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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, January 26, 1918, Image 17

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THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER 15 BATTERY F, 105TH FIELD ARTILLERY. We are all still alive although m o st of us feel half dead out here in these Blue Ridge M ountains. W e still have our old friend, Bill Long- lieed, who can peddle the Bull Durham faster than you can smoke it, but when it comes to rattlin g the bones he sure is there. Jack W e ir got frozen feet in bed one night and now he goes to bed w ith his spurs 011 to keep them warm. (E d itor’s Note: We didn't know th a t spurs ever kicked at the cold). Sgt. Reinecke is all smiles because he m anaged to get his horse to trot. Troop Sgt. M ajor Bolger is still w o n d er­ ing when reveille is going to be at ten o’clock, and has made up a new little ditty which he lives up to. The w o rk is hard, The pay is small, Cop a nap and “fool'’ them all. Now th a t the holidays are over and all the packages are gone, th a t old disease has returned w h ich is called the “gim m ies” and Joe Fitzpatrick is very ill w ith it, but we all hope he comes out O. K. W ho said horseshoers don’t shoe horses at nights ? Jack Tim lin “shoos” them in his sleep. W h a t say you, Johnny? Corp. Van Cura is now known as Tent M arshal, because he directed the movem ent of troops from under the covers. Sgt. Kelly is now acting as Top Sgt. Good luck, Joe, we are all w ith you. ■—“One of Us.” AMBULANCE CO. 108. Corporal Robbins is again in our m idst after spending a ten-day furlough in the Em p ire State. W h ile home he played the title role in th a t scream ing farce—“A Mod­ ern Romeo.” “Possum ” Louden, a regular Beau Brum- mell up in Masonville, by gosh, has lately acquired a m o st deplorable habit of appear­ ing at reveille w ithout his hair neatly comb­ ed and brushed. Naughty, naughty. Joe Desmond w anted his nam e in the paper. W e don’t know w h a t to say about him, except th a t he’s a cook. W e can’t go much further than that. The S. H. quartette washes to thank F a r ­ rier Dacey for his discovery of th a t touch­ ing ballad, “Bob W h ite.” All of our am b u lances have been con­ fiscated by the quarterm a ster. This means, of course, th a t we will be sent across im ­ m ediately—company rum o r No. 343. Two of our sergeants who are in the offi­ cers training school spent Sunday w ith us, w earing their new red, w h ite and blue hat cords. At mess one of the bright and shining lights of the third section ask e d : “Say, barber, can I get a hair-cut to-day?” Tom Cartledge, our expert am b u lance driver, took his turn at bare-back riding the other morning. A fter doing a regular Paul Revere past the Field H o spital companies, he alighted slowly -and gracefully among the “ Sam, why don’t you enlist?” “ Captain, I’d like to, ’deed I would. But then they might make me wear spiral puttees and I’d ketch the disease.” “ What disease?” “ Spiral meningitis!” mules on the engineers’ picket line. His technique was perfect. Lieutenants Buell and Bagley are w ith us again, after being laid up a few days w ith Southern colds. Privates Goodenough, Keefe, Ling and Divine have been assigned to Sanitary Squad No. 1. —W. C. R. CO. M, 105TH INFANTRY. There is a rum o r going about th a t the R. R. fare to N. Y. is to be only $8. F a r be it from us to spread false reports* but we sure do hope it comes true, as we are due to go home next month. Pvt. Joe W h alen goes to the canteen daily to eat pancakes and acquire flat feet. “B a ttling” Hickey and Kid Morgan had a short bout the other evening. It was short to the extent of one sw at from “B a tt” to the “K id’s” jaw. The 15th squad daily prays th a t “Goo Goo” H lyviak, the flat foot wonder, will cease borrowing Corp. M atson’s boots, soon. Pvt. W a lter Fox, the camouflage artist, is preparing a series of lectures for the Com­ pany. W a lt has the rem a rkable ability to take a rake, shovel or pick and completely disguise him self as work. Special A n n o u ncem ent—Pvt. Bill Nies has been appointed hydrant inspector. It is said th a t Corp. Anson has a disap­ pearing squad. Anyway, we know lie spends m o st of his tim e looking them up for details. Yes! Yes! If you don’t believe Brock Hughes has a new line of “Gas,” ask the cooks. And a t last the m iracle has come to pass™ Corp. Patsy O’Connor, the hoy w ith the am ­ bition, was actually seen pushing a wheel­ barrow yesterday. We w o u ldn’t believe it* only we saw it happen. ~~F. B. R. J r ..

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