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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, February 09, 1918, Image 29

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THE WADSWORTH GAS ATTACK a n d RIO GRANDE RATTLER 27 The Ide as of Ethelburt Jellyback, Private (Continued from page 7) M never thought Lee had oughta surrendered.” to the captain for a furlough. It isn’t the first tim e I have done so. Again he denied me. He said th a t there had been no death in my family. “But I can’t help that, sir,” I replied. “I can’t in s tru c t the butler to put poison in the food of any of my relatives. I am made of stern e r stuff.” The captain dism issed me gruffly. Ethelburt’s Revenge. Officers continually tre a t me in th a t fash­ ion. B u t I shall be revenged upon them when I do get a furlough. I shall go home to New York and get into civilian clothes. And w h enever I chance to sit opposite a captain or a m a jor in a restau r a n t I shall ask: “I say, sergeant, will you please pass the salt?” If all officers in camp insist on treating me w ith the scant consideration for my talents which they display at present, their w a r will be a failure. T h e ir lack of vision rem inds me of the old Southern gentlem an I m et downtown the other night. I asked him w h a t he thought of the war. “W aal,” he replied, after much ponder­ ing, “I never thought Lee had ought-a su r ­ rendered.” But, despite the distressing lack of recog­ nition of who I a m ,. I have h it upon a ne w idea, one th a t I m ay eventually put into execution in case my own captain fails to see the light. It is this: I shall get m y self transferred to the H e a d q u a rters Troop, at Division H e a d q u a r­ ters, so I can be near the G e n e ral! ETHELBURT JELLYBACK, PRIVATE. (C.D.) FIRST INSURANCE PAID, Mrs. B e ttie Ingram , of P r a t t City, Ala., Is the Beneficiary. W ashington.—-The first paym e n t by the U n ited States G o v ernm ent under the Mili­ tary and Naval Insurance Act to the de­ pendent of a soldier or sailor killed in action was made to Mrs. B e ttie Ingram , 504 T h ird street, P r a tt City, Ala., widowed m o ther of Gunner’s M ate Osmond Kelly Ingram , killed October 15, 1917, w hen the U. S. S. Cassin was attacked by a Germ an subm arine. Two checks, one for $40, covering com­ pensation paym e n ts for the two m o n ths up to Decem b er 15th and one for $50, repre­ senting autom a tic insurance paym e n ts for the sam e two m onths, w ere sent to Mrs. In­ gram by the M ilitary and Naval Division of the B u reau of W ar-Risk Insurance, Sec­ retary McAdoo announced to-day. The death of G u n n e r’s Mate Ingram was the first to occur in the navy during an ac­ tual engagem e n t w ith the enem y in the present war. U n d er the term s of the M ilitary and Naval Insurance Act, Mrs. Ingram , being a widowed m o ther, dependent upon her son for support, is entitled to com p ensation a t the rate of $20 per m o n th as long as she lives, unless she rem a rries. Inasm u ch as her son did not apply for governm e n t insur­ ance, she is also entitled to paym ents under the autom atic insurance provision at the rate of .$25 per m o n th for 240 m o n ths. She will, therefore, receive a total of $45 per m o n th from the U n ited States Government. 1 3 RAND WHITLOCK is writing the story of the sack of Bel­ gium. As our Minister and as Direc­ tor of the American Relief, he was eye witness to that cruel and stu­ pendous crime. Brand Whitlock is able, force­ ful, a trained observer—a rarely gifted writer. He starts like a thoroughbred, tense with reserve power. With hardly a hint of tragedy he begins by showing us little Belgium, as he found it, happy— simple—kind-hearted. And yet as the story grows, the sense of what is impending grips one by the throat. , Without these opening chapters no reader will fully realize the pathos, the ' exquisite literary charm, or the contrast of his crash­ ing climaxes. Those with appreciation will recognize that the tragedy has wrought upon him until the re­ sult is such literature as may never again come out of the War, —such history as America must know to stand united. PERSHING. The French Govern­ m ent sent its official paintei Boucher, to paint Pershing. Ew erybody’s prints it in color—you who have men over there will frame it. RAOUL LUFBERY, “ A C E ” , tells of one of his daredevil air raids. Look for i t over in the advertising. SAMUEL H OPKINS ADAMS wakes up America this month for fair. “ TAM ’O THE SCOOTS” —There’s another battle story of this daunt­ less little Scot. Including February, the Whit­ lock articles will run through at least ten issues. No more maga­ zines than necessary will be printed on account of the price of paper. To make sure of getting every copy you should leave a standing order with your newsdealer. Per February IS O n t o m Copy $ 1.50 a Year

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