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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, April 06, 1918, Image 16

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14 GAS ATTACK COMPANY G, 52ND PIO NEER INFANTRY Well, Pop, how was old New York? Never saw our Top Sergeant looking so fine. Hon­ estly, Joe, now come across with the truth, did you or did you not get doubled up? Who is the girl, Joe? The one whose picture you carry with you? We admire your taste, Joe, because we were lucky enough to steal a look at th a t photo you brought back. ‘‘My Darling B rother,’’ P oxy old boy. Wish you luck Mac but cheer up, you’ll get a let­ ter soon. Sergeant Rosemier has gone. We were too slow for him. How about a little poker, George? Jawbone? Yes? Luck to you, George. Tom Farrell is following a new occupation now. He is our advertising agent. For H eav­ en ’s sake, Tom, advertise for a few privates. Feel sorry for our non-coms when we do get a full Regiment again. When fatigue call sounds it will be funny to see them all fall in just the same. Jack Sampson is still in the contracting business. Jack is expecting to get a contract to build up a town in France when war is over. Well, if here isn ’t my old pal from Junkers. Any new styles in rubbers today sir? Do you know why my feet just fit right inside of those shoes. Say! Aleck, no more pie in the Olym­ pia restaurant, have some chicken? Why hello, Andy. You are just in time to fall in for fatigue. Yes, you can take a broom and sweep up the street, but don’t go below No. 16. We have a new fam ily down there. Yes, the Boyle family, nice people, but talk very much, but I will send our little boy Willie down to see how many are in the fam ­ ily. You know perhaps they are our new janitor, poor folks, they look so lonesome, try and cheer them. P u t all your garbage near them so they w o n ’t have to carry it far. I ’m sure they will appreciate it. Corporal, Private, F irst Class Private, Corporal Edward Buege has gone to New York on a furlough. Have a nice time, Eddie. Some day you may make a success as a quick change artist. The marvel of the grease pan. D o n ’t worry, you will soon be home, and say, Tony, take my advice, beware of Aleck Young; he is sure watching you. I think he is following you. Beware. A ttention! Sergeant M ajor Thomas P. M a­ lone, congratulations Tom. We all wish you the greatest of success. Hope to be able to joyfully extend to you a salute very soon. Men like you we will swear by. JIGGY. CHANGES IN WARFARE. A story illustrative of the changes in methods of w a rfare comes from a soldier in France who took a German officer prisoner. “Give up your sword,” shouted the poilu as he covered the H u n w ith his gun. But the officer shook his head and an­ swered: “I have no sword to give up, but won’t my vitriol spray, my oil projector or my gas cylinder do as well?” FIFTY-FOURTH PIONEERS. On Wednesday evening, March 13th, only four days before St. P a tr ic k ’s Day, the social climbers of this regiment made another foray of the town of Spartanburg, and as before, had an enjoyable time, even though they were forced to make the trip in one of Corporal D u n n ’s one lunged Maxwells. The poet and the Two L ittle F a t Boys obliged w ith their usual stunts. We often wonder how two fel­ lows could grow so big. F irst Sergeant Clark enjoyed the trip back to camp, even though he didn’t find w hat he was looking for, a hat larger than is issued. As a result of G. O. 19, Supply Sergeant Moon of E Company, was appointed to a new job, th a t of taking the laundry out of the streets to the dark people looking for it. Of course if a few darkies, or more, mostly more, manage to enter the camp, they look for the custodian of the soiled socks. Now Mr. Moon says it is going too far, when five or eight coons follow him to the canteen, mess hall, showers, supply house and anywhere else. We think he is right, but wish he would arrange a schedule for calling for our wash, say every odd Tuesday. Our popular Sergeant Morgan of A Com­ pany is peram b u lating on the sidewalks of New York, enjoying a fifteen day furlough. Bugler B u tterm a rk is also enjoying one of those things, by learning all of the latest dance steps. He will have plenty of time, when he gets back, to practice his steps in policing D streets, in the absence of the other member of the Company, whoever he is. When necessity, who is the mother of in­ vention, and a few other things, demands it, a bulb is taken from F irst Sergeant Stew a rd’s tent. He wants to know why the kleptomani­ ac has to “ lay off’’ the officers’ showers and pick on him. Company Beck increased its roster 100 per cent last week by the addition of Sergeant Buehrger, whom we all wish the best of luck in his new regiment, but the Company is I Company still, th a t is, still after Beck goes to sleep, and gives his ‘‘Hello Jo e ’ ’ a rest. The post exchange is doing a rushing busi­ ness, catering to every one in the vicinity, and a galaxy of Top Sergeants. Here is a complete list of everything they have not got: Laundry bags. Sergeant Moon take notice. “ Buck E llvia’’ of F Company who doesn’t know what i t ’s all about has arranged an in­ teresting dance schedule to take place soon. H Company reporter sends in the following: H kom-pan-nie, a-ten-shun. De re-port-ter uv de rej-a-ment ast me to rite sumpin fer de gas attax, so I sez awl rite, so hear it tiz. De sar-jent dat dishes out de close, an so fort, is on a fer-loe, an we hope dat he has a gud tie-ime an pun-ish-shes a lot uv hops. Its a wun-der dat kook Hacks-dead doant wize up sum day an kook sum aigs an gray- ape frute sum mourning. De guy dat blows de horn in de mourning (I tink hez called a burgler cawse hez rob- b in ’ evry wun uv der sleep in de mournins) has bin de-moated to a mack-kin-nack. Keep SANITARY DETACHMENT, 105TH FIELD ARTILLERY. Sergeant F ir s t Class W alter Longnecker leaves us to take up similar duties w ith the 106th Infantry. Sorry to lose you old top, and we all wish you the best of luck. Possi­ bly you can explain to the Doughboys th a t A rtillery isn ’t such a bad branch of the serv­ ice. Sergeant McNeill is only about 5 ft. 4 in., but as acting topper, one would think he was Oh, why explain further? A rtist Voorhis says: “ Why speak of cheek­ ing up combat equipment, I always have my schalalea w ith m e ? ’ ’ Chief Gonsalves is going around very morose. Does our little South American Bearcat w ant to do another W ar Dance? How are funds Chief? Stumpy Kiernan will soon return to us after a visit of ten days to the land of the W hite Lights. As heretofore, Gus, we all hope your Golden Voice will help keep gloom away and charm our topper. Perturbed H ill is back w ith us again after an absence of three months at the Base Hos­ pital and a thirty-day sick leave home. Jack, can ’t you help us fellows toward getting ac­ quainted with some of your nurse friends? It seems to us as though you know every one of the fair sex in Camp W adsworth. A rumor says th a t W alter Helwege is go­ ing home to get married. Some of the boys, W alt., are inclined to think that you are go­ ing to pull a Phelan. H e re’s hoping that you are requested to bring back a marriage cer­ tificate with you. Sergeant F irst Class Bill Miller is still at the Officers’ Training School. Somehow or other, Bill, the boys all wish you get your commission, but then they are an ungrate­ ful lot anyway. SERGEANT GEORGE NEU. it up Back-her yull soon be warin an neagel, con-grand-u-lashuns. Sar-jants Bock an Oh Bryan, corpril Likes; her and Law-law, priz-vatz Bar-rag an Carrie and Gore-done ess-em-belled in are tent last satiday nite, de first tree were playing pig- nukel an evry ting was goin fine wen Mack-gin de bum trower come in an he started trowin bums, sum uv dem hit he pig-nuckle playis in de noze and dat fin-nisht de gaim. Awl hans (an feat) left de tent, dat guy kin shure trow de bums, o boy. Sum gim-mick dekorat-ted de mess shank w it criss-miss trees on Paddys day, dat fello musta had his daits mixed, how do they get like dat. W ate a m init I narely fergot to rite a-bout Oh Shade who duz awl de detales an awl he duzis play wid a tipri- ter in de adu—, gee, I cant spell dat wurd, but u no what tis. Its ware de top kicks go fer dere mourning reports bux an gets de name uv de ginks dat walk dere posts in a mill-in-airy man-ner at de cur-ral. I muss stop now as mess has plaid an I wan to beet I kom-pan-nie in line fer eats, ore he may get dere furst, Tanks. D. J. M.

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