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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, February 09, 1918, Image 22

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20 THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER World Brevities I YOU CAN’T FOOL TROTZKY. Trotzky now exposes the German deceit in offering peace to Russia. Germany would not release the R u ssian territory which she now holds although she had prom ised to m ake it independent. THE ENEMY INSIDE OUR GATES. More of the work of German spies is com­ ing to light daily. The latest is the arrest, trial and confession of several Pro-Germans who made bombs and placed them in the holds of ships sailing to allied countries when we were neutral. One of these men confesses th a t he m ade a bomb and placed it in the Lusitania, but it did not explode, therefore he was angry, because he wished the honor of sinking this ship. It was also proven th a t at least one of these defendants received a large check for his services.. Edited by J. S. KINGSLEY detected by the aviators and R u ssian re ­ ports seem to verify such a possibility. It is expected th a t m ain drive will be along the coast tow a rd Calais and against the French on the eastern sector. The allies have been preparing for this drive and re­ port th a t they are prepared for it. RUMBLINGS IN AUSTRIA. It is reported th a t over a million A u stro- H u n g a rian w o rkm en and women struck be­ cause they dem anded and w ere refused more food, especially cereals, and besides they dem anded cheaper food. They also dem a n d ­ ed th a t cereals be kept in A u stria instead of being shipped into Germany. These lab­ orers w ere w o rkers in m u n ition plants. L a ter reports state th a t they are returning to work, having formed an agreem e n t with the governm ent. PERSHING’S “ GAS ATTACK.” Pershing has given perm ission to his men to publish a weekly new spaper for the A m er­ ican troops in France to he called “The Stars and Stripes.” LEFT FLAT BY TURKS. General Von Falkenbayn, the German gen­ eral in Turkey, was o rganizing an arm y of 300,000 to take the offensive against the B ritish in Palestine, b u t the Turks refused to be organized and d isbanded, leaving the general stranded. He then returned to Constantinople. HUNS CONCENTRATING ON WESTERN FRONT. For weeks the Allies have known th a t thousands of Germans have been moving from the E a stern to the W estern front. The Allies have known this from frequent re­ ports and from scouting and have accord­ ingly been defending the whole W estern line in anticipation of as great a drive as Germany can make. Conditions in Turkey and in A u stria demand some encouraging* news for the C e n tral powers. OUR OWN WAR. U n fortunately many first had the idea th a t this was prim a rily on our p a r t a w ar to m ake the world safe for democracy. They realize now th a t th a t was only an incident and th a t it is our very own w ar, for our very lives and our own dem o cracy.—R. F. H a rris, Illinois Council of N a tional Defense SUBMARINES’ TASK IS HOPELESS! One is am azed when he considers th a t the German subm arine has already destroy­ ed 10,000,000 tonnage thus far in the war, but when he learns th a t the increase of exports from Am erica the past year has in­ creased $746,000,000' over the year before and $267,000,000 over th a t of two years ago he can see how utterly hopeless is Ger­ m a n y ’s hope of destroying the shipping of England and of the U n ited States. TROTSKY ON VENTILATION. The R u ssian revolution was the first great event to bring a fresh whiff into the stale atm o sphere of Europe in the thirty-four years since the Paris Commune.—Leon T rot­ zky. WHAT WE WANT. P resident W ilson has declared on behalf of the common people of the whole world the term s w hich the common people want. This statem e n t has now been agreed to by every allied governm ent, including the R u s­ sian Bolsheviki.—President Purdy, B ritish L abor Leader. COME ON, YOU HUNS! R eports have repeatedly reached the allies th a t Germany expected to m ake one of the greatest and a final drive about Feb­ ruary 1st. Every movem ent of the Germ ans A MILLION AN HOUR! Our country is now spending a million dollars an hour on the war. Our expenses up to next July are estim a ted at $19,000,000,- 000. Europe has already expended $112,- 000,000,000 on the war. Property am o u n t­ ing to $1,000,000,000' has been destroyed, 10,000,000 lives have been lost, 4,000,000 prisoners have been taken and 10,000,000 tons of shipping have been destroyed. This argues strongly for the League to Enforce Peace after the war. Even at this terrific cost, the results will be w o rth the cost if there is organized after the w a r a league that will reduce the size of arm ies and com­ pel nations to arbitrate their differences. It will be w o rth while if men of K a iser W illiam ’s type be impossible. TWO TURKISH CRUISERS SUNK. On January 20 there occurred a naval bat­ tle at the entrance of the Dardanelles, in which two T u rkish cruisers were sunk. One was the form e r Breslau of the German navy, the other was the form er Goeben also of the German navy. The battle occurred Sunday m o rning in the narrow s of the straits. Two sm all B ritish m o n itors were also sunk. These two German cruisers escaped through the Allied lines in the Medi­ terranean at the outbreak of the war. Turkey was not yet in the war and promised to interne them but after Turkey entered th e war she took them, gave them T u rkish names and used them in her naval activities. AUSTRIA WEAKENING. P e rsistent reports speak of growing dis­ content in Germany, caused by shortage of food. A report now comes th a t a strike of 100,000 men in V ienna threatens A u s tria’s effectiveness in the war. A grow ing desire in A u stria to make peace w ith R u ssia and a grow ing dissatisfaction of being under- Prussian control is seen everywhere. For LINCOLN’S BIRTHDAY. the first tim e in its history South CANDY FOR SOLDIERS AND CHILDREN. The Food A d m inistration had decreed a stoppage of m a n u facture of chocolates but on recom m endation the decree has been changed and chocolate m a k ers may continue the m a n u facture of sweet chocolates because chocolate is regarded essential to the sol­ dier and to children. Carolina is going to honor the mem ory of A b raham Lincoln on his birthday on the tw e lfth of this month. The m e etings which will m a rk the day are not official, but they will be held generally throughout the state. In this tim e of world war, L in­ coln’s devotion to his ideals of liberty serve as an inspiration to soldiers who have pledged them selves to a task for which L in­ coln would gladly have given his service and his life. W ere Lincoln alive to-day—if he were a young m an you may be sure th a t he would be just w h ere we are—getting ready to do a m a n ’s work in this great conflict. If he were an older m an—in the president’s chair—we can im agine th a t he would say “A world can not endure half free and half K a iser-ridden.”

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