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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, January 19, 1918, Image 17

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THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER THE STRIKER. I carry Ms w a ter and sweep out his tent, I polish his puttees and if th e r e ’s a ren t In some of Ms clothes, why, I sew up the sam e, ’Cause Pm, his strik e r and I like the game. I keep oil in his stove and, say, th a t’s some job, For oil’s ’bout as scarce as a hitless Ty Cobb; I work hard all the time, to please is my aim, ’Cause I’m his striker, and I like the game. I smoke his cigars, I ride on his mare, I use w h a t I w ant but he don’t seem to care; If things go wrong, why, I’m never to blame, ’Cause I’m his strik e r and I like the game. My first m o n th w ith him was over to-day, He gave me a dollar, says, “H e re’s your pay; W ell, for the love of Sam Hill, ain’t dat a sham e? Say, boys, this strikin ’s a hell of a game. L. S. B., M achine Gun Co., 106th Inf. RESERVE OFFICERS ORDERED TO LEAVE. Captains, F irst Lieutenants and Second Lieu­ tenants Who Are Going to the 83rd Division Now at Camp Sherman, Ohio. COOKING SCHOOLS NOW • NEW E ST THINGS IN CAMP. Camp W a d sw o rth is to have a series of cooking schools. Capt. Daniel B a rth, of the q u a rterm a s ter reserve corps, has been sent here by the w ar departm e n t to give a gen­ eral course in cooking. According to an order issued from division headquarters a school for cooks will be im m ediately estab­ lished in each regim e n t of equivalent unit, the personnel of each school to consist of one regim e n tal m ess officer, one lieutenant from each battalion, all company m ess ser­ geants, all m en on duty as cooks or student cooks, and such other enlisted m en as may be required by the officer in charge of the schools. The term of each class will be two m o n ths, except th a t men qualifying for m ess sergeants may he held an additional month. The instruction will be along theoretical and practical lines as well, the general ob­ ject being to im p rove not only the standard of cooking in the division, but to inculcate new ideas and m ethods of conserving food. Those attending the school will be excused from all other duties, so they may give their whole tim e and attention to the work in hand. On the completion of the course, certifi­ cates of proficiency will be aw a rded to men who successfully pass a theoretical and practical exam ination. BROOKLYN SCHOOL BOYS, YO! P. S. No. 136 men, send your nam es to Principal Van Namm, P. S. No. 136, 4th Ave. and 40th Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. The following reserve officers, who have been stationed here since the close of the last training camp at Plattsburg, and prac­ tically all of whom are from New York state, have been ordered to proceed w ithout delay to Camp Sherman, Chillicothe, Ohio, report­ ing upon arrival there to the commanding general of the 83d division: Captains H a rry W. Bardi, Gordon Dudley, Henry M. Graham, Jacob L. Hicks, Edward J. Hynes, Jr., Augustin D. Kelly, John G. Meem, Henry Vaughn, Ernest O. Young, Peter E. Keyville. F irst Lieutenants A rfred G. Dent, Edward D. Spring. Second Lieutenants A lbert S. Bag ley, Or­ mond T. B arr, Don C. Bartholemew, Thomas E. Beatty, George Beeman, Robert C. Bun- Dnrant, W inchester D. Brunig, E. Bartow Burgess, James JI. Caril, Jr., Lloyd P. Chit­ tenden, William H. Colgan, A lbert E. Cooper, Cyril J. Curran, W illiam L. Custer, Robert L. Diggs, Phillip E. Donlin, L. Roger Eagan, Eric Ferguson, E. Irving Fiery, Earl M. Gard­ ner, Lawrence I. Grinnell, A lbert E. Hill, Edward H. Hilton, Spencer E. Holden, Joseph H. Hughes, W illiam James, David B. Jarvis, W illiam H. Kennedy, Frank M. Long, Henry W. Morrison, Robert D. M urray, H a rry F. Peto, W illiam F. Phillips, Charles R. Potter, Henry R. Powell, Leopold P. Prager, Charles H. Reges, Guy Robinson, Vernon C. Ryder, W alter W. Schahtel, Raymond B. Seymour, Joseph E. Slee, Harold Speakman, Michael P. Stapleton, Jr., Peter Stern, Allen Strauss, A rthur, H. Sulzberger, Edward S. Sykes, Michael G. Traylor, Claude M. Twombley, Charles N. Taylor, Leslie E. Van Scoy, W a r­ ren J. Vibbard, Eugene Von Wening, Banno Von W itzleben, Sidney S. W alcott, Henry J. W arth, Jam es C. Wiggins, Isaac B. Williams, C. H. Wilmerding, Charles Wolff, 3d; W il­ liam H. Wood, Chester C. Woodburn, Hora Zimmer, Raymond J. Beechinor, Carl A. Brc trom, Thomas A. Byrne, Brice Cawley, Jam Clark, Edward W. Emmons, Henry W. Free man, David S. Freidlander, W illiam D. Greene Wilson Hoffman, Louis J. Holub, John I ’, j Kearney, H a rry J. Marsden, Edward Old- I ham, H a rry G. Parish, Russell E. Owen, ! Roscoe Saunders, Norman L. Stone, Thomas j E. Trapnell, Mason Wheeler. : GRIN. Since no one knows to-morrow’s tale; Since soon w e ’ll live from day to day, W h e re flashing, s tar-shells rend the veil Of dark, w hen light m u st spell dism ay— Since no one kens but w h a t his nam e And num b e r’s listed in Berlin, To-day, at least, w e’ll play the game, And greet the morrow w ith a grin. W h en soon across the m isty net Of grey-drear w ire w e’ll scan the foe, And see the spattered shrapnel set Its blighting hand on those we know; W h en madly dashing ranks of grey Come billowed through the b a ttle’s din, W h en none can h e a r the w o rds we say— T h e re’s lots of com fort in a grin. So now, when fingers tend to freeze Around the Springfield’s icy plate, And w hen there comes a N o rthern breeze : To chill a sunny Southern state; W hen Sibleys stand in sullen gloom, W ith not a gleam of fire w ithin— W hile living in an A rctic tomb, It’s not so w a rm ing boy—but grin. JAMES KEVIN McGUINNESS, Co. K, 105th Inf. Great Thoughts. “ Despite many setbacks and disappoint­ ments we are fa r on the path to victory.” ■—David Lloyd George to Viceroy of India. “ I have good hope that before this new year is past the purpose to which we have set our hands will have been completely achieved. ’ ’—David Lloyd George. 105TH FIELD ARTILLERY, BATTERY A. B right Remarks From D ark Corners. The boys encamped here a t D ark Corners are of the opinion th a t Spartanburg is a Paradise compared to this place. The most prom inent thing is m u d ; and the boys think th a t Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow was a cinch alongside of our retrea t every night to our respective tents. The hob nails are very popular during this w eather, and one considers him self lucky in traveling fifty yards in them —in an hour or so. The boys have been try in g to dope out some method in which they can find th e ir way back to their tents these dark nights, on their journey from the canteen, and to and from the barber shop, w ithout being throw n in the brook which intersects the road to camp, or trying to stop w ith the pigs all night. The boys all agree th a t if th e H u n s had 10 soldier as we have been doing the past two weeks, they would pack up their hatred m their kit-bags and beat it away. N evertheless, it is a great life, if one con­ tinues strong for it. A very common sight these rainy days is to see one’s personal belongings slowly floating down the B a ttery streets, and the various owners fishing for their shoes and socks—a rath e r tiresom e job, after staying awake all the night won­ dering how far they would go before the morning. But w ith all the m any drawbacks, the spirit of the men is ju s t the same, and they are as anxious as ever to go over the top when their tim es come. J. P. M. W h en the sergeant balls you out, buy the Gas Attack and forget your troubles.

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