bath rooms. H o t 'water? You said it; enough to float a battleship and hot enough to boil •eggs in. And some bath rooms! As finely equipped as any I ever saw! E v e rything com p lete—basins and everything. “On every floor there was a furnace and to every furnace one m a n was detailed every day to keep it going. And believe me he kept her going. Why, do you see my eyes pop out w h en I hear one guy holler because the tem p e rature in the place was only 82 degrees. I thought of you guys in the sunny South and laughed m y­ self off the chair. Chairs ? You said it. “Each of those unfortunate patriots had •only three blankets and a com forter. Tough, w h a t? W hy, do you know, if any of those fellows feel like getting up a t night he slips into his bath robe and pokes his feet into slippers and—. W h a t? You said it. Don’t have, to leave the nice w a rm hall. “W ell you can im agine w h a t happened to us W a d sw o rthers when they began to yelp about w a n ting to go to the sunny South. I started out to look over the rest of the out­ fit. I was ju s t leaving when I ran into a little old m a n who had come looking for his son. The old m an asked me about the boy and I thought I’d kid him. “ ‘My Mischa iss gedding along fine,’ the old guy explained. ‘H e iss a big m a n al­ ready in the arm y / “ ‘Commission,’ I inquired. “ ‘No,’ said the old man, ‘choost straidt salary.’ “And say, fellows, the Long Island R a il­ road sells the U p ton m en a round-trip ticket to New York for sixty cents. But you have to buy it at Yaphank. I had heard about it but didn’t know the whole trick. I tried to buy one of those w h o lesale rate tickets at the Flatbush avenue station in Brooklyn, w h en I w e n t o u t N o thing doing. Cost $8.72 if you buy in New York or Brooklyn. “But I slipped one over on them at that. I bought a single way ticket in Brooklyn and then got in on the cut rates w h en we started back for New York. “W h a t do you think of that! W a ter in my canteen frozen. And to think of those steam -heated w a rriors back in Y aphank. Squawking because they aren ’t sent down to the sunny South. D raft m e n ? Hell! Daft.” CLINTON COUNTY MEN. The Red Cross of P lattsburg, New York, is desirous of obtaining the nam es and addresses of all men from C linton county, in the service. A d d ress: Private B. L. Betsford, Company I, 105th Infantry. Beginning next w eek the Gas A ttack will sell for ten cents. And it’s the biggest bargain in camp.

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