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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, April 06, 1918, Image 17

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GAS ATTACK 15 BATTERY C, 104TH FIELD ARTILLERY. This happens to be our first contribution and providing the w riter is in good health after the boys read this issue, we hope to hold a regular place hereafter. In the recent firing, as usual, the Apple- Knockers, ££knocked ’em cold,” while onr K. O. fired problems that “ made ’em all step. ’ ’ General Rumor has informed Private Gil­ son that we will be “ Somewhere in New Y o rk” State soon, so “ O llie” has arranged to spend his “ week-ends” at home (H. W. W illiams.) The “ Megaphone Q u a rtette” meets every evening in Sergeant H u ll’s tent, under the careful tutoring of “ Pig George, ’ ’ and' promises to develop good singers after a few years practice. Stable Sergeant Johnson is onr hardest working man, and since he has taken up his new duties, the horses are looking in fine condition. “ B u c k ” Hallman wore a green ribbon in honor of St. Patrick on the “ 17th” but we were disapponted in having sonp, instead of “ Irish stew ” for dinner. Q uarterm aster Sergeant Kimble is with us again w ith a large stock in store, and due to his sudden change of nature, even the “ small guys’’ a r e n ’t afraid to approach him. “ Stay at H o m e’’ week is now in progress. Everyone consented to refrain from dice or cards 01 : eating meals in restaurants, etc. The returns will be donated to purchase su­ gar for our morning oat meal and coffee. Received word th a t P rivate Shields, who w ent on detached service, has arrived in France 0. K. Good luck, Shields, we ’11 be w ith you soon. Things th a t are impossible— (1) Trying to make the Mechanics work. ( 2 ) Get a hat to fit Van D. W alker (3) To keep Sergeant Hull from that mysterious thing in Asheville. (4) To find anyone with shoes not polished in “ C ” B a ttery. (5) To win in a crap game with the “ Hudson Street Steve,” the millionaire tenor. ( 6 ) For P rivate Brannigan to be a friend of the Q uarterm aster Sergeant. Some singers in Sergeant H o w a rd’s tent. Caruso is good, but you fellows are better still. (Hope they see through it.) Contrary to the general rule, our F ir s t Ser­ geant is very popular w ith all the men, even the Bucks. Our former instrum ent sergeant has certainly made good in his new posi­ tion. Everyone is feeling fine and our popular Mess Sergeant Loomis is serving chow “ fit for a k in g ” and the w eather here is very good. In general, life here is much more en­ joyable than in Camp W adsworth. W hat was 11 Red ’ ’ Quick thinking of when he repeated the 10 th Commandment to the officer of the day? Observing Lieutenant “ R e d .” Our newest officers, Lieutenants Sanchez and Breen, are fast becoming very popular, and well liked by all the men. G. P. W. HEADQUARTERS COMPANY, 3RD PIO ­ N E E R INFANTRY. Did you notice our g a llant band leader stand­ ing reveille and retreat lately. Gotta hand it to our new skipper, everybody plays the game nowadays. The boys are all anxious to know if “ Dol­ ly ” went to Fram ingham during his fu r ­ lough. I t has been the custom for all H ead­ quarters men visiting Boston, to make the trip out to Dennison Town, some attraction there. How was the new Liberty Motor a success without the aid of old “ A n n ie” McDermott, Hyde P a r k ’s would be Thomas Westing- house Edison Smith? Now his argument is “ Me for the N avy Y a rd.’’ The organ grinder from Roach street will have to look to his laurels, for the Roxbnry Crossing “ Hot Dog M a n ” is hitting the trail for “ H ank the H e rm it.’’ Santie Claus re­ member your Anna needs you home now to wind up those alarm clocks. Funny how all the “ Gloom Chasers” are getting pally w ith “ B a b y ” Cawthorne late­ ly. Everytim e a box arrives or the gold piece is broke the boys decide to move the cots. All the famous border non-coms are receiv­ ing daily instructions in the manual of arms from Old Timer Carney, and to think after all their famous training and th a t hike to Las Cruses and th a t Irish w ater up at the Ce­ ment Plant, made famous by the “ Dandy F i f t h .” “ Spurs” Dudley, the boy who promenaded Tremont Street while on furlough with Spiral pntts and spurs, is somewhat peeved since he lost his job driving the A d ju tan t’s car. Sergeant O ’Leary Ryan of American Fed­ eration of Labor fame will never forgive W ashington for the orders prohibiting the wearing of spiral puttees. So “ M o ther” once more will place them back w ith the camphor balls. Barney Keough has failed to answer sick call since the Pioneers have been taken off their daily training the wood pile, and how the boys did regret their release from real work. Just as we anticipated the Golden haired Lounge Lizzard of Jordan and Marsh fame, has ensnared several of Spartanburg’s society buds and making his usual splash. But why abduct Benedict Beale and Detention Camp Saunier? We have just learned that our “ Rumor King ’ ’ and Ex-Striper is about to depart from our fold, and enter the Signal Corps. How about that much talked of discharge? Things th a t never happen—■ Sergeant Rainey telling the K. P. to take it easy. “ B a n d y ” refusing a piece of pie from B Company. Supply Sergeant B a rry getting some clothes for the boys. “ Coo Coo” H u rley’s steeds being cleaned. Joey Bell and his tentm a tes going to sleep at taps. TJGOCHASSER. A JOKEVITCH. F ir s t M oujik— ‘ ‘ Hurrabsky, for the great Russian revolution! We nicked N ick Ro­ manoff, let the Huns chase us till they are out of breath, and soon we will turn and wallop the Kaiser, and there will be free vodka and— *5 Second Kvass-imbiber— ‘ £ Cut out the Bullshiviki! ” COMPANY L, 108TH INFANTRY. Mess Sergeant Edwards said th a t Codfish came from Cape Cod. Tell us, Sergeant, if codfish come from Cape Cod, do oysters come from Oyster Bay? Sergeant Edwards says h e ’s running short of codfish. How about Freddy going to Cape Cod? Corporal Tormey is hereby appointed Chief Whistle Blower. Private Pierce is now firing the Bingle Boiler at the head of the street. Corporal Poncho Villa Pougratz is still look­ ing for his furlough. Ask the Top, Al, he ’11 give you one. The tw e n ty-third squad mourns the loss of Bob Freeman. H e ’s in the Base Hospital w ith appendicitis. The tw enty-third set aside E a ster Sunday for a semi-annual gathering at the bath-house. There was a social gathering in Company L mess hall Monday night. Top Sergeant W eaver thinks its a good idea to cut out the profanity at formation. We think so too, Ser­ geant, how about you? Lieutenant Bentley is wearing a big smile these days. He ought to; no more squads right for him for a while yet. H e ’s now Can­ teen Officer, succeeding Lieutenant Rignal. We envy Ray Canfield who has his wife here in town. He is envied by all of us. Sorry we didn’t get m arried now. W hy does Sergeant Holway shake all the wooden boxes Bill Bissell brings in? Some­ thing strange about that, Eddie. Sergeant Simcoe, commanding our fourth platoon, has his mother here for a short stay. But th a t doesn’t stop him from yelling “ H u r­ ry up down there, double tim e ! ’ ’ A. B. C.

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