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IO GAS ATTACK I CAMP SPO RT S E d i t e d b y C O R P O R A L F \ J . A S H L E Y t 1 BRAVES AND ATHLETICS WIN AT FAIR GROUNDS. Yanks Succumb to Former in First Ex­ hibition Contest, While Pittsburgh is Victim in Second. Two Big League games w e re played at the Spartanburg F a ir Grounds during the past week. They were staged under the auspices of the 27th Division A thletic Asso­ ciation, the 27th Division Theater, and the W ar Camp Community Service. The pro­ ceeds from the contests will be divided am ong the three organizations. The first of the M ajor League battles was held Monday, the Boston B raves and the New York Yanks holding the stage. In ter­ est ran high am ong th e spectators, the M as­ sachusetts Pioneers rooting for the “Bean- eate r s ” while the rest of the crowd spurred on the Gotham nine. It was a 1 to 0 deci­ sion for the Braves. Home-run Baker, the husky third sacker, w hose bat has decided a few W o rld Series during the last five years, was responsible for the Y ankee’s set­ back w h en he juggled K o n e tc h y ’s drive w ith two m en on the bags. On W ednesday the two Pennsylvania team s crossed bats. This tim e the A m eri­ can L e a g u e rs found the combination, rom p ­ ing off w ith a 4 to 2 victory. It was a more interesting contest than the Yank-Brave affair and there were few idle mom ents. Bezdek, the P ir a te m anager, tried Jacobs on the mound and it was few innings be­ fore he found his hearings. In the opening fram e the Connie Mack crew nicked him for three runs. Adams started the tw irling for the Philadelphians. In the second he got into a badly exposed position when he passed M cKechnie and Blackwell and hit Caton but w e a k n e ss in the pinch cost the P ittsburghers th e ir chance. They m anaged to find them selves for two runs in the sev­ enth and started again in the eighth only to run into a fast double play. D uring the game a baseball autographed by the New York players was auctioned. It w ent to Captain David K illion of the 53rd Pioneers for $17.50. Both gam es by in n in g s : R. H. E. New York ..... 0 0 0 0 0! 0 0 0 0—0 5 1 Boston ____ ..1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0—1 4 0 B a tteries—Mogridge, Love, Thorm a h len and R u el; Nehf, Canavan and W ilson. R. H. E. Philadelphia ....3 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0—4 9 1 P ittsburgh ......... 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0—2 7 5 B a tteries—Adams, Myers and P e r k in s ; Jacobs, Carlson and Blackwell. i PIONEER BASEBALL SCHEDULE. The sixteen baseball teams of organizations in the Provisional Depot for Corps and Army Troops have been formed into a league. The teams have been equally grouped into four classes— ■ A, B, C and D. CLASS A CAMP WADSWORTH IN MAIL MARATHON. 53rd VS. 5th vs. 53rd vs. 5th vs. 53rd vs. 54th vs. 53rd vs. 5th vs. 53rd vs. 5th vs. 53rd vs. 54th vs. 54th, 57 th, 57th, 54th, 5 th, 57th, 54th, 57th, 57 th, 54th, 5th, 57th, Thursday, Thursday, Sunday, Sunday, Thursday, Thursday, Sunday, Sunday, Thursday, Thursday, Sunday, Sunday, is located Diamond No. 1 Diamond No. 2 is located lumbus building. April 11th, Field 1 April 11th, Field 2 April 14th, Field 2 April 14th, Field 1 April 28th, Field 1, April 28th, Field 2. April 21st, Field 2 April 21st, Field 1, April 25th, Field 1 April 25th, Field 2 April 28th, Field 2 April 28th, Field 1 south of Liberty Tent, south of Knights of Co- 58th vs. 56th, 52d vs. 55th, 56th vs. 52d, 55th vs. 58th, 58th vs. 52d, 56th vs. 55th, 58th vs. 56th, 52d vs. 55th, 56th vs. 52d, 55th vs. 58th, 58th vs. 52d, 56th vs. 55th, Diamond No. : the 54th Pioneer Diamond No. 4 Infantry. CLASS B. Thursday, April Thursday, April Sunday, April Sunday, April Thursday, April Thursday, April Sunday, April Sunday, April Thursday, April Thursday, April Sunday, April Sunday, April ? is located immediately Infantry, is located north CLASS C. 11th, 11th, 14th, 14th, 18th, 18th, 21st, 21st, 25th, 25th, 28th, 28th, Field 3 Field 4 Field 4 Field 3 Field 3 Field 4, Field 4. Field 3 Field 3 Field 4 Field 4 Field 3 south of of First Pioneer 3d vs. 4th, Thursday, April 11th, Field 8 51st vs. 326th, Thursday, April 11th, Field 7 4th vs. 5 lst, Sunday, April 14th, Field ^8 3d vs. 326th, Sunday, April 14th, Field 7 3d vs. 51st, Thursday, April 18th, Field 7 4th vs. 326th, T hursday, April 18th, Field 8 51st vs. 326th, Sunday, April 21st, Field 8 3d vs. 4th, Sunday, April 21st, Field 7 4th vs. 51st, Thursday, April 25th, Field 7 3d vs. 326th, Thursday, April 25th, Field 8 3d vs. 51st, Sunday, April 28th, Field 8 4th vs. 326th, Sunday, April 28th, Field 7, Diamond No. 7 is located north of 51st Pioneer. Diamond No. 8, west of 106th Infantry. The games in Class D w ill be played on Diamonds No. 5, situated north of 1st Pioneer and east of diamond No. 4, and< on Diamond No. 6, located south of the 55th Pioneer Infantry. Games shall commence promptly at 2 P. M. on the afternoon of the days scheduled and failure to put in an appear­ ance by 2:30 P. M. will cause forfeiture. League ball teams will have preference on these diamonds. Regimental teams will have second choice, and Com­ pany teams third choice. For further information see First Lieutenant Malcolm J. Logan, Headquar­ ters Second Corps Troops, President of Baseball League, Chaplain James Carey, 56th Pioneer, chair­ man of Division Baseball league, or Harvey W. Cohn, Camp Athletic Director, D ivision Headquar­ ters. INSIGNIA FOR DIVISION’S ATHLETES. A cting upon a suggestion from General O’Ryan, it has been decided to aw a rd Di­ visional insignia to all the athletes in the 27th who display exceptional prowess. The sam e m ethod of selection will be put into practice as th a t used by the larger colleges and universities. The insignia will be a replica of the Di­ vision emblem. It will be about six inches in size and will be piped w ith the color of the arm of the service the w inner is a mem­ ber of. The m em b e rs of all team s winning Divi­ sion titles and men who do particularly well in open com p etition will be eligible for the d ecoration. Team from Spartanburg Will Compete in Military Class. H arvey Cohn has m ade plans to enter a team in the Modified M arathon to be run under the auspices of the New York Even­ ing Mail on May 4th. It is the eighth an­ nual renew a l of the classic of the hill and dale art. Because of the g reat num b e r of athletes who are training for the big events of Uncle Sam this year, a special m ilitary class has been added to the list. It is open to all enlisted and com m issioned m en in the Army, Navy, M arine Corps, N ational Guard or N ational Army. A large silver cup valued at $100 and presented as a M artin Sheridan Memorial, will go to the winner. In addition there will he special prizes for the first ten soldiers to reach the finish, to­ gether w ith several team aw ards. All the N o rthern cam p s and cantonm ents have entered large representations and the 27th Division is not going to be outdone. H a rvey Cohn has been out scouting for good harriers and has brought together a fast nucleus for a good sized team . He can be seen at his shack concerning entry. Captain Tupper, the New York Division’s recruiting officer up in Gotham is anxious to have the 27th well represented in the race and w ith m en like Nick the C reek and Vic V o terstas in our m idst there is no reason why we can not finish in the lead. The captain has donated >$25.00 to help send the men N o rth and several other officers are fol­ lowing suit. All contributions will be ac­ knowledged in these columns. Checks may be sent to L ieutenant H arold DeLoiselle, 106th Infantry, T reasurer of the 27 Divi­ sion A thletic Association, or to H arvey Cohn. BOXING IN REGULAR SCHEDULE. A daily class of boxing has been added to the schedule of all the infantry regim ents. It is considered a big aid to developing bay­ onet ability. The Pioneers also intend to adopt the new m ethod of training and Frank M oran is busy putting 500 of their non-coms into a position w h e re they will be able to act as company instructors. A class will be inaugurated at the Officers’ T rain­ ing School to put the future “w a rlords” into sufficient trim to knock th e ir charges into shape. THE KAISER’S REGRET. The K a is e r (as he faced the final punish­ m e n t)—“My one regret is th a t I didn’t have another million lives to offer for my coun­ try.”—Life.

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