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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, March 02, 1918, Image 18

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GAS ATTACK 102D ENGINEERS, HDQRTS. CO. A fter an absence of about th ir ty days, Dan Gleason has once more joined the 5th squad, the cream of the company. Bill Garcia, after getting a furlough, bor­ rowed a sergeant’s sh ir t to go home with. B u t there’ll be some wild parading home in th a t shirt. A fter suffering a week, H o w ard T u rner, an inm ate of Squad No. 1, known as the dizzy squad, finally returned to his special detail. He was affected w ith ab dul ungada of the solar plexus. D u ring the spare mom ents before and after the daily calls, alm o st half the com­ pany can be found in Squad No. 5’s tent listening to Tom B racken’s Aeolin Voca- lion. A fter return in g from his furlough, he brought some snappy songs w ith him , most of which are the present hits in the big city, especially the “Stack of Barley.” P. J. C a rdarelli has once more started on his m u sical detour. Big party down the town and Petie did some playing. E'x-squad leader Francis P. Finnegan can often be seen diving up for seconds. God was liberal when it came his way in do­ nating feet—for he got a portion of Carda- relli’s. McGinty is hoping th a t captains are once more changed, so he can gather him self to­ gether and go up for seconds on the fu r­ loughs. W henever you see Joe Carey tell him — “L a st Sunday some one stole the contribu­ tion box:” he has never been the sam e since. Chris Nev/man, another one of the dizzy first, has lost 20 pounds since he returned from his furlough—w o rrying about seconds. 102D TRENCH MORTAR BATTERY. A battery running club has been establish­ ed and our able Corporal, George B ennett, is chief instructor, w ith Persim m o n Ebbing- haus assistant instructor. Every m o rning after reveille, Corp. B e n n e tt blows the fa­ mous w h istle, and the athletes fall in, but all the response lie gets to it is poor Al, who is trying to reduce weight. Private Joe Malone is getting all ready for his expected furlough. He has a list of places all mapped out on a regular schedule, w ith Newburgh in the lead. Private Alfonsus Bronzert expects a tran s ­ fer to the canteen; lie is sm oking cigarettes, now, and figures lie won’t have to buy them when lie gets the job. Private M innick is sporting a new speci­ men of the wilds of South Carolina. W hile out on a -wood detail, Johnny ran across a tree lizard. Now he takes him to bed with him at night, but to Private B randt’s dis­ comfort, the lizard takes his m o rning w alk before reveille blows, and w alks all over B randt’s face. It will delight our hearts if we • w ake u p . som e . m o rning, and find Mr. Lizard A. W. O. L*. Private Tom Malone is. still w riting those 27-page letters; the only way wre can figure is th a t lie w rites.about the whole squad, - Private M. Brandt. SATURDAY MORNING INSPECTION or A PRIVATE’S DREAM. Devised and Patented by “THE NATIONAL COT-BENDERS’ SYNDICATE.” At last a long-felt w a n t has been supplied, and no longer does Saturday m o rning hold any terrors. For the belated “buck” who took the 10 o’clock P. & N. train to camp on F riday night this is a Godsend. The equipm ent consists of the following: 4 balloons, 1 cap pistol, 4 caps, 1 ton and a half anchor, 1,500 feet of hauser rope (at least 3 inches thick), 1 Ford horn, 30 feet of electric wire, a flashlight battery, 1 rud­ der, 3 skyrockets (1 red, 1 white, and 1 blue), (H u rrah!), 1 box w ith the following equipm ent: Ordnance, half dozen hand grenades, 1 copy of the Gas A ttack, 1 Q. D. um b rella, and a pack of “Camels.” How to operate: On Friday night inflate the four balloons to a pressure of 15 pounds w ith a bicycle pump, m aking sure to drop the anchor beforehand. Post notice for those coming in late not to stum b le over anchors as they m ight disconnect sam e and find their friends up by the ceiling in the m o rn­ ing. Be sure to go over cot thoroughly and see th a t all m achinery is properly oiled and in good w o rking order. At first call Saturday morning, pull up anchor; the corporal leads, and the rest take th e : a ir according to their length of service, navigating the company street at least once. W h en hovering over Ms right spot, the gallant soldier im m ediately draw s his cap pistol and after loading same,* pro­ ceeds to deflate the four balloons by shell fire, and drops into place, already for roll call, calisthenics, inspection, mess and w h a t­ ever other punishm e n t a court-m a rtial may decide. . 021 Its efficiency does not end here. W hy send a soldier 35 miles to a rifle range when his m a rksm a n ship can be developed rig h t in camp. E v e ry Saturday he gets four shots at the balloon, w h ich m eans 16 a m o n th and about 100 in six months. If he hits 75 out of a hundred, he is doing good and is en­ titled to a medal, as it is very hard to hit anything w ith a cap pistol. E x tra precautions: If by any chance the cot should ascend to an altitude of 3,500 feet or more, w ithdraw rockets and light them , first the red, then the white, and the blue, showing th a t an A m erican is in distress; he will then receive aid from one of our Service Stations, open day and n ig h t If they don’t see Mm, we guarantee a discharge and a squad to carry the rem a ins to New York. CO. F, 102ND ENGINEERS. ANY BUCK PRIVATE* A feller used ter pike away, A fter laborin’ all the day, An’ straggle in ter Joe’s Cafe To roll der bones ter see who’d pay. A feller had no “boss!” It sure was life w ithout the gall To W a lk the Dog aroun’ th ’ H all W it’ Lizzie, at th ’ M ilkm an’s Ball, W en w o rry had no show a’tall. A feller bore no cross! Then some guy s tarts this dog-gone war, An’ now it’s peace we’re fightin’ for. Not from th ’ fear of blood an’ gore— But ’cause the details are a bore, A feller’s a t a loss! From reveille to ole retreat, T h ’ topper w a n d ers down th ’ stre e t,’ W h ile detailed men ju s ’ shake their feet, T h e ir hearts cry out wid fearful beat; “My God!—the A lbatross!” B. E. B.. Co. D, 104th M;, G. B’n. -

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