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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, January 26, 1918, Image 16

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14 THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER News From Division Units CO. H, 105TH INFANTRY. Private Ed Conrad, better known in the company as “D ar-Ed” w ent to town New y e a r s night, and had his picture taken. The cam e ra hasn’t worked since. Private E n g lehardt has taken over the job as “dog robber” for the officers. We have such a swell street th a t the fel­ lows at the end, enjoy skating down very much, especially after a rain. F ir s t Lieut. Dodds is certainly proud of the fourth platoon, and why shouldn’t he be? W hy is it th a t P rivate Mullins dislikes guard duty? Sergeant K e rr is right there when it comes to shaking things up. Bugler Carboneli is getting to be some wind jam m er. Ask McGahan. Cook K ruger knows we all love soup, we only get it about twice a day. Private Sm ith enjoyed his furlough to such an extent th a t he alm o st forgot to come hack. —-A. L. T. CO. A, 106TH INFANTRY. Private Sidney M arks, who is taking an active part in the society circles of S p a rtan­ burg, w a s compelled to disappoint a few of S p a rtanburg’s “fairest” Tuesday in absent­ ing him self from a weekly social, owing to the fact that he acted as host for a few out- of-town visitors, who called on him rath e r unexpectedly, and are now his guests. An im p rom p tu entertainm e n t was staged in our Mess Shack Monday night under the auspices of the “M attew a en” D ram a tic So­ ciety, composed of the following m em b ers: Pvts. O’Berly, Cantor, Lewis, and Cronin, under the supervision of D irector H asm a h Hall. The offering was a Farce entitled, “W ymb’s Beef Stew .” It proved to be a “big h it,'’ and was enthusiastically received by the audience. Sergeants Egan, B u rdett, Cole, Langhurst, W heeler and Burr, represent “A” company at the officers training school. They left with the sincere well wishes of the boys, and we know th a t at the finish “T h e y ’ll be there”—w ith shoulder straps. P rivate “Pop” Kelly and his son, P rivate “Bill” Kelly of the 21st Squad, seem to feel sore everytim e they peruse the “Gas A ttack,” and fail to find their names. W ell, let this tim e be an exception, and I believe th a t “Pop” and his handsom e son will go to bed tonight all smiles. Corporals Ed Conley, Percy Naylor, and Frank Augline, are at present away from our m idst enjoying furloughs. —R. M. G. CO. H, 106TH INFANTRY. Corporal M att Murphy has left for the Golden City for 10 days. He looked sad when he left. Pvt. Cornell says they never miss him w h en it comes to Guard Duty. N ever mind, Fred, you know it’s an honor. Line Sergeant Pearson is now acting as 1st Sergeant, and he’s m aking good, and the boys are right behind him. Because W a lter always was a good skate. Can I have a loan of 2 hits, W a lter? We hate to see the “H u n ” th a t will battle against Our 1st Lieut. B rennen in bayonet combat. I'll bet there will be music at the Huns funeral but he won’t hear it. Lieut. B rennen is the bayonet instructor who put up the winning team on New Y ear’s day against the 107th. P rivate Woods, the Ex-Cop, had an argu­ m e n t w ith Pvt. M cCarthy last T h u rsday evening and w anted to “lock M cCarthy up.” W ake up Woods, “you’re in the arm y now.” Lieut. Doyle has returned from a leave of absence and says he is glad to get back, as the w e a ther is much w a rm e r down here. —C. CO. D, 104TH MACHINE GUN BATTALION The training camp took seven sure-to-he- officers from our m idst. W e hated to lose them , but our loss is somebody else’s gain. The men picked w ere: Sergeants R. Fowler, Donald A rm strong, H o w ard Carpenter, Carl W arm u th, Leonard G. Dallas, Corporal Paul H. Davis and Private H e n ry B. H ighton. Bugler “H o rine” A u stin got balled up, thinking of w h at w7e used to be, and blew stables for “Soopy, Soopy, Soopy.” A fter slanting “H u tch’s” noonday offering we con­ cluded “H a rvie” w a s’nt very wrong a t that. “Back to the Carolina You Love” for ten cents. This cold w e a ther m akes us wonder w h ere some of those gushing sheet music composers were brought up. “Moose” Guilfoyle is spending the w eek­ end in A tlanta w ith friends. No rem a rks, fellows, “Gillie” m e t her first. P rivate W ayne Cassidy, of Broome County, N. Y., ’lowed as how this w e a ther m ade him suspicions of those there city folks who go South for the w inter. N ever mind, Wayne, m ilk’s gone up to eighteen cents. ■—M. PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 87. Form e r m em b ers of Public School No. 87 will please forw ard their nam es and ad­ dresses to. Sergeant J. J. Hoffman, Co. “B” Officer’s Training Camp, Camp W adsw o rth. CO. C, 107TH INFANTRY. On Jan. 11, 1918, we departed from the company street in a grand show er of mud, to em b a rk once more upon the great ad­ venture of “Regim ental Guard.” M issing was th a t inspiring tune of the music th a t we always have at form al “guard m o u n t.” We m a rched through th a t slick, slimy mud up to our ankles, which clung to our shoes like the tentacles of a m o n strous fish. It was w ithout a doubt the m o st m iserable night th a t we have ever encountered, for guard duty. Sergeants Prindle, K err, Lathrop and Von Bernuth, have left us to report at the Offi­ cers’ T raining School. We are indeed sorry to lose them , hut we hope they will return as officers. In a very short tim e there will be a “checker” tournam e n t on, if we can secure enough entries. T h e re will be a few very good prizes and it would be advisable to send in your nam e to Pvt. M cLaughlin at the earliest opportunity. D e lehunt’s one am b ition has been to in­ veigle the w riter into a boxing m atch with him ; he succeeded beyond his fondest im agination, trim m ing him to the queen’s taste. D u ane’s saluting has im proved w o n d er­ fully of late; practice m akes perfect. “Bill” Garvin and “Ginger” Madill, the “W aldorf A storia” chefs, deserve great credit for the dinner they prepared for New Year’s Eve. Capt. Raecke swings the axe like an old- tim e woodsman. “A rtillery” Mains has been very busy lately; he is sure now th a t he can not be caught w h en questioned on the rifle. Our old friend, Bettes, w h en asked w h a t part of the rifle the cham b e r was, gazed soulfully into the sergeant’s eyes and an ­ swered, “the container.” Guess again, Roy. “Buckie” Leonard has at last qualified as a first-class barber. If you are a bit doubt­ ful take a look at B ingham ’s head. Bugler Sm ith is back from the hospital, says its pretty nice over there. Guess he likes the nurses. W ith due respect to Pvt. Bettes, we sug­ gest th a t he learn the difference betw e en “call to quarters” and “reveille.” “Sam” Crosby, is taking lessons from “Bob” B enedict in the a r t of cutting wood. The following conversation was overheard at inspection last w eek: M ajor: “How m any suits of underw e a r have you?” Boghosian: “Five, sir.” M ajor: “W h ere are they?” Boghosian: “One in the w ash and four on me, sir.” ■—J. S. M., J r.

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