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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, April 06, 1918, Image 15

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GAS ATTACK 13 HEADQUARTERS 102ND TRAINS AND M. P. We are wondering whether it is the ur­ gent janitorial duties of headquarters or the arrival of Joe W hite the rising young tenor and his “ Society of Busted Bum s” which has caused the so noticeable absence of our handsome young janitor from his former home on the hill. How about that, Fred? M ethinks th a t from recent demonstrations of a certain person’s ability in the line of oratory th a t he must be looking for an addi­ tion of Chaplin before his name. How about that, Jimmy? We take pleasure at this time in announc­ ing the promotion of B attalion Sergeant M a­ jor H a rry Ernst to the grade of First Lieu­ tenant and I am sure th a t it will be with a feeling ef pleasure and respect that we now salute Lieutenant Ernst. Gasoline Craig, the famous speed king of headquarters may still be found at the same old post. If you do not happen to see him on the machine look underneath and you will be sure to see him. Headquarters has acquired a new addition in the form of an ordnance detachment com­ posed of four picked men from the 102 nd Supply Train namely Joseph W hite of the F irst Company, Joseph Schnieder of the F irst Company, Charles Rottan of the Second Com­ pany, and Samuel W. F ry of the Third Com­ pany. From the way in which they have started work it would seem th a t they are started to build up a reputation that will be a credit to these Headquarters and a solid foun­ dation for future advancement. Cook of the Officers Mess claims that he has, thanks to the efforts of K a rl Illava who directed the job, one of the finest decorated mess halls and kitchens in the division, and if you don’t believe him you are welcome to come over and see for yourself. Moustaches seem to be coming into their own here at Headquarters. Even our old friend “ the Great L o v e r’’ Jones is culti­ vating one of those lovely things. S. W. F. 106TH INFANTRY BAND. (Alias Mr. G a rtland’s Indians.) “Who stole the dog-house?” was the cheer­ ful greeting the m em b ers of the AMEN Squad received as they entered the mess hall one m o rning last week. It grieves the w riter to have to say it, but the reputation of these sky pilots has been on the decline ever since F a ther Abeel left their ranks for the more lowly life of cleaning horses in the 104th Field A rtillery Band. Contributions are being asked for in order to buy the Drum M ajor a heavier baton so th a t he will not find it such an easy m a tter to hold it aloft too long before stopping the band at guard mount. Now th a t the spring is here and the foot­ hills are aw akening into new life and beauty, it is expected th a t Corporal A ckerly will visit Camp W a d sw o rth more often. —A. S. S. MIKE* The Second Article From the Mascot of D. Co., 53rd Division. Dear E d itor: — Darn the lu c k ! You know, I’m all upset today. Ju s t take a look at this picture. You re­ m em b er I told you how glad I was at be­ ing a bull dog? W ell—I ain’t, th a t ’s all! I m ean I ain’t a hull dog. And th a t’s not the w o rst of it either. No one seem s to know ju s t w h a t kind of a dog I am! I suppose th a t’s w h a t I get for be­ ing born in the arm y! It would be just my luck to turn out like Rudolph. Say, th a t com b ination New Fou— dashound is crooked. I’ve been watching him. Do you know, he told me his m o ther was a German dashound and his father a Newfoundland. W ell, I was sleeping in front of my house here the other morning- just before reveille when I suddenly woke up and sm elled him. He has a German smell, if you know w h a t I mean. And he was sniffing all ’round the tents. I barked at him and he ran away. Then F ir s t Call blew. Gee, I hate th a t bugle! I can’t sleep—everybody m akes so much noise getting dressed and stam p ing around. I alw ays have to go into my house or they’d step on me. W hy can’t a feller look where he’s goin’ in the early morning? How do you like my house? P rivate Mc­ Cord made it for me. He says he’s Irish and I believe it. He says th a t Mike is an Irish name, but anyway, I’m going to be an A m erican even if I have an Irish name. H e re comes the mail m an w ith another pink envelope for P rivate W engler, I sup­ pose. Twelve pages of ------------ Gee! I feel rotten! Ju s t got vaccinated and inoculated and decim ated, and cauterized, sterilized and pulverized yesterday. I guess the captain’s vaccination has took—he didn’t pet me this morning. Nobody loves me! So long! M IKE. Per H erbert F. King, Co. D, 53d Pioneer Inf. COMPANY A, 106TH MACHINE GUN BATTALION. Company A bids Captain Spencer “ So long and good luck.” On March 6 th Company A went to sleep un­ der command of Captain Spencer and awoke the following morning under the command of a new captain, Captain Gardner. Captain H a rry Spencer’s career as a soldier, his ability as a leader, had won him the best troop on the border. Few of the men who en­ joyed his command in the F ir s t Cavalry, ever entertained discouragement over the many shake ups and changes so long as Cap­ tain Spencer remained as their leader. New men who either enlisted in the old Troop K last summer, or were assigned to the Machine Cun Company A, of which Troop K formed the nucleus, soon learned to love the man who could command so much adm iration and re­ spect. Needless to dwell upon the regret with which Company A parts with the captain who had already taught them to forget cavalry, and had inspired an interesting liking for machine gunnery. We heartily congratulate the 108th In f a n ­ try Machine Cun Company for winning Cap­ tain Spencer and the privilege of training under him. Last W ednesday night, March 20 th, Com­ pany A met in good fellowship at dinner in the Finch Hotel of Spantanburg, with caval­ ry memories and a “ So long’’ to Captain Spencer, and a welcome to Captain Gardner, who comes from Fort S ill,. carrying with him the best record and highest grades in machine gunnery that that wonderful school has yet granted any man. Captain Gardner is spoken of at Fort Sill as the man who accomplished the difficult feat of assembling the lock with the famous click, blind folded and using only one hand aided by his teeth. The dinner was a complete success. The tables were uniquely arranged to form a huge letter “ A. ” While still standing at their places the men united in singing the border favorite “ In the Cavalry. ’ ’ B ert Hamilton at the piano and John Mahoney in song threw a “ Chnrch- h ill’s ’ ’ atmosphere into the Spantanburg din­ ing room. W alter Kuhn as toastm aster reminisced w ittily on border and cavalry days paying high tribute to Captain Spencer as a 1916-17 campaigner. Major B ryant and Captain Spencer also spoke. A. L. NELSON. SUPPLY COMPANY, 51ST PIO NEER IN ­ FANTRY. Guess what squad this is: Six of Uncle Sam ’s soldiers living in a tent None really broke but all badly bent. One of them a wagoner. Two of them are cooks. Two of them mechanics, And the other checks the books. They are all quite contented And in health quite well, But they all agree with Sherman That war is hell. By MECH. A. V. W.

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