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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, March 02, 1918, Image 19

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GAS ATTACK 17 54TH PIONEER INFANTRY, HDQRTS. CO. Our company street would be a grand sight if fire call was sounded about m idnight. The “pajam a club/5 w ith quarters in the N. C. S. Tent, affords a conglom eration of colors. Danny in his “Baby Blue,” Stone­ wall in his “H y a c in th/5 and John the Ju n k ­ m a n in his O. D., not forgetting “S tatis­ tical” in his dashing green. We are blessed w ith a new cook. He is a cook “w h a t am.” Keep up the good work, John. Chief W ebster is now the H o rse’s Neck (Stable) Sergeant; they knew some­ thing when they handed the job to the Indian. Corporal Adare and M usician Davis are on furlough. We tru s t they w ill follow our ad­ vice and stay away from the m inister. A lkali Ike had salty oatm eal for break­ fast. M otto: Get on the mess-line when the w h istle blows. I say, E itel: Take your h a t off in the mess hall. W hen are you going to have th a t first horse-back ride? Good luck to you, “Boo-Hunk.” Hope they don’t give you a mule. W h a t are you laughing at, “V e b b e r;’5 no monkey business w ith the cards. I lose von dollar more, den I close up. N ever mind Baehr, “Pop Dietz55 h as M urphy hypnotized, but he can’t slip i t over on you. How about it, Eddie? Rickety—-Ram—. C o n g ratulations to Sergeant Rosenthal better known as “Rosey.” We hope you keep up the good record set by your predecessor. How about a new hatcord, blue, size 6%? Sergeant McCahill, now “A cting T o p p e r/’ has gained popularity w ith the men. Go to it, “Jim e s,” we are all w ith you. We are honored w ith the week-end visits of our w o rthy comrades, S g t Major Ginn and F ir s t Sergeant Cobbett, from the O. T. C. We are always glad to welcome any form er members of our company at all times. NEW INSTRUCTORS* The following have been detailed as assist­ ant instructors in bayonet fighting and phys­ ical training, division school of th e line. Second Lieut. A. H. R e inert, 106th In­ fantry. Sergt. W illiam M cCarthy, Company H, 107th Infantry. Sergt. C. Balch, 102d T rench M o rtar B a t­ tery. Sergt. C. H o rstm an, H e a d q u a rters Com­ pany, 105th Infantry. Sergt. J. Sabo, Company I, 105th Infantry. Corp. H. Liddell, H e a d q u a rters Company, 106th Infantry. Sergt. H. E. Frederickson, Company C, 106th Infantry. Corp. H. L. Flynn, Company F, 107th In­ fantry. Corp. P. Carey, Company I, 107th Infan­ try. Corp. G. N. DuPre, B a ttery B, 104th Field A rtillery. The Daughter of His Regiment. COMPANY I, 107TH INFANTRY. Not to be outdone by the other companies, we too, have a brand-new F irst Lieutenant. Our heartiest congratulations to . Lieut. Kooschea, and we are all in back of him to the drop of the hat! “Pop” Fisher and Yolkeot strayed away the last night in the trenches and were rounded up as prisoners by the enemy. Maybe the H u n s won’t let you off w ith as light a sentence as wood and w a ter detail, so look out when we get “over there,” boys! “T ram ” Thom as has again started the round of S p a rtanburg society. The quar­ antine was pretty hard on good-looking corporals, w a sn’t it “T r a m /5 but w h a t will the little girl in Tucson say? Fred Brown got his furlough and arrived back a t camp in tim e to enjoy our 72 hours visit to the trenches. Lots different than those little trip s to Poughkeepsie th a t we heard about, n ’e st ce pas, Fred? Som ething is w rong w ith our Topper, Sergeant Floyd. A 48-hour pass for him is unusual, but he m u s t have deserved it, when we take into consideration the appearance of th a t nice new overcoat after the trench­ es. It’s always hard the first six years in the Army, isn’t it Sergt? One thing after another. Out of the trenches and up to the range. It’s a great life. Old “Ecky” K in had us peaved about gas in the trenches, but we’re used to your “gas” now, old man. Our athletes are busy men these days trying the “hundred” in 14 m inutes and the broad jum p s. Some do it and some don’t; try it before a Sunday dinner next time, M e rritt, and I guess you’ll make it. B. W ILLING TO EXPLAIN. Staff Colonel: Your reports should be w ritten in such m a n n e r th a t even the most ignorant may understand them. Sergeant-—W ell, sir, w h a t p a r t is it th a t you don’t understand ?—C h ristian Register. ® t I TO PIONEERS AND OTHERS. I z & | The G a s A t t a c k is the official magazine | t m I of the Twenty-seventh Division. But its i z m | scope is w ider than that. And as long as f z m | the division rem a ins here at Camp Wads- I • f I w o rth, news will be printed of all units in f “ f I camp, pioneers and all. f | Notes from the new outfits are welcome I : • I in the office of this magazine. ' I s A 53D PIO NEER IN F ., CO. L. Hail! hail! Our Topper is back. He had it-—had his furlough, came . back around re­ treat M onday evening, reported to Captain A. P. Clark, our Company Commander his return, and the first question he asked was, does Sergt. Mullen wear his hat straight yet? He then returned to his quarters to get ready to form the company for retreat, he did form said company in this manner (which looks bad for our F ir s t Sergeant just returning from a furlough). Fall in boys. Oh, gee! We will have to get a civilian to get it, they w o n ’t sell it to us in uniform, and then hesi­ tated, thought of himself and sighed. Oh! dear old Brooklyn. Sergeant McGrath, call the roll. Sergt. Sharp gets a blue envelope nearly every day and when he don’t get it he has the blues himself and gets angry th a t every one else doesn’t get the blues. Now to our big Scot, Sergt. MeDonal, of the Clan MeDonal. He was heard in the tent the other night shouting to Sergt. Clark, “ I f Sergt. Cleveland don’t come back with my sweater I ’11——— . ’ ’ Sergt. Clark gave him the O. D. and said, “ Hey! Mack, Sergt. Chambers (our mess sergt.) claims th a t three bottles of lemon extract are missing and I think I know where it went. You dummy you, get your sweater on. ” Silence from the tent. Corp. O ’Neil wants to know why Corp. McCarthy don’t have to go out on detail when he and P rivate Sheenen has to. Corp. M cCarthy was m arked light duty and don’t have to go over to the 54th Pioneer In f a n ­ try to work for them, and Corp. O ’Neil was informed of the reason. Late on Tuesday evening Corp. O ’Neil was heard to say to P rvt. Lehane, “ You h it me on the leg with th a t b a t and I ’ll hit you. We will duck this detail or go over w ith Corp. Quigley in the Base Hospital. ’ ’ On Thursday evening, Feb. 14th, at Y. M. C. A. U n it No. 96, they had a F a ther and Son night. M ajor Allen L. Reagon, who has two sons here in camp, gave an interesting talk on “ W h a t the service should do for the enlisted m a n ’s future . ’ 9 Our Company Commander, Capt. A rthur P. Clark, and his son, Sergt. Chas. J . Clark, gave an exhibition of B ritish cavalry sword and lance drill and also some foil fencing, Capt. Clark was form erly in the Royal Scot’s Greys, one of the old B ritish cavalry regiments. —S. J. M.

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