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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, March 30, 1918, Image 24

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22 GAS ATTACK CAMP SPO Rr I g E d i t e d b y F \ J e A S H L E Y MAINE PIONEERS LATEST ATH­ LETIC LEADERS. Have Carried Off Everything In Sight Since Arrival Here. Speaking of baseball, we have been look­ ing over the newly arrived team from Maine, the 56th Pioneers, form erly known as the F ir s t Maine Heavy A rtillery. No sooner had they arrived in Camp W a d s­ w o rth than they began to lick everything in sight. They started in w ith the 52nd Pio­ neers, a New York regim ent, and after the Yanks had lasted through nine innings of patronizing jibing from the Gotham outfit the score stood 21 to 4 in their favor. The next victim s of the Maine battlers w ere the diamond experts of the 4th Pio­ neers, the old 6th M assachusetts. Up until the sixth inning it looked lik e . a cinch for the Cape Cod team , but after th a t the Maniocs found the range and it was all over but the cheering. This tim e they led 9 to 4. In an effort to defend the good nam e of their state, the 3rd Pioneers, form erly the 5th M assachusetts, took up the argum e n t next, but it was no use. The 8th M assachu­ setts, now camouflaged as the 5th Pioneers, also got into the whirl, w ith a like result. In each case the Maine sluggers found things so easy th a t they were too m o d est to even announce their big leads. T h e ir latest conquest was a 19 to 8 battle w ith the 105th Infantry from New York. The doughboys w ere a leg w eary crew when the Yanks decided to m ake peace. The Maine players are sure th a t there m u st be some strong team s in camp. They have not m et them yet but are willing to do so. They do not stop there. They m a intain th a t they are the leaders in boxing and w restling as well and judging from their recent entries in the Camp tournam e n t they are entitled to their opinion. SUPPLY TRAIN SURPRISES 106TH SOC­ CER STARS. The 106th Infantry’s soccer team , which has been looked upon as the ultim a te w inner of the Division tournam ent, was put out of the race, last Saturday, when the 102nd Supply T rain put over a 4 to 2 victory. It was the first tim e the doughboys have ever allowed their goal line to be crossed. The cham p ionship of the 27th Division now lies betw een the Supply T rain and the rapidly im proving Sanitary T rain eleven. The 106th w ith its college lineup working in good shape had things all its own way during the first half. W hen the period ended the score was 2 to 0 in its favor. Im m ediately after the start of the second half the whole aspect of the contest changed. The Buff Cord players got into second speed and while the footmen were floundering around, unable to get anyw h ere near the goal, the speed kings tallied four times. FORMER CUB STARS WITH 106TH BASE­ BALL TEAM. Dick Cotter, a form e r catcher of the Chi­ cago Cubs, was the star in the game last Sunday betw een Companies A and C of the 106th Infantry. He played shortstop on the latter team and was a big aid in bringing home a 10 to 3 victory. Muddell, another old-timer from the International League, was on the mound for the winners. Score by innings— R .H. E. Company C..........022 114 000—10 11 2 Company A. .........3001 000 000— 3 6 3 B a tteries—Muddell and F lorence; Snider and Grero. FLUSHING SOLDIERS THROW BIG SCARE INTO WOFFORD. Company I, 51st Pioneers, an aggregation from Flushing, Long Island, which has been m aking itself fam ous in the athletic an­ nals of the camp, m et Wofford College on the baseball field a week ago W ednesday. Although defeated by the collegians, the soldiers gave them a big scare in the ninth inning when they came w ithin one run of tying the score. Score by innings— R. H. E. Co. I, 51st P r s . . . . . . . . . 1 0 0 000 002—3 6 2 Wofford C o llege.......3 0 0 001 00*—4 6 1 B a tteries—Fountain and Lewis; Outz and Rivers. 105TH SUPPLY COMPANY CLOSES SEASON WITH VICTORY. Company I, 51st Pioneers, Meets Down­ fall in Last Game. Company I, 51st Pioneers, m et an unex­ pected defeat on the basket-ball court in the closing game of the season. The Supply Company, 105th Infantry, upset the dope by w inning 24 to 20. At the end of the opening period the Pioneers were leading 13 to 9 but they found it im p ossible to w ithstand the onslaught of their heavier opponents near the end of the game. The line-up: Supply Co., 105th Inf. Co. I, 51st Pioneers (24) (20) Gaynor ........... .L.F. ........ Simmons Morris ............ R.F.............. Fritz Duval ........... .. C.... .......... . McLeod O’Neill ............ R.G............ Runge K endrick ......... .L.G ........... Hinsley Field Goals—Morris, 5; K endrick, 1; Du­ val, 1; Gaynor, 1; Simmons, 2; Fritz, 3; Hinsley, 2; McLeod, 1. Foul Goals—Morris, 7; Simmons, 3. R e feree—Ortner, Army, Y. M. C. A. WOFFORD COLLEGE TAKES ANOTHER GAME FROM PIONEER OFFICERS. The strong Wofford College baseball team scored another victory at the expense of the Pioneer officers last Saturday. This tim e the staff of the 51st Pioneers supplied the victim s for the college players. The score was 3 to 0. The W offordites jum ped into the lead in the first inning. W ith two out, Vaughn walked, stole second, and rode home on E b b e rle’s double to deep left. The other two runs cam e in the fifth. Ebberle, Vaughn and Bozeman featured for the Southerners, while O’Kael, Swartz, H iorons and Cobb starred for the officers. Score by innings— R. H. E. Wofford ............. .100 020 00*—3 5 2 Officers .......... 000 000 000—0 10 5 OFFICERS OF 106TH CLAIM TITLE. The baseball team composed of • officers of the 106th Infantry advises th a t it is, w ithout doubt, the best comm issioned nine in the camp. They have delegated Mr. Jen- ney of the Y. M. C. A. to hunt up prospec­ tive victim s for them . In order to get the best players of the regim e n t for their team they have started a series of inter-battalion contests. In the opener, the Second Bat- talion had a runaw ay from the Third, win­ ning 22 to 6 . Third Batt. ...... .............. 0 1 1 0 0 4 0— 6 Second Batt. ............4 3 7 6 0 2 x—22 B a tteries—F ir s t L ieutenant B rennan and Captain Conroe; F ir s t L ieutenant Callahan and F ir s t L ieutenant Hochist. CO. I, 51ST PIONEERS AT IT AGAIN. Company I, 51st Pioneers had another hot tim e in its last baseball game. This tim e the players of Company M, 108th Infantry were sacrificed to the glory of the Flushing w a rriors. The score was 21 to 4. The Pioneers got a total of seventeen safe hits, while the best the doughboys could do w as four. ■ ------ — 1ST PIONEERS LEARN TO USE MITTS. Classes have been started at U n it 93 in both boxing and w restling. Separate ses­ sions have been arranged for the officers and enlisted men. The F ir s t Pioneers have supplied all of the entrants. Jack Driscoll is handling the boxing, while Sergeant B e r­ ry is directing the catch as catch can enthu­ siasts.

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