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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, February 09, 1918, Image 21

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THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER 19 “Corporal Blumf, i’m going to reduce you.” “ It’s no use, Captain. 1 have taken two Turkish baths and a lot of exercise and I haven’t lost a pound.” BASKET-BALL TEAM WILL PLAY AT AUGUSTA. The Camp W adsw o rth basket-ball team will leave for A u g u sta next Friday for two hard games. The first one will bring it into contact w ith the strong five of the A u g u sta Y. M. G A., while on Saturday it is sched­ uled to m eet the Camp H ancock quintet. The local players have been recruited from am ong the best men on the company team s now appearing in the league started by the 51st Pioneers and the 105th Infantry. The game which had been arranged w ith the Charleston Navy Yard for two weeks ago and which was postponed because of a quarantine at the enem y’s quarters, will be staged at the Spartanburg Y. M. C. A. within the next few weeks. Mr. O rtner, of Y. M. C. A. U n it 95 is also looking for some games in camp for his All-Stars. Regim e n tal m a n a g e rs would do well to get in touch w ith him. LIVELY NIGHT AT 92. Three sm ashing boxing bouts and a real live w restling m a tch featured in last Mon­ day night’s program at U n it 92. The fistic affairs w ere no loving parties, and there was all the action desired from bell to bell. One of them ended in a knockout while both the others were well-fought draws. The first boxing contest lasted ju s t long enough for Mykfns, Company D, 102d Engi­ neers, to get w arm ed up. Then it was the poison needle for H a rt, 107th Ambulance. The setto was all over in a m inute and a half. A n o ther stretch e r slinger from the sam e am b u lance company opposed Costello, Com­ pany €, 105th M achine Gun B a ttalion in the second bout. He was A. K ellerm an, who form erly had pugilistic am b itions back in Albany. Both m en w e re gam e and mixed it up all through the three rounds. It was a draw. The third affair also w e n t unsettled after three m e rry rounds of good snapping, slam ­ ming by Carey, Company B, 104th Machine Gun B a ttalion and Darcey, Company D, 102d Engineers. ZUALE SHOWS CLASS. The w restling m a tch w e n t to Zuale, Com­ pany I, 107th Infantry, in two straig h t falls. Bylon, Company G, 107th Infantry, who op­ posed him, put up a good defense in the first grapple. He was only counted out in 10.32. The second found him considerably w eakened and after 5.40, it also w e n t to Zuale. THE W E A T H ERMAN W INS AGAIN. The soccer schedule has been postponed once again because of the continued poor w e a ther. This tim e the com m ittee will en­ deavor to get the first round com p leted by next Saturday. One game has been played in the few clear days during the past month. It proved a w alkaw ay for the Supply Train. Two m ore contests are still due in the opening bracket. SHANNON GETS A BOOST. The friends of A1 Shannon, the scrappy little featherw e ight of the 51st Pioneers, are anxious to see him in the ring again. The following letter to the Sporting Editor has been brought to the attention of F rank Moran, the division boxing instructor: “D ear Sir: W e note th a t the boxing news in the Gas A ttack is alm o st entirely de­ voted to the heavyw e ight situation, but ju s t a few lines to rem ind you th a t we have with us a willing little b a ttler in the feath e r­ w eight division. He is A1 Shannon, form e r­ ly of the M achine Gun Co., 47th N. Y. Inf., but at present a m e m b e r of H e a d q u a rters Co., 53d Pioneer Inf. “A1 has perform e d on several occasions for the entertainm e n t of the boxing en­ thusiasts, and judging by his perform a n ces, it can be stated th a t he is one of the strong­ est contenders for the 125-pound cham p ion­ ship of the camp. “He is eighteen and a half years of age, and although he has been boxing for about a year and a half, he stands ready to give an account of him self for the benefit of the boys, a t any tim e, against anyone at his weight. “Yours very truly, “SERGT. FRANK TISGHBEIN, “H d q trs. Co., 53d Pioneer Inf.” M A C H INE GUNNERS ACTIVE. Several snappy bouts featured the initial athletic night of the 108th Infantry’s Ma­ chine Gun Company. Eddie Lcwy, of the E a s t Side, who knocked out F rankie F itz­ patrick a few w eeks ago, put on an exhibi­ tion of four rounds w ith another New York lightw eight, P a ts y Leonard. T h e re was also a w restling m a tch in w h ich Leonty B o ratka and W a lt Heyden, the Supply Ser­ geant’s dog-robber, figured. Leonty used to w restle w ith a bear before he joined the arm y . And he still is in good shape. W alt, however, is there w ith the “know-how,” so the bout w ent for fifteen m inutes w ithout any other result than to have the crowd still guessing as to w h ich is the better man. These two plan to settle the dispute at the next racket of the Ma­ chine Gun Company. Leo Booth and George H agan, middle- w eights, boxed four fairly fast rounds. In another bout Carl W hiffen proved th a t he is not in the SCD class by holding his end up against Donald FlacK, who was one of the coming heavyw eights of R o chester, N. Y., before he moved to Spartanburg, S. C. “W e a sel” P r a t t surprised every one and forced the fighting w h en he m e t Charles Lee R o u sseau in four rounds a t 125 pounds. (M ore Sports on page 21.)

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