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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, March 30, 1918, Image 23

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GAS ATTACK 21 BARRACKS BAG MYSTERY. Battery F, 104th F. A., Presents a Per­ plexing Problem. A few m o nths ago we discarded our boxes with their m any shelves and locks for the w. k. & j. c. barrack hags. These hags are wonderful contrivances but they m u st have been invented by a m an who ■only owned one suit of B. V. D.’s. They say the Gas A ttack has a circulation of 20,000 copies. W e wonder if there is not som eone who reads (and enjoys) this m ag­ azine th a t can come to our rescue and solve a most im p o rtant question. W hy is it th a t if you lay an article on the top of your bar­ racks bag in five m inutes it will be at the bottom of all your belongings. The w riter has tried to fathom it out on all the theories possible but w ithout any success at all. A laboratory test was made by the Special De­ tail a few weeks ago. A carefully m arked pair of socks (you know, the kind th a t were k n itted by the “sw eetest, etc.”) w ere laid by A on the top of a tightly packed bar­ racks bag. B was placed on guard over the bag and A left the tent. The latter re­ turned in 15 m inutes and B swore before the com m ittee th a t nobody was seen at or n e a r the bag. However, A was unable to find the socks w h ere he had placed them. 'Upon em p tying the contents of said bag the socks w ere found carefully rolled in with a pair of breeches. It is a m ystery, but never­ theless a fact. Cannot some kind reader help us out? Perhaps one of you are a friend of the fam o us Houdini. Could he explain it?. It is only because we have not had a press ag e n t th a t you have not had columns upon .columns of B a ttery F news, the 104th Field A rtillery. Now we will come from under ““a bushel.” Do not think th a t a B risbane h a s been brought to light. No, it is only one of the 180 men, who have been ques­ tioned by “fond relatives” concerning the lack of notes, th a t is w riting those few words. Since January 5th, B a ttery F has been attached to the Officers T raining School as the instructing battery. Doesn’t th a t sound well? W e arrived at our new cam p site only to find th a t the drainage system in­ stalled by our predecessors had not been a success. The mud was a foot deep. How­ ever, our road and drainage experts w ith the aid of a warm sun and a stiff breeze soon m ade th e street a Broadway of the camp. It is now a pleasure to stand retreat on the high and dry thoroughfare. The duties of the battery at the training- school have been m any and various—but we won’t w a ste valuable space telling you everything we do. Our Top Soak, Sergeant Malley, is learn­ ing some of the latest pokes and stabs at the Division School of the Bayonet. He tells us they keep him going pretty steadily all day. It is a good thing Kenny w a sn’t .assigned to th e work. Soldier— “ How bad are you?’5 Sailor— “ There are only two bad men on this ship and I am both of them .” COMPANY H, 51ST PIONEERS. * The Storm tent (buglers, mechanics and cooks) are the same old bunch th a t started house-keeping at the Arsenal. “ Rheum atics” Mack must have sold his book on crap shooting to a certain party, by the way said party is making passes. Bugler Tieman only missed Reveille seven times last week. Cheer up, Georgie, the weeks are going to be longer. ‘‘Apple-0 Jo e ” Bellesheim still writes his letters by candle-light after Taps. If he mislays that candle Sadie gets no letters. Supply Sergeant P. N. (Painful & Noisy) Young has returned from a furlough with a smile that w o n ’t come off—cause * ‘ The girl and the M inister.” Congrats from the Storm Tent, Percy. Pop Lowe, the ‘ (Yiddish Nightingale, ” is looking worried again. Cheer up, there ’s worse details than K. P. Incinerator Sergeant O ’Brien has been re­ duced to an every day Corporal. Three m otorcycles are being used at the school. The job of running them seems softer than even our congenial clerks’ work. George w onders w h at m akes the blam e thing run alone for 100 yards before fall­ ing. Especially after he has suddenly given her the lim it of gas and has ju s t as sud­ denly been left behind—hitting the ground w ith a thud. Sergeants H u m p h reys, Smith, O’Brien, Corporals Schilling and McGill are learning a great deal about artillery at the School. The B a ttery wishes them the best of luck. A monkey chase took place in the street last week when a m ascot of a neighboring regim e n t broke loose. The little episode m ade Corporal Cananico a trifle homesick. W e haven’t discovered the reason as yet, though someone suggested th a t perhaps he had been in the hand organ business be­ fore the war. One of our sergeants has a brand new O. D. w h istle. They say he was trying it out in the woods. MESS HOUND. 55TH PIO NEER INFANTRY. The officers of the Third B a ttalion tendered a get-together party to M ajor Lyman A. Wood the other evening on the occasion of the M a­ jo r ’s birthday. The chairman of the arrange­ ments, Captain John H. Knuebel, Company I, even adducted a piano to make the affair a success. W ith the aid of F irst Sergeant Earl Borron and Mess Sergeant H u n te r Crooks of I Company, the officers ’ mess hall was deco­ rated with wild (?) flowers for the occasion. The 55th Pioneer Orchestra furnished the music for dancing and Privates Detig and Parrish of C and M Companies sang several solos. The recent change in schedule which ad­ vanced the first call for Reveille from 6.30 to 5.45 A. M. was eagerly welcomed by the per­ manent K. P. who claim th a t it gives them greater opportunity to think up other delica­ cies for our table. Colonel A rthur Kemp is on a leave of ab­ sence and no doubt has been giving good re­ ports about the skeletonized 74th regiment to its friends in Buffalo. Colonel Kemp is keenly interested in the Pioneer work and has built up a splendid officers organization since the full complement of officers arrived. F irst Sergeant Joe McAvoy, Company L, certainly hates publicity. He was discovered last Monday boiling his chevrons—-no, don’t get it wrong, they are boiled you know to make them smaller—not to bleach ’em out. Color Sergeant Jack W all who was reduced to Sergeant a t his own request and transferred to Company I, claims th a t he is in the best outfit in the regiment; and Private McLean, who is the whole enlisted strength in that company, agrees w ith him th a t it is a fact. F irst Sergeant H a rry Ashdown of Company F, and F irst Sergeant M artin Mulligan, Com­ pany M, both student officers at the Officers Training School, dropped in to see the boys last Sunday on their ‘‘ day of rest. ’ ’ Both sergeants are in the best of condition and both are looking forw ard to rejoining their old regiment as commissioned officers very soon. I t is hoped th a t this will be the case as H arry and M art, as the enlisted men may still name them, will get a rousing reception when they report here for duty. The regim ental canteen recently opened has been a big success from the start. Lieutenant Gilbert is in charge and is ably assisted by Sergeant c ‘ A rt ’ ’ Wills of Company A, Band Sergeant Schwab, and Musicians Lauer and Ostertag. The location of the canteen at the head of the 55th Pioneer regimental street next to Y. M. C. A. building No. 95, affords a splendid opportunity for business. In addi­ tion to that the W hitman station of the P. & N. railroad is at the end of Supply Co. street. To accommodate the patrons of the P. & N., the 55th Pioneer Canteen is open every night until the 10.20 tram from Spartanburg ar­ rives at W hitman Station. Regimental Sergeant M ajor Tom H eard has the classiest office in the Division and keeps things on the go all the time. Get those pay rolls in on time and he ’11 get you your money on the first of the month every time.

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