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The Rio Grande rattler. ([McAllen], Hidalgo County, Tex.) 1916-1917, April 06, 1918, Image 33

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GAS ATTACK 3 1 55TH PIONEER INFANTRY NOTES Captain John EL Knuebel, Company I, has departed for the range at Glassy Rock, S. C., to test rifles found unserviceable and which require the range test. The following officers and enlisted men were detailed to assist Cap­ tain Knuebel at the range: Captain Gillig, Headquarters Company; Captain Meyer, Com­ pany F ; F irst Sergeant Benjamin Gossett, F irst Sergeant H a rry May bank, F irst Ser­ geant E a rl Borron, Sergeant Frank Gudenkoff, Sergeant W illiam Olson, and Sergeant Thomas Charlton. The pancakes th a t Sergeant Joe Stone of L Company made the other morning were sure enough SOME pancakes; but you didn’t use enough eggs, Joe. Band Sergeant M ajor K enneth Davis and Sergeant H erbert A. Helwig, Company K, re­ ported for duty this week after enjoying a three months furlough for the purpose of studying for the entrance examinations at the United States M ilitary Academy, W est Point, N. Y. Both Sergeants claim that they studied hard 011 an average of at least six hours every day, including holidays. Shades of Sir W alter Raleigh! And he ac­ tually laid his coat down in a mud puddle for the vision in white shoes to walk on. The “ Gas G ang” still hold together on Headquarters Street, but Sergeants Palmer, Griswold and McLernon threaten to pitch a ten t nearer the stables if stable call is sound­ ed any earlier. Sergeant of the Guard: “ Do you know your general orders?” Sentry: “ Yes, sir.” Sergeant of the Guard:. “ W hat are th e y ? ” Sentry: “ The same as last nig h t.” Echoes from Skull Practice. W hat is a Parole? Ans.—I t ’s given to a prisoner for good conduct so as to encourage other prisoners to try for same. The “ Cootie Club” paraded on St. P a t­ ric k ’s Day-—to the Canteen—where cheer lead­ er “ Cutie Close ’ ’ set ’em up for the members. Although the “ Cootie Q u a rtette” hasn’t as yet secured an invitation to perform at the “ You Know Me, A l” show, they continue to put in a few good licks nightly on their latest acquisition in popular songs: “ How I Love a P r e tty Face, Take Yonrn Away. ’ ’ M%ss Sergeant H u n ter Crooks, Company I, makes quite a few trips to Saxon lately where Mrs. Crooks is visiting from Buffalo. First Sergeant Ben Gossett, Company E, has been relieved from special duty at H e adquar­ ters Provisional Depot in order to accompany the detail inspecting rifles at Glassy Rock range. Revised I. D. R. L e ft Face. Carry On. Carranza Canizaro, big boss and all around athlete among the pots and pans in Head­ quarters kitchen, has changed his mind about getting a furlough to visit his folks in Italy. He is betting that he will be turning them “ sunny side u p ” for the Pioneers in north­ ern Italy before many moons. Have you acknowledged your Red Cross articles as Quarterm aster property yet? “ D oc” Kendall, Regimental Supply Ser­ geant, rides horseback about every five days. He would devote more time to riding but he and his horse don’t seem to be able to strike a m u tual agreement as to who owns the sad­ dle. The horse keeps it but Frank is hovering just above it most of the time. As a result he rests up about four days before venturing again. Color Sergeant “ J u d ” Strunk claims he always understood th a t the Colors and the Color Sergeant would be perfectly safe far back of the front line but since shells can be hurled eighty miles now the same grade in the Coast A rtillery doesn’t look bad at all. Or as Band Sergeant M ajor Schneider says: “ All th a t ’s required is your address.’’ Note to Company Supply Sergeants: No, Regimental Supply Sergeant “ J im m ie” Cor­ nell doesn’t own all that property he has in his care even if he does give you th a t impres­ sion occasionally. But you will find that the regiment is never short on anything just the same. A fter camouflaging the big ditch th a t w an­ ders through this camp the boys are certain that they are eligible as instructors in that branch of the service. Lieutenant A rnstein of Company K has been announced as athletic director for the 55th Pioneers and he is looking around for m aterial for a crack baseball team. Boxing and wrestling shows and a track team are also on the way. L ieutenant Arnstein has pro­ moted many big athletic events all over the country and is looking forw ard to a success­ ful season here. Sergeant “ B u b ” M u rray of Company C is on furlough in Buffalo and Company C mourns the loss of its champion solitaire player. W ork is progressing on the tennis court and photographs of the detail in charge of the work will be published soon—providing of course th a t those F irst Sergeants don’t de­ stroy the evidence in the meantime. Band practice is again being held daily and aside from the fact that it takes “ M o n ty” from his “ garden d u ty ’’ so much the practice is welcomed by the bandsmen. Band Leader John Bolton is wearing a smile again, too. F irst Sergeant Ed Hahn, Company K, the Tonawanda outfit, has almost recovered from the effects of the vaudeville show in town last week and has been laughing ever since but then the K eith shows never even hesitated at Tonawanda. L ieutenant Gilbert in charge of the Canteen passed the cigars last Saturday on his way out of the Canteen. Musician Joe Ball, trombone artist and jazz player of fame, is a big hit w ith the boys when the orchestra performs. Joe tells fun­ ny stories too, but he just tells them—he don’t explain any of his jokes. Sergeant Bugler Drake was heard quietly getting his “ pay-day” call properly dressed up one night last week and as i ‘ Cliff ’ ’ always has the inside dope on the joy day there is much to be thankful for. “ S O M E C l o t h e s , Old Boy , Where did you get that Outfit?” j “Why at GOLDBERG’S where they give special attention to | us fellows in the OFFICERS’ j TRAINING SCHOOL, in the se­ lection of our clothes and equip- I ment.” j “I thought so, for I have seen I GOLDBERG’S equipment worn j by scores of Officers whose I judgment is right!' j “I’m sure when the other | soon to be Officers see the se- 1 lections I’ve made they’ll lose j no time in getting to GOLD- 1 BERG’S to obtain these essen- j tials !9 I Goldberg’s Everything for the Officer who I demands correctness in dress I

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