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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, March 02, 1918, Image 16

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14 GAS ATTACK ews From Division Units DIVISION HEADQUARTERS TROOP. Three prom otions were announced during the past week. Corporal Eddie Cobb is now Supply Sergeant in place of Tom Crawford, who has been transferred to the 40th E n g i­ neers; E rnest P a inter has been appointed corporal and put in charge of the automobile men, w h ile Bob W h ite received his two stripes and is now acting as troop bayonet instructor. P rivate Cruger is still advising the boys ju s t w h ere they will be next week. H is m e rits have been noted and he is now a charter member of the Stable Police R iding Club. Howard S tark is acting corporal of his tent. W ith M atthew Pivorotto, one of our latest rivals on one side, and George Stern- berger on the other, he is well supplied w ith all the essentials of a perfect toilet. Ah, there, H o w a rd! W atch your step. Augie Scarboro, one of “D a ring Dispatch R iders,55 is keeping the m ail orderly busy these days w ith m issives from Rosebank, Staten Island. The personnel office w ill kindly secure a good secretary for him. Private Meyer was amazed to hear from C h arlie W a rd th a t John Bunny is now w ith B arnum and Bailey. W ake up, Meyer, or they will be including you in their party, too. L e ster H u n t has been rehearsing in his tent his p a rt in the division show. He is expected to make a big h it as the Sleeping Beauty. W a lter B e ttker has joined the ranks of the compulsory alloters. Mayor H y lan played the nasty trick on him in a short but danger­ ous little ceremony while our W a lter was N o rth on furlough. Is it true, W a lter, th a t she believed you was a great big, strong fireman? OFFICERS’ DUTIES. F irst Lieut. Charles P. Loeser, 107th In­ fantry, has been detailed to duty in connec­ tion w ith securing a lease of land for a camp site for a company in infantry, near Gowansville. P rivate Rollin C. Wilcox, Company B, 105th M achine Gun Battalion, is detailed to special duty in connection w ith the con­ struction of a building for trench m o rtar instruction. M ajors L. F. Sherry and W a lter L, Bell, 102nd Ammunition Train, are relieved from duty in the office of the division inspector. In addition to their other duties, Lieut. Col. Jam e s C. M cLeer and Capt. Jam e s C. Maclin, 102nd A m m u n ition Train, are de­ tailed to duty in the office of the division inspector, and will be designated to inspect property having in view its condemnation. HDQRTS CO. 105TH FIELD ARTILLERY. H a v ing battled w ith hostile elem ents for two m o n ths at the artillery range, up in D a rk Corners, we returned to Camp W ads­ w o rth for a period of rest. Some of us left for the hills early last November, and the changes in the camp rath e r confounded us. We viewed w ith not a little apprehension, such comforts as elec­ tric lights, tent floors, walls, and, m o st w el­ come of all, hot w a te r shower baths. Fletcher, self-confessed ex-jockey, persists in denying th a t he was throw n by a horse th a t was standing perfectly still at the time. F rank Davis wails, “Who ever heard of H e a d q u a rters Company doing R egim ental G u ard?59 Poor F ran k has had two tours in five days, and hopelessly views the unprom ­ ising prospects of more soon to follow. R ed-thatched Jack Franke is acting Top­ per while Ray M illar is sojourning at the O. T. C. Avel Silverm an, alias Hogan, has been the recipient of a series of telegram s. What, is it, Mac, another furlough? W o n der if Max Sticker’s girl, Jean, still uses Y. M. C. A. paper to convey to Max her endearing phrases? Two Mazda lam p s failed to answ e r roll call in Eddie O’B rien’s ten t the other night. H a v ing notched them for identification, the doughty Edw ard felt quite confident th a t he could recover the bulbs. He finally did suc­ ceed in m a k ing the Sergeants disgorge one. Oby is sure th a t they are concealing the other one. W h a t would you give, Eddie, for our knowledge on the subject? Our ball tossers are practicing every day. They challenge any company, or regim e n tal team to cross bats w ith them. All hail to our band. Once the bane of our existence, we now point to them w ith pride. Corporal S'. E. Chasin. SPRING GARDENING. The 102d E n g ineers have spaded and raked the parkw a y betw een the officers’ tents and the regim e n tal street. The regi­ m e n tal gardener has sown oats in the space. He says they will m ake a pretty spring lawn, and after the grain is cut the land may be sown in regular lawn grass. Officers of the hospital train, betw een the engineers’ camp and the base hospital, sow­ ed oats in front of their tents last fall, and it is showing up very pretty now. The engineers and the hospital officers led in landscape gardening last sum m er and fall, and they are taking an early start for this year. COMPANY A, 102ND SUPPLY TRAIN. It is believed by all th a t “Humpty- D u m p ty” Longlay has got to rid him self of the rheum a tism before he can consider him ­ self capable of beating “Old M an” Mac- Gowan in the 100 yards. Our handsom e Sgt. Major “Cupie,” for­ m erly of this company, was a t Converse Col­ lege Tuesday evening, and not knowing w h a t to do w ith his hat, while the Star Spangled B a n n er was being played, lie hung it on his hip. Longlay, who was there, too, was in the same fix, so he put his in his pocket, and stood at attention. Our Sgt., “Baby Hippo” Sm ith, has re­ turned from furlough, rath e r weak in the knees, but still game, after visiting New York, Connecticut, and last but not least, Danville, Pa. He claims th a t the Delay, L inger and W ait R. R., is a disappointing line, as the conductor took up all his mileage ticket, m a intaining he took up two seats. B e tter reduce or give up traveling, Jim. Corp. Tom Sharkey, after visiting Long Island Camps, decided to be transferred to the N a tional Army, as a Major. We think th a t the new stripes and the cute little de­ sign has demented him. If the boss is to- give you any money, Tom, and you can’t use it all, ju s t call on the squad De Luxe, they are good. Engineer O’Brien, while at drill the other m o rning, got his arm caught around his neck (the command was rig h t shoulder arm s) and it is said th a t he would have choked to death were it not for the tim ely arrival of “H u m p ty-D u m p ty” Longlay. Corp. Peters, who had to go on guard, was sent to the kitchen to chop wood for the cook. He said th a t they didn’t do it th a t way down on the Border. “Benny” Niesloss, our asp irant young offi­ cer, has decided th a t a commission in the ground forces would not give enough chance to rise, so he expects to try for the Signal Corps, as an aviator. Go easy, Benny, you m u st w alk before you can fly. CAVALRYMEN AGAIN. Capt. G raham Youngs, of the 105th Ma­ chine Gun B a ttalion; Capt. H o w ard Cow- perthw a ite, adjutant of the trains and mili­ tary police, and Capt. Ridgeley Nicholas, of Co. B, m ilitary police, have been transferred to a new national arm y regim e n t of cavalry th a t is being organized at Douglas, Ariz. They left camp last week. These captains were form erly officers in old Squadron A, New York cavalry, and they are delighted to get back into th a t branch of the service, although they re­ gretted very much to be separated from, their many friends here.

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