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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, April 06, 1918, Image 14

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12 GAS ATTACK News From Division Units PUGNACIOUS PIGEONEERS. A thrilling battle was waged recently be­ tw een the F e a rless Englishm an, Corporal Ray Haggas, and P v t / K . O. Swain, both of the Pigeon Section, Signal Corps. W h en Tim ekeeper Pvt. Odell rang the bell, both men looked fit and in fine condition. As they shook hands the Englishm a n stated, “All friendship ceases.” Both men showed a lot of action and apparently w ere out to get each other. The E n g lishm an was very clever, and full of speed. He shot a severe left jab to Sw ain’s m o u th in the first m inute of play, causing the claret to flow freely, and repeatedly kept after the cut, keeping Swain busy covering up. Both m en took a lot of punishm e n t tow a rd the end of the round. Swain had considerable reach and w eight on his opponent. As the referee, Corporal Sheehan, called time, Swain threw a terrific right to the E n g lishm a n ’s jaw, which dazed him for a few seconds. Sw ain’s second, Si Thorn, m anaged to stop the flow of blood from his m o u th before the sta r t of the second round. W h en the referee called tim e for the second round, Swain was full of action and fighting mad. He pressed his m an very hard, playing for the kidneys and landing heavy body blows. The Eng­ lishm an was clever in guarding his face, and clinched repeatedly, trying to w e a r out his opponent. Swain landed a left swing to the Englishm a n ’s nose, bringing him to the m a t and causing th e blood to flow. H e rose to his feet quickly returning a left jab to Sw ain’s mouth. Swain m ade several wild blows, and the Englishm an, taking advan­ tage of the openings, shot a severe right to Sw ain’s chin, knocking him unconscious on the m at. The referee, Corporal Sheehan, gave Swain the count, leaving the E n g lish­ m an the victor. Pigeoneer Cowboy. Corporal Sheehan, of the Pigeon Section, Signal Corps, m ade a daring rescue, recently stopping four runaw a y mules. The driver lost control of the mules, also his nerve, and jum ped from the wagon. They w ere going at a terrific speed over the rough ground and tree stum ps, tow ard the w ireless sta­ tion. If it w ere not for Corporal Sheehan bringing the wild anim a ls to a stop, they would have destroyed the w ireless station. A m ajor, who w itnessed the episode, rode over to Corporal Sheehan and congratulated him for his daring feat and bravery. CAR FOR SALE For sale—second hand Chalm ers touring car, good condition, good bargain. Apply J. W. Stoll, B Co., 105th M. G. Bat. FIELD HOSPITAL COMPANY NO. 106 Lieutenant Reed, athletic manager of the company, has made arrangements for ths com­ pany to enter in all divisional and inter-di­ visional athletic fetes. The baseball team made a very fine showing last Saturday when they played Wofford College on their home grounds. Some very technical plays were w it­ nessed by those in the audience. I t seemed our crack pitcher who is very consistent on the diamond, outclassed the college team as they were only credited w ith five hits. Our kitchen, 4 4 The Palace of Cleanliness,* * as our Mess Sergeant McCormack calls it, has been remodeled and a new field range install­ ed by P rivate “ F a r i n a *7 Frederick Heid- rich. “ Saliva** Private F irst Class Frederick Frey, says he is going to cultivate his voice so as to partake in the Divisional Show. A sign is now under preparation for the p ri­ vate, which reads “ One large plow wanted for cultivation. * * The private sings in quite a high pitch, known to his tentm ates as tenor eleven. P rivate “ Snuffy** Prescott, bugler for the company, lost his bugle while the company was on a hike recently. The war was called off until “ Snuffy** procured his bugle again. 4 4 Parade Rest * * P rivate Rassenberger is heartily in favor of a ten hour schedule, pro­ viding th a t four hours bunk fatigue is called for. Don *t mean to disturb you 4 4 Rassy, * * be calm. 4 4 Skitch * * P rivate Hallenbeek is somewhat lonesome for his mate, P rivate Purdy who is on a furlough. The two privates are so broth­ erly when together, especially at mess time. “ Pass the sugar A rt * * says F rank “ W ait a minute brother,** says A rt, and he is w a it­ ing yet. 4 4 Reggy * * P rivate Pringle, the originator of double time in the army, says that Prohibi­ tion should be in force now. Jim, why is it you are so selfish, it *s hard to keep up spir­ its in a dry state, Jim, but don *t get discour­ aged. “ Shifty** Private Clark, the camouflaged lieutenant and form erly a Rensellerite, is somewhat interested of late watching the mails. Cheer up, Ray, perhaps the Renssel­ aer Post Offices are closed for the time be­ ing. “ Experience** Private F irst Class Charles Reilly, Fred McDermott *s side partner, and legal adviser, has a hard time of late pursuad- ing Fred, th a t he should eat more steaks for breakfast, especially when they are served him. The bowling team of the company defeated the bowlers of the 107th Infantry in a local alley. The boys from the Capital City proved th a t they outclassed the boys from the me­ tropolis of our state. COMPANY Gr, 51ST PIONEER INFANTRY. P rivate Marsden is back in the ranks again. 4 4 Muscles * * Mansfield is beginning to look like a Polish grappler even though he does- only weigh 135 pounds. Company O has gained a reputation that is well worthy of emulation. The quarters of O Company have been complimented and taken as an example by the whole regiment. Keep up the good work, O. A reputation is well worth the labor. For Sale-W o o d e n shovels for sibleys by “ Tush** Lewis. A series of hundred yard dashes was held' by the entire company the other night. The winners were exhausted while some dropped before reaching the goal. Sergeant Taylor will answer all requests for the service of an expert handler of dyna­ mite. His newest powder which he calls 41 sand-o-mite, * * is guaranteed to do any job. SERGEANT F. SQUAZZO. COMPANY M, 106TH INFANTRY. Since Sergeant Hawthorne has been acting' F ir s t Sergeant he seems to have lost w h a t­ ever amount of am iability was in him. He is so terribly busy th a t we can *t help hoping,, for his own good and th a t of all concerned, that Sergeant Apy—who went home to see his first born-—will not fail to return at the sched­ uled date. Sergeant Milton Griesbaeh is now enjoying a fifteen days furlough in Brooklyn. We said enjoying but it is doubtful whether he will enjoy it or not. The poor boy is so bashful and modest that it would not be a surprise to learn that he would rather stay home all day long than go out and be seen by a girl friend with three stripes on his sleeves. P rivate Sullivan claims to be affected with what he calls a “ milk leg. * * The doctors at the regimental hospital did not find any trouble with him, and it is the general opin­ ion that he is only looking for seconds on furloughs. Corporal “ Monk * * F inan is suffering w ith some kind of a disease for which he has a new name every day. But when it is con­ sidered th a t it only bothers him around 5:45 a. m., it is evident that its proper name is 4 4 Lazyness. * * Corporal N. Nielson, assistant mess Ser­ geant, is the proud inventor of the “ W h ite Rock Economy Cocktail, * * which is served at our meals quite often. This is how it is mixed. In a regulation barrel about the size of an ash can place a lump of ice weighing 30 pounds (that *s the white roek) and fill barrel with a liquid composed of one part of oxygen to two parts of hydrogen. Serve three spoonfuls to each man and give as many seconds as desired. Note.—The liquid is easily obtained at any faucet. T. A. F.

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