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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, January 19, 1918, Image 16

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14 THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER AMBULANCE CO. 108. Corpora! Olin G. Smiley and Private Cecil R. Crispin have been made Sergeants. Good luck, boys! Private “P e te” Clock, the officers’ mess orderly, strolled down the company street the other afternoon w ith a charm ing young woman, showing her the sights of the com­ pany while men stuck their heads out of tent-flaps shouting: “Hey, Pete, got them dishes washed yet?” Mess Sergeant Tierney and Private “P h il” Collins sat up late the other Monday evening. “E d ” sat so close to the stove he burned his coat. Eh, Ed? Private B u rt W ine has been appointed the distributing agent for Ti-ie G a s A t t a c k in the company. Copies on sale a t his barber shop every week! Sport Note: Chief Mechanic F. H. O’Neil thought he was the champion euchre player of the company until he w e n t up against F a r r ier R. W. Dacey in three games out of five. It was a walk-a-way for Dacey. Musical Note: The quartette has been enlarging its reportoir. It is now open to engagements. Sergeant H a n k ins built a fire in his squad tent the other m o rning—and then let it go out! P rivate Charles Flanagan is in the Base H o spital recovering from an attack of pneu­ monia. His brother, Robert, and sister, Mrs. W inifred Shea, of Bingham ton, N. Y., have been visiting him. C. D. 106TH INFANTRY, CO. H. Private McCarthy, w h ile on exterior guard duty, broke his rifle. -He stum b led over it when he was called to partake of th a t won­ derful cocoa which is served to the guard every night by some very thoughtful ladies. The gun can be repaired, so there is nothing to w o rry about. W h at is a gun when hot cocoa is being served? F ir e Chief Deegan’s tent caught fire last Sunday. Now he has a brand new one. W h a t’s the m a tter, Chief? Did you require the practice, or did th a t old tent of yours get on your nerves? Eddie Crawford makes coffee every night in his tent. The smell of it tastes m ighty good, Eddie. We are never thirsty, anyway. C. O’D. 102ND AMMUNITION TRAIN, SECOND CAISSON CO. The following men have been transferred from 102nd A m m u n ition T r a in : Regim ental Supply Sergeant Leon W. H artough. Sergeant Mechanic A lbert H. W allack. Sergeant A g ent H a rold A. Stew art. All have been assigned to 1st Company, Supply T rain. A DRIVE ON THE ENEMY. “ 'I've got to practise on the piano five hours a day. ’ ? ((W h at for IF7 ‘ ‘ Cause pa and ma don’t like our new neighbors. ’ ’—Boston Transcript. OFFICERS’ TRAINING SCHOOL NOW UNDER WAY. The Officers’ Training School has now been under way nearly two weeks. Ser­ geants and Corporals and Privates from all over camp have taken up their beds and walked over to the w h ite-tented streets of their new home—in the camp of the old 74th. As time goes on, and the student officers meet the crises in their training careers, The Gas A ttack will print special articles on this work by a staff correspondent. 106TH INFANTRY, CO. I. Co. I kitchen was the scene of a daring holdup New Y ear’s Eve. Cook Yahn K auth, (Germ an by inoculation bu t he is trying hard to hide i t ) , is an expert pie baker, and to keep in the good graces of Lieut. Ira I. Hodes, he decided to m ake two special pies. He did and w h ile they were cooling on the edge of the oven, they did look tem p ting. Somehow the inform a tion leaked out, and shortly before m idnight, a heavily arm ed and disguised band of men, four in number, dashed into the kitchen, and held up Cooks K a u th and Dolan. In less tim e than it takes to tell, one of the bandits had seized the two pies and fled w ith his assistants. T h irty m inutes later Cooks K a u th and Dolan began to recover from th e ir open mouthed surprise. The raid was reported to 1st Sergeant Mas- sel, who detailed Supply Sergeant V ette (an old sleuth) to investigate. Sergt. V e tte claims th a t to begin he m u st have a clue to work on. He suggested th a t two more pies be made and left on the kitchen steps to cool. W h o ­ ever took the two pies would be the guilty party. Upon interview ing Cook K auth, he expressed his belief th a t Sergt. V ette was a fizzle. K a u th is w o n d ering why he can’t draw th a t extra pair of woolen pants. A suggestion is made to Company Clerk Corporal Joseph Blum to stop w riting so m any letters to Jennie, and to get in the game p a r t of the time. 1st Sergeant Edm u n d S. Massel and Sup­ ply Sergeant Edw ard G. Vette returned to camp December 30, after spending 15 days a t the big town. They both -advise the rest of the boys, who are thinking of coaxing a furlough out of Lt. Groesbeck, (not Grass- back), not to go home on furlough. Private Levine m isses his old side partner in the laundry business. Co. I boasts of the champion quartette of soup eaters in the 27th Division. W hen Sergeant Eselgroth, Privates Sileo, Kavan- augh and Padola get together, harm o n y reigns. Cook K a u th would like to go home on a furlough, but he is afraid of either the cops or “Leah.” W hich it is we don’t know, but we can all have our own opinions. C. 0. L. M ILITARY POST-OFFICE. Everyone has recovered from the C h rist­ mas rush. It was some rush. B u t the boys got their m ail on time, so the P. O. men are happy. George K n a p p k a is the P. O. poet. George composes poems as he sorts mail. Boston has sent down some of its niftiest dressers to the camp P. O. Joe W alsh still sports the Helen pink sh ir t he used to w ear on T rem o n t street. Bill Judge is another Bostonian. You can tell him by his melodious whistle. He seems to know only one tune—“T h e re’s a Long, Long T rail.” The 102d Engineers have contributed Spe­ cial Delivery F ran k C allahan to the P. O. No one has figured out how Colonel V ander­ bilt gets along w ithout Frank. H a rry Gay says Bingham p ton got its name this way: A couple of farm e rs were argu­ ing, when a third passed. He shouted, “Bing him, T o m !” The P. O. men insist on pronouncing it “Bim m ington.” Jim W are, the boss of the P. O., comes from Asheville. So does Pop Hawkins, w ith the warm Southern smile. They adm it th a t Paradise is alm o st as good as Asheville. A post card has been received from S. C. W h iteheart, form erly of the registered m ail departm e n t at Camp W adsworth, who is now in the postal service somewhere in France. It shows him in uniform . Carl Storer, of the 105th Field H o spital, is one of the P. O. hustlers. Carl does his w o rk in a m ilitary m anner, keeping always on the alert and kidding everyone. w ithin sight or hearing. Jim m y P u rtell has won a lot of friends by his pleasant grin and his general on-the- jobness. Buffalo’s donation, V incent W ales, is con­ sidered the Apollo of the force. Eddie B u rl­ ing is the closest of his rivals. 105TH INFANTRY, \ M ” OCX Many are the rum o rs of m a rriage, filter­ ing back from the men on furlough. Fore­ most am o n g st them, and most persistent are the ones concerning Corps. Reilley and O’Connor. A lthough both deny any inten­ tion or thought of getting “hooked up,” s till we get letters from home and have our sus­ picions. Our cooks claim to be thoroughly efficient in gas work. They claim th a t Cook Brock Hughes keeps them constantly under “gas,” every tim e he talks. Corp. Y errington, the lad w ith the $11.00 pants, has wired back th a t he is laying in a large supply of talcum powder. Giles Slocum has been transferred to the 1st B a ttalion at last. He now announces he has given up his “job” w ith M. Co. and accepted a “position” as orderly. CORP. F. B. R., Jr. The N u t num b e r of the Gas Attack will carry a choice line of assorted nuts.

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