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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, January 19, 1918, Image 14

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12 THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER 106TH INFANTRY, MACHINE GUN CO. Corp. K ennedy’s squad would like to have some one solve the m y s tery as to w h a t Pvt. W elda does w ith his “bank roll” after he pays K issam his m o n thly debt of “two bits?” “H u m p ty” Jackson is spending a labori­ ous week-end (three days) at Mess Sgt. Thom p son’s bungalow. Get the oatm e a l out of the corners, Humpty. The squad would like to know how “Yonk­ e r s ” M u rray’s wife is getting along? Can you im agine “P a t” Crosby returning 25 iron men to Brooklyn after being denied a furlough ? The “cubes” tem p ted “P a tty ” m any tim e s—will-power personified. Now th a t the squads’ trips to the woods have been curtailed, Private B a rtley realizes the danger his head is in. How does Corp. K ennedy afford to dine in town seven tim e s a week on $30 per? Are they loaded, Jack? They say th a t “Practice Makes P e rfect.” Now, we know why P rivate F isher stays up after taps rolling the bones. H e re’s luck for a big h it next pay day, “Fish.” Sgt. W ilson and Andy Wood have gone home on furlough. They are going to bunk together in the trip N orth. The sergeant is lucky to have such an able bodyguard. “Sm iling Dick” H a rrahan is getting m y s­ terious letters signed “Regina.” P u t us wise, Dick. The boys would be pleased if Sergeants W ilson and Roderedge would stop losing th e ir pencils so often. Corp. H u n ter is going on furlough, and the boys of the 17th Squad w ish him a good tim e. “The W op,” P rivate Grillo challenges all com ers of 105 pounds in the squared ring. For particulars apply to M anager Zim m er­ man, 17th squad. W e wish Sergeants A rcher, Bowne Mc­ Caffrey and McKeown success upon their entry into the O. T. C. Sgt. M onahan has returned from his fur­ lough. W h y th a t far aw ay look, Sarge? W h e n is P rivate P a trick going to get his furlough? H e recently received his fur­ lough coat, but is looking for the furlough. H e ’s one of Lieut. C u rtis’s Tigers. Our official Gen. Rumor, Pvt. Norman, has been transferred to the M. P.’s. H e re’s luck, old top. W. N. ADJUTANT STOCKBRIDGE. Capt. M arton G. Stockbridge, Company G, 53d pioneers (formerly the 47th New York infantry) has been detailed as adjutant of the regiment, succeeding Capt. Charles E. Coffin, who has been discharged for physical disability. B a tter a t gloom, put up a fight against adversity, never mind if you couldn’t get seconds on the pudding. In other words, buy the Gas Attack* NOCTURNE. T h e re was no moon, yet the unending stars, T h a t infinitesim al array of sparks, Ranging from nothing to the ruby Mars, Shed light enough to see the fresh-m a d e m a rks Across the snow w h ere the last w e ary guard R e turned to the rough com fort of his cot. I was alone and no rude noises m a rred The crowded silence th a t called to mind my lot. I was a silent part, a sm all m u te cog, To grind salvation for democracy, To save the world from th e barbaric fog Springing from dungeons of autocracy. I. but one sm a ll inevitable star In all the m o rtal firm a m e n t of strife. Yea, kings could not my splendor m ar, For was I not to sacrifice my life? And in these m e d itations I could hear The solemn funeral slowly creeping, The deadened drum s, the rum b ling heroes bier—- THE CORPORAL SPOKE: “TEN DAYS’ FATIGUE FOR SLEEPIN G !” Corp. Paul Hyde Bonner, Co. A, 102d M. P. 105TH INFANTRY, CO. G. “Chink” Youngbug has transform e d him ­ self from a good looking H a rp into a funny looking D u tchm an by the addition of a blond lip w arm er. “Pinkey” McDonnell has been so busy cor­ responding w ith some M u rray H ill doll th a t he loves to hear recall. He also received a present from said Doll in the form of a pair of feet w a rm e rs w ith pink ribbon decora­ tions. T h rifty Jake B a h r always has his mind w o rking on some invention to end the war. Our' m o st beloved corporal, “Dolly” Vie- meg, the Schenectady h e a r t breaker, is now home on a furlough, and is probably spend­ ing all of his tim e w ith his m any affinities, judging from the num erous pink letters he receives. B. S. G. 105TH INFANTRY. Speaking of rum o rs: Who is it th a t saw 105th Infantry painted on the shacks at Mineola? Serg. Gately! W ho says we are going to Terafly—Serg. G a te ly! B u t Eddie Byrne and Eddie Olsen still hold all records for coralling rum o rs. They w ere overheard the other day discussing the possibilities of a card index system as they are getting dates and places of em b a rkation mixed. Discovered a t last—w h ere Joe Pearm a n gets his w a lking ability—hiking up for seconds. Corp. Gibson came back from New York looking rath e r downhearted. W h a t’s the m a tter, Jim ? W hy didn’t you do the same as Corp. Mayer did and m a rry the girl? Corp. “N ick” Crean shaved off his m u s­ tache ju s t before he left on his furlough. W h a t’s the m a tter, “N ick” ? W ouldn’t they recognize you w ith the camouflaged lip? 105TH INFANTRY, GO. A. Corporal “Troy” Mahoney’s B a ttling Sec­ ond Squad is rather quiet these days, after arguing for weeks as to who is to get th e next stick of wood. “Bellhop” Byrnes has a swollen jaw. H e felt indisposed a few days ago, and finally w ent to the L ieutenant in charge of th e Dental Demolition to have his two trouble­ some teeth “yanked.” On his return “Bell­ hop” was heard to say the follow ing: (!?*!0*?*!). He returned from the “chair of battle” w ith six teeth missing: instead of two. “D u tch” Schm idt found a new book. “T u rner” H aw k ins and “Gaby” K rafft are. trying to squeeze 25 hours sleep into a 24- hour day. “Old 98” Evers and “H o b n ails” Teeling: are now patronizing the Y. M. C. A. O u r other two friends are killing tim e in the- Base H o spital. They are “Kippy” Kane and “Hebe” Brown. Corporal “Troy” Mahoney doesn’t know' w h a t to m ake of it, as absolute silence now reigns in the ten t of the B a ttling Second Squad. Coal is the reason. Our friend, “Sherlock” Lee Clarke, th e snappy sergeant of our platoon, is trying to. find out w h ere the B a ttling Second Squad got their abundant supply of coal. H e re’s luck to you, “Sherlock.” N. J. S. 105TH INFANTRY, MACHINE GUN CO., Capt. Tiffany has returned from his fu r­ lough. Hey, Doc, w h a t happened to the chicken fricassee New Y e ar’s Day? The com p any is out gunning for you. Hey, doc, we really had pancakes Sunday m orning. T e rrible K it Carson, the erstw h ile corres­ pondent a t the border, is now corporal in the M achine Gun Co., and has been on spe­ cial detail a t the adj. office. How is “All” in Glendale? I don’t w a n t to m e n tion any nam es in particular, doc. Ah, Kingsley, the next tim e you try to* clean dynam ite, take off your sh irt as he' don’t like non-coms. W ill some kind person donate som e tools; to H o rseshoer Callahan, so th a t he can shoe the com p any’s horses? Sgt. H addie m ade his annual trip through, the tents, looking for electric bulbs. I think he found some, for the m ess shack looks, brighter. W h a t do you think? Sergt. Russell has not as yet located a flower pot; perhaps his. wife is wise. R a sberry O’L e a ry is still cook. • Lieut. Thom as is now w ith us again. W e all m issed him very much. J. K. H. KNICKERBOCKER GREYS! M embers of the K n ickerbocker Greys V et­ eran Corps are requested to send in th e i r nam e s to Mrs. P ierre Noel, 131 Jam a ica Avenue, Flushing, Long Island, N. Y.

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